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“SCO” exercise to deter the three forces

In order to continuously improve the SCO Member States counter-terrorism capabilities, June 13 game codenamed “卡兹古尔特 – terrorism -2013,” the SCO joint anti-terror exercise held in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is the code name “卡兹古尔特 – terrorism -2013″ joint anti-terror exercises the host country, from the SCO member states security and intelligence sector representatives to participate in the exercise. Exercises focused on training in crowded places destroy terrorist groups to stop terrorist acts and hostage rescue and other subjects. Within the framework of the SCO since the first joint exercise was held in October 2002, has passed through a number of joint military exercises, the SCO military exercises even from the initial scale-scale development of tactical operations to set strategic consultation exercise, Battle of the preparation and implementation as one of the joint and combined arms combat exercise.

Active again terrorism in Central Asia

At the SCO military exercises held a few days ago, the security situation in Afghanistan has triggered concern. Kabul city center on the 11th suicide car bombings killed 17 people 39 people were injured. This bombings since December 6, 2011 in Afghanistan’s causing 80 deaths since the suicide attacks, the most deadly attack together.

Terrorism, separatism, extremism three forces have been entrenched in the Central Asian region has become the regional peace, security and stability of the important threats. China Institute of International Studies Shanghai Cooperation Organization Research Director Chen Yurong that the U.S. and NATO troops from Afghanistan in 2014, the Central Asian ethnic and inter-religious conflicts may intensify, which means that the SCO member states risk increased dramatically.

Chen Yurong said that the establishment of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization when he established an important purpose, and that is the fight against the three forces. SCO was first established, the security situation in Central Asia has been very severe. U.S. and NATO forces will withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014, in the context of this withdrawal, the three forces again become more active in Central Asia, South Asia, Afghanistan, terrorist attacks and extreme events. Therefore, the joint military exercises but also highlights the SCO in maintaining regional stability in Central Asia’s role. Three forces in order to curb the spread of terrorism in particular, it is necessary to hold a joint anti-terrorism military exercise through, the SCO member states to strengthen the close cooperation between departments.

Exercise “audible, visible”

According to reports, the exercise in the state capital of South Kazakhstan Jim Kent near Aktas range, simulating the terrorists infiltrated by helicopter and car Kazakhstan, near the border of a village in Kazakhstan hostage and trying to make terrorist activities. SCO anti-terrorism agency through the air and ground operations to destroy terrorist groups and rescue the hostages. Utilisation of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan Ministry of Interior special forces and air defense forces and other Department of Defense, the formation of combined arms combat mode.

After several joint military exercises, the SCO military exercises scale from the initial development of company-sized tactical operations to joint and combined arms combat exercise. In this regard, National Defense University professor Vang Pao to pay that, in recent years the SCO anti-terrorism exercises showing close combat, a deeper level of cooperation features. For now the form of terrorism, according to specific circumstances, such as in crowded commercial center of the city or for specific situations such as counter-terrorism exercises, exercises with combat is growing closer and closer to reality, the three forces against terrorists targeted and frighten getting stronger.

“This joint military exercise undertaken by the Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan bilateral co, it should be noted that the three Central Asian countries in the impact of the new regional security situation, through joint military exercises on the three forces, preventive actions to enhance the three military information exchange, collaboration capabilities, is responding to and combating the three forces carried out the necessary cooperation. “Chen Yurong said.

“The SCO in maintaining regional stability in Central Asia, Central Asian countries, development environment has played a unique role.” Chen Yurong that if SCO does not exist, the security situation in Central Asia unimaginable. In order to strengthen counter-terrorism cooperation, the SCO joint military exercises in the form of more value, due to the form of “hear”, “visible”, the momentum created by relatively large, three forces on the regional, transnational criminals can sabotage play a strong role of containment and deterrence.

US-Japan joint military exercise will be held at Island wins

The Japanese government has officially announced that the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force will be the 10th since the U.S. military was held in California won the island joint military exercises. In view of the two-day China-US 7-8 will hold summit talks in the state, the Japanese side said, “This exercise is not directed against any third country.”

Reported that the US-Japan joint military exercise, code-named “Dawn Blitz.” The military exercises since 2009, held by the U.S. military alone, there have been the first time the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to participate. The exercise will be in the U.S. Army Camp Pendleton, California and San Clemente held on the island. Exercises to San Clemente Island was an “enemy attack” as the imaginary backdrop, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces will coordinate U.S. military beachhead landing combat missions. The Government of Japan said that the joint military exercises aimed at strengthening the “National Defense Program Outline” and “Strengthening the southwest islands defense forces,” the policy.

