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Australian think tank: China’s new radar can easily detect the F-35 fighter.

According in the direction of the Australian newspaper reported, Australia’s impartial defense think tank, “air force” recently pointed out the fact that Australian oxygen Force F-35 fighter stealth basic performance expectations as well high, and also this fighter combat usefulness has long been exaggerated.

Peter Kwan, founder using the “air power”, stressed, in combat, the Russian T-50 stealth fighter can effortlessly defeat the F-35 fighters.

He also believes that Russia and China, the brand new radar can effortlessly detect the F-35 fighter. for the F-35 engine, Peter Kwan said, “We desire to cartier watches replica purchase this fighter payload only 900 kg.

Allegedly, Australia should purchase 100 F-35A (F-35 land-based conventional takeoff and landing) aircraft, and has ideas to signal a contract to purchase the very first batch of 14 in 2012.

According to latest plans, the Australian army in 2014 to obtain the very first batch of two jet (will be the very first to stay within of the united states for pilot training), 2017 to finish the delivery using the very first batch of 14 machines.

Now it appears that in spite of the actuality the fact that domestic Australian has questioned the existence, however the F-35 fighter plan using the Australian army procurement can be no basic change. However, the Australian Defense Minister Stephen Smith mentioned recently the fact that Australian army may adjust the timetable for that procurement using the F-35 fighter.

The chinese language program DWL002 passive detection radar system. Reportedly, the chinese language program employed to to look at DWL002 ability to cartier ballon bleu with diamonds detect enemy stealth targets simulated target, “Dark sword” unmanned stealth screening materials which has just arrived out in current years, radar cross area of much lower than 0.01 rectangular meters.

DWL002 passive detection radar method is mainly a positioning of air, soil and sea targets, identification and tracking electronic electronic intelligence detection system, like a passive three-dimensional oxygen defense radar, the broad range of as substantially as about 500 km. productive radar is challenging to cope with oxygen stealth targets, as well as the method could possibly be the sharp-eyed ears spirit, in a placement to detect the concentrate on issued even if it is weak, transient electromagnetic signs or electromagnetic expression signal and immediately make the concentrate on for the radar display betrays.

The radar detection of stealth targets, for example, once the concentrate on appears, would possess the several types of electromagnetic waves passing by method of the airspace in the direction of the development of specific perturbations. DWL002 It is in a placement to obtain and look at the master with this type of the expression of weak electromagnetic signs to create the coordinate area parameters using the signal expression source, by method of information url to pass these parameters to among the soil oxygen defense missile units, resulting within of one of the most proper time obtained within of the attacking enemy stealth targets.

Based for the information as well as the positioning precision with this detection method can accurately determine and create the features using the replica Chanel Long Wallets area using the oxygen stealth targets, a increased basic with oxygen defense forces within of the area oxygen defense operations.

The method not just has excellent anti-stealth performance, but in add-on granted that of its non-public does not radiate any electromagnetic wave, it could possibly be from enemy electronic electronic jamming and anti-radiation missiles to destroy the ability to survive.

Typhoon and Rafale fighter aircraft as the Chinese J-20

French Rafale fighter

November 4, the Indian Defense Ministry unsealed a 126 multi-role fighter jet procurement circumstance while in the last two gamers – the European and French fighter producer Dassault’s bid, also stated requires about eight several weeks to ascertain the lowest bid institution to decide on out the winners.

In look at within of the Indian oxygen Force has made a sequence of actions versus China, the European jet of its purchase of a massive selection of jet has also been speculation that “point in the direction of obvious.” However, the Indian defense analysts Ajax Ys carats that even the purchase of state-of-the-art fighter planes in Europe, the Indian oxygen Force oxygen superiority can not be created in China. He even believes the fact that procurement circumstance by itself is typically a problem.

In India, all federal government departments, the Defence Procurement organization is presently probably the most most likely between the outside attention. although the Indian oxygen Force’s big-budget army procurement do a complete swing, but some domestic defense authorities have poured chilly water.

