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Health supplies free experience gave travel?

In a “health experience a certain Dr. Park” in stores, more than 10 square meters room, more than 10 elderly people is with laser treatment, listening to TV’s “Dr. Wu” lecture. The store hanging on the wall in addition to the promotion of the treatment to treat hyperviscosity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other diseases Illustrated, also covered with “China Association of Medical Equipment”, “foreign news agency,” “Chinese elderly health Care Association “,” national anti-counterfeiting network security ICC 3.15 “issued by other departments or media certification, award certificates, as well as members sent banners.

A 77-year-old man said it has used this treatment more than 1 year, that have the effect, it does not spend money. By asking found this health experience park using a microscope for his first check blood viscosity, then you can free laser treatment for 7 days, while the “Doctor” through the morning and afternoon will be a 30-minute video to teach medical “theory. “After 7 days, detected again, Mr. Wu’s blood pressure down, blood is also perfectly clear, and you can buy laser treatment, each priced at 4180.

But the fact is that by law enforcement officers check the store did not provide a business license, the so-called certification bodies are mostly non-existent.

Counterfeit constraints baby supplies industry

Although in recent years the rapid development of baby supplies industrial enterprises to provide opportunities for development, but the poor quality counterfeit famous brand products flooding the market, but also to the development of the industry lay hidden.

Industrial Co., Ltd. of Dongguan kiss my rich text Lo, chairman, told reporters that the company’s baby food supplement purifier brand products “bite bite music” for example, the product has been in the market by consumers, it is illegal businesses unauthorized use the “bite bite music” or similar trademark trademark infringement, the sale of counterfeit products.

In this regard, Industrial Co., Ltd. of Dongguan kiss me by trademark rights action in the Taobao platform for anti-counterfeiting and to take civil and administrative investigation under way line defenders.

Legal experts suggested that the strength of the brand business if they can jointly patent, trademark protection action to establish industry standards, it is expected to effectively clean up the market to raise the overall competitiveness of the domestic baby products.

Itochu into China’s largest commodity wholesaler

Itochu acquired a Chinese large-scale commodity wholesaler Ningbo Bao Minrui trade companies. With this acquisition, Itochu in China’s commodity turnover will reach 21 billion yuan, an increase of 70 percent now, in the field of China’s largest enterprises. Japanese-funded enterprises in the center, will strengthen cooperation in supermarkets and other retail enterprises.

In China, shampoo, detergent and deodorant Wholesale reach an annual turnover of about 132 billion yuan. Although China has tens of thousands small wholesalers nationwide, but with very few companies efficient logistics base. Itochu will acquire as a lever to expand the business.

The acquisition of two Itochu companies are treasure Minrui and trade company in Ningbo zhapu. Respectively, from existing shareholders has acquired the 85% of the issued shares. Amount of the acquisition were not disclosed. Itochu currently in Chengdu, Zhengzhou and Shenyang China 13 cities Wholesale business. The acquisition of these two companies in Zhejiang Province, is intended to be an annual turnover in 2015 widened to 3.5 billion yuan.

Po Minrui and new zhapu total annual turnover reached 600 million 40 million yuan. The main distribution of Anglo-Dutch Unilever and Procter & Gamble and other European brands. On the other hand, the main distribution Shiseido Itochu and other Japanese brands, through the acquisition of the two companies, is expected to produce complementary results. With this acquisition, Itochu will surpass China state-owned Beijing Chaopi Trading Company, China’s largest commodity wholesale business. Even in China’s economy will slow down in the context of the daily demand for foreign brands are also very strong. In addition to the acquisition of Itochu in the future, but also plans to expand its own logistics base.

Outdoor summer sales surge

As temperatures continue to rise, consumers began planning to go out to play together, picnic. I recently discovered in some outdoor stores, tents, shoulder bags, mats, etc. become a hot commodity, merchants said the recent sales of outdoor products nearly 1 times more than usual.

In a sport supermarket, nearly 200 square meters of shop packed with customers come to buy, many of whom, in consultation and purchase tents and outdoor backpacks and other commodities. I see that in outdoor equipment area, a variety of outdoor supplies readily available, there are camping sleeping tents, sleeping bags, as well as hiking with a shoulder bag, hiking shoes and so on. The store staff told the author, breathable cardigan, sports shoes, anti-UV sun hat, waterproof jacket and tents is nowadays the best selling outdoor products. Sharon is going to buy outdoor supplies weekend with his family to the suburbs to play, she wants to pick a light point, a good installation of tents, “In the past, to the outskirts of the sun and have to think about how to find a place to rest, with the tent, and then laying a mat at home either elderly or children have a place to rest, you can picnic outside, is not afraid of the wind and sun. ”

The temperature gradually increased, tourism demand is driven by the strong outdoor main reason for higher consumption. Not just in the store, I log on Taobao station, outdoor search and found all kinds of outdoor merchandise assortment. An outdoor supplies shop owner, said: “This spring came late into May, the floor mats, tents, sleeping bags and other sales is very good, business is good.”

