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China’s strategic nuclear submarine has achieved combat readiness to carry new wave 2A missile

The 12th Party Congress of the Chinese Navy was held on May 25, and the CCTV reports were rarely conducted on the naval headquarters operational command center. The Chinese Navy’s highest command is full of large screens, located in the naval ports, the task of the main battle area of ​​the sea can be at a glance. One of the screen display content is very compelling, the screen both the Chinese Navy active only one aircraft carrier Liaoning ship, but also shore defense missile forces, high-tech models of special aircraft, the most worthy of the said, it is two docked in the terminal Large submarine. From the shape can be seen, this is China’s second-generation ballistic missile nuclear submarines, can also be called a strategic nuclear submarine, model code 09 Ⅳ.

Public information shows that China’s first generation of strategic nuclear submarine 09 Ⅱ type in August 1983 formally delivered to the Chinese navy, the number of only one, carrying 12 range of less than 2000 km of “waves -1″ submarine-launched ballistic missiles; The second generation 09 Ⅳ nuclear submarine first boat in 2006 delivery of the Navy, so far may be included in more than four, each can carry 12 range of 8000 km within the “waves -2″ (A) submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

09 Ⅱ type of strategic nuclear submarine service, the basic “no bomb” in the ocean for combat readiness. This is because of the reliability of the submarine nuclear reactor, the safety of the problem to solve the problem took a long time, after a full eight years in service, that is, around 1991, only to start the first underwater test for a long time, and carry out ” Play “combat readiness on duty. On the other hand, the “Jumbo-1″ type submarine-launched ballistic missile closer range, but also makes the 09 Ⅱ type nuclear submarine strategic deterrent ability is limited, so the combat readiness symbolic significance is greater than the practical significance. Even if the 09 Ⅱ type nuclear submarine at the beginning of this century to accept from the inside to outside, up to 7 years of modernization, reliability greatly improved, but can not change its magazine height, diameter. Therefore, 09 Ⅱ improved equipped with “waves -1″ A-type submarine-launched missiles compared to the basic type, the size of the basic unchanged, limited range of limited, no more than 3000 km.

Ten killing device in Chinese parade

China in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the war victory parade held on September 3, the 27 equipment side team, 10 air echelon through Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. These Chinese-made equipment are active main battle equipment, 84% of which is for the first time in the parade debut, including new tanks, new guns, new missiles, new aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, and so on. This shows that, in 2009, after the National Day parade, Chinese military equipment and to a new level.

Meanwhile, the parade ground equipment side team for the first time to assault, air and missile defense, maritime offensive and defensive, strategy to combat and information support, after six combat modules installed security grouping, breaking the previous parade in accordance with the land, sea and air, the Second Artillery Corps and other branches of the military grouping The convention, highlighting the changes in operational concepts of the PLA, also indicates that the PLA will usher in reform and greater intensity.

Beijing on military analysts have pointed out, new weapons parade display shows the gap between the level of equipment of the PLA troops and the Western countries between now further reduced, some weapons, such as “wind” -21D even in the world’s leading missile. Compared with the 2009 parade, the PLA combat capability have increased dramatically.

If the United States, Japan and other powers, and Taiwan as a potential rival, Beijing parade demonstrated the equipment, the most highlights are the following 10:

First, the “Dongfeng” -21D anti-ship missiles. “Dongfeng” -21D is China designed to combat large water targets including aircraft carriers and developed a missile, but also the world’s only medium-range anti-ship missile currently. This type of missile has a maximum range of about 1700 km, it can be launched from a mobile platform, with high accuracy, high orbit capability and strong penetration ability. The US Navy will “Dongfeng” -21D called “Battle of the rule changes were” that the missile might make China the US aircraft carrier battle groups have “denial” capabilities beyond the scope of China’s core interests. US Department of Defense believes that China is implementing the “Dongfeng” -21D missile as the basis of “area denial strategy.”

Second, the “Dongfeng” -26 range ballistic missile. “Dongfeng” -26 is China’s new generation universal remote ballistic missiles, mainly to meet the Western Pacific military bases in Guam and other important needs of long-range precision strike, also against Australia in Darwin base. “Dongfeng” -26 missile can carry conventional warheads, but also can carry nuclear warheads, able to land an important goal and medium-sized vessels at sea in the implementation of conventional long-range precision strike, the PLA regarded as a new “killer” weapons.

