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Chinese naval fleet appeared in Russia to enter the Sea of ​​Japan through the Tsushima Strait

This morning, went to Russia to participate in the Sino-Russian “joint maritime -2013″ exercise Chinese naval fleet through the Tsushima Strait into the Sea of ​​Japan, is expected on July 5th fleet arrived in Vladivostok Russia.

Tsushima Strait is located in the western margin of the North Pacific, the southwestern tip of the Japanese archipelago, Tsushima and Iki islands, about 222 kilometers, the narrowest point of about 41 km, depth of 50-100 m, maximum depth of up to 131 meters. Tsushima Strait is the gateway to East China Sea, Yellow Sea and the Pacific Ocean and out of the hub, the traffic is very important strategic position, the ancient trade and cultural exchanges between neighboring countries an important channel.

Fleet set sail from July 1 since that encounter fog weather and adverse sea conditions, fleet command timely response measures, strictly implement the narrow waterway navigation and sailing in rough seas deployment, organizational formations seven ships safe navigation. Meanwhile, the combination of rough seas fleet command center during the working arrangements, organization Gejian carried out on the sea-to-air attack and defense, complex electromagnetic environment against other targeted training, so that all the officers and soldiers training in an orderly atmosphere of the pre-consolidation training effect, improve the overall level of training troops.

Vietnamese naval ships have visited China South China Sea Fleet

“Li Taizu” ship, “Ding Xianhuang” ship naval fleet consisting of Vietnam, as well as 200 soldiers with the ship in the Navy in Vietnam, led by Deputy Chief of Staff Colonel Ruande Ru, at 9:30 on the 25th, arrived in Zhanjiang military port, start the four-day visit.

China South China Sea Fleet deputy chief Zhang Chuan book, Vietnamese Ambassador Nguyen Van poetry wait dock to greet him.

It is learned that afternoon, Ruan Deru Colonel party will call the South China Sea Fleet deputy commander Zhao Yin and Zhanjiang city leaders. During the visit to Cham, Chinese and Vietnamese naval officers will visit each other warships, holding football friendlies staff will visit Vietnam Zhanjiang city attractions.

Visit, the Vietnamese and Chinese naval fleet South China Sea Fleet, “Hengyang” ship, “Huangshan” ship, with completion of the fifteenth of the Beibu Gulf joint patrols.

“Li Taizu” ship hull number HQ012, “Ding Xianhuang” ship hull number HQ011, two ships belong to the Vietnamese Navy “Cheetah” class missile frigates, full load displacement of 2090 tons, Captain 102 meters, 13.6 meters wide ship, draft 4.7 m, were Russia built in 2011 in service, is currently the Vietnamese Navy’s most advanced warships.

Chinese navy supply ship Serenity ship new integrated into the column

North Sea Fleet on the 18th was held in Qingdao, a military port dock ship into the column named Taihu flag presentation ceremony, marking the Taihu ship officially joined the People’s Navy battle sequences.

Taihu Lake is China’s self-developed ship design of the new comprehensive supply ship, hull number 889, Captain 178.5 meters, width of 24.8 meters, full load displacement of over 20,000 tons, launched in March 2012.

The ship is China’s new generation of large offshore supply ships, but also the North Sea Fleet received the first one of this type of supply ship, the receiving device adopts international standards, with a high degree of automation, easy operation, fit and strong, supplies fast, efficient protection characteristics, can be horizontal, vertical, vertical, and rely on a variety of ways to help the implementation of fleet replenishment operations, with two side three to four stations simultaneously recharge capability.

It is understood that the Taihu Lake North Sea Fleet warships to deliver combat support ship detachment, the principal responsible for wartime join mobile maritime fleet destroyer implement navigation or mooring supplies, usually accompanied by a destroyer squadron executive voyage and visit tasks.

Chinese naval escort fleet fourteenth installment visit NATO convoy formation

Chinese naval escort fleet commander Yuan fourteenth installment of Major General Yu Bo row, the 26th boarded the NATO fleet command ship Italy 508 St. Mark amphibious landing ships, conduct interviews exchanges.

This meeting is the Chinese naval escort fleet formation for 508 visits.

Meet the eastern waters of the Gulf of Aden, 508 NATO formations details of their conduct “Ocean Shield” anti-piracy operations in the situation. Gulf of Aden and the two sides on the current security situation in the Somali region, prospects of bilateral cooperation, humanitarian aid and other content discussed exchanges.

Chinese naval escort fleet commander and his entourage also visited the St. Mark ship and helicopter, demolition explosive devices and other equipment to observe the formation of NATO 508 Chinese navy commandos bit St. Mark’s helicopter downhill training ship for performances.

It is reported that Chinese naval escort fleet and NATO formations 508 maintained good communication and cooperation, through interviews exchanges and forged a profound friendship. They also spoke in the exchange, in strengthening cooperation on the basis of anti-piracy, expand areas of cooperation, common for vessels sailing the Gulf of Aden to provide security.

