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Jane’s said j-20 stealth fighter has built 4 prototype

FSVTS, a senior standard stated on feb . 22nd, China is enthusiastic about buying Russian Sukhoi Su – 35 fighter and made by Alma Dodds – Aetna ‘s corporation made the S-400″ triumph” oxygen defense missile system. The Russian federal government has two leading departments in cost of international export of weapons Replica Hermes Kelly, the Russian army specialized cooperation providers is a single of them.

Jane’s said, Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin ( presidential pick have been elected a brand name new president of Russia ) to inspect the Russian much East Su – 35 manufacturing technique — KNAAPO 3 times later, the Bureau in the primary vice director Alexander fuming to Russian information advertising stated in a very declaration issued Replica Hermes Sac A Depeches. In Putin throughout the inspection, he watched the fourth batch manufacturing Su – 35 fighter in the primary check flight, the jet is centered on Putin MAKS-2009 in Moscow airshow signed agreement production. Fuming says, China placed forward to su – 35 fighter need in 2011, but he do not disclose the particular number.

Jane’s write-up says, because the final century 90′s to earlier Soviet – 35 prototype primary appearance, to its curiosity in china. Later, Su – 35 have been redesigned to provide up, set up having a canard wing 3 wing layout, rather than relying within the TVC unit to attain higher mobility. Su – 35 most airborne systems, particularly in Tikhomirov NIIP Irbis PESA radar, than nineteen ninties of state-of-the-art style for any technology or more.

Jane’s write-up says, in look at of Shen Fei while in the Soviet Union – 27SK fighter jet and shipboard Su – 33 fighter practices, while in the previous ten years, away from dread that China by reverse engineering the imitation, Russia’s refusal to su – 35 marketed to China, the factory representatives informed Jane’s, now the scenario is pretty similar replica Louis Vuitton Monogram. ” chinese language courses persons don’t desire to purchase Su – 35 fighter,” a advertising director said,” they just desire to obtain the powerplant and Irbis radar technology. Unless they purchase no much less than 24 aircraft, or we won’t market Su – 35.”

China protests U.S. arms sales to the direction of too

September 21, Zhang Zhijun, vice minister of communication critical summoned the U.S. ambassador to Locke, announced on the total value of U.S. $ 5.852 billion in arms sales program, is Taiwan, “modified” its existing F-16A / B fighter, selling military aircraft parts and supplies for training projects, violent protest to the U.S. side.
Zhang Zhijun pointed out that the Taiwan issue concerns China’s sovereignty and territory integrity, the benefits reach the Chinese center, is related to the 1.3 billion Chinese people’s national sentiment, Sino-US relations has been the most important and sensitive central question. U.S. acts against the three Sino-US combined with severe special communique is “August 17″ Communique criteria, severe interference in China’s internal affairs, China country Ping serious risk, damages China-US relations and peace in the same cause, and then carried the momentum of peaceful cross-strait relations poles apart, and Sino-US relations effort to build collaborative peer poles apart. The Chinese side said the performance of the intense anger and resolute opposition.
Zhang Zhijun pointed out that in the two countries in 1982 with the announcement of the “August 17″ Communique, the U.S. has made a long time not to pursue the implementation of the policy to sell Taiwan weapons and prepared to gradually reduce arms sales to Taiwan until the final disposal of the commitment to understand . But the reality is marked, the United States does not practice the commitments made repeatedly asked instead to a variety of weapons sales to Taiwan.
Zhang Zhijun said the performance, in May 2008 has been clearly improved cross-strait relations, the path of peace to carry out track. Signed and implemented the two sides’ economic cooperation framework for peace talks, “cross-strait exchanges become increasingly strict, people on both sides and the international community have benefited. U.S. arms sales to Taiwan announced a new program, no matter what words and notice the care, not grams less than partial to the severe nature of intervention in internal affairs of China, will both be “Taiwan independence” serious error flags that separate the power signal, to cross relationship between the formation of severe disturb peace and carry momentum.
Zhang Zhijun emphasized some time ago, in co-operation on both sides, Sino-US relations have remained unchanged to carry out the momentum, get fit the benefits of new development between the two countries long. The United States should spare the scene of the hard-won efforts to work with China to keep this positive momentum and promote stability, not again accept the benefits and harm China’s central act of collaboration between the two countries. Essential that the United States will fail to prevent the wrongdoing to Sino-US relations, the two countries in the military, safe exchange and cooperation in areas such as the formation of damage. China is keen to urge the U.S. to sell Taiwan the weapons the United States recognize plenty of the highly sensitive nature of a rational and serious risks, careful look at China’s solemn position and honor its commitments, the resolution error immediately withdraw, suspend arms sales to Taiwan and US-Taiwan military contacts with China to safeguard Sino-US the overall situation across the Taiwan Strait relations and peaceful change.

