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The Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force helicopter crashed into the sea

Local time inside the morning of April 15, element of the large scrape oxygen bottom in Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force patrol helicopters SH-60 using the “loose snow” frigate touch to fall in Mutsu Bay, Aomori Prefecture. According toward the Maritime do it cartier santos 100 replica yourself Defense Force, the 7 people on board come going to be rescued 6 people, and never lifestyle threatening.37-year-old helicopter captain Palace Wing Masahiko missing, the continuing lookup to the Maritime do it yourself Defense Force and Maritime protection Division.

Maritime do it yourself Defense Force, mentioned the helicopter inside the morning in the instruction fleet, which include the “loose snow” frigate escort, which include commencing away from your bottom of the large scrape. It is reported that, with its touch of “loose snow” the port part in the frigate. Maritime do it yourself Defense Force will be to investigate the detailed prospects to and circumstances.

It was also mentioned Japan’s NHK tv set quoted the information of Japan’s defense ministry on April 16, slipping jet patrol helicopter escort scrape with one another from the large bottom founded sail Maritime Self-Defense Force instruction fleet of cartier ballon bleu replica three ships only, the continuing low-level standard performance flight, but owning a hangar inside the frigates collision and crashed at sea. pertinent cadres in the defense ministry mentioned it experienced founded up the crash investigation committee will be to investigate the crash in detail after.

At precisely the identical time, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces has also been progress in conditions in the lookup in the rose gold ladies watch missing captain. Japanese naval team crash waters surrounding the search, the missing captain’s method is found through the incident place in the seabed through the earlier morning in the 16th.

The United States underestimated China’s military development speed.

According to the Voice of America radio website reported, China’s military modernization process, including self-developed weapons systems, the development of some of these projects, the process of procurement and deployment of more than estimated in the United States and other countries. According to the study of four cases, the U.S. government analysis published independent research and development trend of Chinese weapons did not come to a credible conclusion.

The United States failed to predict the Chinese navy in 2004 launched the “Yuan” class submarines, did not expect such a submarine could not rely on air power system.

U.S. officials are very sensitive to the development of China’s anti-satellite weapons. The report, U.S. officials know that the Chinese may be anti-satellite weapons test in 2007, although they may not have estimated that the specific time of the cartier tank watch replica test. However, U.S. government analysts to accurately predict the development of several aspects, such as the SC-19 anti-satellite systems.

The United States also incorrectly estimated the speed of China’s homegrown weapons. U.S. intelligence is aware of China research and development of land-based anti-ship ballistic missile in 2008, the U.S. Defense Department officials estimate that China’s anti-ship ballistic missile achieved initial operational capability in December 2010, but Chinese media reports said the Chinese People’s Liberation Army as early as have been deployed in the field.

In addition, the original estimate, in 2012, the fifth generation fighter J-20 prototype test flight, but once again underestimated the speed of its development, China conducted a test flight in January 2011.

The reported analysis, accurate assessment of the special challenges faced by China’s military power, including: closed or deception: China to cartier tank replica maintain the confidentiality of many military activities, or intentionally issued false and misleading information.

Underestimate the reform of China’s defense industry: the Chinese military industry over the past 10 years than had been expected. China’s defense industry still faces many problems, but it the ability to produce modern weapons has greatly exceeded the level of the eighties and nineties.

Difficult to understand China’s national security decision-making process: the opaque Chinese government decision-making process, especially in terms of military policy and national security issues, lack of transparency.

Underestimated feel the extent of the threat: many of the media, academia and government analysts may not be fully aware of the U.S. as a fundamental threat to China’s security.

China to increase investment in technology: the past 20 years, China has vigorously stimulate independent research and development capabilities, which greatly enhanced the ability of cartier santos 100 replica China to produce advanced weapons. In addition, China has also strengthened the exploration of the dual-use technology.

Open Chinese materials, lack of comprehension or concern: the United States increased the concern of public materials, especially the academia, technical magazines and related publications, the researchers corrected the part of the error. Increase the concern of authoritative media sources and political and academic publications, can also promote understanding of Chinese leaders have worldview.

China’s military spending increase , many countries accident benefit.

China’s military growth of quite a few people benefit. However, Beijing also created the military’s generous foreign beneficiaries. The following is the unexpected winner of eight aboard the helicopter ladder “of China’s defense budget.

1, the Norwegian Coast Guard. China wants to participate in the development of the Arctic Ocean, but Norway is trying to prevent China from near the Arctic countries consisting of the Arctic Council. Shoulder to patrol the Arctic Ocean responsibilities of the cartier santos 100 replica Norwegian Coast Guard in recent years, the budget increase, the aim is to prevent the Arctic ice melting tension. As long as China is glued to the back yard of Norway, this trend will continue.

2, the Philippines, a fighter pilot. In 2005, the old F-5 fighters in the Philippines, retired, since the lack of combat aircraft. However, the scope of activities of the Chinese army continues to expand, forcing Manila to their Air Force to show some love. Next month, the Philippines is expected to propose to the United States to buy the F-16 fighter planes, their pilots to return to the blue sky.

3, the Seychelles. The next stage of China’s military development should be resident overseas. December last year, the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, a formal invitation to the Chinese military’s use of its ports and airports. There seems to be expected to become the first overseas outpost of the People’s Liberation Army. Beijing’s strategic attention of the Seychelles economy is a big plus.

4, the Indian military attache. Asian countries worry about the rise of China, India seems to be a natural leader. With China’s increased military spending, diplomatic attache in cartier replica watches India will be an unprecedented busy, especially in Southeast Asian countries anxious to offer advice on India’s military.

5, the U.S. Cyber ​​Command. Pentagon spending cuts, but the United States will continue to respond to China’s increase in the budget. The field of the People’s Liberation Army network warfare will be to invest more money in this case, the U.S. Cyber ​​Command is expected to become a department of the U.S. a small number of funds increased rather than decreased.

6, submarine sailor. China’s announced military budget of over one hundred billion U.S. dollars for the first time, this is a golden opportunity for Taiwan’s navy. At present, Taiwan’s navy is strongly lobbying the Government to approve a submarine development program.

Israeli UAV technicians. Many Asian countries are busy independent research and development of unmanned aerial vehicles, in particular, is worried that the invasion of China’s maritime countries. China’s military power by leaps and bounds, can not wait for some countries in cartier pasha replica the region, and therefore will tend to import a foreign system. Israeli arms companies UAV technology the world’s leading and most promising big money.

8 Myanmar presidential Wu Dengsheng. Wu Dengsheng should find the panic areas of China’s military buildup, helped him to persuade the world to believe that the current government of Myanmar has been occupied by the democrats. Myanmar has strategic value, Washington and other governments may be free to push it back into the embrace of China, and more gentle treatment of the country’s political reform.