Third, the “wind” -31A intercontinental ballistic missile. “Dongfeng” -31A is a three-stage solid-propellant intercontinental ballistic missile, is China’s first kind of remote solid ballistic missiles, but also China’s second generation of strategic weapons, with a range more than 11,000 kilometers. Compared to its predecessor “Dongfeng” -5 intercontinental ballistic missiles, “Dongfeng” -31 in the range, precision strike, survivability and penetration capability has increased dramatically.

Fourth, the “Dongfeng” -5B intercontinental ballistic missile. “Dongfeng” -5B is the improved new products, “Dongfeng” -5 missile successfully test-fired in 2006. “Dongfeng” -5B a range of 13,000 to 15,000 km, covering targets anywhere in the world, capable of carrying nuclear warheads, an accuracy of about 500 meters, strong penetration ability, Damage powerful, the Chinese nuclear arsenal in the “pressure cabin stone. ”

Fifth, the “wind” -10A (“sword” -10 improved) cruise missiles. -10 Compared with the “sword”, “wind” -10A appearance vary widely, performance has improved significantly. The missile’s appearance, performance, and the US BGM-109 “Tomahawk” missiles closer, with a range of 2000 kilometers, both fixed strike ground targets, but also on the movement of ships to implement assault.

Six, “YJ” -12 anti-ship missiles. “Hawk” -12 range of about 400 kilometers, by replacing seeker way, and even the implementation of anti-ship anti-radar operations, flexible combat mode.

Seven, bombers -6K strategic bombers. Chinese Air Force bombers -6K offensive operations core strength, we can take off from the relative safety of Chinese inland base, a maximum range of 8,000 kilometers, the maximum combat radius of more than 3500 kilometers. With long-range cruise contained “Dongfeng” -10 range cruise missiles hit, boom -6K border areas in China can deter the majority of regions, including the US military base in Guam, including.

Eight, Shaanxi Y-9 series of command and control aircraft, early warning aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft. The Shaanxi Y-9 and inconspicuous appearance. But in the parade occupy several models and types, including air marshals -200, -500 AWACS air marshals as well as command and control aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft. This means that the Chinese navy and air force jumped early warning, command systems, several key operational capability, each of the overall combat force multiplier.

Nine, “Red Flag” -10 close-in weapon system. “Red Flag” -10 ship defense missile weapon system, which can effectively block all types of anti-ship missiles, against the sea, air and land attack on the warship launched saturation. “Red Flag” -10 shipboard performance and recent anti-American system, “Hai Lamu” close, displaying Chinese equipment being hot pursuit of the world trend.

Ten, Wu straight -10 attack helicopters. WZ -10 performance is said to be close to the United States, “Apache” attack helicopter. WZ -10 is mainly used for anti-armor combat, the modernization of the Chinese army to improve its combat capability is of great significance.

Six ocean key to control the world China is making the seventh

“China and Thailand to build carat canal” problem in East and Southeast Asia yesterday stir public opinion field, making the Thai officials come forward to clarify intensive. Rise to strong interest in this 102 km long canal allegedly, it costs $ 28 billion, it allows China sea without Malacca Strait into the Indian Ocean, if Xiu Asian geopolitical landscape will be changed. Eighty percent of China’s oil imports subject to the Strait of Malacca, the Strait is controlled United States, which is confining many countries in East Asia, including China, on the head, known as the “Malacca dilemma.” Thai official denied yesterday reached an agreement on the canal, but there are also known as Thai folk multiparty negotiations are still in contact. Behind this news caused by hot, in fact, is that people Powers sea serious security scrutiny.

Hong Kong “Oriental Daily” 19 reported carat canal, overlooking the Earth, Focus “Kokusai game.” Article, “With Central America Nicaragua Canal started last year, and research to expand the canal carat Thailand, China formally 迈入海 rights era.” It reports that today’s world economy is a global economy, 90% of world trade by sea transport implementation. 16 Sea Navy had an important channel list, where seven in the Atlantic, two in the Pacific, two in the Indian Ocean, two in the Mediterranean. 16 important sea passage linking the five continents, four oceans communication, not only an important link between the world’s waterways and strategic hub of maritime traffic and global trade, as well as naval action.

