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Bahamas Ji boat Diaoyu Islands have been warned answer has been China’s permission

Japan Coast Guard patrol found an oceanographic survey ship from the Bahamas Ji morning in the Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu Islands in China called) near Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) sail aft towing rope-like objects. After a warning by the patrol, the other with Chinese replied that this is China’s exclusive economic zone, has received Chinese government approval. It is reported that the ship around 7:30 that night has left the EEZ.
According to Section 11 District of Coast Guard Headquarters (Naha), said the survey ship as “DISCOVERER2″ number. MEPC ask to stop investigation, called “investigative activities without permission is a violation of international treaties.” 17th of this month the ship has sailed in Japanese EEZ. The ship was on patrol that they belong to China MEPC an organ.
On the other hand, MEPC patrol has confirmed the 22nd once into Japanese territorial waters near the Senkaku of China ocean surveillance ship “Sea monitoring 23″, “Marine Surveillance 49″ and “51 maritime surveillance” has been in at 9:15 on the 23rd before leaving the entire contiguous zone.

China should be alert to Japan on the Diaoyu Islands to take the risk

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party 11, summed up the “Diaoyu Islands 12 sea miles Guard Security Act.” The “bill” authorizes the SDF focuses on the Diaoyu Islands 12 sea miles for “security”, to enhance the waters around the Diaoyu Islands, “defensive intensity.” 12 sea miles to the Diaoyu Islands cruise enforcement Chinese official boat, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Coast Guard will work together on the same day, asked the Chinese boats to evacuate. If the Chinese official boat ignored the Japanese side of the “warning”, the Japanese side will allow the Self-Defense Forces and the Department of MEPC use weapons “forced evictions.”

Since September last year, the Sino-Japanese dispute over sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands around continues to heat up. Sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands and the state of affairs causes of tension, objective and fair view of the world that people hold are clear, it is entirely caused by Japan. Chinese government to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial, unilateral provocation against Japan, the Diaoyu Islands issue has taken a series activism. While Japan’s provocative behavior, not only by the Chinese government and people’s strong protest and resolutely resist, but also by international criticism, leading to peace-loving people of the Japanese domestic discontent.
But the Japanese right-wing government is not only without the slightest convergence, but intensified confrontation with the Chinese government to increase efforts now have to pass legislation to Chinese human rights official boat on the use of weapons for “forced evictions.” So, the Japanese right-wing government is going against the core and China in the end, even at the use of force to achieve their goals. If things get worse, then it is possible that Japan would, in its masters – the acquiescence of the United States, the Diaoyu Islands in China first fired the first shot. In this regard, can not but arouse our vigilance hundredfold!

However, the Japanese should not be too insolent, as long as you dare to the Diaoyu Islands fired the first shot, then the Chinese have the ability to open a second gun, telling the Japanese to pay more. Now, China via sea and air patrols over the Diaoyu Islands stereo, the realization of the Diaoyu Islands activism. Although this one did not see the shadow of China’s military involvement, but in fact the shadow of the Chinese military was everywhere, and even can be said that the Diaoyu Islands in China involved in activist government official boat behind, in fact, there are Chinese military water, water Next, the air and space power’s full support.
Once the Japanese side to take the initiative to provoke a conflict, there is no doubt that China has already embattled variety of military force, it will not hesitate to provide the Chinese government official ship most resolute support. If the SDF vessels entering waters of the Diaoyu Islands within 12 sea miles, then China will send warships to enter, as long as the Japanese a precedent, China will also take into armed approach to China’s official boat for protection. So, once Japan’s brute force, Chinese naval vessels will never give up the opportunity to retaliate, but will be more intense firepower to fight back!