April 14, NATO commanders Natale line 508 fleet, the Chinese navy escort fleet Harbin ship for a visit.

Chinese Navy’s new anti-submarine weapons testing by the army

An anti-submarine helicopters from the Navy new frigates into the sky, the sea-skimming dipping sonar, quickly target …… usher the Naval Academy of Armament of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the hospital has again flowed in.: another anti-submarine scientific research by the military test.

The hospital set up only 10 when the amount of research tasks, and now was a blowout situation – in 2012 alone to grow to more than a thousand. Dean Wang Yu introduced 30 years ago, they organized and completed various research tasks more than 10,000 items, more than 1,400 state and military and technological progress awards, many areas to fill the state and the army blank, developed a number of new weapons and equipment fitted out troops.

Battlefield urgent as the direction of scientific research. Hospital and research staff from the existing equipment retrofit started to break the blockade of foreign technology, independent to overcome scientific research difficulties, gave birth to the first set of a naval firepower compatible systems, water trials boost new warships, care-lift helicopter leapt to combat vessels, a new type of traction submarine cruising waters.

Aim at the forefront expand technical research. Research staff of the hospital for a launch technology research, the ship-borne weapons fire density increased several times; developed a new type of torpedo, surface ship targets effectively attack radius significantly improved; the warship stealth technology and application engineering research has made significant progress; the warship impact technology research, for 15 invention patents, three military scientific and technological progress award.

Future-oriented demonstration series equipment. The hospital was the first in the laboratory to carry out naval weapons and equipment operational needs and system-wide, life, hundreds of comprehensive verification tasks completed was named the series “boutique projects”, after their argument developed dozens of new weapons and equipment Megatron waters.

The People’s Liberation Army will soon get three large warships

The United States, “Defense News” weekly reported that the Chinese navy has just opened a third 071-based dock landing ship, can carry 500-800 troops and 15-20 amphibious armored vehicles. The three other 071-based dock landing ship may be built in the near future to complete. China is also to enhance its airlift capabilities, the newly developed 4 engines shipped 9 multi-purpose aircraft and 4 engines shipped -20 heavy transport aircraft. Reported according to Russia’s strategic and technical analysis center, transport Antonov Design Bureau Wukelanan help the development of the first prototype took off in 2011.

The United States, “Defense News” magazine website reported on October 15th question: With the rising tensions in the region, enhance the transport capacity

Opponents such as the Philippines and Vietnam, the competition for oil and fishery resources in the South China Sea, prompting China to enhance airlift and sealift capabilities through new transport aircraft and landing craft.

Although the development of the equipment is taken into account a possible outbreak of conflict with Taiwan, but China is now focusing on with Japanese dispute over the Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea with the Philippines in Scarborough Shoal (I Huangyan Island – newspaper Note) friction, and the Chinese oil and gas exploration activities in the exclusive economic zone of Vietnam. Taiwan military estimates, the People’s Liberation Army 5-6 division troops shipped to Taiwan in 2006. PLA Navy’s large amphibious transport ship, and most of the new large-scale civilian ferry, built after 2006.

Seven Chinese naval vessels sail to Diaoyu Islands

Recently, the United States and Japan in frequent contact, United won the island landing exercises. Overwhelmed behavior in the naked challenge to the Chinese Diaoyu Island incident today, Japan is not only unrepentant, is getting worse. The my Chinese navy how can we tolerate to continue unbridled go. Liaoning ship’s Sword not only failed to achieve the effect of warning it will continue to develop the situation, and instead conduct joint landing exercises with the United States, this is a solemn representations to China disdain.

Beijing on the morning of the 16th, the Chinese navy warships marched the Diaoyu Islands direction. Situation should not be underestimated, the parties embattled situation may once again heating up, explosive. This time, the Chinese not to be outdone, caused Japan burst of panic. After all, the Chinese navy is not Chiruan Fan to imagine how Jiawu, China’s defeat in Japan. That this is a disgrace, it is now, the Chinese navy will not let the Sino-Japanese war to reproduce, it will not appear on Pearl Harbor. The provocation of the United States and Japan is China’s disregard. I am Chinese Navy Sword inevitable.

The situation is grim now, whether the war broke out we do not know, pay close attention to the Diaoyu Island incident, concerned about the trends of the Chinese navy. The United States and Japan will be a choice also fine line between, do not think only to do whatever it wants while, the people will not be able to light lamps. Moreover, China is not the people, under the dual pressures of public opinion and reality, the Chinese navy patrol the sea voyage, whether the kind of purpose, but one thing, and that is again is warning Japan, Haier dares again presumptuous. Chinese navy again Sword will likely lock. Hope introspection repentance, and more unjust is doomed to destruction, and also advise the best stand idly by, and to refrain from interfering in the sovereignty issues.

Chinese aircraft carrier will leave the South China Sea to break through the second island chain?