“Six of the keylock world”, the world’s geopolitics had such a metaphor, meaning that there are six of the most critical maritime transport routes, determine the energy transport worldwide. They are: the Panama Canal, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Suez Canal, the Strait of Hormuz, Bab el-Mandab and the Strait of Malacca. It is generally believed that the vast majority of control in the United States in the hands of the Strait. US Navy use of super strength, control these maritime choke, which is equivalent to controlling the world’s sea, but also to keep abreast of sea power. “Oriental Daily” that, along with carat canal dug canals and Nicaragua, China sea power components rose sharply, especially on the canal carat strategic plan for China, much more important than the Nicaragua Canal. For once carat canal, United States on China’s island chain blockade will be useless, Chinese warships and merchant ships can freely in and out of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, Singapore will lose the most important advantages of the port, the importance of the United States as a strategic piece will also be significantly weakened. Thailand and China could also help build the railway in Thailand, in the future China Yunnan, Guangxi goods by rail can be straight carat canal.

Taiwan scholars Cai wing believes that the mainland hopes to Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean in series with the main port, and actively strengthen the relationship with Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and other Indian Ocean countries want to invest along the main port to Europe and Africa to strengthen maintenance freedom of navigation, to ensure the smooth flow of the Maritime Silk Route.
Hong Kong media warned that the United States could have exerted pressure on Thailand to obstruct Chinese construction carat canal. Western doubts about large-scale projects overseas Chinese participation is almost habitual, constructed from Brazil on the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast of Peru, “two-ocean railroad” it triggered some Americans warned of China into the “backyard”. In December 2014, officially started by the Chinese private enterprises to invest in the construction of a Nicaragua Canal project cost about $ 50 billion, before and after the start, the Western media project for qualification and questioned the need for Chinese enterprises has never stopped, also said that the project will destroy the local environment. Plan Pakistan economic corridor connecting Xinjiang Kashgar China and Pakistan Gwadar Indian River, including highways, railways, oil and gas, cable channels and other energy and infrastructure projects in the Western media, and the plan were South Asian geopolitical game hook.

Xiamen University scholar village land on the 19th of the “Global Times” said that only one of the Malacca Strait has been unable to meet the world’s economic center of East Asia gradually sloping trend to increase one karat canal, is conducive to the economic development of East Asia. He said, “Now, some voices called” China keen to cut carat canal, is being used to contain the United States controlled the Straits of Malacca and Singapore, in order to improve the strategic position of China, “but China seems to dig a canal carat unilateral” one hot “This may be an ulterior motive speculation economic value carat canal is there to benefit not only China, but many countries in East Asia.

J-20 related presentations

J-20 (codenamed Veyron, NATO codename: Flame fangs Firefang) is a Chinese Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. for the development of the fourth generation of the PLA (in China, Europe and the US fighter division standard the fourth generation, according to the criteria for the classification of Russian fighter generations was the fifth generation.) double heavy stealth fighter, the F-10 to replace, such as fourth-generation F-11 air superiority fighter, the aircraft will be responsible for China’s future space, sea ​​sovereignty maintenance tasks.

J-20 uses a single-seat, twin-engine, all-moving twin vertical tails, DSI drum kits Inlet, the reverse side of the canard with a pointed arch of the canard aerodynamic layout. Head, diamond-shaped fuselage, vertical tail outward tilt, landing gear doors for the jagged edge design, with dark body paint, and F-20 (2012) similar to that of F22 highlight silver coating. Side bomb bay innovative structure, can be closed in advance missile pylons on the outside, equipped with the most advanced new Chinese missile combat.
The first demonstrator aircraft engineering in January 11, 2011 in Chengdu its first flight.

China will become a kind of superpower

British Broadcasting Corporation on October 19 article, the original question: a view: China will become a superpower what Obviously, the recent Beijing is full of debate. Although China did not Western-style democracy, but this does not hinder its now become the world’s most important and interesting discussion topics. A year ago, when I was in China when China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for young diplomats speech, extremely clear, a fascinating debate is under way – should be emerging as a world power China to develop what kind of foreign policy.

China has become a superpower look like after  You may have to start over-thinking this issue – but the answer is wrong. China’s military is still very weak compared to the US. The United States has 11 aircraft carriers, China’s first aircraft carrier has started last month, and the carrier’s hull is provided by Ukraine. In addition, China’s political influence in the international community is still very limited. China’s economic power enables us to perceive that it is a superpower – China’s economy has more than half of the United States, is expected to be around the size of its economy in 2018 will surpass the United States, although China’s economic growth rate has now dropped to 7% about. However, China’s huge population of China’s economic miracle created, from the technological level and living standards, China is still far behind the United States.

