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China’s C919, technology for military purposes

Based abroad to declare a major show in Europe and the United States and China civil aviation enterprises due to collaboration, for the supply of civil aircraft in China, What, then also supply the skills of some military use, inadvertently make much progress inChina’s military strength, become a deadly Blackmail.

F -20 to stealth fighter than was unveiled, and was confirmed China’s first aircraft carrierto trial this year. RAND report, entitled ”Preparing for take-off — China carried out in theaerospace industry, “the declaration is in this set below the world.

China’s market is too attractive to Western aerospace companies can not ignore. In Europe and the U.S. military and civil aviation budget shrink after midnight, the situationis this predicament.

What, then Rand report said the economic opportunities along the risk. Sold to ChinaAirlines a high bypass ratio turbofan initiated machines use some of the parts andfunctions of aircraft for high-ratio turbofan Xiaohan launched the same machine. Activeflight control systems can be used for unmanned military aircraft.

The report said that even sub-components produced to assist the Chinese enterprises have also promoted China’s military ability.

The report said: “The only basis for the Western aerospace manufacturers can supplyimitation of a single processing an exercise component. This practice allows for the processing of military aircraft parts. ”

Declared that China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. R & D ARJ21 regional jets andnarrow-body jets C919 hard. These energetically received General Electric, Honeywell, and more than a dozen other European and U.S. aviation parts business assistance.

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Turkish military marvelled that China Air Force has the 6,000 km long-range mobility

According to Reuters, the United States, Russia and Turkey-related media reports, the Chinese Air Force Commander General and the Turkish air force commander Xu Qiliang, Hassan Al-Aqsa reached by the two air forces will hold joint training under the auspices of intent, both China and Turkey States Air Force in September 20 to October 4, an air base in Turkey, conducted a two and a half months of military exchanges. The military exchanges, is the “joint training” rather than “joint military exercises”; is “with field training,” not “military athletics”; is a “mutual learning together”; not “an advance scientific.”

1. Air Force military exchanges between China and Turkey are “joint training”

Media disclosure, as early as April 2009, the Chinese Air Force Commander General Xu Qiliang during the visit to Turkey, with the soil by the Air Force Commander Hassan Al-Aqsa will reach into the two air forces hold joint training intentions. The two air forces on September 20 to October 4 two and a half months between the date of the military exchanges, is the “joint training” rather than “joint military exercises.”

Chinese flag appeared in the Turkish Air Force updated the “Anatolian Eagle” official line, not as a “joint military exercise,” the evidence. Military observers have pointed out that the updated “Anatolian Eagle” official web page indicated below the national flags of participating countries with the experience of the region, although the Chinese national flag there, but the links page of the Chinese national flag, but did not like the other participating States, there has experienced in the exercise description.

2. Went to Turkey, Afghanistan, China’s airspace without fighter

Foreign media reported that the Chinese Air Force fighters took off from a region of Xinjiang, China, through Pakistan and Iran into Turkey, without the airspace of Afghanistan.

3. Su -27 fighter in China there has been no aerial refueling training

Media reported that China’s Su -27 fighter went to Turkey, a total distance of 6,000 km. Way, there has been no aerial refueling training, instead of using other means oil protection.

4. “Joint training” tactics aimed at exchange of the West

Media reports said the US-made warplanes in Turkey and China, Su -27 fighter, took part in the bilateral joint training. “Joint training” tactics aimed at exchange of the West, China and Turkey to join the Air Force launched a ground, air to air combat and open spaces integrated training.

5. Turkey Air Force joint training between the two countries adhere to the “Mutual Learning together”

Turkey, the media reported that Air China and Turkey carried out an air base in Turkey, joint training, adhere to the “same field training,” not to engage in “military athletics”; adhere to “mutual learning together”; to pursue the “one advance scientific . ” Period, no winning or losing the points, victory or defeat of the points.

6. Earthwork praised the Chinese Air Force long-range high-level mobility

Media reported that the Chinese air force air force Turkey to go abroad to participate in joint training, security problems and more, security risk, is an extremely difficult matter, but also a shocking thing. In the history of the Chinese Air Force is “the first time.” Turkish Air Force senior, told the Chinese Air Force fighter “successful fly to Turkey,” said amazed.