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ROK Navy commander will be the first held by the women,

USFK commander of the navy for the first time by the women, as. U.S. Department of Defense published information on the 28th, said Colonel Brigadier General, and appointed commander of the U.S. Navy in Korea.

Born in Rochester, NY Fran Chedi journalism graduate of Northwestern University, he worked in the Navy ROTC service. After she served as captain of the destroyer, mainly in the Mediterranean, the North Atlantic to perform such tasks. Fran Chedi in the Atlantic Fleet Command and the Naval Academy operations are governed by the surrounding highly. She also won the outstanding work of national defense medal, Navy meritorious medals and other awards.

Currently the military department as assistant secretary of the Navy, Rochester will become commander of U.S. forces stationed in South Korea region Navy Commander and UNC’s Navy commander.

A source in Washington to accept an interview with Yonhap said that this was the first time in Korea Navy commander held by women. Fran Chedi not only within the Navy to get high marks, but has a very outstanding ability to work. Although there is no experience of working in South Korea, but also responsible for formulating policies related to the Navy and the Republic of Korea-related work. So far, Fran Chedi assumed date not yet determined.

U.S. military bases 20MW of PV projects looking for partners

The U.S. military is looking for a photovoltaic company responsible for a military base in Arizona 20 MW solar power plant construction and operation, this is a 30-year energy supply part of the agreement.

The U.S. military is looking for the solar industry partners, is responsible for developing the military base located in Arizona, a 20-megawatt photovoltaic project.

The U.S. military will be in the coming months to determine the PV PV power plant operators to provide for the financing, construction and operation services, which will provide up to 30 years of military energy supply.

The U.S. government is currently conducting market research to determine the eligibility of the project construction enterprises, the plant will be located in Cochise County, southeastern Arizona Huachuca.

U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Army is responsible for large-scale renewable energy projects in the U.S. Army Energy Initiative Task Force, announced last week the project.

U.S. Army intends to procure capacity of photovoltaic power generation facilities to nearly 20 MW peak. EITF said the government will purchase only electricity generated by photovoltaic power plants, rather than the generation assets itself.

In the coming months, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project proposals will be issued HNC tender application, which is part of a competitive selection process to identify a third-party developer in charge of the PV system financing, design, construction, operation, have and maintenance of photovoltaic systems. The Government will work with selected developers to sign a 30-year power purchase agreement.

U.S. Secretary of State Warren warned Russia not to sell missiles to Syria

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned Russia not to sell missiles to the Syrian government, because it would shake the stability of the region.Kerry also said he is seeking diplomatic efforts to end the bloody conflict in Syria.

Kerry reiterated the attitude of the United States of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and do not want to have any role in the transitional government, and hope that the Syrian parties to be resolved through negotiations have been deadlocked for 26 months of the crisis. Russia plans to sell $ 900 million worth of advanced anti-aircraft missiles news exposure to Syria, the Syrian situation has become more complicated.

Kerry said: “We had previously said that for Israel, the missile is stable and potentially destabilize the region, so we articulate the concerns of the United States has repeatedly indicated that it wants Russia not to provide assistance to Syria.” “The Wall Street Journal “reported that Israel has proposed to the United States warned that Russia plans to sell Syria the advanced S-300 missile batteries. This ground-to-air weapons to shoot down aircraft or guided missiles, but also the West to intervene in Syria is more complex.

At the same time, Syria has also warned that if Israel attacks on its territory, Syria “immediate reaction”.

The United States and other 41 countries will be held in the Gulf exercises

The Navy began more than 41 countries gathered in Bahrain, ready to hold large-scale exercises in the Gulf, including mine clearance and escort merchant ships.

The exercise code-named “international demining training, scheduled for next week, is expected to continue until the end of this month. 6, 2009, the country participated in the drill began to build and staff integration. ”

The U.S. Navy said in a statement, the exercises from the land-based training, and then moved to the Gulf, to carry out the training of mine clearance and escort.

Fifth Fleet statement, it will be “the largest in this region in a similar exercise. John Miller said the annual exercise is designed to enhance the ability of international naval protection of the freedom of navigation of international waters, the U.S. Navy Central Command commander.

Agence France-Presse reported that 35 ships, 18 unmanned underwater vessels and more than 100 explosive ordnance disposal divers will take part in the exercise.

Do not know which countries to participate in this year’s exercise. Last year, the first international demining training exercises, Britain, France, Estonia, New Zealand and some countries in the Middle East to participate.

The United States, Israel claimed that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons, does not rule out military strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities may be. Iran responded that such attack will blockade the Strait of Hormuz, Gulf.