Insiders said that consumers buy outdoor products usually have three ways, namely shopping malls, stores, shop. Outdoor mall counters are generally large brands, quality assurance and new more, but the price is relatively high. Store benefits can be “one-stop” shopping for and shopping guide is usually outdoor sports professionals, can help consumers to choose the right equipment. The advantage of outdoor supplies online shopping is cheap, but requires the purchase of consumer goods brands, features and size have a certain understanding, so the best way is to first pick in the physical store and try on, and then to the online store to buy. However, also note the merchant’s reputation, do not buy fakes.

Is right or wrong legislation to punish “those who do nothing for them.”?

Guangdong Foshan Yue Yue aroused tiny neighborhood opinion, one of the most enthusiastic thing to consider of people condemned for the endless chilly Yu Zhu media. Even the “indignation belonging for the person” although in the true world also exercise “cold person” to hold “real action”: phone harassment, abusive home. additional well-known attorney at law named to market legislation to punish individuals who refused to help, but stated the nearby federal government has prepared for this type of legislation. In fact, some impassioned as an outsider is not difficult, could be viewed as getting a great attorney at law to converse out getting a suggests to fame, since the federal government only by means of a word be aware to appease the people, they shirk the responsibility, it is great to engage in political tactics. But rational evaluation belonging for the matter, to pass legislation to punish individuals who refused to support restore the interpersonal and moral decline, however the incorrect prescription, but is available to consume the incorrect treatments it!

Analysis belonging for the matter, should not be condemned merely strike the board although in the event that only a tiny Yue Yue twelve indifferent passers-by who, and even who are not ashamed to hold out in, anti-thought-wing perpetrators belonging for the false body. When we, as outsiders for the tiny Yue Yue activities Jiyangwenzi, vehemently, when genuinely do some soul-off although in the quantity of occasions, we sustain the notion apart from contentious region; as false who want perpetrators who well-known migrant workers, but in latest many years by many “the notoriety,” but sought best after entertainer inspired nothing. When our mass media criticism belonging for the false perpetrators, regardless of whether by means of the individual expression is standard for this non-moral just one hand push it? best after all, tiny Yue Yue could be the most recent event, but a flood of interpersonal and moral decline additional obviously thrown a spray only.

And investigate the interpersonal and moral decline belonging for the most recent source, I think there are pros and cons of two things: first, the demonstration impact of decreased moral elite; Second, the lawful method although in the battle toward “enthusiastic people” courageous initiative contributed. allow me earliest point, the most recent interpersonal and moral elite that is not decreased to “minority phenomenon”: the standard terms, dropping in the wayside officials, which could be not only a point pious, mouthful to serve individuals these times at the rear of the Bribery corruption, queens ; on institution terms, bucks could be the truth, ethical, interpersonal responsibility, there really are a few genuinely seriously? particular true estate is not only a neighborhood clamor is making homes for the wealthy do? ; As educational institutions, this quiet neighborhood once the land, however the “day could be considered a professor on the beast” are also typically found in newspapers is not it? additional standard could be the so-called authorities have milk a mother, give bucks Jiaodie, look at true estate fees is not that high; out criminal murderers are forgiven on that. Benchmark for the interpersonal elite of society, but in add-on the interpersonal and moral guide, elite morality decreased to this, I ask for as well a good offer belonging for the blame should certainly not evil, just not good people?

Besides the next point, we typically see the law in latest many years does not appear to stand concerning the element of good deeds, but typically evil, it sends out the concept could be the confront of evil, back again away; totally nothing to hold out with an armchair. Do not you see, to plot a theft of the home, the neighborhood relative to call, rushed to catch the thief, the thief is not anticipated to die of the center attack, so the thief truly loved types court, to catch up using the responsibility; What is more, a area for price celebration to acquire people these times money, car chase there enthusiastic people, robber fled overturned death, truly to bear criminal responsibility, and proficiency although in the law of criminal actions are already completed, authorities say, individuals who chase misconduct. As for the Nanjing Peng Yu circumstance belonging for the class, assisting individuals these times who bear the responsibility, or getting falsely accused of things, it appears that the few of the.

