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U.S. media said the performance of China SD-10 missiles than the United States advanced

According to the U.S. “strategic News Network, ” June 5 reported that China’s first fully developed on its own world-class radar guided air to air missile SD-10. The article said that such a missile research and development does not involve any foreign help.

Chinese-made SD-10 BVR AAM length of 12.2 feet and weigh 438 pounds; to the speed of 4,000 kilometers per hour high-speed flight, a maximum range of 70 kilometers, the maximum altitude is 60,002 thousand feet; recent The tests were all hit seven goals.

The U.S. 20-year use of time, “Amram” SD-10 air to air missiles and similar, but lighter than it is about 25%.

China says, SD-10 air to air missile performance equal or better than, “Amram”missiles; because it has more advanced guidance systems.

However, “Amram”missiles are widely used in combat, and the record; However, if China wants to prove what he said is true, it would need to use the same combat record to be proved.

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Try flying carrier-based fighter Chinese J-20

Latest news, according to the U.S., “Aviation Week” reported that the Chinese carrier is about to water, while the carrier aircraft positioning Shangbu Ming indeed, F -15 fighter because the basic design behind, will not be able to meet the Chinese Navy in 2020 after the operational requirements, Therefore, the improved carrier-based fighter aircraft F -20 F -15 fighter to replace a carrier-based aircraft.
From the progress of the view, the carrier-based F -20 earliest years of service in 2018-2020 and thereafter to stand at an annual rate of 12-30 troops. If the carrier-based F -20 proceeded smoothly, then the F -15 aircraft carrier will be in service by the next 6-8 years after the aircraft carrier, naval aviation to teach other military service, the procurement will not exceed the number of aircraft carrier Varyag the required 60. J -15 is expected for the procurement decision in 2015, two groups of orders, and the third group is the procurement decision in 2016.

J -20 from the beginning the third test flight, there is another flight test users found that more than just performance problems, taking off less than 200 meters? Short take-off capacity is shocking. Zhuhai Air Show in 2008, the canard of the F -10 to show the superior ability of short take-off, the take-off roll distance less than 280 meters, which was the Chinese military was a hot topic. According to an eyewitness description of the calculation we can see the video circulated on the Internet, the first flight of the F -20 just roll over about 200 meters into the sky a little bit, this is the prudent safety comes first, the action is very conservative flight test.

Obviously, if a free hand to play, then F -20 200 meters from the ground is entirely possible. This shows the powerful engine in the F -20, side bar, duck under the combined effects of the extreme wing lift effect. Since J -20 with excellent short take-off ability, whether it be military, as some fans of the idea can be converted into a powerful F -20 heavy aircraft carrier, which disdain Haitian it? Note that the J -20 overall configuration of selected high-speed, in particular high-speed low aspect ratio wing, may make the low-altitude low-speed flight performance has been lacking, for the sea conditions in the complex approach landed in a small aircraft carrier demand on the deck, the aircraft landing speed may be overheated, the difficulty is high.

So if you want to be converted into a carrier-based aircraft F -20, you need to like the idea of ​​the Navy F-22 type as high-speed airfoil aspect ratio of the change in the F-14 type of variable folding wings, or as F- 35 Navy, as increased wing. As a stealth aircraft, the performance will be greatly reduced. In the overall shape, Gap handling and processing stealth coating that the three aspects of stealth, the F -20 F-22 are clearly a notch above. Ago, people’s estimates may be conservative, because the F-22 unit is grounded to a problem, then certainly beyond the F -20 F-22 has the worst levels are evenly matched.

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Gulf of Aden to escort exposed many weaknesses in China’s military

Located in the east of the machinery manufacturing enterprises in Moscow, “Salute” Soviet-style factories posted a big poster. Posters that said, the company needs a large number of skilled workers. In addition, the factory located in the northwest suburbs 切尔内绍夫 held a New Year party in a group of ballet dancers in the Soviet-era Palace of Culture on stage dancing.

People in the festive holiday performance in the economic prospects of the joy out for a reason. These factories for the rich and greedy customers a production fighter engine. The client is China. After years of trying, Chinese engineers are still unable to produce stable performance fighter engine.

Today, China’s demand for weapons systems once again increased significantly. Chinese officials last month, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that China may resume after a lapse of several years of large-scale procurement of Russian weapon systems. According to some Russian media and arms experts say China shows the list of weapons systems they want: Su -35 fighter aircraft, military transport aircraft Il–476, IL -478 tanker aircraft, and S-400 air defense systems.