The United States and its allies intend to hold new exercises in the Gulf, Iranian Navy Commander Habibullah saya said on Monday Iran will soon be deployed in the Gulf a new mine clearance systems, “trans-regional enemies in this region (hostile) move, we will be able to clean the seabed. “

U.S. says China worries Second Artillery had been hit, without the ability to fight back

Recently, the United States’ cardinal analysis annual appear a address advantaged “China’s cardinal weapons addition with the Sino-US aegis relations”, the authors of the address for the Princeton University assistant of backroom and all-embracing relations Thomas · J Christensen. This advertisement arrangement analyzes yield abounding annual of the accomplishments and the aboriginal ambition of China at this stage, agilely advance cardinal weapons modernization, discussed in detail the cachet quo of China’s cardinal nuclear weapons, as able-bodied as the approaching challenges of the United States. The bi-weekly called allotment of the accommodation to be compiled, a advertence work.
U.S. aegis analysts and is accepted to see cogent addition in the development of China’s nuclear, but humans are not abiding Chinese admiral the aforementioned way that may not. The antithesis of adeptness in the angle of the Chinese humans is the a lot of important, rather than objective, compared with net appraisal of China’s nuclear armament beyond the Pacific, the Chinese aristocratic appearance of Beijing’s nuclear aegis is added important. From the binding adept point of view, these are all absolute important. Which are applicative to the United States and China.
It is appear that the accelerated advance of the U.S. missile aegis and abhorrent weapons, China has a able abundant second-strike adequacy or abide after aloft addition if has this adeptness to say the Chinese aristocratic bidding doubts. In 2011, abreast sources said Chinese aggressive aristocratic do not acquire that China has a reliable second-strike capability, this adeptness is aswell absolute limited. Chinese leaders may acquire that the abutment of the aggressive addition in contempo years, Beijing will be the aboriginal to acquire a reliable nuclear bang capability, as Brad Roberts, Michael Chase, Andrew Erickson, Robert Ross, Kerr · Leber and Daryl Pulie Si and added experts said. Chase Erickson said, “significant differences abide amid the ahead about abstract article of the Additional Artillery Corps, and its absolute capacity, looks China is at the bend to accommodate such differences.”
PLA abstract sparked affair the aboriginal time to action the blackmail of nuclear and accepted face altered forms of Chinese nuclear adequacy (including precision-guided ammunition and cyberbanking warfare) to abbreviate the time of the acknowledgment to the attack, apprenticed the Additional Artillery Corps. Chase and Erickson, “Chinese nuclear armament aggregate allotment of the qualitative change, some advised to advance the activity of its nuclear armament face of avant-garde attention strike.” Said Brad Roberts, the Chinese leaders to their apropos about weaknesses in the face of U.S. attention bang adequacy nuclear bridle capability, can be traced aback to the Jiang Zemin era – the aboriginal time as aboriginal as in 1991 if the Gulf War, the U.S. attention bang adequacy has been accurate to be absolute effective. According to reports, the nineties of the endure aeon – was accomplished by China and the blackmail of sea-based nuclear accommodation – the aloft carnality administrator of Central Aggressive Commission, Liu Huaqing the admiral admits, “in the accomplishing of a ample calibration for the aboriginal time a nuclear strike, I Fanglu Ji nuclear adversary missile adaptation amount of beneath than 10%, while the adaptation adeptness of submarine-launched ballistic missiles will acquiesce us to advance a nuclear argue capabilities. “However, China’s addition schedule, no amount the believability of China’s nuclear bridle adequacy to accurate abysmal suspicion.
In the Federation of the Sino-US nuclear issue, the Chinese experts anguish that the United States will body its nuclear armament in accordance with China’s additional nuclear bang adequacy – this abhorrence from the advance of the U.S. missile aegis and non-nuclear bang capabilities. Apple Aggressive Analysis Department of the Chinese Academy of Aggressive Sciences Analysis Office, Aloft General Yao Yunzhu, fabricated it bright that in adjustment to advance the adequacy of the nuclear arsenal, China accept to backpack out modernization, in adjustment to ensure that the nuclear force suffered the aboriginal blow. Really absorbed for some doubtful strikes Americans, the aristocratic of the aboriginal nuclear bang may appointment fear, ability complete a little insincere, but in fact, in agreement of the cardinal armament of all countries in the apple its primary assignment is to survive in the ambiance of war. U.S. leaders abandonment adjoin the Soviet Union, to body able nuclear Trinity force humans to appear to this conclusion: If you angle on the Chinese point of view, the U.S. leaders not to acquire alone 20 aqueous ammunition intercontinental ballistic missiles constitutes additional nuclear bang capability, abnormally in the United States active the the accessible accepted and nuclear ahead when.
If the aloft account is true, again the brittle and accessible castigating nuclear forces, to be able to acquire an appulse on the approaching of Sino-US cardinal alternation added reliable castigating nuclear force changes in, not alone of abstract significance, but aswell has a applied acceptation . The face of the United States and its bounded alliances and aegis collaborators from a bleak point of view, China’s leaders may be added angrily than anytime to avert its bounded interests. In arresting the accepted interests of China, the bearings is abnormally true. offer the Latest and High Quality replica cartier watches sale full range of Cartier Replica Watches – replica Ballon Bleu cartier watches,Tank,Roadster,Santos 100,replica tank cartier watch,Must 21,Calibre De Cartier,Pasha and so on.Free Shipping Worldwide!

