China’s strategic nuclear submarine has achieved combat readiness to carry new wave 2A missile

The 12th Party Congress of the Chinese Navy was held on May 25, and the CCTV reports were rarely conducted on the naval headquarters operational command center. The Chinese Navy’s highest command is full of large screens, located in the naval ports, the task of the main battle area of ​​the sea can be at a glance. One of the screen display content is very compelling, the screen both the Chinese Navy active only one aircraft carrier Liaoning ship, but also shore defense missile forces, high-tech models of special aircraft, the most worthy of the said, it is two docked in the terminal Large submarine. From the shape can be seen, this is China’s second-generation ballistic missile nuclear submarines, can also be called a strategic nuclear submarine, model code 09 Ⅳ.

Public information shows that China’s first generation of strategic nuclear submarine 09 Ⅱ type in August 1983 formally delivered to the Chinese navy, the number of only one, carrying 12 range of less than 2000 km of “waves -1″ submarine-launched ballistic missiles; The second generation 09 Ⅳ nuclear submarine first boat in 2006 delivery of the Navy, so far may be included in more than four, each can carry 12 range of 8000 km within the “waves -2″ (A) submarine-launched ballistic missiles.

09 Ⅱ type of strategic nuclear submarine service, the basic “no bomb” in the ocean for combat readiness. This is because of the reliability of the submarine nuclear reactor, the safety of the problem to solve the problem took a long time, after a full eight years in service, that is, around 1991, only to start the first underwater test for a long time, and carry out ” Play “combat readiness on duty. On the other hand, the “Jumbo-1″ type submarine-launched ballistic missile closer range, but also makes the 09 Ⅱ type nuclear submarine strategic deterrent ability is limited, so the combat readiness symbolic significance is greater than the practical significance. Even if the 09 Ⅱ type nuclear submarine at the beginning of this century to accept from the inside to outside, up to 7 years of modernization, reliability greatly improved, but can not change its magazine height, diameter. Therefore, 09 Ⅱ improved equipped with “waves -1″ A-type submarine-launched missiles compared to the basic type, the size of the basic unchanged, limited range of limited, no more than 3000 km.


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