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China will buy a Mistral warship?


Russia built two Mistral class amphibious assault ship of the Frenchgovernment has now become a “hot potato”

Ever since French President Francois Hollande decided not to deliver two Mistral class amphibious assault ship to Russia, the outside world have continued to speculate on how France will handle this breach of contract worth up to 1.2 billion euros in.

French arms sales to China recently impossible

In addition to the already paid 800 million euros, always of Guolao being repeatedly asked France to compensation under the contract up to 12 billion euros penalty. 12 billion Euro of course impossible, military and trade contracts between countries are often not comprehensive and balanced, but only two parties in the political compromise that President Vladimir Putin had “generous” to represent France as long as the guy paying the money paid back to Russia it. But Putin generosity that is owned by Putin, Putin’s younger brother who will certainly find ways to pull a body in the Gallic rooster hair, out of breath.

In addition to the high price of liquidated damages, the French people have a thing to a headache that has been built two Mistral ships go from here? French navy warship has three siblings, two military is not allowed to increase. Now two northwest wind ship stopped at the pier, the French government have to spend up to a month mooring, maintenance, security and other costs 500 million euros.

For France, the penalty is not paid to Russia, how much to pay? You can talk slowly and quickly for these two “hot potato” to find a good next home is down to business. Otherwise, every month five million Euro, 60 million Euro a year down the have.


Early Russian northwest wind ship prepared a number of ancillary equipment, facilities, and now they are reasonable grounds to these claims.


Ukraine before the crisis, the Russian Navy personnel even training has been carried out in France the Vessel

Early Russian northwest wind ship prepared a number of ancillary equipment, facilities, and now they are reasonable grounds to these claims.

Ukraine before the crisis, the Russian Navy personnel have even been trained to carry out the Vessel in France.

However, trade in arms on top of these things are often “the emperor is not urgent eunuch urgent.” It does not say what the French government, the national media, experts began to speculate who northwest wind when two destroyers, “then set the Man.” Since the amphibious assault ship is a strategic equipment, few countries can then set, so the experts guessing or only put the hat on his head to China. Because China has been raised offshore delivery capability urgent needs, the Navy amphibious assault ship class is missing, the most critical is that the Chinese have money!

However, the Chinese navy could not have purchasing Mistral-class amphibious assault ship, the rule of law, or that the sale of French warships to China now impossible.

Compared with Russia, the West China has extremely strict arms embargo. Ukraine crisis because France does not deliver the ship to the Russian northwest wind, is only temporary political coordination with the United States, and the arms embargo, but that there is a policy provision in black and white.

Zhuhai Airshow in the past so many sessions, in addition to consideration for military exchanges, the most recent session of the aircraft to the US military active duty C-17 transport aircraft, but no longer have any one of Western weapons and equipment came to China on display, not to mention the sale of the.

It can be said, to be warmer US-Russian relations, the French continue to ship Russian northwest wind possibility delivered, much larger than the two warships to resell China, which is almost zero probability.

Recent French Mistral-class amphibious assault ship sent to China, many people speculated that France is not in marketing.

Chinese navy can not buy Mistral class amphibious assault ship of another reason that poor performance northwest wind ship. Although it is said to be “amphibious assault ship,” but if the US amphibious assault ship Wasp class as the benchmark, the Hornets level compared to the limousine, then northwest wind can only be counted as “three-hop son,” even cars are considered not on.

French Mistral-class amphibious assault ship tonnage of small, only 16,500 tons standard displacement, full load displacement of 21,300 tons only. Its full formula although the flight deck area reached 5,200 square meters; but the hangar under the flight deck / vehicle to accommodate the library area of ​​only 1,800 square meters, the standard configuration can accommodate 16 NH-90 medium-lift helicopters; further down is a dedicated vehicle deck and dock space, special vehicle deck area of ​​1,000 square meters, can only load 12 battle tanks or 60 light armored vehicles; northwest wind ship dock space is fairly standard and can accommodate two LCAC air cushion landing craft or four LCM landing craft.

It must be mentioned that the Mistral class ship displacement of only 20,000 tons, but is configured with three decks, hull design has become as tall with civil RoRo, high center of gravity of the ship sailing under the bad weather, war is unfavorable a.


The existence of the problem of excessive focus Mistral class amphibious assault ship

Power, northwest wind class amphibious assault ship actually uses an advanced all-electric propulsion, biaxial sculls, four alternator (three hosts, 1 auxiliary), 2 propulsion motor. But the host northwest wind ship used for the Wartsila 16V32 diesel generator, single power 8300 horsepower (6.2 MW), three hosts only 25,000 hp maximum power, which leads to the maximum speed of the ship is just northwest wind 18 only and the auxiliary supply ship fairly.

Mistral class amphibious assault ship another big drawback is too weak armament, only two 30 mm guns, four machine guns and two 12.7 “Mistral” man anti-aircraft missile launchers. Such crude weapons configuration, in addition to playing pirates that, what irregular warfare are unable to meet. Although the amphibious assault ships to air defense requirements, but even a northwest wind near Artillery are not, apparently the most basic ability to intercept subsonic anti-ship missiles do not have.