According to the US-Japan government insider, Sino-Japanese relations crisis continues to worsen due to the Diaoyu Islands, for the US-Japan joint military exercises, the Chinese side had previously expressed dissatisfaction. But U.S. and Japanese government has always believed that “exercise for the US-Japan alliance is very necessary.”

When the Chinese government through diplomatic channels to express their position, demanding that the Japanese give up Diaoyu Islands nationalization plan, the United States was in Okinawa and the Japanese captured the island’s so-called large-scale military exercises, which invisibly to the Japanese government desperate emboldened.

Large-scale joint US-South Korea military exercises crossing

U.S. and South Korean troops on May 30 near the ceasefire line in the two Koreas held for nearly 10 years, the first large-scale joint military exercises crossing. The two sides sent a total of about 400 people participated in the exercise, the use of multi-pontoon transporting tanks and armored vehicles.

ROK joint military exercise near the ceasefire line that day in Korean Korean northern Gyeonggi Yeoncheon held Imjin River, authorities disclosed to the media during the exercise.

Exercise, more than 300 U.S. and 95 South Korean soldiers erected pontoon across the river delivered to 14 tanks and 16 armored vehicles. The U.S. sent M1A2 tanks to participate in military exercises.

In the United States there are about 30,000 Korean troops, HanJun number is 650000. North Korea has about 1.2 million soldiers, most of them deployed in the inter-Korean border.

10 days ago, South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said the eastern coast of Korea to the Republic of Korea fired three missiles, but the motive is unknown. Foreign media analysis, said the US-South Korea military exercises from Korea located closer to the Imjin River, a move intended to put pressure on North Korea.

Two Chinese naval fleet military acting

Taiwanese fishing vessel by the Philippines after the shooting incident, the Chinese Navy prompt dispatch of the waters near the East China Sea Fleet to the Philippines. It is understood that the Navy will deploy one to two Navy surveillance ship south southern tour HuYu fixed. “Defense Ministry” issued a statement yesterday that the future Coast Guard and Navy ships, south reconnaissance patrol and fishing protection will be extended to the entire 200-mile economic zone.

May 18, is the South China Sea East China Sea Fleet cruise fleet readiness and training of the South China Sea Fleet, and South China Sea Fleet missile frigate Jiangmen Nansha patrol ship also recently taken opportunities for real combat training, and enhance the ability to perform tasks single ship.

Fighting acting ringtones suddenly remembered that soldiers quickly into a state of war, the implementation of the sea-to-air exercises with live ammunition, combat patrol, Jiangmen also implemented anti-ship attack divers, maritime small arms fire and anti-chemical and biological weapons and other combat training courses, inspection officers combat capability.

At present, also in the South China Sea cruise Sea East China Sea Fleet Yuan training formations also 18 am, the joint South China Sea Fleet carrier aircraft conducted a cross-jurisdictional co-training ships and planes.

On the other hand, China’s new generation of self-developed missile frigate Datong ship, the 18th in the morning into the column named Liaoning naval flag presentation ceremony was held, formally joined the Chinese navy battle sequences, model 580, it was noted, Datong ship integrates several models weapons and equipment, with a strong long-range surveillance and air combat capability, Datong ship delivered the North Sea, the future will bear patrol, escort, either alone or in collaboration with other forces perform anti-submarine warfare, sea combat missions.

According to media reports, the implementation of this military exercise, the purpose of compensation is not agreed to put pressure on the Philippine government.

Also for the future whether to send another fleet south of phenanthrene fire show, “Defense Ministry” military spokesman Luo Shao and said yesterday that the military is ready to be the case, the future policy will be coordinated with the authorities to take all possible measures.

North Korea: missile launch is part of the routine military exercises

Peaceful reunification of Korea Committee for the past few days to launch missiles regarding the secretary of the Board in 1038, the communique said, firing missiles just part of the routine military exercises.

The statement said that the military training is a sovereign state should have the legal rights to have a strong deterrent. U.S. and South Korea in the 18th and the 19th malicious slander the Korean army rocket launchers training and to carry out “anti-DPRK confrontation provocation”. “North Korea absolutely intolerable provocation to the situation on the Korean Peninsula to extreme explicit provocation.

