Indian discontent French or Japanese submarine purchase

April 6, India’s first Scorpene class submarines at Mazagon Dock Limited Mumbai, water, technology and key parts of the boat provided by the French, the local assembly in India. However, had ordered the Indian Navy Scorpene class was full of anger, due to cooperation with France is filled with friction and conflicts, this ship in December 2012 that the delivery delay of two and a half full submarine was launched, and the follow-up sister construction has not yet figured out how to work the boat, so the Indian Navy has decided to abandon the French partners, the next batch of submarine procurement contracts to other countries. According to India’s “Sunday Guardian” reported that in 2005, India’s Cabinet Committee on Security approved $ 4.16 billion worth of military procurement contracts, the French company DCNS ordered six Scorpene class submarines. Upon request, the French should transfer technology to India, in order to complete the six submarines assembly and parts manufacturing in India, the first boat delivery date was set in December 2012.

However, the method of cooperation between China and India have become stumbling thereafter. First Indian shipyard slipway by the French expert group determined to be ineligible, the Indian shipyard tools have replaced the original Imperial Metric tools. When after some transformation of the shipyard, the submarine finally began to build, but found that due attention to India only buy submarine design, construction technology and operational systems contract, but did not indicate the sensors, propulsion systems and related subsystems should automatically included in the contract, the results of the French people to the relevant equipment to raise the price from $ 800 million to $ 1.3 billion. India had to pay an extra hundred million dollars.

Later, due to the shipyard Mazagon had no contact with such Scorpene submarines demanding precision, so hull welding, pipe laying equipment outfitting and supervision aspects repeatedly by the French Navy on behalf of the Indian team and require rework, resulting in duration dragged on, the cost is way higher. In fact, this is just the first submarine boat launching and pressure hull shell is installed, but also drag it to the Indian Navy Dockyard factory-installed military equipment, and conduct a series of sea trials.

If all goes well, just launched aboard Scorpene class submarines may serve in September 2016. As for the remaining five Scorpene class submarines, India Mazagon Dock Limited claims in subsequent years with the completion of one every nine months to deliver the speed, but the outside world does not hold out much hope for this.

French Scorpene class submarines are open in 1996 conventional submarines designed specifically for export. Using drop-shaped shell, and to minimize the outer hull appendages. Major equipment is widely used on the boat floating raft technology, key parts also uses a double shock absorption, well-designed propeller has a lower radiated noise. Because of the submarine pressure hull constructed of steel with high elastic, lightweight, can carry more fuel and ammunition on the boat. Thanks to highly automated design, staffing the boat just 31 people, only nine of normal duty. December 1997, the Chilean Navy had ordered two of the submarine, the first ship in July 1998 started the construction of the shipyard in Cherbourg, France, Bureau of Shipbuilding, 2004 delivery. Spanish Navy has ordered four of the class submarines.


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