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Japan recognizes every 300 tons of nuclear waste water into the sea

Japanese daily 300 tons of nuclear waste water is discharged into the ocean. Japan’s Kyodo News said on the 8th, the Japanese Ministry of Economy on the 7th openly admitted that in 2011 the Great East Japan Earthquake that occurred after the nuclear accident in Fukushima Daiichi nuclear long-standing problem of sewage leaks, is expected to flow into the ocean every day more nuclear sewage up to 300 tons, the news triggered Japanese domestic and international public opinion vibration. Japanese public opinion, nuclear waste water leakage problem is not only the Japanese public water and fishing safety, and serious damage to Japan’s international image. Incumbent Liberal Democratic Party will blame the practice of TEPCO and former Democratic Party government not to act.

Kyodo News reported that the Japanese government under the Nuclear Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters groundwater level data such as Tokyo Electric Power Company, made the above estimates. Specific situation may be that the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Unit 1-4 flowing around about 1,000 tons per day of groundwater, of which about 400 tons, etc. flow reactor building underground. The remaining 600 tons, about 300 tons of groundwater inflow and plant linked trenches after being stranded in one of the high activity of sewage pollution to the sea. However, no clear “Since when sewage began to flow into these waters surrounding the nucleus.” This is the first time the Japanese government publicly acknowledged the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant “manufacturing and nuclear waste water discharge.” “Asahi Shimbun” on the 7th, said University of Tokyo Institute of Technology published a date of the latest survey report shows the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in the waters around 20 kilometers, sea levels of radioactive material in the soil higher than the external waters for at least 5 -10 times, which indeed evidence of the nuclear sewage waters surrounding the formation of pollution.

“Yomiuri Shimbun,” said the sewage on the nuclear issue, facing public pressure inside and outside of the Japanese government is taking “urgent crisis.” 7, the Japanese government has decided in 2014 to increase the annual budget for special funds for the settlement of the nuclear sewage problem, if the budget were approved, it will be the Government of Japan for the first time on such issues into national funds. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Wednesday that nuclear contamination of sewage was “a major issue of national relations”, the Japanese government would “take responsibility.” 8, by the middle of the Minister charged in Motegi Min told reporters after a cabinet meeting when asked, said the Japanese government will take “all conceivable ways,” strive “There is no oversight.” The measures being taken include the extraction Fukushima nuclear power plant Unit 2 near the trenches of high radiation sewage plant in Unit 1-4 periphery wall of frozen water, shelter, etc., this measure was originally scheduled to begin this year by the end of August and then, but now “much earlier.”

Kyodo News reported that the Fukushima nuclear sewage problem because once again become a domestic focus, and Tokyo Electric Power Co. nuclear power plant operating side once again become the focus of public censure. Nuclear waste water by producing provinces in the report after the disclosure, in the face of public opinion questioning Tepco technical officials actually said, “do not understand the situation, can not be answered in detail,” there are news that Tepco Although long known sewage spills situation, but “is not public detailed data. ” Minister of charge by the middle of the 8th Motegi Min publicly accused said: “The previous government almost no time to take concrete measures for the supervision of Tepco also insufficient.” However, “Asahi Shimbun” on the 8th that the regime of nuclear non-sewage problem bears the same shirk its responsibility, in order to escape the responsibility of saving the government budget but will clean up Fukushima nuclear power plant “mess” in most of the burden onto the Tokyo Electric Power, “is not on the consequences of the nuclear disaster late leakage sufficient attention.”

Although the Fukushima nuclear accident has occurred more than two years, but the shadow of nuclear radiation contamination are still unable to erase from the minds of the Japanese. According to the “Global Times” reporter observed, Tokyo supermarkets are selling Fukushima and neighboring regions produced fruit, vegetables and rice, although the price relative to other regions lot cheaper, but people are still items in these areas “at arm’s length “, preferring to spend more money to have to buy food away from Fukushima.