France then called for strengthening maritime strategy should NATO transmission capacity, develop Mistral class amphibious assault ship of the main focus of the mission started. After the Cold War, France freeze the growth of military spending, to cope with the effects of inflation, try to drive down costs but also to develop a great guiding ideology when the northwest wind.

Thus, the amphibious assault ship Mistral class is more like a low-cost strategic delivery ship, speed low, weak arms, airworthiness poor, and the US Navy amphibious assault ship far from orthodox, it is difficult to assume high strength amphibious combat missions. Chinese navy task of shouldering the strategic implementation of high intensity amphibious landing operations from the performance point of view, China can not buy Mistral class amphibious assault ship.


US Wasp class amphibious assault ship delivery capacity is more than twice the northwest wind, and it is a real battleship

China is building four-ton amphibious assault ship

From domestic, or imported selection point of view, China’s domestic shipbuilding industry on the amphibious assault ship long study, the last two on Langkawi Defense Exhibition, the CSIC have exhibited trade edition amphibious assault ship models. This shows that the CSIC has completed the overall design of the amphibious assault ship, as long as there are customers, can immediately carry out the detailed design according to customer demand, investment construction.

As for the Chinese navy own version, in fact, as early as the end of 2013, Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo in the CCTV program will be revealed, “straight -10 and -19 may direct meeting amphibious assault ship, we are now developing a new generation of amphibious ship Tonnage great, amphibious assault ship is 40,000 tons, the future of large-scale assault helicopter above, we need this kind of armed helicopter escort. ”

This shows that the Chinese navy’s first amphibious assault ship Wasp class on the US military, the US amphibious assault ship line, a displacement of 40,000 tons level, can carry more than 30 aircraft attacked transport helicopter twice northwest wind, the tanks and armored vehicles loaded capacity nearly twice the northwest wind, you can load more than 30 battle tanks or greater number of light armored vehicles, additional dock space can accommodate two large air cushion landing craft. Thus the domestic one can own version of the amphibious assault ships transport a landing assault battalion and a tank battalion or mechanized infantry battalion.

119925481Shipbuilding Industry in the International Defense Exhibition trade show version of the amphibious assault ship model

In power, perhaps China’s all-electric propulsion technology has been behind, but China has a mature QC-280 marine gas turbine, completely independent research and development efforts are also among QC-185. QC-280 gas turbine maximum power of 28 MW (38,000 hp), according to US forces wasp grade class amphibious assault ship of the United States, two QC-280 gas turbine is sufficient to 40,000 tons-class warships pushed to more than 24 speed.

Shipboard air defense weapons, China has also has many mature equipment, 630 near Artillery, 730 near Artillery, 1130 near Artillery, FL-3000 short-range air defense missiles, 16 medium-range air defense missiles Red Sea and Red Sea 9 range air defense missiles, we can say the level of partner choice is yours. Since the amphibious assault ships are only responsible for their own safety, use 730 near Artillery, FL-3000 with short-range air defense missiles, which have the ability to have enough defense anti-ship cruise missiles.

Disclosure in accordance with the progress made weapons and equipment has been lagging two or three years of practice, the amphibious assault ship made this year would have finished the design, perhaps next year you can see the prototype in the dock.

119926138Domestic 1130 near Artillery is the world’s strongest power near Artillery

In summary, the recent French arms sales to China is impossible, northwest wind performance too weak to meet the needs of the Chinese navy, and China is also building its own amphibious assault ship. Prior to speculation that China will take over two Mistral class amphibious assault ship of the news, are nonsense, some experts waste water, and to attract some media attention Bale.



Inventory of the world’s five major military base


Aerial view of the Fort Bragg military base, according to the Military Technology Network (Army-technology) reported that the US has the world’s largest military bases – Fort Bragg military base, the base of 52,880 active-duty soldiers stationed. In this paper, the population as a reference, lists of the world’s top five military bases. No.1 Fort Bragg military base (population: 238,646 Area: 163,000 acres) of Fort Bragg military base is the largest Army base located west of Fayetteville, North Carolina, is the seat of the US 82nd Airborne Division. The base station has 52,280 active duty personnel and 12,624 reservists temporary trainees, 8,757 civilian employees, 3516 and 62962 families of active-duty soldiers. In addition, there are 98,507 troops retirees and their families lived here. When the Second World War, known as the “American airborne and special forces home.” The base features the XVIII Airborne Corps and the 82nd Airborne Division, US Army Special Operations Command and the US Army parachute team (Golden Knights parachute team). Some other units stationed, including the 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, 16th Military Police Brigade, 20th engineer brigade, 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, 44th Medical Command, and 18 fire brigade and so on.

d35cc71da3311c7bea2One entrance of Fort Bragg military base

d35cc71da335d71bee2Fort Bragg military base training combat troops

d35cc71da33ec79b9b282nd Airborne Division paratroopers

d35cc71da3cbad7b992Fort Bragg military base every year there will be approximately 10,000 parachute

