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Russia said it had destroyed more than 30,000 tons of chemical weapons accounted for 76% of reserves

Russian Industry and Trade Minister Mantuluofu 8th in Bryansk Bo Qiepu chemical weapons destruction facility inspections, said Russia has destroyed more than 30,000 tons of toxic substances, representing all chemical weapons stockpiles of 76%.

“CWC” into force in 1997, a total of 180 countries concluded the Convention, including Russia and the United States.

Mantuluofu said, “We support all possessors of chemical weapons stockpiles to accede to the Convention as of present, we have destroyed more than 30,000 tons of toxic substances, accounting for about 76% of our inventory.”

Mantuluofu explained that the Russian destruction of toxic substances is the other party several times. He pointed out that Russia adheres firmly to the requirements of ecological safety. He said: “As at present, as we implement the destruction of chemical weapons on the special federal program, while 60% ​​of the program funds were used to destroy chemical weapons in security.”

Flowers are “weapons”, cooking is a “hidden weapon”

At first small flower blossoms are blooming flowers, a man with a soft spot for her several. We have resorted to the killer, launched a fierce offensive.

A wealthy, jewelry beautifully, the small blossoms dazzling, Xinjing swaying. Of course, the small blossoms is a sensible woman, although these attractive, but know that potato pick up hot, carefully think twice, or reluctantly part. Not love, even if it is embedded in the body glistening also tickled flustered.

B is a passionate romantic person, Comin one tomorrow bunch of flowers blossoming bombarded, fried small blossoms vanity meet to infinity. Just about desperate to swoop past the critical moment, but admitted to the feet. Flowers, in marriage can only do condiments, however, the staple food of marriage does, what?

C are very common in all aspects, but also excitedly join the ranks of suitors. A and B are contemptuously Pielepiezui, sarcasm he uppity, is simply that what the bird eat the toad. Despite your cynicism, C self-stays, stuck to their heart.

That is not somewhere on the C, the heroine is quite small blossoms contempt. C Active chasing her, she naturally have to respect him, but inside my heart, my C is doing useful work, white bother. Particular day, C said that there are several people to meet the business field, where there will be ladies, invited her to make a paternity. We say to eating out delicacies, like some homemade, so this gathering place is his small room. Small blossoms always been a passionate person, keen on the idea.

She basically served chatting concierge, and C, constantly busy, just two hours, actually raise a sumptuous dinner. Green is green, green is green, and a look at who called mouth water. Ladies kept Mengkua C, have said little blossoms good fortune, after this, a steady stream of happy days.

Small blossoms know ladies mistaken. She Miaole Miao C, would like to explain. Stern C waved desperately to please, so she wants to say to swallow life and life goes. Praise and more intense, and she would like to explain the heart is getting weak. She thought that such fireworks day, not that what you want!

Passengers scattered, she began helping C pack dishes. C slightly surprised, but surprised quickly converted to surprise. Small blossoms gently said something: our future so. The C’re elated. He made it clear that he has finally locked the little blossoms swaying love sinking of the heart.

Small blossoms clear, flowers can only be used to watch, unable to penetrate into the bone marrow of marriage, the marriage can not take root, to contribute to the stability of the marriage. Flowers certainly is a weapon, I can easily win a lot of love, but cooking is definitely more sharp than the flowers, hidden weapon, hidden weapon which really hit the bull!

Russia’s arms trade, an increase of nearly 15 percent most successful helicopter deal

Russian President Vladimir Putin again siloviki faction and financiers gathered in the Kremlin to discuss military-technical cooperation with foreign issues. Putin pointed out that the conclusion of last year all industry performance, the arms trade is undoubtedly one of the most successful industries. The talks also focused on “how to get more long-term development of the arms trade” to start.

Putin said, “This year’s first transaction showed that the Russian military technology and equipment supply external cooperation have been strengthened, compared to last year, weapons and military equipment exports increased by nearly 15%. Want to continue to maintain this momentum, This requires the government to implement a more aggressive policy of the Russian defense industry’s growing high-tech product orders in terms of the country’s economic situation is very complex, but for the country to create more jobs so we must pass the entire production chain, improve Russia’s technological level. ”

As Russia’s military implemented a series of optimization trade policy, so far in this area have not encountered financial problems, although just economic crisis, but the amount of funds appropriated for this industry is huge.

Putin said the Russian military and industrial expertise has also been and will continue to get full support. In the last three years, the federal budget in the only form of allowances allocated to this sector amount has more than 2.7 billion rubles.

Putin has developed mechanisms to promote Russian military trade with the countries, in order to finance the introduction of foreign advanced technology.

In the last three decades, a large number of Russian weapons and military equipment sold to repay the debt. Heads of State has set an example for the Russian people, and now they are considering for their business partners to provide export credits, of course, it must be a responsible business partner.