So when we talk about a superpower – when China, we are using the future tense. China becomes a superpower on the idea of ​​conventional reaction is – if there is no more bad performance, its behavior will be like America. Because China is not a democracy, it is the possibility of more bad performance. China by the Communist Party, the Chinese people and we do not like the idea. I think it is so we will be on China’s rise was a little nervous. In fact, we should not expect China and the United States will behave the same. The huge difference between China and the US. But we should not take for granted that China will behave more badly.

Why the huge difference between China and the US do  Because their history is different. Many articles are often from the “new colonialism” perspective to discuss trade and investment in China by means of enhanced presence in Africa. If the face of history, China never colonized other countries. Expertise overseas colonial Europeans, the Japanese in a short historical period also had colonial behavior. For example, in the early 15th century, the Chinese have the ability to make Southeast Asia reduced its colonies. At that time the Chinese have the strength, it has numerous vessels, the volume of those vessels owned by huge multiples of Europe than in the same period. But China did not choose colonization. This does not mean that China ignored its neighbors.

On the contrary, in many centuries, Chinese dominated them, then China is not only a vast country and the level of development far beyond it. But at the time the relationship between China and its neighbors non rooted in colonial culture, but in the country’s system as the foundation of a subsidiary. China has never ruled or occupied by them, on the contrary, as a symbol of recognition of the authority of the Chinese empire, the rulers of those countries affiliated to China will be asked to pay tribute in exchange for market access to China and its various forms of protection.

Les médias étrangers comment le DF-41 chinois missile balistique intercontinental

Pour le développement des forces nucléaires de la Chine, l’Occident toujours jeté une variété œil soupçonneux. États-Unis, “Washington Phare liberté” rapports de site édité, le second corps d’artillerie 24 Juillet 2007 au milliers de miles de bases nouveau lancement de missiles de missiles désert occidental Shanxi Kelan, ces essais en vol souvent en limitant la première gamme de étage de la fusée pour raccourcir heures de travail pour se assurer que le missile est tombé dans le territoire de la Chine.

Le rapport a également déclaré que la Chine a promis de ne pas utiliser des armes nucléaires, l’énergie nucléaire est utilisée pour contrer une attaque nucléaire contre son territoire. Toutefois, en raison de l’équipement MIRV ICBM est la «première frappe nucléaire« idéal (frappé des cibles militaires) des armes, “Dongfeng -41″ ne est pas seulement le premier missile stratégique Chine transporter plusieurs ogives, mais aussi “capacité de première frappe nucléaire,” fiable peut représenter la Chine va changer l ‘”engagement de non utilisation en premier des armes nucléaires».

Carbonell dit que l’avenir de la deuxième force artillerie seulement besoin d’avoir 32 “Dongfeng -41″ ICBM dispositif de mise peut être réutilisé, ce qui est suffisant pour transporter des ogives nucléaires destinées à une population de plus de 50 000 chaque ville américaine. Il a déclaré, «Si la Chine a finalement développé une stratégie pour les villes américaines pour lutter contre cette richesse sociale, et nous ne se battent pas pour la construction d’un système de défense antimissile, cela signifie la fin de la dissuasion nucléaire renforcée en Asie.” “Washington Phare liberté” rapport d’un site dit «Dongfeng -41″ portée maximale d’environ 14000 km missile intercontinental, lancé à partir de l’est ou du nord de la Chine, il suffit de sauter l’ensemble du territoire des États-Unis. Dès 1992, le savant américain avait mentionné l’existence de “Dongfeng -41″ projet, mais les États-Unis croit “long cycle de développement» a conduit l’OLP d’abandonner le projet, en se concentrant sur le développement de “Dongfeng -31″ ICBM.

Fisher a déclaré que les experts militaires américains, le fait que le Pentagone a ignoré le développement de ce nouveau missile. A propos de “DF-41″ lancement d’essai de ICBM, supérieurs américains gens des médias – Projet de loi Goetz (Bill Gertz) 2012 年 8 月 15 numéros d’articles dans le site phare de Washington Freedom, donnant beaucoup d’attention, le contenu principal de l’article compilé comme suit: Militaire de la Chine test tiré sa première nouvelle à long terme missile balistique intercontinental Dongfeng 41 (DF-41). Les responsables américains ont déclaré que les missiles seront équipées de têtes multiples, premier missile stratégique de la Chine.

