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J-31 traveling design situation


In the first China suppliers – about fifth creation J hit device picture seems to be, on the already very clear, what can let the Shenyang Airplane Commercial Group developers motivated. J-31 traveling design situation, this aircraft was probably set up European growth of kind RD-93 motor, this motor was released to China suppliers for devices FC-1 quit J hit device. If so, China suppliers ‘s new aircraft with a power device is not the source started in 1983 into the Communist Air Power ‘s best 4th creation martial artist devices. China referrals motor kind RD-93 growth WS-13 Taishan motor perform has been performed for many years, but maybe, this perform is far from finish. So far, China suppliers has yet to understand the fifth creation martial artist some important specialized significance, such as effective phased range mouth.

The first journey of the images from all perspectives of the aircraft were confirmed, no doubt, this design completely is the U. s. Declares F-35J hit device. European Center for research of techniques and technology professional Vasily cash ‘s words, also do not talk to go up China F-35 finish duplicate. This needs expertise of aircraft motor growth, air-borne mouth place and the os and other technological innovation. These and other factors of element technological innovation to be far more than the China industrial technological innovation ability.

China martial artist is using the United states F-35 example designed the truth is not a amazing news. Revealed that, during 2009, to sign up in a growth of F-35 aircraft company system is from China suppliers, compromised, then joined into the The Government and grab a lot about this kind of aircraft data, this reality has been regularly found. Previously that thieved information, despite the large numbers but not enough to duplicate the F-35 martial artist, but still can be on the overall look and capabilities of knowing, can even take the designed and against method. From another viewpoint, there may be other grab F-35 material information, only the U. s. Declares Key Service have not found or reluctant to open the case.

Therefore, J-31 and a year and a half ago journey J-20 seems technological innovation show example device. The aircraft need quite a while elements and the supplement program. It seems, in the first level, the variety of required parts and the program also need to be brought in to meet, and then progressively conversion to the nationwide set up.

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The United States underestimated China’s military development speed.

According to the Voice of America radio website reported, China’s military modernization process, including self-developed weapons systems, the development of some of these projects, the process of procurement and deployment of more than estimated in the United States and other countries. According to the study of four cases, the U.S. government analysis published independent research and development trend of Chinese weapons did not come to a credible conclusion.

The United States failed to predict the Chinese navy in 2004 launched the “Yuan” class submarines, did not expect such a submarine could not rely on air power system.

U.S. officials are very sensitive to the development of China’s anti-satellite weapons. The report, U.S. officials know that the Chinese may be anti-satellite weapons test in 2007, although they may not have estimated that the specific time of the cartier tank watch replica test. However, U.S. government analysts to accurately predict the development of several aspects, such as the SC-19 anti-satellite systems.

The United States also incorrectly estimated the speed of China’s homegrown weapons. U.S. intelligence is aware of China research and development of land-based anti-ship ballistic missile in 2008, the U.S. Defense Department officials estimate that China’s anti-ship ballistic missile achieved initial operational capability in December 2010, but Chinese media reports said the Chinese People’s Liberation Army as early as have been deployed in the field.

In addition, the original estimate, in 2012, the fifth generation fighter J-20 prototype test flight, but once again underestimated the speed of its development, China conducted a test flight in January 2011.

The reported analysis, accurate assessment of the special challenges faced by China’s military power, including: closed or deception: China to cartier tank replica maintain the confidentiality of many military activities, or intentionally issued false and misleading information.

Underestimate the reform of China’s defense industry: the Chinese military industry over the past 10 years than had been expected. China’s defense industry still faces many problems, but it the ability to produce modern weapons has greatly exceeded the level of the eighties and nineties.

Difficult to understand China’s national security decision-making process: the opaque Chinese government decision-making process, especially in terms of military policy and national security issues, lack of transparency.

Underestimated feel the extent of the threat: many of the media, academia and government analysts may not be fully aware of the U.S. as a fundamental threat to China’s security.

China to increase investment in technology: the past 20 years, China has vigorously stimulate independent research and development capabilities, which greatly enhanced the ability of cartier santos 100 replica China to produce advanced weapons. In addition, China has also strengthened the exploration of the dual-use technology.

Open Chinese materials, lack of comprehension or concern: the United States increased the concern of public materials, especially the academia, technical magazines and related publications, the researchers corrected the part of the error. Increase the concern of authoritative media sources and political and academic publications, can also promote understanding of Chinese leaders have worldview.