Fort Campbell Army Base, Fort Campbell military base No.2 (Population: 234,914 Area: 105,000 acres) is located between Fort Campbell and Clarksville Hopkins across Kentucky and Tennessee. The base was established in 1942, and for the first time to participate in combat during World War II. The base is the “Eagle division,” US Army 101st Air Assault Division is located, it is the Army’s only air assault division. Fort Campbell stationed six main unit are as follows: 5th Special Operations Group (Airborne), 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), Tennessee Valley District Corps of Engineers, United States Army Medical Center, and the US Army Veterinary Command Dental Centre. The total includes 30,438 soldiers stationed population, 53,116 family members, 151,360 military retirees, retirees and the families of reservists.

d35cc71da3c9ed73132US Army 101st Air Assault Division Location

d35cc71da3515e331d2A 101 helicopter air assault division over the military base at Fort Campbell, training


Fort Campbell military base airport. The airport is used for “Black Hawk” helicopters and C-130 “Hercules” transport aircraft, also alternate landing site of NASA space shuttle.July 4th ReenlistmentFort Campbell military base airport. The airport is used for “Black Hawk” helicopters and C-130 “Hercules” transport aircraft, also alternate landing site of NASA space shuttle.

Fort Hood US 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment No.3 Fort Hood area (population: 217,003 Area: 214,968 acres) at Fort Hood Army base 60 miles north of Austin, 50 miles south of Waco, spread over Bell and Coryell counties. Fort Hood Army Base is the largest active duty armored local bases in the US the only support two full armored divisions base. Its total population of 217,003 people stationed, including 4,733 active duty military officers, 39,262 active-duty soldiers, 74,294 family members, 89,805 retirees extremely families, in addition to 8,909 non-commissioned civilian personnel. Fort Hood Army base established during World War II, in order to reserve tank destroyer and mobile anti-tank guns. Today, the base as the Army Reserve and National Guard mobilization station, as well as US strategic power projection platform. The base is also the 1st Cavalry Division, US Army 3rd Army Army 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment and 41 fire brigade and other location.d35cc71da3ddbc73c12

Lewis – McChord Joint Base Headquarters Building 1010 No.4 Lewis – McChord Joint Base (JBLM) (Population: 209,486 Area: 414,000 acres) Lewis – McChord Joint Base located in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State Phuket Special bay. The joint base is the January 2010 US Lewisburg Army Base and the United States Air Force Base in Cape Cod and wheat combined together. Its total population of 209,486 people stationed, including 27,000 servicemen, 52,486 family members, 10,000 non-commissioned civilian and 120,000 retirees. The base as a training and mobilization center for all military services, but also the first Special Forces Group, 75th Ranger Regiment, the sixth military police group, the 189th Infantry Brigade, 404th Army Field Support Brigade and other units located. Lewis – McChord Joint Base strategic location for the Air Force provides the ability to engage in combat and humanitarian airlift, C-17A “Globemaster” III transport aircraft from Lewis – McChord Joint Base reach anywhere on Earth.d35cc71da3de5e73c52

Lewis – McChord Joint Base Headquarters Building 1010 No.4 Lewis – McChord Joint Base (JBLM) (Population: 209,486 Area: 414,000 acres) Lewis – McChord Joint Base located in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State Phuket Special bay. The joint base is the January 2010 US Lewisburg Army Base and the United States Air Force Base in Cape Cod and wheat combined together. Its total population of 209,486 people stationed, including 27,000 servicemen, 52,486 family members, 10,000 non-commissioned civilian and 120,000 retirees. The base as a training and mobilization center for all military services, but also the first Special Forces Group, 75th Ranger Regiment, the sixth military police group, the 189th Infantry Brigade, 404th Army Field Support Brigade and other units located. Lewis – McChord Joint Base strategic location for the Air Force provides the ability to engage in combat and humanitarian airlift, C-17A “Globemaster” III transport aircraft from Lewis – McChord Joint Base reach anywhere on Earth.


Michael co Cod Air Force Base Apron


Future potential shares five key Unmanned Aircraft use

Amazon UAV delivery program temporarily stranded, but this does not mean that the UAV program was negation of humanity. UAVs in the future will continue to be “vast accomplish a great deal.”

Aerial is not a new thing, unmanned aerial vehicles in film and television work has long been reveal Tau Kok. Such as domestic aggressively, “Where is the father” and variety show extensive use of aerial drones as a tool. A similar DJI Phantom models will be competent professional aerial missions. In addition, drones are also widely used in sporting events, the audience can be more fully informed by drones shooting tournament record, and the coach can also be informed of the details of the athletes race through aerial drones to enhance technical and tactical.

Previously there have been wealthy winery tragic crash by helicopter to inspect the message, is very unfortunate. But in fact, aerial inspection, aerial preview work will be completed by the UAV. Similar aerial work, unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with high-definition cameras to help users better view of the world is a different cover security risks, while the cost is cheaper.

