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The first China’s aircraft carrier captain maybe is Bai YaoPing

World Wide Web, according to reports, China’s first aircraft carrier recently become concerned about China’s military development of the Western media and think tanks focus. United States, “Jamestown Foundation,” recently published on its website entitled “Who will become the commander of the Chinese aircraft carrier? “Article. The article said, look at China as a training aircraft carrier captain in training projects, people will find these means that China’s aircraft carrier program is a rigorous long-term ambitious strategy.

United States, “Jamestown Foundation” website “China Briefing” column published on July 1 of this article writes that China will postpone the date of the test aircraft to the sea in August, but the exact date uncertain. It is widely believed that the carrier will be July 1 trials. However, because of mechanical problems, or to a certain extent, Beijing ‘worried about the South China Sea region growing tension anxiety, “the first aircraft carrier to sea trial date has been delayed.

The article said that China’s first aircraft carrier for the first time the show was widely seen as China’s rising national strength and a symbol of maritime ambitions. Look at China as a training aircraft carrier captain in training projects, people will find that this means a “long-term ambitious tight strategy.” Articles citing previous relevant reports and information that the March 30, 1987, the PLA Navy Commander (1982-1988) Liu will be on National Defense and the PLA General Staff presented a paper on the development of core strength of the internal Navy memo , including the development of aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines.

According to China’s “Liberation Army Daily” article in 2008, the Central Military Commission in 1987, Guangzhou Naval Academy opened in the first and last “pilot captain course”, the project selected the most outstanding military pilots training in command of surface ships . In other words, since 1987, the Chinese military has been training as pilots in the Navy aircraft carrier captain. Ten Navy pilots took part in the pilot training program. Nine of them had three and a half to four years of naval command and training. After the training, they are assigned to a different command units as vice captain, later promoted to captain.

The article said that the aircraft carrier project was delayed after the pilots received training again and was assigned as a destroyer captain. Among them, most of them are qualified pilots. This training background makes China’s aircraft carriers and destroyers to establish contact with many of the captain and vice captain of the destroyer before the pilots are born, after graduating from Navy ships in the service. Now, most of them have about 20 years of combined training experience, will become the backbone of China’s surface fleet. For example, there is widespread speculation that Bo Yaoping will become the first Chinese aircraft carrier captain; he is the Guangzhou Naval Academy, “the pilot captain course” 87-level one. Most of this training program, students aged almost 50 years old, and to varying degrees, the future commander of the Navy established the standard. They are in the prime of life, experienced time; most of them rank higher than colonel or colonel.

Article wrote that the Chinese leaders to develop these staff time and preparation, may be seen as a proof of strong carrier program. Training and development experiences and needs of the time, significantly higher than some of the development of military technology required for a long time. Many factors determine the successful operation of the aircraft carrier and combat effectiveness, and the carrier’s command does not seem a major issue. Of course, with full operational capability in the carrier before the need for a long period of training, development and joint exercises. However, one should not underestimate the Chinese leaders on the aircraft carrier project sustenance of glory and importance. In addition, there are indications that: China may have been a carrier fleet for the next train Jian Zhang and pilots, making the combat capability to enhance enrollment.

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China will announce the first batch of C919 orders in Zhuhai

Chinese-made C919 aircraft

Speculation that China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. (China Commercial Aircraft) may be disclosed at the Zhuhai Air Show its first C919 aircraft orders.

Allegedly, this aircraft is designed for customers with Boeing B737 and Airbus A320 aircraft under a high.

According to aviation industry sources, the scheduled November 16 to 21 during the air show at Zhuhai, China may announce to fly Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines may also include company, has signed a purchase order C919 aircraft.

Reported that China is expected to fly in 2016 the first delivery of 160 C919 aircraft. China Commercial Aircraft company hopes to pass through these orders C919 aircraft was successful.

Allegedly, the aircraft from the engine and other equipment to the electronic devices are used a lot of foreign technology. These orders are also a symbol of China-made commercial aircraft design and production capacity is steadily developing.

However, these orders are orders to meet Western standards for the aviation industry to determine the problem, yet to be verified.

A foreign aviation officials said: “The problem is that in China, what is meant by ‘order’. For Western manufacturers, the standard practice is to determine just announced that orders for aircraft manufacturers need to receive ‘OK’ orders and do not refundable deposit, and in the air show and other related occasions publicly announced orders. ”

The China Commercial Aircraft, the “process of its work is unclear, I doubt they will discuss these details.” Orders that may be expected only “commitment” rather than “firm order.”

Reported that, due to fears will upset China, so the managers interviewed abroad, and other aviation industry have refused to disclose the name.

There are rumors that China Commercial Aircraft announced in Zhuhai Air Show in the form of C919 will follow the orders announced in the form of small ARJ aircraft orders – Air Show in 2008, the company launched a ARJ aircraft, and announced the aircraft’s the first order.

China Commercial Aircraft successfully developed 70-100 ARJ21 aircraft, and the Zhuhai Air Show two years ago announced that it has won from the General Electric Company’s first overseas orders.

General Electric Company is the provider of aircraft engines. In a turnover may be as high as 7.5 billion deal, GE agreed to purchase five such regional aircraft, and may buy another 20 aircraft will be added.

The first regional aircraft is expected to put into use next year, General Electric Company executives said the company plans to lease these aircraft to the Chinese domestic airlines in China to use. In addition, there are a number of Chinese small passenger airlines which have ordered.

However, the Western aviation industry executives said the aircraft has been ordered by Air China ARJ21 will fulfill its promise, procurement or lease of which aircraft is unknown.

Industry insiders say, ARJ21 aircraft buyers face a fine of little or no breach of contract, this contract may also be relaxed also apply to C919 aircraft.