Jane’s said j-20 stealth fighter has built 4 prototype

FSVTS, a senior standard stated on feb . 22nd, China is enthusiastic about buying Russian Sukhoi Su – 35 fighter and made by Alma Dodds – Aetna ‘s corporation made the S-400″ triumph” oxygen defense missile system. The Russian federal government has two leading departments in cost of international export of weapons Replica Hermes Kelly, the Russian army specialized cooperation providers is a single of them.

Jane’s said, Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin ( presidential pick have been elected a brand name new president of Russia ) to inspect the Russian much East Su – 35 manufacturing technique — KNAAPO 3 times later, the Bureau in the primary vice director Alexander fuming to Russian information advertising stated in a very declaration issued Replica Hermes Sac A Depeches. In Putin throughout the inspection, he watched the fourth batch manufacturing Su – 35 fighter in the primary check flight, the jet is centered on Putin MAKS-2009 in Moscow airshow signed agreement production. Fuming says, China placed forward to su – 35 fighter need in 2011, but he do not disclose the particular number.

Jane’s write-up says, because the final century 90′s to earlier Soviet – 35 prototype primary appearance, to its curiosity in china. Later, Su – 35 have been redesigned to provide up, set up having a canard wing 3 wing layout, rather than relying within the TVC unit to attain higher mobility. Su – 35 most airborne systems, particularly in Tikhomirov NIIP Irbis PESA radar, than nineteen ninties of state-of-the-art style for any technology or more.

Jane’s write-up says, in look at of Shen Fei while in the Soviet Union – 27SK fighter jet and shipboard Su – 33 fighter practices, while in the previous ten years, away from dread that China by reverse engineering the imitation, Russia’s refusal to su – 35 marketed to China, the factory representatives informed Jane’s, now the scenario is pretty similar replica Louis Vuitton Monogram. ” chinese language courses persons don’t desire to purchase Su – 35 fighter,” a advertising director said,” they just desire to obtain the powerplant and Irbis radar technology. Unless they purchase no much less than 24 aircraft, or we won’t market Su – 35.”

China’s military spending increase , many countries accident benefit.

China’s military growth of quite a few people benefit. However, Beijing also created the military’s generous foreign beneficiaries. The following is the unexpected winner of eight aboard the helicopter ladder “of China’s defense budget.

1, the Norwegian Coast Guard. China wants to participate in the development of the Arctic Ocean, but Norway is trying to prevent China from near the Arctic countries consisting of the Arctic Council. Shoulder to patrol the Arctic Ocean responsibilities of the cartier santos 100 replica Norwegian Coast Guard in recent years, the budget increase, the aim is to prevent the Arctic ice melting tension. As long as China is glued to the back yard of Norway, this trend will continue.

2, the Philippines, a fighter pilot. In 2005, the old F-5 fighters in the Philippines, retired, since the lack of combat aircraft. However, the scope of activities of the Chinese army continues to expand, forcing Manila to their Air Force to show some love. Next month, the Philippines is expected to propose to the United States to buy the F-16 fighter planes, their pilots to return to the blue sky.

3, the Seychelles. The next stage of China’s military development should be resident overseas. December last year, the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, a formal invitation to the Chinese military’s use of its ports and airports. There seems to be expected to become the first overseas outpost of the People’s Liberation Army. Beijing’s strategic attention of the Seychelles economy is a big plus.

4, the Indian military attache. Asian countries worry about the rise of China, India seems to be a natural leader. With China’s increased military spending, diplomatic attache in cartier replica watches India will be an unprecedented busy, especially in Southeast Asian countries anxious to offer advice on India’s military.

5, the U.S. Cyber ​​Command. Pentagon spending cuts, but the United States will continue to respond to China’s increase in the budget. The field of the People’s Liberation Army network warfare will be to invest more money in this case, the U.S. Cyber ​​Command is expected to become a department of the U.S. a small number of funds increased rather than decreased.

6, submarine sailor. China’s announced military budget of over one hundred billion U.S. dollars for the first time, this is a golden opportunity for Taiwan’s navy. At present, Taiwan’s navy is strongly lobbying the Government to approve a submarine development program.

