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Taiwan’s military aircraft HuYu drill

Taiwan’s military and “Coast Guard” on the 16th of advanced warships dispatched a number of vessels, Coast Guard ships and several Air Force Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft in the waters south of the island of Taiwan, held large-scale joint fishing protection drills.

This is Taiwan’s warships, Coast Guard ship for the first time crossed the southern waters of the Taiwan side designated “temporary enforcement line” north latitude and 20-degree line. Exercises start from early morning until the afternoon, drill joint projects including air and sea fishing protection, rescue personnel, communication exercises, air defense and anti-surface preparations, damage control, fire drills, but not for firing.

The drill is the Taiwan authorities in the Philippines official boat fishing boat was attacked after the Philippines announced sanctions measures. The media here that the drill to the Philippines shows the Taiwan joint sea and air combat capability, to show the Taiwan authorities in the area of ​​fishing protection determination.

According to Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, May 16 – Taiwan authorities legal administrative department on the 15th released preliminary results of the investigation showed that the “majority of the 28th Xing” Shots Hit 45 boats were being made, the majority concentrated in the four crew members of fishing vessels left rear hiding cabin beneath the driver’s seat to prove the Philippines armed law enforcement officers are unarmed crew towards the location of fire, “a deliberate murder.”

Up to now, investigators obtained evidence that 65-year-old deceased Hong Shicheng into the body by a bullet from the left cervical, thoracic burst, massive bleeding death, manner of death as “homicide.” Warheads from the left on board judged fierce gun is US-made M14 rifle, M240 and M60 machine guns likely.

In addition, the appearance of vessels found no significant impact marks, indicating it has not collide Philippine official boat. The “majority Xing No. 28″ fishing voyage recorder showed the incident location of longitude 122 degrees 55 minutes 41.37 seconds north latitude and 19 degrees 59 minutes 47.27 seconds, fishing boats did not enter the Philippine territorial waters.

By the Taiwan authorities, the administrative department of legal affairs, criminal police, “Coast Guard”, “Fisheries Department” and other units of the composition of the investigation team, 16 am to Manila, Philippines from Taiwan to participate in the investigation of cases.

Taiwan’s military does not rule out the overlapping waters in Sino-Philippine military exercises

Chinese fishermen have been after the occurrence of the official boat killings in the Philippines, the Philippine government has been reluctant to formally apologize to the leader of the Taiwan authorities aides agency spokesman Li Jia Fei said on May 12 that, if the Government of the Philippines and then frivolous, insincere attitude in response to Taiwanauthority in the 72-hour ultimatum when the time comes, the Philippines will pay the price.

Taiwan defense department deputy head of Andrew Yang, the morning of the 13th legislative bodies to answer questions in Taiwan also said that if the Philippines has refused to compromise, the Taiwan military does not rule out the possibility of large-scale military exercises held in the Philippines overlapping waters.

Leader of the Taiwan authorities Ma Ying-jeou held a high-level meeting on the evening of 11, the Government of the Philippines to make a formal apology, compensation for damages, four requirements, and within 72 hours from at 0:00 on the May 12, limit requested the Philippine government to respond positively to, otherwise it will take three sanctions freeze on Filipino workers to apply to work in Taiwan. However, the Philippine government has yet to respond to the Taiwan authorities to limit ultimatum and argued that the Philippine Representative to Taiwan Baixi Li has expressed condolences to apologize. “Killed the families of the crew Hong Shicheng.

In this regard, Li Jia Fei stressed Baixi Li rhetoric can not be regarded as a formal apology, the Philippine government as not only is not sincere, but also does not help in the solution of the whole incident. According to Taiwan media reports, the Philippine Representative to Taiwan Baixi Li has now returned to the Philippines from Taiwan, to assist incident investigation.

Taiwan’s military suspected to have been: Han Kuang exercises mainland military hackers broke into the

In this year’s recent Han Kuang 29 exercise, this year Taiwan’s chief of staff, has been signed the Taiwan military’s war plan room of the Director suspicious messages sent by suspected People’s Liberation Army hackers broke into the Taiwan military intelligence said in Hanlight during military exercises, the Taiwan military’s headquarters, including various branches of the military chain of command continued receipt of the suspected mainland Chinese military hackers broke into.