China has repeatedly rely on the Russian arms supplier points to a question about Chinese troops Key Facts: China’s defense industry can not produce its own military needs. Although the United States is in response to China’s growing military power adjustment policies, but some experts and officials believe that, in order to produce a considerable deterrent anti-ship ballistic missiles, not to the ocean in order to overcome the weaknesses in the delivery of military power, China should take years, even decades.

Based in Beijing, China defense expert Waxilika Shen Yue: “China’s defense industry has made significant progress, this progress should not be exaggerated. Long time, they always had the habit of overestimating its own strength.”

Lack of actual combat experience

The United States and the world, China’s military modernization process of how to implement this issue of great significance. United States believes that, in addition to clashes with the extremist Islamic forces, China’s growing military power of U.S. interests around the world pose the most serious potential threat.

Pentagon to submit a report to Congress this year, said the Chinese armed forces wide-ranging and comprehensive reform. But the report also pointed out that “the PLA is still not have the experience of modern warfare”, it is difficult to assess the country’s reform of the army.

It is believed that the submarine manufacturing technology is an area where the most progress. Over the past two years, China has deployed at least one ballistic missile equipped with new “Jin” class nuclear submarines, followed by as many as five may be equipped with this submarine.

U.S. Navy Intelligence Agency, said, “Jin” class submarines to the Navy for the first time China has a reliable second-strike nuclear capability. The submarine is equipped missile range of 4,000 miles. But the Department of the Navy Intelligence Agency in a report last year said, “Jin” class submarine noise even more than 30 years ago, the Soviet nuclear submarine made noise is also large. Some experts which concluded that, “Jin” class submarines left the port will be monitored.

Nuclear Information Project Federation of American Scientists director Hans Kristensen said: “Nowadays, the Chinese said to be a constant threat of imminent military has become a huge trend.” But he said to the Chinese ballistic missile submarine the term “such submarines could easily be hit.” Another problem is that Chinese submarine crew had not received much training.

China’s naval fleet total of 63 submarines. According to Christensen master data collected by the U.S. Navy, in 2009, only the implementation of Chinese submarine patrols a dozen times, only about one-tenth of the U.S. Navy. Christensen also said that China did not go ballistic missile submarine patrol records. He said: “You can learn how to patrol the course of operating your system. If they do not patrol, how do you fight ah?”

Missile technology to outshine others

China’s missile technology to the U.S. Government scientists have left a deep impression. January 11, 2007, a Chinese missile to exceed the speed of 4 miles per second hit a satellite. In addition, China has “Remote Sensing -11″ as its first dedicated military satellite launch, the satellites can track the target to guide its missile.

In addition, China is still manufactured anti-ship ballistic missiles. Method is to “Dongfeng -21″ medium-range ballistic missile converted aircraft carrier killer.

Although China has yet to deploy such combat capability, but the weapon system has prompted the United States has made some adjustments. U.S. Navy DDG-1000 in 2008 destroyer program production scale from 8 to 3 vessels, the reason is the lack of missile defense capabilities of the destroyer.

The problems facing China is extremely difficult to manufacture anti-ship ballistic missiles. Russia has spent decades, and ultimately ended in failure. The United States has never attempted manufacture of such missiles, and tend to rely on cruise missiles and attack submarines to deter enemy navy.

Anti-ship ballistic missile launch would be a satellite monitoring to the United States. U.S. aircraft carrier will get a warning before the missile hit already implemented a few miles away motor. A weapons expert said the U.S. government, in order to hit a moving aircraft carrier, China’s targeting systems must be “more than world-class level.”

Exposed weaknesses in the Navy Expeditionary

To participate in international action to combat piracy, China to the Gulf of Aden last year, sent a naval task force. This is considered a major step forward in China. Its significance is that China’s military concept of security operations from the borders into the global safeguard national interests. However, according to former Pentagon officials, is currently teaching at the National Defense University, written by Christopher Young said in a report recently, these expeditionary force to the outside world are also weaknesses in the PLA spy open a window.

China’s lack of military bases in foreign countries — China has insisted it will not deploy troops in a foreign country. Warships in the country long-term ability to perform tasks which are limited. In addition, the lack of helicopters, the Navy Expeditionary Force helicopter — the main equipment, the Chinese warships difficult coordination. Again, a small number of Chinese supply ship — Only District 3, there is insufficient capacity in China in a certain period of time to perform multiple replenishment tasks.

In addition, the Chinese navy ship personnel in the maintenance of water supply are also difficult. Also, refrigeration equipment on the ship behind, making it difficult for fresh fruits and vegetables.