U.S. attack submarines and an Aegis-class guided missile cruiser collision

A Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered attack submarine, an Aegis-class guided missile cruiser collided on the afternoon of the 13th

BEIJING, Oct. 15 – According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered attack submarine, a routine training in the afternoon of the 13th, an Aegis-class guided missile cruiser collided.

The Pentagon said the two ships on the staff no one was injured, and emphasized that the nuclear reactors in the nuclear submarine “not closing the collision impact.

The Los Angeles-class “Montpellier” nuclear-powered attack submarines, Aegis-class guided missile cruiser San Jacinto “participate in” collective voyage together with other ships, ship involved in a collision.

According to the U.S. Navy said, around 15:30 the same day, “San Jacinto” missile cruiser bridge found the submarine’s periscope rises suddenly in front of less than 200 m deep waters.

Although the bridge issue “All Back” command, but it was too late, the two ships collided final.

Navy officials said, “San Jacinto” sonar shield damage on impact. Sonar cover at the front of the ship, spherical, is below the plane, with some electronic equipment, including positioning, detection and ranging equipment.

In the event of a collision, the training site for all ships immediately establish contact.

The military said the group has been investigating the cause of the accident will be investigated.

“San Jacinto” cruiser put into use in 1988, “Montpellier” nuclear submarine service in 1991. The mid-1970s Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered attack submarine equipped navy. This level nuclear submarine attacks and strong at first can be equipped with the fish fork missiles and traditional wire-guided torpedoes, followed by the installation of 12 vertical launchers for the launch of the “Tomahawk” cruise missiles. The two ships will be deployed in the “Harry Xian Shu door” aircraft carrier battle groups.

Google Maps reveal secret U.S. military UAV base

According for that British advertising reports, yahoo and google satellite pictures are most likely to leak america of America ‘s best countrywide safety secrets. through an on the net map program, individuals can see the army bottom from the bird’s eyesight view, which also incorporated a solution airstrip.

According for that British” day-to-day Mail” reported on dec 11th, yahoo and google is once more disputed, supplied that in its discharge satellite map, it may research for that army bottom map. At exactly the identical time, the operator can not merely enlarge the photo and observation jet runway, even could see belongs for that American best solution army uav. this really is situated within of america of America Nevada card lake near to the army bottom in copy cartier calibre watch solution jet runway, is employed to check comparable to last 1 week experienced been shot decrease much more than Iran RQ-170 unmanned scout.

The United States oxygen Force retired colonel Cedric Leiden said:” Iran may possibly have inside the bottom of operations of most interest, supplied that this really is informed them, we are within of the monitoring job the right way to fly.” He added:” yahoo and google is generally a army and intelligence community’s only provinces known.”

Aviation industry well-known site” global aviation” claims, global airlines are already found within of america Nevada near to Lake card solution army base, as well as the plane channel” Predator” or” death” unmanned satellite pictures show. Aviation industry well-known web-site said:” these satellite images, was used earlier within of the twelve weeks 2011, accessible in yahoo and google maps to see. The photo may possibly show 5200 ft of cartier watches replica jacob & co. replica watches tarmac runway, as well as standard atomic company” Predator” MQ-1 or MQ-9″ death” UAV is dragged to the parking frame.”

” The airport has 4 sizes from the hangar, in which a hangar that contains double leaf doors arc, it could possibly be america of America UAV working features.” ” global aviation” said,” the airport details, which include the cease airport, safe, could possibly be the building from the situation could possibly be obviously displayed.”

F-22 upgrade-to-ground attack capability

In November 22nd, the united states division of defense is becoming related with Lockheed Martin signed a to F-22″ Raptor” fighter modernising contract, the complete worth of about $7400000000. According toward the united states army requirement, Lockheed Martin will F-22 element of airborne method update and upgrade its combat performance.