Israeli UAV technicians. Many Asian countries are busy independent research and development of unmanned aerial vehicles, in particular, is worried that the invasion of China’s maritime countries. China’s military power by leaps and bounds, can not wait for some countries in cartier pasha replica the region, and therefore will tend to import a foreign system. Israeli arms companies UAV technology the world’s leading and most promising big money.

8 Myanmar presidential Wu Dengsheng. Wu Dengsheng should find the panic areas of China’s military buildup, helped him to persuade the world to believe that the current government of Myanmar has been occupied by the democrats. Myanmar has strategic value, Washington and other governments may be free to push it back into the embrace of China, and more gentle treatment of the country’s political reform.

China must change the policy of laissez faire, and learn to maintain global interests

SCS members of the Gulf of Aden, the Chinese navy escort fleet

China’s veto in the Syrian resolution, the most latest warning in the urgent condition for major reform of China’s overseas policy. The expanding pursuits in the safety on the globally scale, the make any difference is not whether or not Beijing would quit the theory of non-interference inside the domestic affairs, but when to provide up.

China The long-term indifference for the workplace in the policy, and progressively with China’s financial progress and ensure that vitality need in cartier watches replica contradiction. The energy-rich regions are in the fact in the unrest, but in add-on highlights the authenticity of the contradiction.

These areas last year, the sequence of gatherings to ensure that China’s coverage of noninterference in inside affairs to develop to be tested. China to vote in the direction of this, it appears that it is rooted inside the rules of 19th century diplomacy backfired, and as a final result the much-maligned.

Recently occurred inside the Sudan and Egypt, two chinese language program citizens kidnapped event, also criticized the chinese language program federal government as a final result of the inability to force field overseas employees who experienced been internet users. This touched a sore area in China.

Make pals as opposed to enemies everywhere by means of develop muscle tissues inside the financial policy, much more and much more conflict with China’s reluctance to show weakness complex.

With the middle Asian and South Asian nations to expand investment, China should alter the situation in the country’s coverage inside the center East, North Africa and Pakistan and Afghanistan will develop to be progressively ballon bleu with diamonds.

Information on reviews China is thinking about the design of army bases inside the tribal areas of Pakistan near to the Afghan border as well as the Gwadar port will allow China to withstand higher stress to change.

For China, defeated the separatist forces in Xinjiang could possibly be the vital that you keeping regional buy and sell and vitality supply, and army bases in Pakistan in all likelihood to induce China to work getting a regional policeman.

— China can not afford the peril of Yemen’s complete collapse in the cost of chinese language program exports to Europe by means of 1/4 Peter Strait, guardian in the Strait of Yemen will most in all likelihood develop to be the fuse that triggered China to alter its overseas policy.

Not extended ago China who should cope with this sort of stress to provide up non-interference policy, sending the Navy to go to Somali waters to combat piracy could possibly be the major actions of China.

China’s emerging financial superpower standing it gets a much more potent globally gamers so which you can safeguard their confidential interests.

This shows that domestic disputes and globally conflict associated to its country wide interests, China will sooner or later on choose the placement is very completely different from Syria.

Similarly, to ensure that China’s condition for vitality and also to satisfy the voice in the nation to force field its overseas citizens also should set up replica Chanel 2.55 Handbag army bases in important areas.

In short, China will should consider a comparable actions using the united states to shoulder driven by country wide pursuits and as a final result the danger brought on in the occasionally conflicting policies.

Chinese navy enhanced activities in the Pacific, to challenge the U.S. hegemony

According to the “Voice of Russia” reported on February 7, Chinese naval vessels due to military exercises and out of the western Pacific region, in response to Tokyo on the PLA Navy, have become increasingly frequent in the area expressed concerns.

According to the Japanese mass media reported that Chinese naval fleet consisting of four warships (frigate), through the waters between Japan’s Okinawa and Miyako Island. China’s Ministry of Defence has issued a statement on the matter, said the travel of the fleet in order to prepare once a year, China’s conventional military exercises. In cartier santos 100 ladies response to the concern of Japan, Beijing said China has the right freely through the area. The Chinese leadership believes that this is in full compliance with international law and practice behavior.

But observers point out that the exercise may lead to both China and Japan because of the Diaoyu Islands dispute old territorial disputes lead to deterioration in the relationship. A few days before China’s unilateral oil exploration on the East China Sea region’s oil deposits lodged a protest. On the other hand, the Chinese Foreign Ministry condemned the Japanese government plans to several uncertain attribution of the islands near the Diaoyu Islands to unilaterally take the name of action.

