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Chinese commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, the reporter learned from the Korean War Memorial, the museum across the country after ten years of investigation and verification, as of now confirmed a total of 183,108 officers and men of the Chinese People’s Volunteers who died for their country during the war.

Dandong City, Liaoning Province, located in the territory of the Korean War Memorial is the only volunteer to participate in a fully reflect the theme that war memorial. During the Korean War Memorial located in the invaded range firepower of the invaders on the Korean peninsula, U.S. military aircraft had been repeatedly bombed.

Library Statistics figures are volunteers fight and die for the number of people directly involved, including the post-war victims and the wounded died and other non-battle casualties. These volunteer soldiers from mainland China except Tibet in 30 provinces and autonomous regions.

According to museum researcher Zhang Zhongyong introduction, starting from the end of the century, the museum through the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a notice, and sent down to the country except Tibet, more than 480 county level cities 2,670 units, from the county where the most basic civil martyr Inside the list, one by one check.

Walk in the Korean War Memorial’s “wall of volunteer soldiers” on both sides, visitors can clearly see the “wall of volunteer soldiers,” the middle of the wreath in the number of volunteer soldiers marked: 183 108, is a museum wall on both sides of the provinces and autonomous regions, respectively, Statistics Number of sacrifice:

1173 people in Fujian; Gansu 1259 people; Yunnan 1604 people; Jiangxi 3258 people; Liaoning 13,374 people; Shandong 19,766 people; Jilin 18,499 people; Sichuan 21,051 people; Hunan 11,541 people; Hebei 11,853 people; Henan 11,048 people; Jiangsu 8444 people; Qinghai 56 person; Chongqing, 9468 people; Anhui 6375 people; Beijing 1551 people; Hubei 7183 people; Guangxi 3418 people; Heilongjiang 8683 people; Shanxi 5488 people; Inner Mongolia 1995 people; Shaanxi 3387 people; Guangdong 3307 people; Hainan 91; Ningxia, 441; 2957 people in Guizhou; Zhejiang 3361 people; Shanghai 1576 people; Tianjin 808; Xinjiang 93.

After the Korean War, the number of volunteers never sacrifice accuracy conclusion, the Chinese People’s Volunteers, “Korean War History” has been published more than 36 volunteers were casualties, but did not volunteer the expense of a separate publication number.

Academy of Social Sciences published in “Contemporary Chinese – Korean War” did not specify the number of volunteers sacrifice. Previously, Korean War Memorial has multiple data collection, the first martyr of Statistics figures are 171,669 people, these are the names of the volunteer soldiers can be found.

Yinji Bo, deputy director of the Korean War Memorial to the reporter, beginning from January 2003, Memorial through sent, letter and telephone verification of other methods, volunteers from across the country began to collect the list of martyrs, registration, verification.

Yinji Bo said: “The number of volunteers at the expense of statistical data, the number is close to the actual sacrifice, even if the new findings further increased the space is minimal. Looking for volunteer martyr work we will continue to be responsible for volunteer martyrs of relatives of martyrs responsible, responsible to history, so that future generations never forget the great achievements of volunteer soldiers. ”

October 19, 1950, the Chinese People’s Volunteers in the commander and political commissar Peng led by the Yalu River into North Korea across the territory, together with the Korean people and army, after two years and nine months of bloody battles, won the Korean War great victory.

Weapons in a very asymmetric two warring sides, the conditions under extremely difficult circumstances, from October 25, 1950 the first battle of two tunnel began, volunteers were 5 consecutive battles, the invading forces from the Yalu and Tumen River back to near the military demarcation line, and ultimately forced the invaders had on July 27, 1953 in the Armistice Agreement was signed. In 1951, the CPC Central Committee decided to fight the two tunnel on October 25 as the anniversary of the Korean War.

CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, the National Vice President Xi Jinping held to commemorate the 25th Chinese People’s Volunteers 60th Anniversary Korean War combat overseas, said the great Korean War, is to defend peace and justice against aggression war. The great victory of the Korean War, is the unity of China and the DPRK people and army’s great victory in the battle is to safeguard world peace and the great victory of human progress.