UAV in the military field had not bud in the United States as the representative of the developed countries for the development of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft has always been at the forefront of the world. At present not only in the military field UAVs can be used to detect the target area, but also be able to hang on assault weapons to carry out precision strikes target drone at a low cost, low labor is becoming an important advantage of modern military armed forces .

Amazon UAV UAV delivery program is the best embodiment of transported goods, although there are still difficulties in business, but in humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations, but can play a huge role. UAV is not only able to quickly and accurately supplies to the target area, and because of its low cost, low power consumption, the UAV can achieve high-volume, multi-job sorties, significantly increasing aid efficiency.

UAV application in the agricultural sector is also very wide, in addition to being used to spray pesticides, but also can be used to assist in environmental monitoring, such as in Hawaii, scientists use drones to understand the local ecosystem uncharted territory, Get detailed information on the ecological environment while ensuring no damage. In addition UAV also helps to prevent forest fires, the California National Guard had used a drone to find and extinguish a forest fire.

Indian discontent French or Japanese submarine purchase

April 6, India’s first Scorpene class submarines at Mazagon Dock Limited Mumbai, water, technology and key parts of the boat provided by the French, the local assembly in India. However, had ordered the Indian Navy Scorpene class was full of anger, due to cooperation with France is filled with friction and conflicts, this ship in December 2012 that the delivery delay of two and a half full submarine was launched, and the follow-up sister construction has not yet figured out how to work the boat, so the Indian Navy has decided to abandon the French partners, the next batch of submarine procurement contracts to other countries. According to India’s “Sunday Guardian” reported that in 2005, India’s Cabinet Committee on Security approved $ 4.16 billion worth of military procurement contracts, the French company DCNS ordered six Scorpene class submarines. Upon request, the French should transfer technology to India, in order to complete the six submarines assembly and parts manufacturing in India, the first boat delivery date was set in December 2012.

However, the method of cooperation between China and India have become stumbling thereafter. First Indian shipyard slipway by the French expert group determined to be ineligible, the Indian shipyard tools have replaced the original Imperial Metric tools. When after some transformation of the shipyard, the submarine finally began to build, but found that due attention to India only buy submarine design, construction technology and operational systems contract, but did not indicate the sensors, propulsion systems and related subsystems should automatically included in the contract, the results of the French people to the relevant equipment to raise the price from $ 800 million to $ 1.3 billion. India had to pay an extra hundred million dollars.

Later, due to the shipyard Mazagon had no contact with such Scorpene submarines demanding precision, so hull welding, pipe laying equipment outfitting and supervision aspects repeatedly by the French Navy on behalf of the Indian team and require rework, resulting in duration dragged on, the cost is way higher. In fact, this is just the first submarine boat launching and pressure hull shell is installed, but also drag it to the Indian Navy Dockyard factory-installed military equipment, and conduct a series of sea trials.

If all goes well, just launched aboard Scorpene class submarines may serve in September 2016. As for the remaining five Scorpene class submarines, India Mazagon Dock Limited claims in subsequent years with the completion of one every nine months to deliver the speed, but the outside world does not hold out much hope for this.

French Scorpene class submarines are open in 1996 conventional submarines designed specifically for export. Using drop-shaped shell, and to minimize the outer hull appendages. Major equipment is widely used on the boat floating raft technology, key parts also uses a double shock absorption, well-designed propeller has a lower radiated noise. Because of the submarine pressure hull constructed of steel with high elastic, lightweight, can carry more fuel and ammunition on the boat. Thanks to highly automated design, staffing the boat just 31 people, only nine of normal duty. December 1997, the Chilean Navy had ordered two of the submarine, the first ship in July 1998 started the construction of the shipyard in Cherbourg, France, Bureau of Shipbuilding, 2004 delivery. Spanish Navy has ordered four of the class submarines.

Origins Project SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft

Under the Americans set up layers of “shady” shadow, has long been unable to understand the “Blackbird” family the truth. In fact, the “Blackbird” family, namely “Blackbird” series aircraft have three generations: the CIA’s single-seat reconnaissance aircraft 23-130H41511560-LA-12 “bullock cart” and its variants, test and USAF YF-12A fighter strategy reconnaissance SR-7l. These three types other aircraft were manufactured 15, 3 and 31. Currently still in use, “Blackbird” Only four: two SR-71A by the US Air Force 2nd 9th Reconnaissance Wing Detachment returned to service type used by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Terai Dryden Flight Research an SR-71A and an SR-71B used in the center.

In the “Blackbird” three generations of the family that young and old, the actual completion of the development and use of the armed forces, only A-12 “bullock cart” and SR-7l “Blackbird”, but the SR-71 is the advent of the first two are inseparable a. A clear understanding of the ins and outs of the first two, they will naturally understand the origin of the SR-71′s. (To note here, the United States had two kinds of fighters called the A-12, the other is the attack aircraft, two A-12 should not be confused. See Wikipedia entry A-12.)