China’s first aircraft carrier, Liaoning ship into the column after the first sea trial has triggered a high degree of concern, the United States think the Liaoning ship service for a military threat to the United States may not be a political challenge. Waters used exclusively by the United States means that China should not be overlooked. American analysts believe that China’s future will exceed the U.S. aircraft carrier the second island chain.

Japan’s “Daily News” reported that on the 14th, in order to prevent China’s long-range strike capability, U.S. Marines stationed in Okinawa headquarters, including important sectors, as well as part of the combat troops plan to transfer to Guam. “Daily News” reported that the day before, that the U.S. military transfer programs will involve 8,000 people in the 17,600 Marines stationed in Okinawa. Reported that the U.S. military intended by dispersing stronghold, to avoid the PLA missile “side pot”.

Reported that Okinawa is approximately 17,600 U.S. Marines stationed. In 2006, the United States and Japan reached an agreement that will be the Command officials mainly about 8,000 transferred to Guam. The U.S. military to change plans, the total number of 8,000 people will not change, just transfer subject to change on the composition of forces. Obama is scheduled to visit Australia this month announced that in addition to want stronghold of the Asia Pacific Marines on Okinawa, and intends to move its troops to Guam, but also stationed in Australia. U.S. Marines also Hawaii stationed about 6,000 U.S. Marines to the tendency of the Pacific dispersed layout is very obvious.

China completed the first sea trials the aircraft carrier platform and return to the docks

                                  Chinese aircraft carrier returning images

Chinese military. best after 4 times of trials, China’s earliest jet carrier through the morning of August 15 experienced to return, when using tugs pulling to the territory back again to Dalian shipyard berth.

schedule the earliest chinese language courses jet carrier at sea

Liaoning Maritime protection management internet website at 15:21 on August 9 launch of navigational warnings show at 0:00 on August 10 to 14, 18:00, Dalian Port for sailing a boat out to sea trials, another dispatch prohibited from entering the waters from the Yellow Sea north of Liaodong Bay particular .

Xinhua information company August 10 information release: According toward the progress of renovation project, August 10 program for the chinese language courses jet carrier sailing test. According toward the pilot scheme, the earliest sea trials for just about any extended time, back again through the shipyard will hold on to acquire modified and testing.

Dalian Maritime Bureau issued a round on August 10 evening, at 0:00 on August 13 to 24, through the Bohai Sea toward the northwest within of the radius of 17 sea miles along using the implementation from the no-fly stereo control, no vessel should key in through the time from the waters.

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Chinese aircraft carrier trials today for the first time

According to official Chinese release of the renovation project progress, August 10 China’s aircraft carrier sailing platform test, the news so many Chinese people are very happy, because many Chinese people are expecting the situation to the sea carrier. According to the situation today, the first sea trials for a long time, it will still be transformed.


From the “Kuznetsov” aircraft carrier March 3, 2002 officially arrived in Dalian, China, docked at the Port of Dalian West quays within the beginning to today the official trials, a total experience of 9 years and 5 months and 7 location, the total of 3447 days. “Kuznetsov” aircraft carrier arrived in China, the beginning of the reconstruction task, until 2008 drew to a close, the beginning of the Chinese Defense Ministry’s disclosure of information about the aircraft carrier, making China’s first aircraft carrier to become the core topic of recent years continue to heat up.

China’s first aircraft carrier of the road reconstruction

March 3, 2002, “Kuznetsov” aircraft carrier arrived in Dalian.

April 26, 2005, “Varyag” tugboat dragged by the large amounts of Dalian, the first factory-made 300,000-ton dock shipyard.

End of May 2009, the beginning of the Soviet navy air force insignia removed, the side of the Russian ship name “Kuznetsov” also shovel.

October 2009, phased array radar base unit showing the ship on the island.

May 30, 2010, gas turbine boilers burning torch.

September 2010, slide jump ship before the end of the tail and flight deck personnel stand against fall network end devices.

October 2010, the port side near the middle and tail of the anti-weapons platforms, devices disturb carrier rocket artillery shells.

December 24, 2010, refrigerator, and start the engine compartment steam turbine operation successful, low-frequency radar signal flags disturb local device end.

February 2011, “Kuznetsov” was the island one after the ship had two 364 radar installations, surface ship island next to the installation of the antenna sets of electronic warfare systems.

May 11, 2011, “Kuznetsov” was behind the ship island end of the phased array radar device.

July 3, 2011, “88″ large ship appeared Dalian assistant, stop the “Kuznetsov” edge, 88 users will be warm for the Chinese aircraft carrier known as “nanny-ship.”

July 19, 2011, “Kuznetsov” two tasks boats in place, “Kuznetsov” converted into the final phase.

July 22, 2011, “Kuznetsov” many still flying start painting the deck.

August 4, 2011, “Varyag” Enhanced control for only the shot nearby, and peep port.

2011, August 10, “Kuznetsov” initial trials.

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