In soukra view, the Indian fighter procurement of arms sellers in Europe to help solve the problem, as opposed to the Indian oxygen Force. He believes the fact that Indian oxygen Force’s 126 multi-role fighter jet procurement circumstance is “frivolous” largely since the fighter jet in support will quickly surpass China and repression. He pointed out that “Typhoon” and “gust” may be the fourth era semi-fighter, using the principal airline flight earlier this year, China’s fifth-generation stealth fighter J-20 in comparison to no advantage. “To make matters worse, the Indian oxygen Force purchase of those multi-purpose jet by 2020 will not necessarily be completely in area by 2050 to accomplish complete combat usefulness persists to be very good.”

Listing the nations while in the fourth era of oxygen Force energetic duty and 4 generations of semi-fighter, Europe’s “Typhoon” and French “Rafale” regarded since the best luxury properties. In particular, small chopper pilot in Libya subsequent the war, these two “wind” while in the intercontinental arms market place persists to be receiving up powerful momentum.

In purchase to flicker earlier Indian army orders, “Typhoon” producer BAE models senior vice president Michael Christie has declared that “although the chinese language courses J-20 persists to be made online community stealth fighter, however the ‘Typhoon’ is nonetheless between probably the most state-of-the-art fighter aircraft, largely because equally fighters airborne missiles and radar has not however reached precisely the identical level. ” In fact, 4 generations or 4 generations of semi-improved fighter, no subject how difficult the design and utilization of fifth-generation stealth fighter comparable in the direction of Russian Su-33 high-profile marketing, Su-35′s while they quietly produced T-50 may be the truth. In other words, the Indian oxygen Force to purchase fighter planes in Europe state-of-the-art the idea of ​​Chinese repression may possibly not be achieved.

The strongest squad in South Asia since the oxygen force, the Indian oxygen Force has equipped numerous European-type system, and start to purchase Russian-made state-of-the-art US-made fighter planes. Objectively speaking, weapons and resources was initially purchased to raise the combat usefulness of the shortcut, but once the Indian army procurement compared to finish amount of like goods, which produces the arms should bid a prolonged playoff to triumph orders. while in the meantime, if once more on account of delays brought on by inner factors, the performance may be imagined. With soukra’s words, “political bureaucracy which led to India’s fighter procurement plan persists to be delayed once more and again.”

Purchased arms that, “used to digest” precisely the identical potential subsequent do it yourself worrying. based on Russian advertising reports, India’s self-built Su-30MKI fighters experienced been worthwhile maiden flight. In accordance using the contract signed with Russia, the Indian oxygen Force, Hindustan Aeronautics will manufacture 180 Su-30MKI, has shipped 99, on top of that to the remaining 81 in 2014 to turn out to be shipped in between 2015, but now it appears no extended feasible delivery regime .
In addition, India’s Hindustan Aeronautics grasp within of the engineering in production and infrastructure construction, there nonetheless exist some problems.

For India’s “knee-jerk” army expansion, analysts have prolonged pointed out that China oxygen Force modernization in no way blindly count on large-scale cash purchase or outsourcing, but adhering in the direction of idea of impartial development, in enhancing the method of modern army premise, create a set of great domestic brands, so that you just can stimulate the structure within of the oxygen Force’s all round progress. on this regard, of india has lagged behind.

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Japan against China held large-scale exercise

The Japanese Self-Defense Force may be on this calendar month 10 times using the Kyushu place of mins of huge county to sustain a with China since the imaginary enemy army exercises.

According to reports, the Japan Self-Defense Forces can be deployed 1500 vehicles, may be the 1st time a requisition of civil significant pace passenger ship”". At a comparable time, the Japan Self-Defense Forces using the Hokkaido place to discount breitling hercules mobilize the Japanese soil Self-Defense Force ‘s seventh division to Kyushu to participate in exercise, this from northeast to southwest from the mass movements of troops is rare.

A chinese language army specialists said, the actual exercise along using the abnormal mobility was last revised in Japan Defense outline shortly after the 1st versus chinese language declarative drill. in spite of the reality that war meaning especially how considerably of it is difficult to say, but will deliver a harmful signal.

This large-scale army exercises, there may be 5400 defensive avid gamers to participate in, and will utilize 1500 chariots, 30 jet took element in exercise. But this actual exercise may be the 1st from Hokkaido to mobilize troops and tanks. like a carry out result of Hokkaido and mins of huge county additional than 3000 km apart, this may be the 1st time a self-defense requisition folk significant pace passenger ship”". Allegedly, throughout Hokkaido and bvlgari diagono watch Aomori Prefecture in between the Tsugaru Strait high-speed passenger and cargo ship” Natchan World” belongs to some 10000-ton ship, pace of 36 knots, a shipment of 350 cars, with 1746 people. The dispatch is now Japan’s high-speed huge tonnage passenger-cargo liner.