Japan is now strongly established seize the island troops, amphibious warfare equipment purchasing, preparing troops from the Diaoyu islands closest to the United States won the island to learn combat tactics and so on action, and both are to launch operations in the Diaoyu Islands. If you do not yet have carefully prepared, or any illusions that there will be substantial miscarriage of justice should not have, which may have serious consequences. So from now to see that Japan is definitely the Diaoyu Islands waters in preparation for a war with China, has been engaged in the preparation is, China is never any illusions, the military must be fully prepared, so that when the passive

“Family number” Diaoyu Islands boat severely damaged

Taiwan and China Diaoyutai Association yesterday (the 24th) launched this year, Taiwan’s first action since the Diaoyu Islands, Diaoyu Islands boat “family number” on the way by the Japanese eight frigates powerful jet of water attacks, Diaoyu Islands boat equipment serious damage, flooding the cabin, two engine in which a fault, even prepared Mazu shrine to the Diaoyu Islands have been rushed to the water column deformation. Blocked due to action, action had to terminate the Diaoyu Islands, returned last night Shen’ao fishing port.

The first action of this year blocked the Diaoyu Islands, Diaoyutai member said, do not rule out in March, wait walrus turn for the better, once again launched the Diaoyu Islands actions. This action is the Chinese Diaoyu Islands Diaoyu Islands Association Xiemeng Lin, Diaoyu Islands as yellow, Xu Dengkui Yau Kar take family portrait with numbers go.

“Family number” fishing boat at 1:45 on the 24th starting advance Diaoyu Islands waters, Taiwan’s “Coast Guard” four vessels accompanying guard and, at Fang Baoan Department sent eight ships expelled, expand hunting, smoke, blocking, spray means “family number” continuing difficult to move forward. “Coast Guard” vessels to ensure the “family number” security barrier to jump the queue, but the water column by Japan’s powerful offensive, patrol boats and other facilities on the spot mask broken.

Yesterday, 11:02, “family number” at a distance of 16 sea miles suddenly stopping the Diaoyu Islands “throw pole fishing”, surrounded by the two sides, “Coast Guard” and the Sea of ​​Japan Insurance Department boats rattling, the mainland’s three ocean surveillance ship is also the side monitoring. Until 11:30 “family number” decided to return.

“Family number” last night, only to return nearly 10 between New Taipei shenao fishing; This line braved five to seven waves advance Diaoyu Islands waters, because the Japanese warships gather blocked, China Diaoyutai associations were unable to do so will guide the direction of the fishermen Matsu statue to the Diaoyu Islands.

Diaoyu yellow as yesterday dragged his exhausted body returned shenao fishing port. He said that the Diaoyu Islands boat through Pengjia Islet, it found that the Japanese ship followed and to, which is a rare phenomenon in the past, for the area was the Japanese ship “invasion”, quite puzzled, accusing Taiwan Affairs Unit Maintenance “sovereignty” ineffective.

Diaoyu Islands boat can not continue to advance, the Diaoyu Islands are members of pity. Although the Coast Guard vessels fishing protection efforts, but equally strong attack by the Japanese ship the water column. “Family number” in the water fights in the swing forward, washed Debu forming, Diaoyu Islands flag was destroyed, damaged eight lights on board, cabin flooding, power system fault, the radio damaged. More serious was the ship two engines a fault, even Matsu statue style temple shrine was also rushed to the ocean water column.

China Diaoyutai Association Xiemeng Lin interviewed last night said that the Diaoyu Islands again let the world an insight into the Japanese side rude, rude behavior. Diaoyutai members affirmed “Coast Guard” HuYu active, also believes that the Japanese side water attack Taiwan boat and ocean surveillance ship on the mainland, “blind”, that it was “afraid of the big bullying the small” move.

Day abandoning “the Diaoyu Islands consensus” is the root cause of Sino-Japanese tensions

Japan’s chief cabinet secretary for justice Wai Kan and Japan on the Diaoyu Islands issue deny had reached a consensus shelve disputes, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said yesterday that the Japanese side has done since last year abandoned and destroyed normalization of diplomatic relations and the understanding reached consensus, which is leading the current source of tension in the Diaoyu Islands.

In the Foreign Ministry’s regular press conference yesterday, the Japanese Chief Cabinet recently refuted Chinese Jian Yi Wei, said Japan and the two sides on the Diaoyu Islands issue has never been a consensus does not exist aside disputes, China’s comment?

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said the normalization of diplomatic relations and the conclusion of negotiations on a treaty of peace and friendship between the two countries from which the older generation of leaders of the overall situation of Sino-Japanese relations, it is “the Diaoyu Islands issue put off until later” reached an important understanding and consensus, which is a historical fact.