According toward the experts to speculate, Lockheed Martin can be in accordance with Increment 3.2 specifications for that implementation for the upgrade program. inside the modified is completed, the united states army productive duty F-22 could have for the 8 SDB” tiny caliber bombs” impartial guidance ability, but at the same time can transmit AIM-9X and AIM-120D” air-to-air” missile capability. so that you just can expand to hold the weapon, of F-22 interface and weapon method help program.Product recommendation:rolex ladies watches

At present, the united states Army in accordance using the Increment 3.1 basic for the F-22 upgrade is coming to an end. inside the method most appropriate after the upgrade is complete, F-22 can be equipped with artificial aperture radar and throwing the SDB bomb ability. In addition, the plane will also set up new electric warfare equipment. With these improvements, F-22 can possess the ability to independently detect targets for the soil and at identical time to no much greater compared to concentrate on attack. In addition, the items will also possess the ability to strike the soil shifting target.Recommend similar products:zenith port royal watches

What contact for factors out is, as a final result of the actuality for the soil assault ability is limited, resulting in F-22 missed the NATO oxygen strike in opposition to Libya action. the united states oxygen Force productive F-22 fighter even although the lightweight two 450 kg JDAM guided bomb for the fixation concentrate on for reliability attack, but not in opposition to soil shifting target. At identical time, the F-22 also does not possess the soil drawing ability, unable to independently choose the targets for the ground.

The United States oxygen force is equipped with 186 F-22. the united states oxygen Force earlier subsequent year, will obtain the last airline flight for the fighter, most appropriate after its producing will stop, however the producing collection can be preserved, so that you just can safeguard the long-term of productive duty jet upkeep and development work. the united states division of defense is becoming announced on the commencing of the year, can be inside the subsequent numerous many years $16000000000 on F-22 modernize. More quality recommended:replica tag heuer grand carrera

The United States will deploy in the South China Sea littoral combat ship invisible

Military intelligence. Based on foreign media reviews, the U . s . States is delivering a brand new generation of high-speed stealth warships – “Independence” Littoral Combat Ship towards the questionable waters from the South China Ocean, South China Ocean dispute the U.S. position.

Aboard the ships worth $ 440 million is going to be used in Hong Kong and Singapore, on between your funnel. In this region, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Singapore and China on the dispute over maritime limitations.

“Independence” was released this past year particularly to battle in shallow water areas. Outfitted having a British company manufactured diameter of 57 mm MKIlO kind of gun like a defensive tool, as well as the air, land and underwater missile target. They can also carry three helis and special forces outfitted with armored automobiles. By lounging ramp, armored automobiles into combat immediately, motorboats may also be in the stern in the beginning.

The graceful spend of the ship they reflect the use of stealth technology, stable trimaran created for combat within the South China Ocean.

U.S. experts even declare that this ship in anti-submarine, minesweeping, surveillance, reconnaissance and deployment of troops in efficiency “much better than any known Chinese ships.”

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U.S. “Ohio” cruise missile submarine test-fired Tomahawk missiles during the second island chain, intended to deter China

International news. Fear of the Chinese aircraft carrier would affect the status of U.S. forces in the Pacific, the U.S. Navy cruise missile submarine, “Ohio” (17,000 tons) has the Mariana Islands in the Pacific waters of the “Tomahawk” cruise missile live firing training is intended to “shock and awe” of China.

It is reported that in the U.S. view, the Mariana Islands, the Chinese navy set of “Ocean line of defense.” U.S. Guam – Ogasawara Islands – Mariana Islands – Papua New Guinea island is set to “2 island chain.”

Experts believe that the “second island chain” is a U.S. Navy competition for a “focus area.” Relying on the core U.S. Navy base in Guam, by nuclear submarines and stealth bombers, bombing into the Chinese mainland. U.S. Navy “Tomahawk” cruise missile live-fire training, intended to “counter” Chinese “anti-intervention strategy.” The U.S. military believes that once the war in the Taiwan region, the U.S. Navy can quickly enter the theater.

According to the U.S. military said, “Ohio” to U.S. military bases in Guam, 240 kilometers north of the Mariana Islands, an uninhabited island as a target in the August 4 in a “Tomahawk” missile live-fire training and success. U.S. Navy, said, “live-fire training can also improve the Navy stationed in Japan and the U.S. 7th Fleet’s technology.”

According to the U.S. Defense Department data shows that the live firing training of the “Tomahawk” cruise missiles the United States developed a defensive fire from the enemy deep strike weapons out of the loop projection, to self-land, ships, air and underwater launching, mainly used for regional targets for strict implementation of fortification precision attack.

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