Back for the subject of the article, I believe Cheap Replica Watches, refused to support to solve the problem, is dependent concerning the standard interpersonal and moral environment change, this could be considered a massive problem, I can not give a systematic approach, but from the lawful place of look at , no much under to acquire the earliest to hold out bell, for the workplace belonging for the wicked are to do, instead of the wicked in power, not the law of sympathy upon panerai watches replica the wicked are concentrated in sympathy. And busy with legislation to penalize people so-called chilly in comparison to additional main law will be to earliest safeguard the good, so warm-hearted people cheap TAG Heuer Watches, courageous

China has banned the export of rare earth for three weeks

Three consecutive weeks in China to stop exports to Japan rise to U.S. and Japanese Rare discontent. There are reports that U.S. and Japanese trade officials are considering the issue on the earth a complaint to the WTO. At the same time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Europe must act on the expansion of China’s resources to respond.

    “The New York Times” reported on October 14, back in a few months ago, Obama called the government had secretly use the rare earth industry executives and lawyers met to discuss the problem of the earth. Many U.S. companies to China since 2006, reduced the volume of exports of rare earth resources, expressed dissatisfaction, saying that China’s restrictions on the export of rare earth makes the Chinese manufacturers benefit, so that foreign competitors in a disadvantageous position. Japanese officials also said that if China’s rare earth export to Japan is not restored, they will “appeal to the WTO.”

    U.S. Trade Representative’s Office in reply to the Voice of America on the issue whether the United States will appeal WTO rare earth, said the e-mail, declined to comment on the matter.

    Japan’s trade minister, said Akihiro Ohata10 12 months, China’s exports to the situation of rare earth minerals have not yet returned to normal. He said that if the end of this week, the problem does not improve, Japan will take measures, including direct negotiations with China. Chapter Ota Wang did not mention complaints to the WTO matters.

    “The New York Times” quoted the analysis of trade lawyers said, because China does not adopt any formal document and public statement to prohibit the export, even Anzai appeal to the WTO, to win the victory of prosecution is not an easy task.

    Washington think tank, AEI Japan expert Michael Auslin said in an interview with VOA, the WTO complaint was not the best way to deal with the embargo.

    Oslin: “My view is, WTO whole process is very slow, even if the problem is concerned, this is a lengthy process. We are talking about easing the embargo or export operation, which will certainly affect the production . through the WTO process, will not immediately find a solution, or even can not clarify the issue. ”

    He believes that China stopped exporting to Japan is actually the rare earth resources as a weapon, so Japan should take the same approach, by diplomatic means or economic sanctions to counter the problem.

    However, the World Trade Organization on the practice of Chinese restrictions on the export of rare earth raised criticism in June, the WTO said in an assessment report, “Whether intentionally or not, for whatever reason, export restrictions will reduce the limit of the product exports, while the supply to domestic market. ”

    Although the government’s attitude is not clear, however, an industry group has asked the U.S. government will control the earth’s practice in China to the WTO ruling. United Steelworkers of America early in September to submit petitions to the U.S. trade office, said China’s clean energy policies and practices have made the United States of alternative energy and renewable energy by vast development space “threat.”

    The association referred to in the complaint is an argument, clean energy industries of solar panels, wind turbines, highly efficient battery, high efficiency lighting and other production rely on a large number of rare earth elements, rare earth in China as a big country and has adopted various export control measures, that rare earth export quotas in 2010 reduced by half over the previous year. Which pushed up international prices of raw materials to make a serious lack of foreign production.

    Obama will be Oct. 24 to rule on whether further action, if it decides to accept, then may be a year-long investigation, during which you may consult with the Chinese Government.

    Oslin said the American Enterprise Institute, China suspended exports to Japan is a resource bullying behavior of rare earth, and Russia cut off gas supplies to Ukraine is exactly the same. U.S., Europe and Japan should join forces in this incident, on, given the common signal to the Chinese.

    Oslin: “Whether it is open or de facto embargo on China will dispute (Japan detained skipper events) expansion in retaliation for Japan. Industrialized countries should consider how they respond. In my view, the early response to strong is necessary. ”

    It appears that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was to do so. Bloomberg reports, Merkel called on European resources must be the expansion of China’s actions in response.

    Merkel on Wednesday called for coordinated action in Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia to increase investment in order to jointly deal with China’s economic growth is essential to control resources. Europe, an industry group said that the Chinese use the financial crisis in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, extending their reach to markets in these countries, the resources and rare minerals.

    China Rare Earth to the Japanese embargo on news of an alarm in Western countries, the United States consider re-open the rare earth mine, Japan, Australia and other countries to seek new deposits, it is also claimed to be the development of new technologies, from electronics recycling waste earth, the earth into a recycling center in Japan.