Hong Lei pointed out that the Japanese side has done since last year abandoned and destroyed the understanding and consensus, which is leading the current source of tension in the Diaoyu Islands. He said that China once again urges the Government of Japan to face history squarely, respect the facts, attention in Japan as previously Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiromu Nonaka and other insight voice that recognizes shelved between China and Japan on the Diaoyu Islands dispute has been reached, back through the dialogue and consultations control and solve the track of the Diaoyu Islands issue.

China ocean surveillance ship within the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands Japanese infringement driven vessels

Japanese right-wing groups fought the Japanese National Action Committee, the 26th to the Diaoyu Islands waters fishing and visits, this is the 4th year. The three are the Diaoyu Islands territorial waters of China ocean surveillance ship cruising on the discovery of the Japanese vessels were monitored infringement forensics and expelled. Japan refers to the Chinese Foreign Ministry official boat into Japanese territorial waters, protested, but the Chinese did not bother.

About 30 from the right-wing National Action Committee members fought Japan Japanese fishermen in the 26th and early morning sit in four boats arrived in the Diaoyu Islands waters, they bring a fishing rod and other tools. Japan Coast Guard has dispatched a number of rubber boats and patrol boats guarded the Japanese fishing boat.

China ocean surveillance ship fleet 66,26,46 morning into the Diaoyu Islands territorial waters, cruising five hours after leaving, the Japanese side during the infringement forensics and surveillance vessels were expelled.

The Japanese patrol boats to the Japanese show was “dangerous, do not close to Chinese official boat,” the words. Kyodo News, Japanese patrol boats continued warning Chinese official to leave, but the Chinese vessels did not respond.

Reports also said China ocean surveillance ship was heading toward a Japanese fishing boat, the whistle sounded, the Japan Coast Guard patrol boats into the Chinese fishing boat with Japan, between Japan’s right-wingers were tense.

It has been the rise in Japan is the fourth year since the organization personnel to the Diaoyu Islands waters, each participant has to pay about $ 13 one hundred $ 60 fee, or about eight one thousand yuan.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry’s Asian and Oceania Secretary Sugiyama Shinsuke call the Chinese envoy Han Zhiqiang, on China ocean surveillance ship into Japanese waters collar made ​​solemn protest, but China does not accept the Japanese side protest.

Taiwanese fishermen in the waters around the Diaoyu Islands by crazy bluefin tuna

At a time when bluefin tuna season, fishing boats who did crazy chase bluefin tuna, caught a long, you can earn up to three hundred thousand, the catch fewer fish price is low oil prices this year, or to play flat sea cost. Taiwanese fishermen fishing more seriously, and even chase the fish chase farther.

Japanese patrol boat interference, seizure most times, most frequently in the annual period is 3-6 months tuna season because fishermen to hunt bluefin tuna, often “out of bounds.” Annually in the waters around the Diaoyu Islands fishing vessels operating more than 800, the annual catch 40,000 tons, is now expanding the scope of Taiwan fishermen operating 4,530 square kilometers, will be more catches, fishermen Li Yuan Zhang said: “This is worth happy . ”

In the 1990s, Taiwan’s “COA” substantial lending shipbuilding, improved fishing equipment, light fishing Nanfanao as many as thousands of ships, marine competition and plundering of resources, ecological damage also tear fishermen emotion. In order to compete fishing grounds, not only in Okinawa and Taiwan fishermen rivalry, even Taiwanese fishermen fight each other. Catches to reduce the volume is to be expected. Ao Fishermen supervisors had too mountains that limit is a good thing, “This is our common fishing grounds, should work together to maintain. If in order to catch fish out of bounds, and soon there is no species of.”

Pentagon again declared that the Diaoyu Islands in Japan jurisdiction under

6, 2009 China Military Power Report, the Pentagon once again declared that the United States insisted that the Diaoyu Islands in Japan jurisdiction under.