Recently, the absence of the grasp of Beijing’s geopolitical aspirations of Tokyo, repeatedly stressed concern about the rapid growth of China’s military strength. In 2011, Japan’s defense ministry’s annual defense report predicted that China will try to routine naval action in the ring near the Japanese island of waters; Japanese waters near the island, including the East China Sea, South China Sea and nearby waters of the Pacific.

Geopolitical issues, director of the Institute of Leonid – Ivan Otmar said in an interview with “Voice of Russia”, the Chinese navy becoming more frequent action does indicate that China plans to expand the scope of activities in the waters of its navy in cartier ballon bleu pink gold Tokyo advocated . Especially because the region contains a wealth of hydrocarbons and fisheries resources, China will rely on military strength to support their claims.

On the other hand, the situation is very uncertain. In the past few years, the United States to gradually strengthen the naval force and action in neighboring China. In Australia, the United States established a military base, and strategic navigation. Also controls the Straits of Malacca very important, and they also try to befriend with India against China as a basis.

In response to the Chinese want to dominate the Asia-Pacific region (namely, the Western Pacific region) show the strength and power demands, Ivan Otmar, Beijing repeatedly stressed Washington’s interference in the South China Sea territorial disputes, and to express their dissatisfaction.

Recently, Washington, accelerate the upgrading of a threat to the national strategic interests of China, including the security ties replica Chanel Jewelry Watches between India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore; Therefore, this exercise is not only related to the Diaoyu Islands territorial dispute; or China frequent activities in the Pacific against the United States.

In the past two years, the Chinese navy has conducted a total of nearly 50 military exercises. Beijing to its growing number of military activities in the Pacific as to strengthen as the superpower of the region, and a way to challenge U.S. hegemony.

To solve the problem of the South China Sea cannot simply hard so as not to fall into the trap

Chen Hu said, digesting Sea dispute, is not merely a simple” tough” problem, it calls for a long-term planning, long-term construction, by means of unremitting efforts, using political, diplomatic, army as well as other signifies to acquire goals and we claim. At precisely the comparable time, using the implementation belonging in the direction of needs below the premise of our all round nationwide strategic objectives.

Maritime disputes is becoming everyone subject of concern, whether or not army fanatics or experts, over a common schedule connect their opinions. Recently, considerably more and considerably more individuals are issued using a question: is it right? desire to create utilization of army signifies to solve the problems belonging in the direction of South China Sea?patek philippe replica watches.

The territory, territorial waters, even angling as well as other components belonging in the direction of dispute, in latest many years there may be considered a developing trend, and triggered people’s extensive concern. But really the alternative belonging in the direction of ocean, especially using the South China Sea dispute, not just with” war ” to solve.

We see, in another country also has comparable disputes, probably the most common is 1982 the Malvinas Islands war. once the British awesome difficult signifies done this sort of the huge battle, seemingly, the Falklands is mastered in British hands, but really the Malvinas problems and never by means of the combat completely solve. You can image the Falklands, these times could possibly be the case, then 10 years, twenty many years later? Argentina has the potential to completely abandon the Tsushima sovereignty demand?

Therefore, a comparable place of dispute resolution, is not just a easy question, what method. Tough, war may be considered a method, as well as the method is carried out near to the aim, the important will be to accomplish what purpose, find out how to approach by signifies belonging in the direction of use of.

We see near to us, these numerous many years to coastal concerns founded a phenomenon: when a path of something, we concentrate on this direction.breitling bentley 6.75 mens watch.

The dispute within one other side, it do each and every activity has its purpose. And, also to parties, and some otherwise make an effort to force, their each and every activity will be to accomplish a purpose. If we are invariably in accordance with what other people away from the” crossroads” activity by activity response, will invariably be within a passive state.

In fact, using the confront with this dispute, a country should really have long-term planning, obvious short-term goals and long-term goals, based on these goals preparing to hold corresponding measures, not just soldiers getting blocked, consuming water to soil cover, easy coping design will possibly be led in the nose, and dealing using the disputes belonging in the direction of most taboo is precisely by other people led in the nose.