Otherwise the Taiwan military counterintelligence officers open suspicious e-mail system is significantly decreased, suspected Trojans and e-mail sent by the other side, he thinks the military strength of the network in mainland China breakthrough in Taiwan’s defense mechanism, the same time, from far to near, from sparse to dense breakthrough in Taiwan’s network, leakage hackers to obtain maximum control over Taiwan’s network, even information theft Taiwan, paralyzed the network.

Hong Kong military commentator pointed out that Taiwan’s military before there is no conclusive evidence on the allegations of the behavior of the mainland hackers are nerve nationals, and is extremely suspicious

Media said the Chinese mainland should include Taiwan arms sales targets revenge

Military intelligence. September 19, america is probable to determine inside the newest arms earnings to Taiwan. Taiwan “president” Ma Ying-jeou has when when once again publicly purchase U.S. F-16C / D fighters advanced, Ma Ying-jeou claimed a whole whole whole lot higher than twenty instances inside the path of United States army procurement requirements. DPP applicant Tsai Ing-wen a whole whole whole lot an ideal offer more active.

Arms earnings to Taiwan has turn out getting the finest Sino-US relations problems, the sensitivity with this matter, Beijing and Washington is forced to price tag a whole whole whole lot an ideal offer more for its stake. It produces uncertainty higher than Sino-US make trades disputes, dispute the RMB swap pace collectively with other a whole whole whole lot an ideal offer more properly control. an enormous quantity of conflicts amid China and near to to this place is quick to rearrange to sort a producer new false positives, essential to unexpected showdown.

Some people nowadays in Taiwan believe that Sino-US friction, can provide possibilities to strengthen US-Taiwan relations. comparable rules inside the quantity of leaders even although inside the Western Pacific ideas there. possessing stated that it will probable be most possible probably the most risky in Taiwan think so, for that target how the so-called “Taiwan-US” escalation of anxiousness on this system, Taiwan is not merely no method to escape, along utilizing the best will probable be most possible probably the most enduring. Taiwan “from the sidelines,” the probability does not exist.

China’s go up offered the fact that psychological pressure, the impulse of American neighborhood in China preserve on to go up strong. U.S. arms earnings to Taiwan “to the chinese language program text message coloring of the” most probable operating point, Taiwan preserve on to purchase F-16C / D, identical inside the path of initiative for that U.S. wrestling Dazao ring, which the present progress of Taiwan along utilizing the basic tactic of relations utilizing the mainland opposite.

In fact, equally Ma Ying-jeou, or wen exceptionally clear, dozens of new F-16 jet do not alter the strategic circumstance even although inside the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan’s defense is dependent upon no create a massive difference no issue whether it strike the mainland on unification and independence utilizing the red-colored line. If Taiwan cross the line, it certainty of war, disaster, how numerous F-16 also can not assure it. Taiwan to purchase U.S. military, intended to lift US-Taiwan army relations. Rather, Taiwan is in choice utilizing the U.S. army system, an enormous bribe, is considerable priced inside the path of United States to invest a defense fee.

But this only these times to invest defense money, unquestionably pen bucks wasted. The mainland should preserve celebration measures, to create specific that Taiwan critically really feel the bucks in swap for not blessing, but disaster. swiftly pursuing the earlier arms earnings to Taiwan, Beijing’s principal concentrate on is revenge Washington, Taipei lasting retaliation should turn out getting pulled in. Taipei, Beijing sanctions suggests a whole whole whole lot higher in comparison with sanctions Washington.

If the US-Taiwan arms earnings amid the downward trend, the sizing utilizing the mainland’s protest to preserve the genuine level. But once the US-Taiwan “forward arch,” the mainland can not stand. This informed Washington in advance, to create Taipei a whole whole whole lot an ideal offer more clearly, it may possibly not typically wave of revenge in Beijing by “preferential treatment.” Arms earnings to Taiwan once the mainland desired to solve the problem, they should boost the pressure, will consist of be worried to invest element of Taipei. excellent last results with this alter will probable be increased than a unfavorable role. This effect is dependent often on our political will, as opposed to some little something else.