Reportedly, the actual exercise was Japan last revised defensive outline, and obviously may be China as Japan’s biggest enemy held shortly after a large-scale army exercises. For this exercise, the Japanese Self-Defense Force also mobilize probably the most elite seventh divisions to fight. The headquarters is situated in Hokkaido City, the seventh division will use high-speed passenger and cargo ship, near to the afternoon of November 7th shipment of additional than 10 autos of 90 type and 89 type tank, jointly with 230 defensive avid gamers using the Hokkaido port of Tomakomai, near to the morning of November 9th the arrival port.

For this exercise, a chinese language army specialists think that, using the 1500 autos using the scale, the equivalent of the quantity of armored division scale, in southwestern Japan institution so large-scale exercise routines are really rare. But this time with ” of” labeled exercise routines real meaning limited. 1st of all, using the troops participating type ( 1500 tanks and 30 planes ), the actual exercise may possibly stay using the soil war, as well as a tank battle mainly. However, Sino-Japanese two nations and no acreage border linked to Japan, chinese language amphibious landing operations, the implementation of large-scale armored invasion chance is almost zero.

The exercise routines are unbelievably difficult to entry any knowledge in real combat the use. Obviously, the Japanese to chinese language thinking, nevertheless stay using the yr versus Soviet invasion from the tide of metal age. Secondly, the seventh panzer division of limited significance to ride in the direction of rescue. A dozen tanks and armored vehicles, by 1500 chariots in warfare can hold out what part in doubt.

To some extent, instead of developing utilization of seventh division serves since the fire brigade, nevertheless be inferior to saying is allow seventh division to improve the actual exercise attention. The seventh division using the Japanese soil Self-Defense Force ‘s location can not be replaced. The division to the Japanese only tank division, was founded in 1962, below the jurisdiction from the three Tank Regiment, one mechanised infantry, one artillery regiments, one artillery regiments and one airline team. The seventh division items tank about 300 vehicles, which include 90 type 170 tanks. type 90 tank is among the the world’s most high priced tanks, and was as shortly since the world ‘s most superior tank. SDF buying additional than half from the type 90 tank equipped using the division.

The Division also equipped with additional than 600 autos tracked vehicles, which include Japan ‘s most superior type 89 tracked infantry fighting vehicles, jointly with other items are also element from the SDF ‘s best equipment. With this sort of the the moment in time devoted versus the Soviet elite forces to rush in the direction of rescue” southwest the Ladies watch war”, can be to pass a need and China as an enemy and obvious signal. even although the whole actual exercise appears to imply that supplied how the last revision defensive outline, the Japanese defense concentrate from Russia to China unbelievably realistic step.

Experts place out that, along using the Japanese defensive concentrate from northeast to southwest, henceforth on this place from the actual exercise volume and level are most likely to escalate. This actual exercise is maybe to soil forces, but may be expected, the Japan Self-Defense Forces for oxygen and actual exercise volume along using the scale will also increase substantially.

In fact, supplied how the Japanese defensive outline will China since the biggest enemy, the Japan Self-Defense Forces ‘s reconnaissance jointly with other army operations have begun to significantly boost the frequency. In January this yr to September, the Japanese Self-Defense Force jet in the direction of chinese language offshore reconnaissance sorties greater than a comparable period of your time last yr accelerated by 44%. Japan productive army actions will in turn increase chinese language guard, make bilateral tensions the oxygen temperature, the occurrence of each friction possibilities will also upgrade subsequently.

India to buy Apache attack helicopters

U.S. Apache helicopters

On October 25th, Indian army within of a sequence of comparative test, has made a decision to purchase American AH-64D” Apache” assault helicopter, abandon the Russian-made m – 28N” the evening in the hunter”.

Previous knowing in the indian army assault helicopter bids the options pointed out that, by 2010 in indian on the complete in the domestic makers as well as the area in the look at ( which consists of shooting look at ), indian is a brilliant offer more like” apache”.

India Western oxygen Command spokesman said, enclosed within bidding in the two helicopters are excellent, however the united states products and companies which consists of climbing ability and all-weather combat ability jointly with other important indicators to some brilliant offer more advantage.