The communique condemned the US-ROK normal military exercises in the North Korean army is a major intensification of the Korean Peninsula and the region is “outrageous behavior”. The United States to South Korea to send a huge “force” of aggression, and South Korea drills for several days, and also sent a nuclear aircraft carrier to the DPRK nuclear threat. Here in the US-ROK military threats and war of aggression and provocation, also said North Korea’s normal military training as “provocative”. This is simply the deception of the “world public opinion”.

The communique stressed that North Korea hold high the invincible hand line, “a thousand times reinforce the” Baekdu revolutionary strong army “nuclear deterrence. “If the hostile forces dare to invade the tiniest bit of Korean autonomy, North Korea will certainly destroy them.”

Ukrainian parliament to allow foreign troops to the 2013 immigration hold military exercises

Ukraine’s parliament adopted a presidential resolution, allow foreign troops, including the United States and Russia, to the multinational military exercises held in the country in 2013.

According to Ukrainian law, without legal approval of the case, any foreign troops are prohibited activities within the territory of the country, does not allow the establishment of foreign military bases. Therefore each of foreign troops into the States require the specific approval of the President.

342 Members support the presidential resolution, 226 votes more than the minimum requirements.

In accordance with this Act, 2013 Ukraine will be held with Belarus, the Russian air defense military exercises with Russia “Waterway peace” exercise “sea breeze”, “Trident” military exercises with the United States.

NATO should calmly Western -2013 Russia-Belarus joint military exercises

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said on Tuesday that Western -2013 “Russia-Belarus joint military exercise is not for NATO, the Western countries should calmly the exercise.

Lukashenko met in Minsk The Russian Defense Shaoyin the ancient said: “We are examining the long adjustment system, but it’s definitely not for Poland, the Baltic countries and even NATO.”

Lukashenko also explained that the exercise is not even with the defensive in nature, “We just need to complement each other. President of Belarus said: “We will always be unity of action, particularly in the defense and security systems, we will always act in a consistent manner.” He pointed out that do not understand the West uneasy reaction to exercise.

Lukashenko said the military made an example for the development of the Union State under inter-departmental relations. He said: “We are trying to establish a unified alliance of national military policy, and do not hide anything. CSTO unified armed forces of clusters in this direction, then we should make the appropriate preparations. Never said that our troops with any offensive position. “

South Korea will engage in military exercises in sensitive areas

Latest news, South Korea and North Korea Recently undergone many unpleasant incident, South Korean military announced that it would start military exercises near the military demarcation line.

26 South Korean military announced, scheduled from 27th of this month in South Korea near the Korean Peninsula in northwestern land military demarcation line, Paju near the military demarcation line that held military exercises.

Exercise scheduled to begin at 27 for five days. Military officials told the Yonhap news agency correspondent, the nature of field training exercise is designed to test troops’ response to enemy infiltration, provocation and incitement launched local full-scale war, “the state of combat readiness.

Yonhap news agency did not mention the scale of the exercise, participating units form and other details. Allegedly, the exercise, the Army will invest large numbers of troops and tanks and other equipment will be set up checkpoints on main roads, will also launch an empty shell.

Paju, Gyeonggi Province in Korea northwest side, away from the capital Seoul, about 40 km north-west near the military demarcation line. Connecting Seoul and Panmunjom, the two highways through the state from the slope, making the state a north-south slope fort, an important strategic position.

Inter-Korean relations since last March “ship” the explosion and sinking in November taeyonpyong been shelling each other into the frozen North-South tensions. Yin Ping Island from South Korea, after shelling held several military exercises.

According to the Korean Armistice Agreement, the two Koreas to 38 degrees north latitude line near the Line of Actual Control as the military demarcation line, their back two kilometers from this line, the establishment of demilitarized zones.

24, Hillary Clinton and South Korean Foreign Minister Jinxing Huan in Washington for talks on the DPRK nuclear issue. Hillary Clinton after the talks at a press conference said that although the United States remains in direct contact with the DPRK on the open-minded, but the U.S. insists that North Korea must improve relations with South Korea.

She also said the United States again this summer, is being held on the Korean nuclear issue to the United States Foreign Ministers’ meeting coordination. Jinxing Huan at a press conference that the ROK and the DPRK is willing to engage in dialogue, but the key first step is to hold North Korea to nuclear technology “sincere and constructive,” the inter-Korean dialogue. He said that Korea reiterated that once the restart six-party talks, North Korean denuclearization should be achieved on the issue, “substantial progress.” North Korea must be concrete actions to demonstrate their sincerity in the denuclearization.