Project Origins
A-12 “bullock cart” is a 1959 Lockheed for the CIA developed high altitude reconnaissance aircraft. SR-71 prototype A-ll introduce some news media have, in fact, A-12 “ox-cart.” Back in 1955, the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft first flight soon, Lockheed dedicated to research and development of the “Skunk Works”, began on the successor to the U-2, a method of reducing the radar cross section of the super Sonic reconnaissance basic research. In order to deal with the technical performance was gradually improved Soviet radar system, under the leadership of the famous U-2 aircraft designer Kelly Johnson, the “Skunk Works” implemented a code-named “enthusiasm” of the plan to study a speed M3 level, and can greatly reduce the new surveillance radar cross-sectional area of ​​the body.

In 1957, the company first proposed the use of cut on the tip of the triangle and two turbojet engine monoplane design, code-named “Archangel 1″ (AIohangell), referred to as A-l.

Then he proposed a use of the F-104 fighter has a similar diamond wing profile, the wing layout, installed two turbojet program, code-named “Archangel 3″, referred to as A-2.

In the “enthusiasm” of the research program to reduce the radar cross section of the body art A-3 after each program, called A series of programs, do not add “Archangel” is a code. So, then developed A-12 and the United States have long outreach called A-11 aircraft and the equipment used, the number of A is the “archangel” the first letter of the word in English, it does not mean that the aircraft purposes.

A-12 is a modification made on the basis of the A-2, and meet the requirements put forward by the military. Competition with it, is the company’s proposed picture Convair aircraft program. The program uses a lifting body shape, speed M4 level unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, nicknamed the “fish”, is scheduled to launch from a B-58 “super thief” aircraft.

US Department of Defense, the Air Force and the CIA these two competing schemes were compared with the review, the final selection of the A-12 program, and formally approved in August 29, 1959. January 26, 1960, the CIA and Lockheed signed a manufacturing and testing of 12 Lockheed A-12 contract, A-12 aircraft subsequently also entered the development phase.

Okinawa governor had a falling out with the Japanese government

Before the establishment of diplomatic relations with Japan, the Japanese Trade Promotion Association Delegation to visit China every year, deputy governor of Okinawa following officials also participated in the past, but this is the first governor to attend.翁长雄 Chi said: “If (Okinawa) can be constructed in various fields, such as the Asian economic relations with China like the idea,” he said, “because it is a large-scale mission, they are able to work with China comes to what extent is still unknown, but it hopes to promote Okinawa fish, shellfish, pork and beef and other food exports and the formation of an international logistics center “, showing the Okinawa hopes to strengthen economic ties with China’s wishes.

Last October, Chi anti bases in Okinawa Prefecture advocate elected, he said: “The US military base in Okinawa is the biggest obstacles to economic development, and I hope the Japanese and US governments (to lighten the burden on the base issue) discuss practical” and The Japanese government has repeatedly blocked the construction of the US side of the ancient wild Bay airport. March after the Japanese government to withdraw fishing rights under the jurisdiction of the ancient wild side 翁长雄 Chi Wan Weng long hindered the construction of airports in Japan in the legal act has seemed helpless, and then in late March that he would visit China to spread the news.

Japanese media noted that the visit coincides with  Chi boycott Japanese ancient wild side in Okinawa Bay Reclamation military airport construction project on the occasion, the local Ryukyu is also committed to advancing the Japanese government relations and engineering stalemate, so this visit Stroke caused foreign media attention. Weng long day of departure, one of the most influential local newspaper, “Ryukyu Daily News” published an editorial condemning the Japanese government perfidy Bay airport construction ancient wild side.

Weng long visit to China, the Japanese government and most of the mainstream media has yet to comment, the Japanese government insiders believe Weng long visit to China is due to the confrontation with the Abe government hopeless cause increased revitalization budgets, hopes to attract more Chinese tourists to visit Okinawa way to achieve economic self-reliance.
There is no doubt that the opposition to the construction of a new base Chi This position caused some dissatisfaction with Japanese politicians, the Japanese non-mainstream media, including Weng long visit to China is a “condemnation” of the sound of a variety of sites, blog, YouTube, etc. “traitorous diplomacy” and “tribute trade” and other comments heard.
Weng Changxiong aim of this visit to China before, said: “Okinawa in a peaceful environment in order to play their soft power, that is the spirit of nature, history, tradition, culture, IWC goodwill, (which) will make the world become a bridge between Okinawa and Japan pioneer. Thus, (Okinawa) can be obtained in large economic development, so that Okinawa is committed to peace as a buffer zone without the risk of friction with other countries. “