India oxygen force current simultaneously in three helicopter bidding activities, programs have been to purchase 22 assault helicopters, twelve heavy transport helicopters and 197 frame lumination electricity helicopter, totaling a brilliant offer over $2500000000. on the identical time, assault helicopter potential purchase amount will accomplish 44, as well as more.

Russian aviation marketplace companies to participate in all in the above three bidding activity, however it may be also not obvious the remaining two bid winner. This between them, especially within lumination helicopter sensitive could possibly be one of the most significant — as shortly since the win, is going to be Russia to the 1st time for the current market in indian to acquire enclosed on this field.

At current within last race in the two models, respectively could possibly be the Eurocopter AS550 and “Russian Kamov” business of card – 226T. indian army selected lumination helicopters is going to be deployed within northern mountainous area of India.

Into the heavy helicopter sensitive last phase is regarded like a Russian m – 26T2 and American CH-47F.

In addition, India’s defense ministry also programs within potential to preserve many helicopter bidding activities, which consists of to the indian Navy choose a brand brand new multipurpose helicopter. The professional thinks, henceforth in 10 years, India’s army will purchase items and about 700 new fighter helicopter.

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Philippines patrol ship in the South China Sea crash a Chinese fishing boat

In October 18th, China and Philippines within the to the south China Sea and trouble, a gunboat within the to the south China Sea Philippines strike a ship that was towing twenty five boats sailing chinese language courses tremendous angling boats.

In October 19th, Philippines patrol ship within the waters around Nansha and China angling vessel collision information turns into overseas mass media attention, this type of for the zenith port royal watches reliable reason that related press, Agence France-Presse and Philippines mass media in inclusion to other mass media have described this news. Philippines’s army and Ministry of overseas issues said, this could be an” accidental” small ” collision”, brought about no casualties, the Philippines has informed the chinese language courses part circular the situation, as well as the event towards the chinese language courses apologies.

Philippines army head Juancho Sabban said, the” accident” occurred in 18, the Philippines naval patrol ship within the waters around Nansha China evening found a tremendous angling vessel with twenty five small ships. Philippines patrol ships in to look at why chinese language courses vessels” in to the replica Omega Watches Philippines sea area” occurred in the training course of the” operation”, is too tough to patrol and chinese language courses vessel collision, then China Ship greater boats away the traction rope left, Philippines will almost surely be the sleep circular the vessel back once again towards the bay.

The commander of Philippines’s naval causes also confirmed the incident. Palmer said: ” it absolutely was an accident, when our ship to consider the chinese language courses angling actions and invincible as.” Palmer also highlighted would be the Philippines patrol took place ” operation”, there may be no chinese language courses fishermen arrested.

Philippines’s overseas Ministry spokesman said,” this could be unquestionably a small incident”, Philippines is considering about twenty five wood vessel back once again to China, and factors out that this vessel before nobody. Officials in Philippines say have a tendency to not totally grasp why China that was fake watches reasonably tremendous vessels would hold so a huge volume of small angling boat. Juancho Sabban within an interview stated: “we want clear, Philippines no hostility.”

On October 19th, chinese language courses Embassy in Philippines needed to inform the” accident”, as well as the special event towards the chinese language courses apology.

China and India’s naval confrontation in the South China Sea

Military news. September two, according to a foreign media reports, a Chinese warship in late July with an region just left Vietnam confrontation between the Indian warships, that is about the confrontation among the two navies within the South China Sea, the first publicly reported.

According to informed sources, unidentified Chinese warships asked India to “Ira W.” amphibious assault ship Liangmingshenfen and Indian warships to explain the reasons for international waters. In the time, “Ira W.” was just the end of the planned port check out to Vietnam.

This event caused the Vietnamese defense officials in India and anxiety. China claims sovereignty more than the entire South China Sea, does not recognize Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan, this resource-rich places of the proposed claims.

Understand Qi a confrontation in between the Indian official said: “navy of any country inside the world through these waters or high seas have full freedom of any State or question the declaration of ownership rights of way in other countries is unacceptable.”

China put in sea power, particularly naval forces to launch in New Delhi, the Indian Ocean triggered a national security concern. New Delhi, Beijing has created ??representations to the incident.