In 1998, Turkey has utilized “fire to destroy” the serious threat, warning Xi clan-controlled areas of Cyprus to not deploy missiles invested in from Russia. That warning is exceptionally sharp, but sooner or later on executed a role. A continent which has for that “Taiwan independence” utilized the threat of comparable intensity, it is as well intense, might not be perfect for equally sides. possessing stated the fact that lasting of Taiwan once the mainland desired to quit some outrageous behavior, numerous accelerated intensity in comparison with earlier actual physical exercise of warning we should not rule out the option.

The fast progress utilizing the mainland, it has brought the geopolitical modifications in direction, along utilizing the “Taiwan independence” is totally the opposite direction. Political and fiscal realities utilizing the Western Pacific will preserve raising arms earnings to Taiwan repression. Taiwan’s principal political forces in all sort of army procurement, which exhibits that Taiwan’s political soil inside the problem. To alter this soil, the mainland with determination, you will create a difference.

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Taiwan Major General Yin Sheng xian said that if the Philippines in the Spratly Islands war, the two sides will join forces to attack

Latest news, the South China Sea dispute and then turmoil, Taiwan’s navy reserve major general recently Yin Sheng xian told Hong Kong media interview said that if the warships sent by the mainland and the Philippines conflict, “is currently stationed in the Pacific island of Taiwan would stand idly by, the absolute will not help the Philippines fight the PLA. ” However, the Philippines should attempted takeover of the Pacific islands, the mainland may be shot to help form another “KMT-CPC cooperation,” “time for the Philippines, whether the PLA or Taiwan are Chinese military.”

Taiwan Affairs Office said in: maintaining sovereignty over the Nansha Islands is the common responsibility of compatriots on both sides.

Yin Sheng xian Huangpu China is now the whole world will be standing concentric supervisors, he believes that to solve the South China Sea or the Diaoyu Islands dispute, the key lies in China’s attitude, he observed, the mainland of South China Sea is not enough strong. He said that on this issue, the mainland is now the slogan that the two sides should jointly defend the “patrimony,” but of course, is to maintain patrimony “national army” of responsibility, the mainland’s People’s Liberation Army have a responsibility.

In Taiwan, Yin Sheng xian said, Hsu Shui-teh as in Taiwan, “interior minister” when there was a time to stand in the Pratas “National boundary markers”, which is a very absurd thing, because really say “borders” should be in territorial waters, how the island. Through him to the then Taiwan, “Defense Ministry” high-level recommendations, establish the “National boundary markers” regarding this cancellation, but a trip or to go, also established on the East Sand Island “Pratas’ names monument.

Many times had been to East Sand Island, Nansha three times that of Yin Sheng xian, when Taiwan’s navy would have to spend just a trip to the Spratly Islands three weeks, at least 20 days, the fear is that water control is a daily limit open for use when fresh. He also remember that the voyage to the Nansha freshwater control to the last person one day only about 1,000 cc, finally to the Nansha islands in Xuan Wei soldiers, officers and soldiers were stationed in the island to the feedback is that they can comfortably take a bath .

Yin Sheng xian said that although Chen Shui-term withdrawal of the East, Nansha garrison, but in the Pacific islands are Taiwan’s Fourth Army, which is Taiwan, “Coast Guard” of the army stationed. Once the real war, “the mainland really was grateful for Taiwan” as troops or Xu Taiping Island in Taiwan, the PLA will also provide fresh water supplies, to form another “KMT-CPC cooperation.”

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Taiwan will send a missile boats and tanks stationed in Taiping Island, Nansha

In China and Vietnam on the South China Sea when the event intensified, more recently, a new dynamic, Taiwan, South China Sea will be a third party involved in the incident.

According to the “Southeast Express” reported that the face of heated controversy Nansha, Taiwan’s military has stationed in the South China Sea that would send the missile boats, and in the control tanks stationed on the disputed islands. Spratly Islands is currently the largest island of Taiping Island in Taiwan under the control.