A Brief History of Vietnamese military

In the anti-Japanese, anti-French and anti-US war period, the army under the leadership of President Ho Chi Minh, the Vietnamese people for the cause of liberation has made tremendous contributions. Newspaper that was first built in the period, mainly in September 1940 after the Japanese aggression in Indochina war anti-Japanese guerrillas set up, in February 1941 the first team to set up anti-Japanese armed guerrillas Kitayama, a team of 32 people, followed by around established a number of anti-Japanese guerrillas. December 22, 1944, according to Ho Chi Minh, Giap’s instructions, in a forest in Cao Bang province’s former County established the “Vietnam Liberation Army propaganda team”, later this day as the Vietnamese Army. Propaganda team of 34 people. April 1945, the Vietnamese military held its first meeting, decided to Salvation Army, Vietnam propaganda team Liberation Army and other armed groups merged into a unified Vietnam People’s Liberation Army. In May, the bead area in Taiyuan, the provincial Vietnam Vietnam officially established the People’s Liberation Army troops, uniform preparation and unified military training, the army and even compiled 13 of about 5,000 people. August 1945 14-25 May, the newspaper Vietnam to attend the national uprising in August, made the victory, the same year in September, the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the Vietnamese army to defend the country was renamed the People’s Liberation Army, with a total strength of about 50,000 people.

November 1946, the army into war against France. In eight years of war against France, especially in the latter part in helping China Advisory Group under the Vietnam War, the army troops rapid development, organization and command system has been relatively robust, combat has improved significantly. January 1946, the establishment of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission to assist the leadership of the army. May 22, 1946 Patriotic Army adapted into the national army, according to the regiment, battalion, company unified establishment. November 9 of the same year, Congress and the Department of Defense Military Commission merged into the Department of Defense, chaired by Minister Vo Nguyen Giap. After the August 1949 began to build combat troops division level, the earliest established there six infantry divisions and an arms division, this period has formed a signal corps, engineers, artillery and antiaircraft artillery. Initially established system of the main armed forces, local forces and guerrillas three-pronged. February 11, 1951 officially named “Vietnamese People’s Army.” In eight years of war against France in the newspaper that the total elimination of more than 460,000 French invaders and their lackeys. In the name of the Dien Bien Phu Victory, the enemy wiped out 1.6 million people, to achieve a decisive victory in eight years of war, North Vietnam won the liberation. In this case, the total strength of the newspaper has grown to 33 million people, into 12 divisions Another 11 independent groups, four artillery regiments, two Corps of Engineers.

After the end of the war against France, North Vietnam into the peace-building period, the newspaper People’s Army to carry forward the glorious tradition of the people’s army, and actively participate in the construction, the newspaper proposed “building a formalization and quite modern army, as well as other services, Initial construction arms lay the foundation, “the Army policy, the implementation of the two” five-year plan army “troops were streamlining and reorganization, to 1959, the total strength reduced to 17 million people, the army prepared for the seven divisions, five brigades, nine independent groups and nine border camps. At this point, has established a navy, chemical defense, armed police and armored forces and other arms.

Compulsory Military Service Act enacted in 1958, and military service regulations, the implementation of the rank system and payroll system, after 1964, “Gulf of Tonkin incident”, the United States in March 1965 the United States launched the invasion of Vietnam war, the US military has invested over 55.5 million minion army 72000 More than people, more than 100 million people in Vietnam puppet. Since then, the army into war against the United States, a large expansion of the troops, and has set up the Air Force, Air Defense Force and undercover troops, while the formation of the military-level combat troops. Ground combat troops expanded to 25 divisions, the total strength of the late war against the United States reached 100 million. In the final liberation war in the south, and the collapse wiped out more than a million and 1.5 million puppet armed militia. During the nearly 11 years of war against the United States, the US military in Vietnam wiped out 5.66 million people, injured more than 30 million people. After the end of the war against the United States, the army continued to maintain wartime military regime.

By the end of 1975, the North-South military officially merged. In April 1976, under the Department of Defense Administration additional economic development, armed security forces adapted for the border. March 1979, Vietnam issued a general mobilization order, continue to expand military, the army total strength of 120 million people. December 25, 1978, the army deployed 15 infantry divisions, 20 million people, nearly 200 aircraft, 500 tanks, occupied Cambodia, Cambodian troops at 140,000. Meanwhile troops in Laos 5–6 million. Vietnam to 60% (700,000) of Vietnamese troops deployed troops in northern Vietnam and Vietnam-China border areas, from 1979 to 1986 provoked Vietnamese troops to China Yunnan, Guangxi border incidents over 10,370 times, including the division level and mission-scale offensive, launching more than 100 million rounds of various shells. Meanwhile, the army sent troops invaded and occupied 21 Chinese Spratly islands in 1979 February 17 to March 5, Chinese troops were forced to self-defense counterattack against Vietnam war. Long war, sent troops to Cambodia, so that the newspaper difficult. December 1981 enacted a new law on military

Japan’s “quasi-carrier” service name follows the war of aggression against a flagship



According to Kyodo News, the Japanese Self-Defense Force destroyer largest “Izumo” was delivered on the 25th Helicopter Maritime Self Defense Force destroyer, the official start of service.