To solve this dispute may be considered a pretty extended and complicated process, on this process, we should really possess a long-term plan, will be to some huge level durability development problem. For example, within our sovereign waters, we are able to create the complete airspace, the waters belonging in the direction of surveillance system? we are able to on this controversial place sustain a fast response force? whether or not this surveillance method or fast response force implementation, should invest considerable force. countless individuals believe that people produced to today, our forces are pretty strong, however the energy to acquire the concentrate on we want, or weak point.chopard happy sport diamonds.

As a sort of strategic decision, should think concerning the strategic romantic relationship in between the complete as well as the part. For China, marine dispute is not merely a tiny problem, however, with our country’s long-term concentrate on is compared, that is only a neighborhood problem, to make certain the realization belonging in the direction of country long-term approach concentrate on below the premise, to cope with this problems calls for patience, wisdom, power, considerably more should all citizens, media’s knowing and in support of.

Zhuhai Air Show: China’s new ground missiles can hit moving targets

Zhuhai Air Show: CM-802AKG Missile

Zhuhai air show in this, CASIC exhibited new ground missile export-oriented – CM-802AKG, shaped like a common C-802 missiles, but some subtle differences.

Why does this look so much like the missile C-802? replica isabel marant

Name from the missile can tell, this missile is based on the C-802 series missile developed as a subtype. The traditional C-802 missiles with active radar guidance, the main target for marine vessels, as reflected strong ground clutter, land targets complex shape, so it was not suitable for attack ground targets, so in order to meet the national military-to-ground attack capability demand, need to develop a type of ground attack missiles. This development model using a mature missile missiles and power systems, reducing the difficulty of development and maintenance of the armed forces, but also with sophisticated missiles to achieve the greatest degree of general, greatly reducing the development and use of cost. SLAM missiles the United States followed the AMG-84 is also a full range of missile and missile maintenance equipment.

Why a TV seeker?

TV seeker is to present the basic ground attack missile seeker, the use of visible light TV cameras, the shape of the object, you can directly attack the easiest most intuitive, most capable object recognition. On this basis, you can also dress up imaging infrared seeker for the night attack.

What this TV special seeker it? Calf with the previous television-guided missiles like the difference?

Now the TV missile seeker and the like with the calf compared to the traditional missile, the biggest difference is that the installation of a data link. Mavericks like the tradition of missiles, missile launchers have been captured before the camera to the target, the pilot selected targets before firing, the aircraft must be entered before finding the target visual contact distance attack, increased risk of containing the machine itself; in the fight against target types, or only against long-range pre-fixed route planning goals, or is only in the pilot direct control of the visual range attack point targets and moving targets. 2 stars looked down upon the United States to begin the installation on the glide bomb with a TV seeker, data link, and then SLAM SLAM missiles in the supercilious star follows the data link, you can shoot the missile in flight to the image transmission back to the aircraft, the the pilot to attack selected targets, greatly improves the combat aircraft standoff point target against a moving target and the ability to do even before the bomb hole, after playing follow-up. SLAM This attack is a revolutionary value, after the development of countries in this standoff attack weapons they use a data link imaging seeker guidance system.

CM-802AKG addition seeker, is also what specific improvements?

According to China’s air force to use their own judgments KD88 ground missile, CM-802AKG because you do not have great size and weight of the radar seeker and does not need to drag a great way to attack low-level access, so the warhead has a weight and a range of substantial increase in C-802 warhead than doubled, to 340 kg level, greatly improving the destructive power; range of nearly 300 km, the aircraft can be outside the safe range air defense missile attack.

China-made regional aircraft ARJ21-700 received 240 orders

China-made regional aircraft ARJ21

Yesterday morning air show in Zhuhai, China Commercial Aircraft Co. won the 100 launch orders for large aircraft C919, of which, Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan Airlines has ordered four major domestic airlines 20 aircraft of the C919, the other 20 orders by the National Bank Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., the U.S. financial services company GE Aviation to obtain.

Four air “binding” R & D process

According to an airline sources, the Air China, China Eastern, China Southern Airlines ordered a total of 60 orders, 15 to confirm the order, 45 orders for the intention. The remaining 40 aircraft order information available. In this regard, China Commercial Aircraft side said that the plane’s list price is still not sure, but as a launch customer, must pay a down payment, and to assume corresponding responsibilities, such as can not unsubscribe and the need for full participation of the models R & D processes.