Chinese warships detour Japan send a strong signal

Chinese warships for the first time in Hokkaido, Japan, and Russia across Sakhalin Soya Strait between the narrow, into the North Pacific international waters. After completing a week-long Sino-Russian joint military exercises at sea, the Chinese warships could have chosen a more direct route return, ie towards the south of Qingdao Port. But Beijing has ordered its naval forces increasingly sophisticated detour along the island, Japan to Tokyo sent a strong signal.

Joint exercises in Russia’s Vladivostok held in the waters near the mouth of the Sea of ​​Japan, which is the Chinese navy’s another symbolic strength of the projection. Navies carried out in the exercise logistical cooperation and live ammunition.

These exercises are aimed almost certainly Tokyo and Washington. Russia and Japan territorial dispute exists between, and the United States, the two big countries are the only geopolitical rival.

In addition, the PLA has crossed the Tsushima Strait between Japan and South Korea. Whether the Tsushima Strait south or north side of the Soya Strait, in theory, the two narrow straits, belonging to Japanese territorial waters of the sea should be more, but the Japanese only requires a 3-nautical-mile territorial waters designated for, instead of the usual 12 sea miles to U.S. warships carrying nuclear weapons through these two strategic locations.

Beijing decided to adopt the Soya Strait, returning along the detour in Japan, is intended to expand the scope of naval activities highly symbolic part of the effort. Perspective on the current situation, the Chinese navy’s main task is to protect the safety of the Chinese coast. However, the past few years, Beijing sought to expand the scope of naval operations, to create a true “Blue Ocean” fleet. Beijing recently deployed warships in the East African coast support anti-piracy action again last week to participate in the Sino-Russian “joint maritime – 2013″ joint exercises and drills return after the bypass, which are intended to enhance China’s maritime prestige.

Bank of Japan is expected to cut loose on Wall Street

Ichi Life Research Institute chief economist Yoshiki Shinke said: “The Bank of Japan is very reluctant to take any small steps, they will do anything for some time, until there is forcing them to change the price outlook major incidents.”

The last two weeks of the economic report showed Japan’s industrial output and retail sales were better than expected, and also two large manufacturers sentiment turned positive for the first time.

Although as of May, in addition to outside fresh food prices for six consecutive months of decline, but the French BNP Paribas and ichi Life Research Institute consider that this month’s report will show, the aforementioned price level for the first time since last April rise.

Forestry Institute gold in total Takeshi Minami, chief economist, said: “The Japanese economy proved Kuroda is correct, this is the first time the Bank of Japan for some time without increasing stimulus because the economy is moving in the expected direction changes.”

JP Morgan now expects the Bank of Japan will be relaxed in January, had expected in October.

But Japan Securities chief economist and former Bank of Japan official Maiko Noguchi said: “Although the Japanese economy is accelerating, uncertainty remains high, China’s economic outlook and the Fed exit strategy is still uncertain.”

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan in mourning sacrifice Chinese labor

More than 100 people despite the hot weather Nagasaki Nagasaki Peace Park came to the corner of the “Chinese people Atomic Bomb Victims memorial monument” before, as in that of the Chinese atomic bomb killed people hold memorial activities, and the new memorial Beiqian set of explanatory plaques unveiled.

“The Chinese Atomic Bomb Victims memorial monument” was inaugurated on July 7, 2008, to let people know that Japan is both atomic bomb “victims”, but also that war “perpetrators.” This time in the “memorial monument” erected next to “note cards” with the Sino-British records in three languages ​​Chinese workers in the case of Nagasaki and the establishment of memorial monument for the purpose.

Grieving people was held in Nagasaki Urakami points prison prison Chinese people. Japan during the war to make up for labor shortages put about 40,000 Chinese people forcibly taken to Japan, where thousands of people in Nagasaki prefecture about coal mine workers. Pu was detained in prison 33 points on the Chinese people, in addition to one person died at his trial, the rest died of the atomic bombing. The site of the prison is located within the Peace Park, in July 2008 to establish a memorial monument in this. Due to Chinese tourists, etc. have expressed the hope that understanding this history, civic groups contribute approximately 500,000 yen (about 30,000 yuan) made note cards.