“Izumo” was the basis of a displacement of 19,500 tons, cost about 120 billion yen (about 6.2 billion yuan). Its hull is similar to the aircraft carrier, bow to stern deck by piece through a total length of 248 meters, five helicopters can take off and land at the same time, can carry up to 14 helicopters, and can provide refueling for other ships.

Japan’s current constitution prohibits Japan retains attack aircraft. Some experts believe that “the cloud” number in terms of tonnage, layout and functionality, are in line with modern light aircraft standards, can be seen as a “quasi-carrier.” But Japan’s defense ministry said that “the cloud” does not have the number of takeoff and landing aircraft capabilities, does not belong to attack aircraft. The other one with “the cloud” specification considerable number of warships under construction, is expected to be delivered after two years.

“Izumo” was affiliated with base in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, it will at the end of six months of training for the MSDF to perform alert monitoring tasks. “Izumo” sign with a strong command and communications capabilities, will become Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force frigates core ship, the ship can accommodate 470 people.

Displacement “Izumo” numbers than in the UK, Spain, Italy, the light aircraft carrier bigger, respect Izumo No plans to build weapons and equipment intensive three superb weapon system disorders Hai Lamu and two missile systems. The most fundamental difference with the Japanese destroyer helicopter is equipped with the ability Izumo number fixed fighter, which can carry 12 vertical take-off aircraft carriers F35B type, US Global Security website states that carry F35 fighter really means to become a ship carrier. “Izumo” was also the name of a ship during the war when the Japanese invasion of China flagship. US aircraft carriers have been strategic bombing July 24, 1945 in the Seto Inland Sea Kure hit capsized and sank.

British Army Special Air Service regiment SA

Special Forces in the modern sense of the world’s first, was established by the British. Founded during World War II. Called “Ge Mande.”British Army Special Air Service regiment (SAS) was founded in the early World War II, at the same time that many of the “special” SWAT single airborne regiment. After repeated restructuring and expansion period, an SAS trip to Scotland was founded in January 1944, including two British groups (1 and 2SAS), two French groups (3 and 4SAS), a Belgian Squadron (later The 5SAS) and a communications squadron. SAS through all the desert campaign, in northwestern Italy and Europe, due to the well-trained squad of independent operations behind enemy lines, and establish a good reputation. Special Forces is the strongest, the task completion rate in the world in the world. Hell Week training in the United States Navy SEALs, the hardest part is derived from the SAS. (Including Hong Kong, China Flying Tigers commando was on training by SAS).

Brief introduction

No officers or enlisted soldiers directly to formal groups (22nd SAS Regiment). But only from the British Army Volunteer Corps or other groups, which sometimes leads to the regiment riddled as “poaching” some of the best and most motivated young officers and soldiers. All volunteers must first SAS regiment headquarters 赫勒福 by the selection of courses passed. These tests cloth REAGAN Wales region held its content consists of a series of tasks designed to discover whether or not everyone has the mind adjustment, physical stamina, self-discipline and mental toughness and other qualities, which are due on the task Corps needs must have. The process begins in 10 days adaptation period, a group of people 2S map reading training will bring everyone to the same basic standards.

Then 10 days are alone cross-country march to back 25kg of Bergen rucksack march most stringent 64km within 20 hours. Those who did not volunteer or be forced out of the need to continue to receive 14 weeks of continuation training, including parachuting and combat survival training course. At the end of this phase, the person awarded by the beret and badge, will become a permanent member of the SAS, although specialized training courses will continue to conduct, including communications, language, field medical, blasting, shooting, free-fall parachuting and other fighting skills. A soldier should be recognized as full-fledged members, about two years time, and then have some role, such as high-intensity combat commando training time.

Unlike a few years earlier SAS, SAS today stressed on support and encouragement in order to pass the test subjects and courses, but that does not mean that will relax its high standards in any way. Nonetheless, the acceptance rate is only about 20%, but I have to recognize that in the other 80%, only a handful of people have reason to be ashamed of the fact that SAS is to find a very special combination of talents, And this is only a very few people can meet their needs. SAS regiment regular officers and NCOs of a normal service time is 3 years, then they will usually return to their original group or corps. This does lead to SAS group does not become too self, but also upon those ideas and training service consisting of an intimate mixture of SAS spread to the rest of the Army. Legend of British military intelligence agents were in considerable part from the Special Air Service regiment. Because there are members too good!

Les médias étrangers comment le DF-41 chinois missile balistique intercontinental

Pour le développement des forces nucléaires de la Chine, l’Occident toujours jeté une variété œil soupçonneux. États-Unis, “Washington Phare liberté” rapports de site édité, le second corps d’artillerie 24 Juillet 2007 au milliers de miles de bases nouveau lancement de missiles de missiles désert occidental Shanxi Kelan, ces essais en vol souvent en limitant la première gamme de étage de la fusée pour raccourcir heures de travail pour se assurer que le missile est tombé dans le territoire de la Chine.