Taiwan’s “Defense Ministry” recently claimed that, fearing stationed in the Nansha Islands and eastern Pacific sand Coast Guard forces, military equipment is insufficient to meet potential conflicts. “Defense Ministry” spokesman Luo Shao and said that the decision to provide “Seagull class” missile boats, M41A3 tanks and other weaponry to the type of “Coast Guard” Pacific Island stationed forces.

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Taiwan Diaoyu Islands ship went to claim sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands

Chinese Diaoyu Islands Association executive director Yinbi Xiong Huang Xilin and 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, take Yehliu membership “Thanksgiving 90 on the 9th,” fishing boats, to the Diaoyu Islands, “fishing”, a smooth sea conditions the past two days, scheduled to arrive this morning Diaoyu Islands waters.

Huang Xilin night said 10 o’clock at night to see the Japan Coast Guard at sea has been monitoring the ship, far behind with the boats, the rear is more distant is Taiwan’s Coast Guard boats.

Arrived at the Diaoyu Islands waters, he wished to Tachia’s Chen Lan Matsu statue invited to send the Diaoyu Islands, and declared sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands in China and protest the seizure of the Japanese mainland fishing boats in the waters of the Diaoyu Islands.

“Coast Guard Maritime Patrol Directorate General Deputy Secretary,” Lin Xingheng that it would be to protect the public safety of maritime activities, and have a complete and thorough contingency disposal plan; Coast Guard Office weekdays in waters northeast of Taiwan, there will be two to three fixed Guard patrol boat, patrol boat commander of the authorization at any time depending on sea conditions strain.

It is understood that the size of at least 11 ships in the escort within a certain distance, if necessary, any rush to the rescue, coastal patrol boats are accompanied by special agents to cope with the situation.

Huang Xilin yesterday, two fishing vessels originally looking for a boat carrying people in Taiwan Diaoyu Islands, Diaoyu Islands are a set of seven Hong Kong and Macau, with Hong Kong from Yehliu sea, but in the end could not find people willing to set the Diaoyutai Hong Kong and Macao, the fishing boats, seven Diaoyu Islands are no places Hong Kong and Macao can take a boat had to return to Hong Kong from Taiwan.

Huang Xilin 1 pm yesterday, more, please visit the Matsu statue, “Gratitude 90 on the 9th,” fishing boat, seven Hong Kong and Macao to take advantage of the opportunity to protest banners and flags, along with Huang Xilin board, port security by the terminal to customs formations, sea patrol boat followed in the next.

Boat dock, the Hong Kong and Macao people do not want to disembark, let them protest against the Taiwan authorities to suppress the sea. “Deputy Director of Immigration,” Rong village in discouraging them, to the pier shows in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao residents shall not engage in activities inconsistent with the purposes of the permission, otherwise, cancellation or revocation of entry and exit permits and affect the future application to Taiwan.

Both sides are to 1:50 p.m., Hong Kong and Macao who decided to give up, in the “Down with Japanese imperialism” and other slogans sound disembark, back to the hotel to pack up to return.

Huang Xilin Yehliu yesterday to Hong Kong, only to find no manual with the crew, fishing boat crew manual to take home after the 15:45 to the sea, the harbor four “Coast Guard” patrol boats to follow departure.

Over the past Diaoyu Islands are without a crew qualifications, can take the fun out to sea to sea fishing boats, not offshore 24 years; Huang Xilin said that last year sea Diaoyu Islands were “difficulties”, the association members to participate in training in groups, to obtain fishing crew card easy ride fishing vessels; Diaoyu Islands is a long war, he must now learn to sail, Mingnianzaikao master card.

Diaoyu Islands boat not starting call, on behalf of the Taiwan-Japan protests

Taiwan’s sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands Diaoyu Islands to declare the sea, Taiwan’s “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” yesterday by the “Chief Minister” Shen Lu patrol summoned “the Japanese Representative to Taiwan,” Imai is, and issued a statement, reaffirmed China’s sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, also emphasized that this was civil spontaneous behavior, the Taiwan authorities safeguard safety, the Japanese side from the global focus, “not to intervene.”