Former mayor of Nagasaki, “Chinese people Atomic Bomb Victims memorial monument” Maintenance Management Committee chairman behalf of the organizers of the Island, he said, the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings are tragic victims, but they should not forget that Japan is the harm side, over the past century’s foreign wars of aggression launched by Japan to China, South Korea and North Korea and other Asian countries, causing enormous damage. Over the years, I have been advocating that we should seriously reflect on the history, take concrete actions to apologize. A few years ago we in this message of peace to the world the concept of Nagasaki Peace Park in the atomic bomb at the expense of 32 Chinese workers build memorial monument, today we build this memorial monument note cards, just to catch the Japanese period of strong China and other countries facts tell future generations of workers, so that a better understanding of the significance of this memorial monument.

Chinese Consul General in Nagasaki Li Wenliang said in his speech, 76 years ago today, the Japanese militarists in the land of China – Marco Polo Bridge River launched a full invasion of China, after eight years of years, that war to China brought grave disaster. As of last August 9, Nagasaki atomic bomb Kidnapped because the number reached 158,754 people, while the Japanese invasion caused the Chinese people more than 35 million casualties, including the number of victims is the number of victims of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, a hundred times.

Li Wenliang said that five years ago today, the people of the island such as Mr. Nagasaki, in this case 32 atomic bomb at the expense of the Chinese people to establish a memorial monument, today in the “77″ 76 anniversary of establishing this memorial monument note cards, the Chinese forced labor period of Japanese history to tell the world, has a very important significance!

Li Wenliang that appeared recently in Japan, some attempt to deny the history of the war of aggression or ambiguous move is doubtful whether this is really “patriotic” or “harm the country.” Correctly understand and treat the historical development of Japan’s relations with its Asian neighbors, an important political foundation, only honest look at their own history, recognition of history and deeply reflect on history, will it be possible for this country as well as relations with Asian neighbors, creating the future.

Aged 91 years old this Island, from 1979 to 1995 for four consecutive to any elected mayor of Nagasaki. He had “Showa Emperor war responsibility” speech in 1990 by the right-wing thugs shooting seriously injured. The island against war, love peace, advocating Japan-China friendship after retirement has been in Nagasaki Peace Park – namely Urakami prison site to establish a “Chinese people Atomic Bomb Victims memorial monument” campaigning.

Japanese local governments to promote Japanese wine toast

Japan’s Saga Prefecture Parliament unanimously passed the “sake toast system implementation proposal.” This is the first prefecture-level implementation of the system, is intended to revitalize the sluggish through this system, the Japanese wine market.

To revitalize the sluggish sales of Japanese sake, the Japanese National Brewery and other related personnel had a busy street in Ginza, Tokyo held a demonstration to call everybody “with Japanese wine toast.”

According to Saga Prefecture, said Japan has the same 8-cho regulations, and in the prefecture is the first case. The county has 28 Japanese liquor factory, the area one of the best in the country. Prefecture famous wine country Kashima implemented in March the same regulations.

This motion is elected by the Kashima were 35 joint proposal. Manufacturers and government hope to get the support and assistance of the prefecture, called for the promotion of universal toast with sake positive efforts. The Ordinance on the 27th began, the current penalty system related undecided.

Japan’s central bank promises to bring the financial markets may fluctuate

The central bank is the financial market credit ultimate creator. The Fed and the Bank of Japan also need to purchase debt market trust. But if the central bank began to lose the trust of the market, how to do?

Fed’s three quantitative easing, U.S. Treasury yields have successfully promoted the history down to the lows, and ultimately bring the U.S. economic recovery.