Le rapport a également déclaré que la Chine a promis de ne pas utiliser des armes nucléaires, l’énergie nucléaire est utilisée pour contrer une attaque nucléaire contre son territoire. Toutefois, en raison de l’équipement MIRV ICBM est la «première frappe nucléaire« idéal (frappé des cibles militaires) des armes, “Dongfeng -41″ ne est pas seulement le premier missile stratégique Chine transporter plusieurs ogives, mais aussi “capacité de première frappe nucléaire,” fiable peut représenter la Chine va changer l ‘”engagement de non utilisation en premier des armes nucléaires».

Carbonell dit que l’avenir de la deuxième force artillerie seulement besoin d’avoir 32 “Dongfeng -41″ ICBM dispositif de mise peut être réutilisé, ce qui est suffisant pour transporter des ogives nucléaires destinées à une population de plus de 50 000 chaque ville américaine. Il a déclaré, «Si la Chine a finalement développé une stratégie pour les villes américaines pour lutter contre cette richesse sociale, et nous ne se battent pas pour la construction d’un système de défense antimissile, cela signifie la fin de la dissuasion nucléaire renforcée en Asie.” “Washington Phare liberté” rapport d’un site dit «Dongfeng -41″ portée maximale d’environ 14000 km missile intercontinental, lancé à partir de l’est ou du nord de la Chine, il suffit de sauter l’ensemble du territoire des États-Unis. Dès 1992, le savant américain avait mentionné l’existence de “Dongfeng -41″ projet, mais les États-Unis croit “long cycle de développement» a conduit l’OLP d’abandonner le projet, en se concentrant sur le développement de “Dongfeng -31″ ICBM.

Fisher a déclaré que les experts militaires américains, le fait que le Pentagone a ignoré le développement de ce nouveau missile. A propos de “DF-41″ lancement d’essai de ICBM, supérieurs américains gens des médias – Projet de loi Goetz (Bill Gertz) 2012 年 8 月 15 numéros d’articles dans le site phare de Washington Freedom, donnant beaucoup d’attention, le contenu principal de l’article compilé comme suit: Militaire de la Chine test tiré sa première nouvelle à long terme missile balistique intercontinental Dongfeng 41 (DF-41). Les responsables américains ont déclaré que les missiles seront équipées de têtes multiples, premier missile stratégique de la Chine.

Apprenez essais rapporte responsables américains ont déclaré la Chine le 24 Juillet, 2007 essais de tir DF-41 mobiles missile balistique intercontinental. Les essais de missiles causé les agences de renseignement militaire et de nouvelles préoccupations américaines au sujet de longue portée des menaces de missiles de la Chine. DF-41-fondé la mobilité, portée, précision, et équipé d’ogives multiples caractéristiques, DF-41 a une capacité préventive frappe nucléaire. Plus tôt, le chinois DF-31 développé et courte portée DF-31A missiles balistiques intercontinentaux sont considérés comme la conception pour l’Inde et la Russie. Les responsables américains ont déclaré que les nouveaux missiles balistiques intercontinentaux sont considérés comme des cibles pour la lutte contre les Etats-Unis et développé. La Chine a longtemps insisté pour que ne soit pas le premier à utiliser des armes nucléaires, ses forces nucléaires pour une contre-attaque contre une attaque nucléaire de son territoire.

Mais cette nouvelle ICBM renforcera forces stratégiques de la Chine, de sorte qu’ils ont une variété de courte portée des missiles balistiques et des missiles balistiques intercontinentaux, ce qui rend plus larges forces gamme de missiles au monde. Selon la lettre, “Dongfeng 41″ fait partie des efforts de la Chine pour développer des missiles pour briser les missiles du système de défense de missiles stratégiques américains. Ancien officier du renseignement militaire, un membre de la US-China Congrès Commission d’examen économique et de la sécurité des États-Unis Larry Wortzel (Larry Wortze) dit qu’il est estimé dans le multi-ogive “Dongfeng -41″ missiles inclus est appelé “dispositif des aides pénétration” ogives leurres , en particulier contre les capteurs américains du système anti-missiles. En raison de sa flexibilité, “Dongfeng 41″ missile difficile de détecter et de combattre. DF-41 est également considéré comme la Chine à battre le système de défense de missiles développés de missiles stratégiques américains.

Certains médias étrangers a déclaré que la Chine a expérimenté peut transporter des ogives nucléaires points d’avance, “Dongfeng -41″ ICBM mobile, les trois combustibles solides missiles balistiques à la taille de la Russie significativement plus élevé que les produits similaires, “Topol”. Ouest estime que «Dongfeng -41″ à une portée maximale de 10 000 à 14000 km, et peut transporter 10 ogives guidées actives avec des leurres et d’autres composants d’un système anti-missile percée. Une fois cette missiles balistiques intercontinentaux l’APL second corps d’artillerie, changera considérablement le contraste des forces nucléaires stratégiques sino-américaines. Médias occidentaux que ce nouveau missile peut transporter la tête sous-missiles multiples, et même le système de défense antimissile des États-Unis ne peuvent pas être bloquée