28 pm local time, is the implementation of the first batch of 21 237 ships escort eastbound convoy mission of the Navy Sixth Fleet in the western Gulf of Aden waters expelled from 3 batches of five consecutive formation of the suspected pirate boats harassment.

14:50, “Kunlun Mountains” ship in the fleet discovered the right front of the 4.5 sea miles, two boats with 20 or so front-line speed to the formation.

Formation command immediately starts the deployment of two anti-piracy, commandos into battle positions, helicopter out of libraries. At this point, the right side of 4 nautical miles formation discovered another two small boats approaching fast!

Urgency of the situation, making the formation command immediately: “Kunlun Mountains” before the ship at full speed out front blocking the right boat; “Kunlun Mountains” in the formation vessel and left, “Lanzhou” ship the helicopter took off immediately expelled into action.

A few minutes later, “Kunlun Mountains” ship helicopter screaming, seeing the right side of 2 boats halted immediately after, but still move on the right front of the boat. Code means the immediate command of the helicopter arrived near the right front of the boat and fired warning bomb blast.

“Kunlun Mountains” ship is in full swing right from the formation to the front of the motor, the successful isolation of the boats and the merchant fleet, it was forced to turn, and driving under the helicopter away from the formation.

At the same time, another helicopter was turned back, use the bomb blast are still in formation, driving the right rear parking of two boats, until one by one to 5 miles away from the formation.

16:16, 4 boats left the fleet all the warning area. However, only one hour later, the advent of danger again.

17:20, but also an orange boat appears in the “Kunlun Mountains” office ship the right front of 3 nautical miles to the formation in front of speed approaching!

“Kunlun Mountains” speed immediately before the ship, ship-borne helicopters to take off again.

17:26, as boats continued to approach, formation of command and decisive command, “Kunlun Mountains” ship commandos were blocked using heavy machine guns firing.

Suspected pirate boat on the four crew quickly lie down in a shot, but the boat speed did not slow down, continue to sail in formation at the forefront of the “Sea Jie” freighter.

The helicopter carrying commandos flew over the boat, hovering at low altitude and a warning shot, life as the boat in less than 1 nautical miles away from the fleet turned to flee.

Expelled boat, the “Kunlun Mountains” ship to “Sea Jie”, sailing delivery of four commandos implementation of the onboard security to further ensure the safety of navigation at night formation.

It is understood that the recent Indian Ocean tend to diminish gradually change for the better sub-Ding Wanhai conditions, piracy has become increasingly active, and often into the batch sent out, and when the speed shown robbery against ships, concealed, with cruel and so on.

To this end, the formation will be further strengthened targeted training, and adopt a variety of escort ways to ensure the safety of the ship is protecting.

At the same time to remind the Chinese navy to escort fleet sailing the Gulf of Aden, Somali waters apply domestic merchant to take the initiative to defend and maintain vigilance in the navigation and to strengthen its anti-piracy measures to increase the awareness and ability to defend the crew.

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