Pentagon Deputy Assistant Foreign Minister for Asian and Pacific Affairs David Helveg About China Military Power Report, when asked about the Diaoyu Islands issue, he said the United States has sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands is not holding its position, hope all parties concerned in accordance with international law and the peaceful management of the media differences.

“Helveg subsequently declared,” I would like to add that the East China Sea issue, any party to the unilateral action will not waver in our position that the Senkaku Islands are still at under the administrative jurisdiction of Japan. ”

This is again within a week the Pentagon made similar remarks. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Hagel met with visiting Japanese Defense Minister Onodera Five Code on April 29 declared that the United States recognized the Diaoyu Islands in Japan under the US-Japan Security Treaty and applies to the United States opposes any damage to the jurisdiction of the Japanese single side action.

This Chinese Ambassador Cui April 30 stressed that China has never recognized the sovereignty or jurisdiction of Japan over the Diaoyu Islands to the United States, that the Chinese side has repeatedly been described, the Diaoyu Islands issue, provoke and aggravate tensions Japan, the so-called unilateral or coercive action is taken Japan.

Cui also pointed out that the United States remain neutral on the issue of the Diaoyu Islands to look at the actual action, and other aspects of “Do not Quban stone in Japan, Japanese stone on their own feet”, do not be penny wise and pound foolish Do not be in front of one-off need and lead to the harmful effects of the long-term.

May 1, the U.S. State Department reiterated that the United States has sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands is not holding its position, the United States and Japan, hoping to avoid taking action to provoke tensions or lead to misunderstanding.

6, 2009 China Military Power Report, New dealing with maritime safety, cited in September 2012, the Japanese government signed the so-called “buy” the contract of the Diaoyu Islands, China published the White Paper that the Diaoyu Islands are China’s inherent territory “, subsequently to the Secretary-General of the United Nations submitted to the East China Sea waters at the submission of the external sector of the continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles.

U.S. media published an article saying the bottom line of the US-Japan by the Diaoyu Islands issue, tentatively

Japan’s recent action on the Diaoyu Islands issue is actually testing the bottom line of China and the United States, the face of the rising power of China, Japan hopes to rely on the Japan-US alliance, dominate the geopolitical competition with China; On the other hand, Japan The Diaoyu Islands radical measures for the United States is also a “kidnapping”, forcing the Sino-Japanese conflict, raising the bottom line.
In recent years, around the Diaoyu Islands, Japan pressing harder and harder, and pocketed the eye of the global public opinion.

China’s new government to strengthen the demands of sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands to expand frequent cruise operations in the waters around the Diaoyu Islands, necessary to contain trying to Japan, the Japanese side to play in the international image of the victims, the manufacture of the tragic effect, and frequently at all levels external position will at any military response “position and release a strong signal.

The steps taken by Japan on the Diaoyu Islands issue are targeted, and deeper behind the intent is to test in the context of China’s growing Asian power, when the regional conflict, China and the United States, Japan’s strategic bottom line lies. Accordingly determine its breakthrough “peace constitution” timetable for the recovery of the normalization of state and military, geopolitical competition with China, to compete for dominance in the East and Asia.

Abe and on behalf of the forces in Japan over the years attempt to change the post-war arrangements to enable Japan to move towards political power, radicals and a master of military power across the political spectrum. In their view, with an increasingly powerful China, Asia and the global political map is systemic change, to secure the world’s foremost great power status in the United States dependence on the Japan-US alliance is significantly enhanced. Japanese attempt to take this power to transfer the opportunity to get rid of the shackles of the post-war international order to make substantial progress in the country on the road to normalization, and relying on the Japan-US alliance, dominate the geopolitical competition with China, as East Asia geopolitical leader.

In their essence, Japan on the Diaoyu Islands radical measures for the United States is also a “kidnapping”, forcing the United States to make a choice in Japan and China conflict, raising the bottom line. The capsule this purpose can be reached. In addition to the impartiality of the commonplace in the Sino-Japanese conflict over the Diaoyu Islands, the United States to maintain a neutral stance, Japan has more practical value commitment to the Diaoyu Islands in the US-Japan Security Treaty, to provide security guarantees and recognition of Japan’s actual jurisdiction “the power of the Diaoyu Islands. United States to do so, the most fundamental thing is to protect their own core interests. In the complex geopolitical situation in Asia, the dependence of the US-Japan alliance, it is obvious. Give up Japan, its intolerable pain.