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” the Chief Minister Shen Lu patrol called in at 3 pm yesterday, Imai is on the Japanese ship has been in public service activities in the area expressed “deep concern” and hope the Japanese side not to touch the issue of sovereignty.

Shen Lu patrol stressed that the Taiwan people to the Diaoyu Islands waters activities, the Taiwan authorities have the right according to the law and protect their security, the Japanese side not to intervene, should be a peaceful and rational manner; this, Imai is only as the Japanese position.

But Japan’s Kyodo News reported from Taipei that Taiwan’s “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” asked Japan not to harm Diaoyu Islands vessels Taiwan, Japan, Taiwan representative of the fishing boats were released to the Diaoyu Islands to Taiwan regrets.

Kyodo News said, Imai Shen Lu visits are also to protest against Taiwan, the Taiwan authorities in the Diaoyutai fishing voyage, that “Taiwan-Japan relations would be detrimental, very sorry.”

Although the Diaoyutai to secure rights and interests of Taiwan people, but the Diaoyutai engaged in Hong Kong and Macao people, Taiwan’s “Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” said, according to “Hong Kong and Macau Relations Ordinance” requirements, into Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Jumin if engaged with the purpose approved of the activities, according to the law may cancel or revoke entry and exit permits, can not come back Taiwan in the future; please related to comply with in order to avoid offense.

“Foreign Affairs” that Diaoyu Islands as Chinese territory, and administrative jurisdiction in the “Tahsi in Ilan County towns.” Taiwan, Diaoyu Islands Diaoyu Islands waters are going to claim sovereignty, just as “private voluntary act”, the authorities will safeguard security.

“Ma Ying-jeou should be hard up!” Ilan County Magistrate Lin Congxian yesterday criticized the Diaoyu Islands become a slogan, he suggested that Ma Ying-jeou, a clear declaration that the Diaoyu Islands to China, and Taiwan, Japanese fishermen will not easily be seized. replica Isabel marant sneakers

Taiwan will buy U.S. long-range early warning radar completed next year

U.S. sales, a cost of more than 40 billion (NT, the same below) to build the long-range early warning radar will be completed next year, 3,000 km of various types of launch within a short, medium-range missiles or cruise missiles, were able to escape this electric eye radar control. Skepticism from the outside, this is only seven minutes ahead of time that would be a missile attack on the defense does not make sense.

Taiwan’s military said U.S. sales of this long-range early warning radar in Alaska than the settings in the UK and other places in the system or even advanced. In addition to the original design for air reconnaissance and other kinds of missiles and fighter aircraft, the necessary lighting can also be converted in pairs, but only on the air or on the alternative ground, after the completion of early warning radar is mainly used for monitoring high-altitude ballistic missiles.

Outsiders have questioned the long-range early warning radar to Taiwan, the only seven minutes ahead of time that would be a missile attack on the defense does not make sense.

There are military generals have admitted that the original procurement in Taiwan to the United States this system, in addition to synchronization with the U.S. military hoped to share intelligence, the main purpose or to narrow the gap between the political and strategic relations with the United States. But the last two years the United States to install secret software system requirements, the opening of the early warning radar, the two sides to share the intelligence needs further observation.

Code-named “Pong plan” long-range early warning radar, to start the period, the United States has repeatedly complained that too many natural disasters in Taiwan, many project to the Taiwan Air Force request for additional cost billions; Ma Ying-jeou took office after the U.S. government’s intelligence for the system to share also suspicion there last year, suddenly asked to install “anti-leak intelligence software”, and related costs 1.8 billion project price actually paid by the Taiwan requirements.

This KMT “legislators” Lin Yu-fang, Shuai Hua-min, also criticized this is unreasonable, the U.S. military finally agreed to cut in this year’s 500 million yuan of which the “risk reserve fund” supplementary budget dropped to 1.25 billion yuan, with in R & D “anti-tampering technology protection technology” related works to be completed next year as scheduled. Sells High Quality isabel marant online store, Isabel Marant Sneakers, Fashion,sneakers isabel marant at very affordable prices online