Currently, the U.S. Treasury and mortgage-backed securities yields began to rise, reflecting the U.S. economy and the real estate market recovery, and further reflects the market for the purchase of debt reduction in the size of the Fed expected.

On the other hand, the rise in U.S. interest rates in the deficit reduction effect is obvious and continued accommodative monetary policy in the context of the current generation, which reflects the process of economic recovery in the United States demand for capital growth. Meanwhile, the dollar index rebounded, but also confirms the return to the U.S. capital market expectations.

Even in the second quarter may be a low point in the U.S. economy, but these are expected to be discussed in Bernanke announced soon after the cash purchase of debt reduction, at least show the market for the Fed’s policy has a firm judgment and confidence.

But PIMCO’s El-Erian, CEO, pointed out that the rise in U.S. Treasury yields, is the test of whether the Fed will still exit the key factors.

In contrast, the Bank of Japan to promote rapid depreciation of the yen easing seems to face more powerful obstacles.

USDJPY has fallen below 100, although higher point 103 fell marginally, but shares double bonds kill Japanese financial markets, meaningful. Yen appreciation over 100 premature iconic mark, but let the market doubts the Bank of Japan has been the face of possible financial risks concerned. This will undoubtedly be the central bank’s credit generation blow.

As the Japanese commercial banks hold more than one sixth of Japanese government bonds, commercial banks face when yields rise while throwing debt, in order to maintain stability and promote the bond market easing program, the central bank as the most suitable counterparties require disk access, and was forced expansion of the balance sheet.

But only the Bank of Japan to consider increasing the number of days per month purchase debt, while reducing the amount of debt per share, and no signs of disk access. And if there is no balance sheet expansion of base money in the same circumstances, to achieve the 2% inflation target set has become difficult. With the same promises will bring the Bank of Japan in the market.

UBS economist Wang Tao pointed out that the Asia-Pacific region, Japan and the U.S. The essential difference is that Japan needs to achieve a reversal from deflation to inflation. This means that once the economy into deflation, the central bank easing monetary policy effectiveness will decline. Or lose the trust of the market, the central bank must sacrifice financial stability.

El-Erian said the long term, if the central bank can only do not hesitate to expand the balance sheet, it will have to face greater financial market volatility. He also pointed out that for risky assets, its performance will depend on the central bank to provide liquidity-than-expected size.

Japanese media said Japan aimed at African resource competition with China

Fukushima nuclear power plant incident in Japan forced nuclear power plant outage caused by the energy crisis, Japan is committed to expanding fossil fuel import channels, while Africa aiming to become Japan’s main objective.

Reported that, for Japan, to ensure Africa’s imports of liquefied natural gas is currently the focus of diplomacy. Last year, Japan imported a total of 87.3 million tons of liquefied natural gas, of which 8.78 million tons were from African countries. Abe’s government has also been recognized that Africa’s resources to Japan the importance of energy and industrial policies. Earlier this month, Abe government launched a new initiative, announced in the next five years to invest in Africa rare earth minerals, oil and gas companies in Japan to provide 200 billion yen in financial assistance.

“Japan Times” said that the two countries in Africa, oil, natural gas, rare earth, hydrocarbons and coal resource development are present competition. To win the favor of African countries, China and Japan, respectively, in 2000 and in 1993 established the China-Africa Cooperation Forum and the Tokyo International Conference on African Development, in order to ensure the country’s mineral and natural resources development rights.

In this regard, the South African ambassador to Japan, said: “Africa’s vast territory and abundant resources, I do not think Japan and China need to fierce competition of the African continent is full of opportunities, open to all African people are willing to invest in the development of the country.”

China and Africa has deep historical and political ties, which also contributed to the deepening of China-Africa trade relations. According to information from the International Monetary Fund, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Chinese government data show that in 2011, China-Africa trade volume reached 138.6 billion U.S. dollars, while the Japanese non-trade totaled only $ 27.8 billion. China many countries in East and West Africa’s oil and gas projects have investments. In addition, China’s non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, foreign policy also won several African countries welcome, this is Japan and many Western countries can not do.