Apprenez essais rapporte responsables américains ont déclaré la Chine le 24 Juillet, 2007 essais de tir DF-41 mobiles missile balistique intercontinental. Les essais de missiles causé les agences de renseignement militaire et de nouvelles préoccupations américaines au sujet de longue portée des menaces de missiles de la Chine. DF-41-fondé la mobilité, portée, précision, et équipé d’ogives multiples caractéristiques, DF-41 a une capacité préventive frappe nucléaire. Plus tôt, le chinois DF-31 développé et courte portée DF-31A missiles balistiques intercontinentaux sont considérés comme la conception pour l’Inde et la Russie. Les responsables américains ont déclaré que les nouveaux missiles balistiques intercontinentaux sont considérés comme des cibles pour la lutte contre les Etats-Unis et développé. La Chine a longtemps insisté pour que ne soit pas le premier à utiliser des armes nucléaires, ses forces nucléaires pour une contre-attaque contre une attaque nucléaire de son territoire.

Mais cette nouvelle ICBM renforcera forces stratégiques de la Chine, de sorte qu’ils ont une variété de courte portée des missiles balistiques et des missiles balistiques intercontinentaux, ce qui rend plus larges forces gamme de missiles au monde. Selon la lettre, “Dongfeng 41″ fait partie des efforts de la Chine pour développer des missiles pour briser les missiles du système de défense de missiles stratégiques américains. Ancien officier du renseignement militaire, un membre de la US-China Congrès Commission d’examen économique et de la sécurité des États-Unis Larry Wortzel (Larry Wortze) dit qu’il est estimé dans le multi-ogive “Dongfeng -41″ missiles inclus est appelé “dispositif des aides pénétration” ogives leurres , en particulier contre les capteurs américains du système anti-missiles. En raison de sa flexibilité, “Dongfeng 41″ missile difficile de détecter et de combattre. DF-41 est également considéré comme la Chine à battre le système de défense de missiles développés de missiles stratégiques américains.

Certains médias étrangers a déclaré que la Chine a expérimenté peut transporter des ogives nucléaires points d’avance, “Dongfeng -41″ ICBM mobile, les trois combustibles solides missiles balistiques à la taille de la Russie significativement plus élevé que les produits similaires, “Topol”. Ouest estime que «Dongfeng -41″ à une portée maximale de 10 000 à 14000 km, et peut transporter 10 ogives guidées actives avec des leurres et d’autres composants d’un système anti-missile percée. Une fois cette missiles balistiques intercontinentaux l’APL second corps d’artillerie, changera considérablement le contraste des forces nucléaires stratégiques sino-américaines. Médias occidentaux que ce nouveau missile peut transporter la tête sous-missiles multiples, et même le système de défense antimissile des États-Unis ne peuvent pas être bloquée

CHINA FC-31 stealth materials coated with the latest


CHINA FC-31 “falcon Eagle” fighter at the Tenth Zhuhai Airshow debut for military fans left a deep impression. FC-31 four-generation machine is still in development testing phase, in which the body surface with a full black coating. Recently, a famous Chinese military forum exposed a camouflage coating Shenyang J-31 looks research seems to have a major breakthrough.

China J-20 is expected to put into use in 2017, in 2020 to form a fighting force


Throughout the Zhuhai Airshow Nov eleven in order to sixteen, the particular Ruskies Air flow Pressure, “Warrior”, the particular UAE Air flow Pressure “Knight”, the particular Chinese language Air flow Pressure “August” airline flight demo group contending towards. Simultaneously, most of the tour’s advanced practitioners collected within Zhuhai, which usually produced “falcon hawk” M -31 jet fighter as well as the Ruskies Su-35 jet fighter manufacturing will be nicely obtained.

Nowadays, the particular glowing blue atmosphere has turn into a nationwide jet fighter battling Yan phase, contending release from the fifth-generation jet fighter grew to become the celebrity. From the worldwide viewpoint, has started helping the fifth-generation jet fighter, the only real ALL OF US maker Lockheed Matn F-22 Raptor jet fighter. Along with F-22, the particular nations nevertheless within advancement phase.

Not really however officially offered the particular fifth-generation jet fighter, additional composed of: United states F-35, Russia’s T-50 plus J-20 plus The far east Zhuhai Air flow Display first appearance within the household J-31.