According to foreign diplomats in Hanoi believe this is Beijing’s deliberate provocation, and consequently unhappy using the incident. These diplomats said that the confrontation in between the navy that China believes that the police had the correct to play a role within the South China Sea.

Considering that Might this year, Hanoi, Vietnam claimed that Chinese patrol boats blocked the ship’s oil exploration activities, China and Vietnam in their efforts to create a actual relationship.

One informed source stated, “really out of trouble,” “This is typical of China,” Chinese law enforcement ships usually try to claim that this is their territorial waters, you do what?

Indian government on Thursday denied the Indian and Chinese warships ships confrontations reported, and stressed that all countries ought to respect freedom of navigation in international waters.

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Vietnam says it will build the most powerful submarine in the South China Sea region

Russian-made Kilo-class submarines

Military news. from the context from the South China Sea, Asia-Pacific nations are quietly advertising the expansion of its naval combat energy construction. April, Vietnam announced that 6 many years will probably be built submarine fleet. Philippines available the “time is short, the effect is obvious,” the naval making program.

Vietnamese Defense Minister Feng Guangqing August 4, mentioned Vietnam will probably be 6 many years right into a superior submarine trip. Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung also mentioned Vietnam will construct right into a “South China Sea from the strongest” from the submarine force.

Feng Guangqing refine the plan, said: “Building a powerful submarine force, is Vietnam’s long-term technique of 2020, but from the up coming 5 to 6 years, we should possess a submarine trip. The force will probably be equipped with 6 Russian-built vessels ‘Kilo’ course 636 submarines … We are to not threaten other nations from the region, not engage in arms race, however the response is steady using the financial advancement craze of world development. ”

In earlier July, the Russian defense export-related personnel on behalf from the Commonwealth have revealed that Vietnam and Russia have signed the purchase of 6 diesel-electric submarines from the contract. Russia, the submarine will probably be shipped by 2014 to Vietnam, and will support Vietnam construct a submarine bottom and fix and upkeep facility.

“Kilo” course conventional diesel-electric submarines from Russia, “Ruby” design Bureau design. thinking about that world War II, the Soviet Union developed a complete of 5 generations of 10 assault practically 100 conventional submarines, “Kilo” course submarine is in its fifth generation, could possibly be probably the most energetic era of submarines. “Ruby” design Bureau in 1993, has long been recognised as “Terminator – Kilo” submarines of assignment 636, which could be recognised since the “world’s quietest submarine”, also recognised as “ocean dark hole.” quite fascinating could possibly be the actuality the fact that “Kilo” course submarine capable of launching 636 submarine “Club-S” cruise missile, which surface area ships, specifically huge surface area ships that consist of jet carriers is fatal.

Fengguang Qing army forces in Vietnam, described from the “East Sea” (ie the South China Sea), mentioned the circumstance facing the lasting Vietnam will the Navy, Coast shield and Border unity to battle the sea to defend their sovereignty and country wide security, center strength, and also to strengthen Vietnam navy, oxygen force along using the communications and electronic electronic warfare capabilities, will probably be the concentrate of current powerful army in Vietnam.

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Japan fighters intercept the Chinese military in the East China Sea, China said do not trouble

News. July 7, the Chinese Defense Ministry responded to the July 4, two Chinese military aircraft near the Diaoyu Islands is Japan’s F-15 fighters to intercept the issue. The Chinese side said China’s military aircraft flying over the waters under national jurisdiction, consistent with international law, the Japanese vessels and planes normal operation of China’s long, close tracking and monitoring, can easily lead to misunderstanding of both sides, miscarriage of justice.

Japan Self-Defense Forces aircraft photo released by China

It is reported that on July 4, China was close to two military airspace away from the Diaoyu Islands is only 60 kilometers, but were not into the “Japanese airspace.” Naha, Japan Air Self Defense Force base on emergency call from the F-15 fighters to intercept.Japan Self-Defense Forces aircraft photo released by China

In response, Defense News Affairs Bureau yesterday said that Chinese military aircraft flying over the waters under national jurisdiction, full compliance with the relevant norms of international law.

