Six ocean key to control the world China is making the seventh

“China and Thailand to build carat canal” problem in East and Southeast Asia yesterday stir public opinion field, making the Thai officials come forward to clarify intensive. Rise to strong interest in this 102 km long canal allegedly, it costs $ 28 billion, it allows China sea without Malacca Strait into the Indian Ocean, if Xiu Asian geopolitical landscape will be changed. Eighty percent of China’s oil imports subject to the Strait of Malacca, the Strait is controlled United States, which is confining many countries in East Asia, including China, on the head, known as the “Malacca dilemma.” Thai official denied yesterday reached an agreement on the canal, but there are also known as Thai folk multiparty negotiations are still in contact. Behind this news caused by hot, in fact, is that people Powers sea serious security scrutiny.

Hong Kong “Oriental Daily” 19 reported carat canal, overlooking the Earth, Focus “Kokusai game.” Article, “With Central America Nicaragua Canal started last year, and research to expand the canal carat Thailand, China formally 迈入海 rights era.” It reports that today’s world economy is a global economy, 90% of world trade by sea transport implementation. 16 Sea Navy had an important channel list, where seven in the Atlantic, two in the Pacific, two in the Indian Ocean, two in the Mediterranean. 16 important sea passage linking the five continents, four oceans communication, not only an important link between the world’s waterways and strategic hub of maritime traffic and global trade, as well as naval action.

“Six of the keylock world”, the world’s geopolitics had such a metaphor, meaning that there are six of the most critical maritime transport routes, determine the energy transport worldwide. They are: the Panama Canal, the Strait of Gibraltar, the Suez Canal, the Strait of Hormuz, Bab el-Mandab and the Strait of Malacca. It is generally believed that the vast majority of control in the United States in the hands of the Strait. US Navy use of super strength, control these maritime choke, which is equivalent to controlling the world’s sea, but also to keep abreast of sea power. “Oriental Daily” that, along with carat canal dug canals and Nicaragua, China sea power components rose sharply, especially on the canal carat strategic plan for China, much more important than the Nicaragua Canal. For once carat canal, United States on China’s island chain blockade will be useless, Chinese warships and merchant ships can freely in and out of the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, Singapore will lose the most important advantages of the port, the importance of the United States as a strategic piece will also be significantly weakened. Thailand and China could also help build the railway in Thailand, in the future China Yunnan, Guangxi goods by rail can be straight carat canal.

Taiwan scholars Cai wing believes that the mainland hopes to Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean in series with the main port, and actively strengthen the relationship with Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and other Indian Ocean countries want to invest along the main port to Europe and Africa to strengthen maintenance freedom of navigation, to ensure the smooth flow of the Maritime Silk Route.
Hong Kong media warned that the United States could have exerted pressure on Thailand to obstruct Chinese construction carat canal. Western doubts about large-scale projects overseas Chinese participation is almost habitual, constructed from Brazil on the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast of Peru, “two-ocean railroad” it triggered some Americans warned of China into the “backyard”. In December 2014, officially started by the Chinese private enterprises to invest in the construction of a Nicaragua Canal project cost about $ 50 billion, before and after the start, the Western media project for qualification and questioned the need for Chinese enterprises has never stopped, also said that the project will destroy the local environment. Plan Pakistan economic corridor connecting Xinjiang Kashgar China and Pakistan Gwadar Indian River, including highways, railways, oil and gas, cable channels and other energy and infrastructure projects in the Western media, and the plan were South Asian geopolitical game hook.

Xiamen University scholar village land on the 19th of the “Global Times” said that only one of the Malacca Strait has been unable to meet the world’s economic center of East Asia gradually sloping trend to increase one karat canal, is conducive to the economic development of East Asia. He said, “Now, some voices called” China keen to cut carat canal, is being used to contain the United States controlled the Straits of Malacca and Singapore, in order to improve the strategic position of China, “but China seems to dig a canal carat unilateral” one hot “This may be an ulterior motive speculation economic value carat canal is there to benefit not only China, but many countries in East Asia.


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