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Vietnam will hold live-fire exercises in the South China Sea Is intended to demonstrate China

Vietnamese naval light corvettes

News, and Vietnam on June 13 near the coast in a certain area which was held for 6 hours of live-fire exercises, and warned all ships away from the sea. In this connection, the Associated Press commented that the purpose of Vietnam is clearly a move to “respond” to China, because China had asked the Vietnamese in the area to stop all oil exploration activities.

Vietnamese authorities have recently ignored China’s South China Sea Islands and adjacent waters has indisputable sovereignty over the fact that on this issue several times to make “tough talk. ” June 9, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman also groundless accusations against the Chinese fishing boat “deliberately cut off the”Vietnam’s oil and gas exploration in the South China Sea on the cable ship, claiming that China’s “serious violation “of Vietnam’s so-called “sovereign rights and jurisdiction. ”

The fact is, Chinese fishing the morning of June 9 when the waters of normal operation, the Vietnamese armed ships were illegal evictions, and the net result of which a fishing vessel operating illegally in the field with the Vietnamese oil and gas exploration cable wrapped around the ship Together, regardless of Vietnam ship the lives of Chinese fishermen, Chinese fishing boats drag down the line for over an hour.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Hong Lei 9, thus: “Vietnam has seriously threatened the ship’s life and safety of Chinese fishermen. “He stressed: “Man On the Nansha Islands in China, Vietnam Beach Sea oil and gas exploration and driving illegal Chinese fishing boats, Seriously violated China’s sovereignty and maritime rights and interests. China urges Vietnam to cease all infringing activity, not to endanger the personal and property safety of Chinese fishermen in action, not to take the complicated and controversial expansion of the action. The Chinese side hopes to Vietnam Maintenance of peace and stability in the South China Sea to make due efforts. ”

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China PLA “Mission Operations 2010A” military exercise started

China PLA 'Mission Operations 2010A' military exercise

With the Beijing Military Region army Zhang Dong of a mechanized infantry brigade in the command vehicle made continuous on the air force, army aviation, artillery, tanks and other arms and services orders, “Mission Action-2010A” real live ammunition exercise in a training base in the northeast first started .

Participating in a group army commander Qinwei Jiang said that a brigade commander to command air-ground services and arms, it is reflected in the characteristics of joint combat exercise. Drill from the command structure is set to a specific military force, to the organization of the operations planning and comprehensive support, highlights the comprehensive, multi-level characteristics of joint operations.

Joint command post to see, dressed in camouflage colors Army, Air Force, commander of the reserve forces to enter the same command network strategist. And “in Jun Zhang,” echoed the same drill field, the warplanes flying, missiles roar, chariot driving, air force, army aviation and armored battle side by side, the implementation of multi-dimensional attack, the same frequency resonance between heaven and earth, armies arms and effective polymerization.

“Joint” everywhere. By the Air Force, electronic warfare soldiers, special forces, armor and other components of the simulated joint “Blue Army”, the integrated use of satellite, aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, remote sensing, reconnaissance and other means to steal the “Red Army” intelligence, launched fierce offensive. From different theaters and different branches of the military’s “blue” coalition of the electromagnetic force electronic warfare Skynet, do not compete for positions in strategic pass, but specifically against the “Red Army” information command center. The two sides battle in the invisible battle of wits, intense strangulation.
Joint operations, and promote the overall combat effectiveness jump. Drill into the “joint strike” phase, Baoqun violent coverage, missiles directed at targets. I saw air combat forces to “high” advantage, in close coordination with ground fire power, the “Blue Army” artillery positions in depth, communication hubs, and other armored targets and focus their attack. Department of reporters on the big screen in director saw fire strikes effect assessment, the various forces have played a variety of joint anti-weapons fire in the aggregate performance against the “Blue Army” targets various types of damage probability to achieve the desired effect.

It exercises executive director, deputy chief of staff of the Beijing Military Region Gao Jianguo, the “Mission Action-2010A” real live ammunition exercise was the first large-scale forces the Beijing Military Region, an organic cross-distance maneuvers, the highest military forces into the organic mobile distances, the most congruent way to force a number of delivery records of exercises. Exercise full use of an integrated command platform, taking full information confrontation, the entire space and ground, full assessment of test methods, complex unfamiliar environment, tests the joint tactical information attack and defense, command and control, joint combat, multi-dimensional protection, comprehensive security capabilities, based information system to improve the unit’s combat capability.