Defense Information Services Agency stressed that the Diaoyu Islands are China’s inherent territory since ancient times, China has indisputable sovereignty. In recent years, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces aircraft to patrol the East China Sea against China intensified surveillance, Japanese military vessels and planes normal air and sea operations to China a long time, close tracking and monitoring, can easily lead to misunderstanding of both sides, miscarriage of justice. China hopes the Japanese side can proceed on friendship and mutual trust, and take effective measures to stop the dangerous activities to avoid and prevent air and sea accidents.

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South Korea will engage in military exercises in sensitive areas

Latest news, South Korea and North Korea Recently undergone many unpleasant incident, South Korean military announced that it would start military exercises near the military demarcation line.

26 South Korean military announced, scheduled from 27th of this month in South Korea near the Korean Peninsula in northwestern land military demarcation line, Paju near the military demarcation line that held military exercises.

Exercise scheduled to begin at 27 for five days. Military officials told the Yonhap news agency correspondent, the nature of field training exercise is designed to test troops’ response to enemy infiltration, provocation and incitement launched local full-scale war, “the state of combat readiness.

Yonhap news agency did not mention the scale of the exercise, participating units form and other details. Allegedly, the exercise, the Army will invest large numbers of troops and tanks and other equipment will be set up checkpoints on main roads, will also launch an empty shell.

Paju, Gyeonggi Province in Korea northwest side, away from the capital Seoul, about 40 km north-west near the military demarcation line. Connecting Seoul and Panmunjom, the two highways through the state from the slope, making the state a north-south slope fort, an important strategic position.

Inter-Korean relations since last March “ship” the explosion and sinking in November taeyonpyong been shelling each other into the frozen North-South tensions. Yin Ping Island from South Korea, after shelling held several military exercises.

According to the Korean Armistice Agreement, the two Koreas to 38 degrees north latitude line near the Line of Actual Control as the military demarcation line, their back two kilometers from this line, the establishment of demilitarized zones.

24, Hillary Clinton and South Korean Foreign Minister Jinxing Huan in Washington for talks on the DPRK nuclear issue. Hillary Clinton after the talks at a press conference said that although the United States remains in direct contact with the DPRK on the open-minded, but the U.S. insists that North Korea must improve relations with South Korea.

She also said the United States again this summer, is being held on the Korean nuclear issue to the United States Foreign Ministers’ meeting coordination. Jinxing Huan at a press conference that the ROK and the DPRK is willing to engage in dialogue, but the key first step is to hold North Korea to nuclear technology “sincere and constructive,” the inter-Korean dialogue. He said that Korea reiterated that once the restart six-party talks, North Korean denuclearization should be achieved on the issue, “substantial progress.” North Korea must be concrete actions to demonstrate their sincerity in the denuclearization.

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Vietnam will hold live-fire exercises in the South China Sea Is intended to demonstrate China

Vietnamese naval light corvettes

News, and Vietnam on June 13 near the coast in a certain area which was held for 6 hours of live-fire exercises, and warned all ships away from the sea. In this connection, the Associated Press commented that the purpose of Vietnam is clearly a move to “respond” to China, because China had asked the Vietnamese in the area to stop all oil exploration activities.

Vietnamese authorities have recently ignored China’s South China Sea Islands and adjacent waters has indisputable sovereignty over the fact that on this issue several times to make “tough talk. ” June 9, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman also groundless accusations against the Chinese fishing boat “deliberately cut off the”Vietnam’s oil and gas exploration in the South China Sea on the cable ship, claiming that China’s “serious violation “of Vietnam’s so-called “sovereign rights and jurisdiction. ”

The fact is, Chinese fishing the morning of June 9 when the waters of normal operation, the Vietnamese armed ships were illegal evictions, and the net result of which a fishing vessel operating illegally in the field with the Vietnamese oil and gas exploration cable wrapped around the ship Together, regardless of Vietnam ship the lives of Chinese fishermen, Chinese fishing boats drag down the line for over an hour.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Hong Lei 9, thus: “Vietnam has seriously threatened the ship’s life and safety of Chinese fishermen. “He stressed: “Man On the Nansha Islands in China, Vietnam Beach Sea oil and gas exploration and driving illegal Chinese fishing boats, Seriously violated China’s sovereignty and maritime rights and interests. China urges Vietnam to cease all infringing activity, not to endanger the personal and property safety of Chinese fishermen in action, not to take the complicated and controversial expansion of the action. The Chinese side hopes to Vietnam Maintenance of peace and stability in the South China Sea to make due efforts. ”

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