“Japanese look down on Chinese military power,” a blessing for China

Generally the Japanese look down on Chinese people from the heart! Japanese politicians often said that word, although Japan lost World War II, but has not lost to China, Japan suffered a Chinese only a few fist but died in the United States, two bullets. Without the United States, China war years it was just a legend! Therefore, Japan has never acknowledged history, regardless of the Nanjing Massacre or comfort women and so on. Did not stop the bow too Shrine. This is the mentality of Japanese politicians authorities.

Why the Japanese despise China, because China is always in the end did not stand up in history won Japan, whether economic or military. Great country can not win even an island where is respected? So the Japanese heart has such a psychological effect.

The Japanese on Chinese military power so lightly, to make people angry, but I have said to me: Japanese look down on Chinese military power, is a blessing for China, is a big thing!

This is because the Japanese so lightly rising China, then you will have a future Sino-Japanese war, the result would be doomed to failure in Japan, the ancients cloud “Jiaobingbibai, Japan is now so complacent, Japan, sooner or later will be China fiercely repair. ”

In the past, the Qing dynasty, when there Zheng Yanqiao affordable too small Japanese island, the Qing state despise Japan at that time, and its arrogant mentality, the Japanese are now ten times that Northern navy to fight the Japanese Combined Fleet, just as the size and lay children, no one would think that the Chinese people will win the Northern Naval powerful Japanese combined fleet, but the outcome is a large Sino-Japanese naval northern naval fiasco.

The so-called Jiaobingbibai, when the Japanese deliberately launch a war against China, not without signs. Japan defeated the Qing Dynasty to the Northern Navy, Japan, in a few decades will be the policy of a consistent, fully prepared to carry out all aspects, before and after the implementation of the eight “Expansion military record.” Sino-Japanese war years, the average annual military spending up to 31% of total revenue.

China and without any response to this, why, the main reason is that the Qing state arrogant psychology at play, bones despise Japan was that anyway, you can not Japan’s forces are my Qing opponent. Elimination of the Japanese Navy, just like stepping on a fly. Because the enemy contempt Qing judgment on national security situation becomes very place, right invaded lack of predictable and vigilance.

Now look down on Chinese military power in Japan, is a blessing for China, because China can at least learn from history, when China’s emphasis on battle opponents seriously prepare more you sweat in peacetime, wartime bloodshed!

Now look down on Chinese military power in Japan, is a blessing for China, it is also because, as the Japanese contempt for every one of us Chinese people it is shame, so people can not forget national humiliation that year, so can exert up, can be prepared, can not arrogant, not complacent.

Japanese society is still by far the Chinese navy to take “contempt” Attitude is a major cause, I think that this is because the United States to Japan’s military development restrictions, Japan, the latest changes in the world’s military do not know much of its military thinking has been significantly behind era of naval understanding, but also stay in the Navy for the Navy’s thinking, not knowing its today’s wars, whether naval, air, marine, and its main characters are missiles and aircraft! This is a blessing for the Chinese army!

Shiny French Military Academy of Chinese Culture “International Night”

French Military Academy Warfare School annual “International Night” event was organized. China, France, the United States, Britain, South Korea and other 70 countries distinctive stand on the square in turn arranged to form a colorful picture, attracted nearly a thousand visitors.

China booth is one of a beautiful landscape. Bright flag spread on exhibition wall middle of pretty red lanterns and Chinese knots hanging on the stand top. Booth four plastered painted Chinese Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven and other attractions posters, booth placed introduce Chinese music, art, food, literature, philosophy, gardens, clothing and other contents of the book in addition to introduce China’s development path and New achievements of beautiful pictures, all kinds of discs for field screening, folk arts and crafts with Chinese characteristics, species-rich, well-made. Guests on China booth showed keen interest in gathering crowd flocked to the booth. Activity has not ended, all books, catalogs and CD-ROMs have been removed audience.

Senior military commanders as a culture French institutions of higher education, the war for more than 70 schools each year to recruit more than 100 countries “general class” military intern. “International Night” event was organized by the school for the graduates of traditional items each, with participants from the international cuisine, specialties, books, etc. to decorate their booth to showcase national style, strengthen the national cultural understanding, enhance mutual friendship. Chinese Embassy in France attaches great importance to the cultural elite pool of talent at cultural exchange platform, sent annually to actively assist our military students prepare “International Night” activities, providing the required books stand and exhibits.