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Sea dragon, to complete the third dive

Beijing 28, 12 am, accompanied with a white spray, our first independent R & D integration of manned submersible “dragon” in the last 9 hours 14 minutes to complete the 5,000 meter-scale sea trial the third dive After the experiment again showed stability in periods of heavy rain the northeast Pacific sea surface, sea-trial on-site headquarters and Beijing live video connection suddenly burst out burst of applause.
Liu gave your country Oceanic Administration in Beijing announced live video connection, the “dragon” was in this dive in to stop sitting at the end, photographic and acoustic undersea topography measurement and sampling the contents of such experiments, the maximum dive depth of 5188 meters, again invented a new dive depth research of the submersible in the deep environment technology function and performance indicators. “Dragon” was manned submersible 5000 m sea-level test of scientific investigation and the third dive experimental task is satisfactorily completed.
According to Liu Feng introductions sea trial scene commander, 28, early in the morning Beijing time at 2:30, the official submerged cabin, departments ready to dive commander issued instructions, the third dive officially beginning the experimental task. 5:30, submersible dive to the smooth operation area, sitting at the end of 210 minutes after the stop deep-sea scientific investigation jobs, job content, including undersea photography, video, and submarine topography measurement sample. 9:07, well submersible dive to 5188 meters water depth, 9:12 submersible submarine operations to complete the beginning of floating, 12:15 close to the deck, the dive experiment lasted more than nine hours, the whole process of diving the target device and communications equipment to normal.
“Today is not this sea of ​​waves, wave height of 2 meters, but the sky began to rain, the deck crew are drenched in a situation to keep working.” Liu Feng said with a smile, “But on the habits of operating in adverse sea conditions of the sea trial team members, this was a good weather had. ”
Stability in the eastern Pacific Ocean Association of Chinese contract area for exploration for polymetallic nodules in May 2001 from the Ocean Institute and the International Seabed Authority signed exploration contracts, this is certainly a valuable contract for the 75,000 square kilometers of China’s mining of polymetallic nodules have the exclusive right to explore and prioritize commercial exploitation rights. Made in the international seabed area of ​​polymetallic nodules contract area, greatly expanded the amount of China’s reserves of strategic resources.
Back to “Xiang Yang Hong 09″ mother ship embrace the “dragon” was quietly lying on the deck frame, due to just experience the end of 5000 Duo Mihai great water pressure, submersible exterior paint slightly scattered.
“‘Dragon’ in the sea trial team arrived at the sea trial area has been experiencing a sea state is poor and many other negative factors, but all the sea trial team played a precise and pragmatic, calm and cool style, not bad conditions, binding in the hands and feet.” Lau expensive said, “‘dragon’ in depth 5000 meters at the end, had to clarify its waters with the 70% dive in the global talent, and this is a new milestone in the history of science and technology to carry out, is the completion of China’s science and climbing the peak, the majestic long-cherished wish to explore the subtle science made a solid pace. ”
Equipped with the “dragon” of the “Xiang Yang Hong 09″ boat on July 1, set sail from Jiangsu Jiang Yin Sunan International Terminal test execution 5000 m sea level tasks, arrived on the 16th Northeast Pacific sea test the stability region. Beijing 21 morning, the first submersible dive in the experiment to 4027 m deep dive well. 26 in Beijing early morning dive to complete a second test and mark the victory broke the 5000 m depth, the sea trials on-site headquarters to discuss the resolution in accordance with the schedule layout of the third experiment sea exploration for polymetallic nodules in the China Ocean Society to stop the contract area . After 24 hours of rough seas, “Xiang Yang Hong 09″ boat arrived in Beijing 27 sea trial experiment sea area and the implementation of alert and ensure that the task of “Ocean VI” ship successfully meet, the sea rough seas during the test team submersible applications stop home for a comprehensive repair and maintenance work.
It is understood that following the third dive, after the successful completion of sea trials, sea trials on-site headquarters will be based on sea state conditions continued to dive operations to choose the layout of experiment, the experimental task is to further test submersible in the deep under the conditions of operating performance and stability .

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