The most successful in foreign markets is one of Russia’s goods trade transactions helicopter. Sale of helicopters in Russia has formed the scale, has more than 9,000 helicopters were shipped to the world more than 100 countries and regions.

Russian helicopter company has won a high reputation in the domestic. Putin praised Russian helicopter technical and operational capabilities better than most countries. In resolving military and humanitarian tasks in the country’s most difficult times, in extreme climatic conditions and circumstances, Russian helicopters to come forward. They are undoubtedly indispensable.

Now Russia faces the main task is to maintain and gradually strengthening domestic product in the world market place. The first step is to establish closer cooperation with our customers to develop better sales and service mechanism.

Syria has used chemical weapons in the conflict

There are “reasonable grounds” believes, Syria conflict have used a limited number of chemical weapons. This is the Syrian conflict broke out more than two years, the International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, Syria conflict arises in all kinds of war crimes for the first time in reference to “chemical weapons.” The committee in its report has not been recognized by the use of chemical weapons, what kind of chemical substances, and who the user is. Reports that the Syrian conflict on the use of chemical weapons allegations require further investigation. Meanwhile the report again called on Syria to allow UN official investigation team to investigate into the Syrian territory.

Report criticized the Syrian parties to the conflict – government forces and anti-government forces in the conflict behavior that parties to the conflict have committed war crimes, but the rebels violations of human rights “does not reach the Syrian government forces and pro-government militias strength and scale. ”

4 French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said, according to the French laboratory samples Syrian chemical weapons used in conflicts is sarin. Fabius aspect of this argument has not been confirmed by the United Nations.

Also hearing the General Command of the 5th Syrian army said in a statement on Gu Seer army town and its surrounding areas to carry out comprehensive military operations, on the 5th completely occupied Gu Seer town, “resumed the whole territory of the town of Gu Seer security and stability. ”

Gu Seer town near the Syrian border with Lebanon, the central city of Homs, as well as major cities between Homs and Damascus highway, the Syrian parties to the conflict are considered competing in the central region of strategic importance. Syrian opposition occupied the Gu Seer town last year.

Russia said they do not plan new weapons with Syria signed export contracts

Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov said that Russia has no plans and Syria signed a new arms export contract.

Ushakov in answer to whether Russia plans to abolish the EU arms embargo on Syria signed with the country’s new military contracts question, said: “As far as I know, Russia does not intend to sign a new contract.”

Ushakov also said he believes that the EU arms embargo on Syria to cancel the decision not to promote the constructive second preparatory meeting in Geneva.

EU foreign ministers meeting on the 27th issued a statement to announce that member states on whether to lift the arms embargo on Syria to reach a compromise, that the existing sanctions against Syria after the expiration of the lifting of the arms embargo against Syria. The statement also said that the EU would implement a new round of Syria for 12 months of sanctions.

EU to lift the arms embargo on Syria’s decision caused great controversy in the international arena. Syria’s official news agency reported that on the 28th, the date of the Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the EU strongly condemned the decision, saying the practice “impede the international community, through political means to resolve the crisis in Syria.”

In addition, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov on the 28th that the EU decision to lift the arms embargo on Syria Syria is not conducive to promoting political stability, but made ​​with the European Union based in Geneva communique declared contrary.

Karzai went to India seeking heavy weapons

Afghan President Hamid Karzai May 21 meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New Delhi, India sought to provide more security for the A and military aid to help the Afghan authorities to cope with the increasingly tight security situation in the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the 2014 NATO after the withdrawal of security challenges. Some analysts said the move is likely to make Karzai of Afghanistan influence relevant national competition further intensified.

Karzai on the 20th began a three-day working visit to India. His spokesman Fey Qi on the 18th in Kabul, said Karzai’s visit to India will seek Arab military aid against India and Afghanistan discussions with India and Pakistan in the “Durand Line,” the tensions and how to strengthen A party security.

Fey Sarkozy said: “Afghanistan has agreed to sign strategic agreement with India. Based on this agreement, India in many ways to be in Afghanistan aid, including military aspects ……”

Afghan Ambassador to India Abdali more directly pointed out: “We need India’s weapons and defense equipment to fight.” In this regard, an Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman said: “India is ready to respond to requests to prepare the Afghan side.”

An Afghan official said recently that President Karzai’s visit to India will seek to obtain the Indian artillery to arm the Afghan border. It is said that the Indian side may also be provided on the A aircraft, heavy weapons, armored vehicles and other military equipment.

Independently from each other as has been the number one enemy of India and Pakistan, both in Afghanistan and has a variety of relevant and similar interests, but refused to give each other a long infighting. Some analysts said the conflict in Afganistan gave India the opportunity of military involvement in Afghanistan, India is also a great opportunity to supplant the A Pakistani trend.