The same time, Japan has repeatedly spun, the Diaoyu Islands in China’s strategic bottom line has become more clear. China has increased its efforts in the waters around the Diaoyu Islands cruise.

Japan can not take the initiative to give in easily on the Diaoyu Islands issue, to mention there as a backup. Diaoyu Islands issue and even the Sino-Japanese conflict, a good time is not the solution, until the fundamental nature of America’s decline to the point where powerless to intervene, or enough to make the United States prohibitive ace, or Sino-US relations in the new international order changed. These are no doubt quite a long time unthinkable.

Ambassador to dismiss representations official ship entered the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands

Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua 23 dismissed the Japanese side on China’s official boat into the representations of the Diaoyu Islands territorial waters.

Cheng Yonghua stressed that the Diaoyu Islands are China’s inherent territory, the waters in China’s territorial waters, the Department of official boat the normal rights cruising official activities, China rejects Japan’s representations and protests.

Cheng Yonghua Japanese right-wingers vessels and Coast Guard patrol boats illegally entered China’s territorial waters, strongly protest the violation of China’s sovereignty, all Japanese ships to leave waters immediately.

According to the news website of the Chinese Embassy in Japan, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs minister River phase husband 23 meeting with the Ambassador Cheng Yonghua, Chinese official boat into the Diaoyu Islands territorial waters protest.

According to China’s State Oceanic Administration website news, until at 10:00 on the 23rd, forced by Chinese maritime surveillance site enforcement pressure, a Japanese fishing boat after another left the Chinese Diaoyu Islands territorial waters. China Marine Surveillance rights enforcement action, effectively thwarted the attempts of the Japanese right-wingers.

Experts denied that the rise of China, there shall be a great battle the possibility of a political solution to

China news agency, Beijing, January 26 – Academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Director of the International Faculty of Yunling 26 in Beijing, “China’s rise, there must be a big battle” is saying that the traditional way of thinking. China based on a common interests, cooperation in the framework of the new relationship is to solve the surrounding dispute. He stressed that the Diaoyu Islands to the possibility of a political solution is still very large, there is a lot of space can be created.

China Economic Annual Meeting was held in Beijing on the 26th. Yunling on the theme of “China’s response to the challenge” sub-forum analysis is that the occurrence of war is generally due to three main reasons: One is territorial expansion, dispute; second is the ideological system of the dispute; Third wealth grab . For China, the wealth through open participation to obtain; system, ideology and war is unlikely; China will not take into account the expansion, then the possibility of war on the left territorial disputes.

Yunling One of the problems currently facing China, and it is the parties most concerned about is whether the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea dispute will be dragged into the war. In his view, the Diaoyu Islands dispute to the possibility of a political solution is still very large, there is a lot of space can be created.

Yunling analysts say, as a long-term problem left over from history, the Diaoyu Islands dispute is now back half a step further possibilities. The back half a step is reserved for the sovereign, but the two sides have to take a step forward to cooperation. The same way in the South China Sea, on the one hand, China and Vietnam, the Philippines has a direct dispute; On the other hand, take advantage of the ASEAN this overall framework, the development of the relationship between China and the ASEAN region as a whole, this mechanism will be restricted by some countries ” Shi “is possible. Based on the above factors, Yunling believe that there exists the possibility of non-war means to deal with and resolve the dispute.

Yunling pointed out that a big country, surrounding instability, can not establish a strategy relying on the framework of the surrounding, you can not play the role of a big country. He said that the past two decades, China has a peaceful way to achieve the normalization of relations between all neighboring countries, the establishment of a partnership, the development of a framework for regional cooperation, these results are very important for China to build a new peripheral relationship.

Yunling pointed out that the sustainable development of China itself will give the East Asia region growing interests. In such a complex interdependent relationship, as long as the Chinese are smart enough, you can overcome challenges and continue to develop a new relationship based on common interests, cooperation framework in the surrounding