Japanese government focus on the TPP negotiations

Japanese government established the agriculture, forestry and fisheries and regional activation to create headquarters held its first meeting on the 21st.The headquarters focus on the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations, focused on how to increase agricultural initiatives, composed by the relevant departments of the central leaders. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as the highest person in charge, said: “focusing exclusively on the efforts made ​​to attract young people to the industry and to protect Japan’s Mount Vernon fishing village.”

Abe also instructed cabinet members united to study how to increase agricultural initiatives. Served as deputy minister of agriculture phase Lin Fang press conference that strive during the year under discussion summarizes the relevant plans, and to reflect the year 2014 budget request them.

The meeting intends to play in the summer before the election of the Senate emphasis on agriculture policy, to seek the anti-TPP agricultural community understanding. The economic regeneration phase play Akira Amari said to the media, although the high prices of agricultural products in Japan, but the quality is excellent, needs to be expanded.

Japan to strengthen cooperation with Africa Resources Development

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan Motegi sensitive charge at the meeting that the Japanese companies engaged in oil and mineral resources development in Africa over the next five years to inject $ 2,000,000,000, to promote the development of natural resources in Japan and Africa cooperation. Africa is a treasure trove of coal, natural gas and rare earth mineral resources, Japan hopes to strengthen partnerships to ensure that resources.

Japan and African countries at the Ministerial Conference of the energy sector or for the first time. South Africa and Mozambique, 15 ministers attended the meeting. In addition to the financial security, Japan is committed to providing resource development related technical training assistance and mines surrounding co-operation on environmental protection, planning the next five years to help Africa train 1,000 technical personnel.

Motegi stressed at a press conference that the outcome of this meeting will be meeting as a starting point, continue to promote the development of natural resources in Africa by to guide Japanese companies actively investing.

In recent years, African countries have been more as the supply of resources to the attention of the world, Japan to give the cause of development of natural resources in Africa to fund, the purpose is to strengthen relations with African countries. For Africa, China has carried out a very active resource diplomacy, Japan hopes to restore the situation through infrastructure assistance. Motegi at a press conference also said that Africa is the forefront of the development of resources. The participating countries include Angola, crude oil production in Africa, and platinum for automobile exhaust purification largest producing countries of South Africa, these countries is an indispensable business partner in Japan.

In the case of high world energy prices, not only Japan attaches great importance to its relations with African countries. China has to go in front of the Japanese, the Chinese official launch of Africa’s resources diplomacy since 2000. Since the establishment of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, China’s national leaders and ministerial-level cadres every year to visit African countries to accelerate aid to Africa. In 2011, total trade between China and Africa reached $ 166.2 billion, far more than the $ 30 billion trade volume in Japan and Africa.

Japan officially confirmed the seizure of a Taiwan fishing boat captain arrested

Fisheries Agency of Japan on the 14th announced that it has seized the one involved in the suspected Mr. Okinawa Island south of Japan’s exclusive economic zone operations in Taiwan fishing boats and arrested the captain Sunju Min.10 days after the entry into force of the Taiwan Area and the Japan Fisheries Agreement, the Taiwan fishing vessels operating in the waters near the Diaoyu Islands. The ship was the first ship after the entry into force of the agreement detained Taiwan fishing boat.

The first Island waters surrounding usher in the tuna fishing season. Fisheries agreement provides that the Taiwan fishing boat in the north of the Island waters near the Diaoyu Islands, the first job. Detained Taiwanese fishing vessel is fishing without the Japanese side “license” in the south side of the waters.

Japan’s Fisheries Agency said the 10th centralized deployment fisheries enforcement vessel to monitor “illegal operations”. Japanese fishing boat Report detained a Taiwanese fishing vessel fishing practices, the Japanese side then rushed to the scene detained aboard the Taiwanese fishing vessel in the waters.