United States and Russia reached to reduce the weapons of mass destruction

A senior U.S. Defense Department official said on Wednesday he was careful to hope that, after the US-Russia bilateral agreement expires next month, the United States and Russia to reduce weapons of mass destruction (WMD) threat areas of cooperation to reach a new agreement.

Andrew Weber, U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense responsible for WMD defense project, said, “left about a month’s time, I continue Ena En – Lugar partnerships to find updated cautiously optimistic.”

Reduce the United States and Russia reached Nunn – Lugar Cooperative Threat plan (CTR) agreement will expire on June 13, in the process of cooperation more than 20 years, the program has eliminated more than 7,600 nuclear warheads and more than 1,500 ballistic missiles , which also includes other weapons of mass destruction and related materials.

Russia opposes the renewal of an agreement in the current mode, and that the agreement will be second-class partners as opposed to weapons of mass destruction activities in the United States, Russia, discriminatory.

Since January, the United States and Russia have held a number of talks to renew the Agreement.

U.S. media said the red car into the new weapon of the Chinese Foreign

China’s new diplomatic weapon — Red Flag limousine

Forget panda diplomacy. China has its soft power arsenal added a new weapon — the domestic luxury sedan.

3, to the Pacific island of Fiji donated 20 Chinese-made Red Flag sedan, valued at approximately $ 2.3 million.

In a ceremony held in Suva, Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama said in describing this gift both “generous” and “timely”. These cars next week we should put into use, because Fiji will host a high-level meeting of the Group of 77 developing countries.

Red car for politicians is not new. The first red car production in 1958. During the Mao era and the reform and opening up, this limousine is synonymous with power. It is used to receive senior Chinese officials and foreign dignitaries visit to China.

Who took part in last year red car originally designed for engineers told the media that the then Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai need a break, as long as he gently turn a switch on the red car, will be able to stretch to lie down.

China FAW Hongqi H7 sedan has been gearing up to compete in the luxury car market in China.

China FAW website a statement said that the The Hongqi H7 advent of China’s high-end car market situation means that the monopoly of foreign cars may break in one fell swoop.

As consumers have doubts about the quality and after-sales service of the red car, red car sales so far is not hot. Elsie auto market consulting firm data show that from the middle of last year to the end of March this year, a total pre-sale 460 Hongqi H7.

With the government to renounce their foreign brand cars in favor of purchasing more own-brand domestic cars, may increase the number of sales of the red car. Chinese state media quoted Xu Xianping, general manager of China FAW saying, more than a dozen provinces and central government departments have plans to purchase a red car.

Fiji media reports, after the meeting of the Group of 77, the red car will be assigned to some government departments.

With the China stretch Foreign tentacles, red car equipped with the dignitaries expected to see more streets around the world.

Syrian minister accused the opposition to the use of chemical weapons

Syrian Information Minister Omran Zu Abi Friday told reporters that the Syrian army did not use chemical weapons, missiles with chemical warheads exploded near Aleppo on March 19 launched by militants.

He said: missile launch areas under the control of terrorists, it is very close from the Turkish border, so it is natural that the (chemical) weapons from Turkey. ”

In addition, Zu Abi is also based on some YouTube videos on Syria’s use of chemical weapons. The film shows that the military equipment used to launch missiles Turkey label.

He added: “If you watch this video, larger screen, you will see there written Turkish search system to view, then you will find a Turkish company, it produced dozens of chemical weapons, including the kind used in Syria. ”

The Syrian government said the opposition chemical weapons were used in the Aleppo Province on March 19. The opposition said government forces in Homs in December chemical weapons were used. The Syrian government refused to allow the entry of United Nations chemical weapons expert investigation team.

Israel accused the Syrian government used chemical weapons for the first time to promote the United States to intervene

Israel’s highest military intelligence analysts 23 claimed that the Syrian government forces in the civil war has been the use of lethal chemical weapons, and to put pressure on the White House to promote their directly involved in the war.

Israeli military intelligence agency responsible for the investigation Buren Brigadier 22, said: “Based on our professional assessment, the Syrian regime has been in the past few months, to the armed opposition in multiple locations utilized deadly chemical weapons.”

This is Israel for the first time publicly accused the Syrian government use of chemical weapons. Last week, Britain and France said they had reliable evidence shows that Syria has a small amount of use of chemical weapons.

U.S. officials said the United States will investigate allegations, but soon questioned the assessment of Israel, known as the “low confidence of foreign governments assess. In view of the United States had repeatedly said that if the Syrian government use of chemical weapons, the United States will take action if the assessment result is true, the United States will take a more direct interventions, including military intervention