According to Zhang Qingwei, chairman of China Commercial Aircraft Company introduced the user identified as C919 launch large passenger aircraft into the project development phase of the smooth development of the market laid the foundation. C919 large aircraft program in 2010 completed a preliminary design, detailed design completed in 2012, first flight in 2014, complete the airworthiness certification in 2016 and the market.

Design specifications than its competitors

China Commercial Aircraft company official said, C919 launch large passenger aircraft to determine the user, indicating that the aircraft began to be the mainstream market acceptance. C919 is a new 150-level single-aisle narrow-body aircraft, which seat passenger plane is the highest market share in the main model, the competitive model were 737 and Airbus A320.

In this regard, China Commercial Aircraft side responded that the current Boeing, Airbus planes compared to active duty, C919′s design specifications are more advanced, the two major highlights of the economy and environmental protection. C919 is designed in accordance with its level of carbon emissions than aircraft currently operating on the same level 50% lower fuel consumption decreased by 12% -15%, the cost of direct use of seat miles decreased by 10%.

China-made regional jet orders have been 240

Yesterday morning, our self-developed ARJ21-700 regional aircraft in the eighth new Zhuhai Air show flight for the first time, while China Commercial Aircraft announced, ARJ21-700 aircraft orders already total 240, have been identified as Chengdu Airlines The aircraft’s first customers.

ARJ21-700 aircraft developed by China with independent intellectual property rights in the new short-range turbofan regional jet aircraft standard range is 2225 km, increasing the range type is 3700 km, mainly used to meet the medium and small cities from the center city to radiation route requirements. According to reports, ARJ21-700 aircraft on 28 November 2008 first flight is scheduled to complete the airworthiness certification in 2011 and delivered to customers.

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China will announce the first batch of C919 orders in Zhuhai

Chinese-made C919 aircraft

Speculation that China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. (China Commercial Aircraft) may be disclosed at the Zhuhai Air Show its first C919 aircraft orders.

Allegedly, this aircraft is designed for customers with Boeing B737 and Airbus A320 aircraft under a high.

According to aviation industry sources, the scheduled November 16 to 21 during the air show at Zhuhai, China may announce to fly Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines may also include company, has signed a purchase order C919 aircraft.

Reported that China is expected to fly in 2016 the first delivery of 160 C919 aircraft. China Commercial Aircraft company hopes to pass through these orders C919 aircraft was successful.

Allegedly, the aircraft from the engine and other equipment to the electronic devices are used a lot of foreign technology. These orders are also a symbol of China-made commercial aircraft design and production capacity is steadily developing.

However, these orders are orders to meet Western standards for the aviation industry to determine the problem, yet to be verified.

A foreign aviation officials said: “The problem is that in China, what is meant by ‘order’. For Western manufacturers, the standard practice is to determine just announced that orders for aircraft manufacturers need to receive ‘OK’ orders and do not refundable deposit, and in the air show and other related occasions publicly announced orders. ”

The China Commercial Aircraft, the “process of its work is unclear, I doubt they will discuss these details.” Orders that may be expected only “commitment” rather than “firm order.”

Reported that, due to fears will upset China, so the managers interviewed abroad, and other aviation industry have refused to disclose the name.

There are rumors that China Commercial Aircraft announced in Zhuhai Air Show in the form of C919 will follow the orders announced in the form of small ARJ aircraft orders – Air Show in 2008, the company launched a ARJ aircraft, and announced the aircraft’s the first order.

China Commercial Aircraft successfully developed 70-100 ARJ21 aircraft, and the Zhuhai Air Show two years ago announced that it has won from the General Electric Company’s first overseas orders.

General Electric Company is the provider of aircraft engines. In a turnover may be as high as 7.5 billion deal, GE agreed to purchase five such regional aircraft, and may buy another 20 aircraft will be added.

The first regional aircraft is expected to put into use next year, General Electric Company executives said the company plans to lease these aircraft to the Chinese domestic airlines in China to use. In addition, there are a number of Chinese small passenger airlines which have ordered.

However, the Western aviation industry executives said the aircraft has been ordered by Air China ARJ21 will fulfill its promise, procurement or lease of which aircraft is unknown.

Industry insiders say, ARJ21 aircraft buyers face a fine of little or no breach of contract, this contract may also be relaxed also apply to C919 aircraft.