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A large number of underground bases of the Chinese Air Force was exposed

Chinese oxygen Force was constructed close to 40 underground oxygen base, has the special capability to withstand large-scale oxygen strikes on the enemy.The enemy to be capable to destroy and even temporary paralysis on the underground airport should spend a replica cartier watch considerable price, should be extensive utilization of super-powerful high-precision ground-penetrating ammunition.

Chinese oxygen Force underground bottom is incredibly secretive, the movements from the airport is complicated to get enemy satellites, oxygen and soil observation gear found, so solution combat ready, prepared to carry out combat missions. The alleged big underground bunker at the very least can maintain 1500 combat aircraft, if not the only jet parked from the primary tunnel, possibly even more, having a complete potential of far more compared to sum on the productive duty current fighters on the chinese language army. Speaking from your cartier replica watches strategic level, underground aviation infrastructure to make certain the intensive battle towards the chinese language army towards the enemy, to keep away from their fighters for the soil was destroyed through the enemy, forcing any effective enemies, which includes the United States, after try a decisive bring about on the chinese language army fighter blow, it is bound right into a protracted war of attrition.

Compared using the other powers the oxygen Force, among the special attributes on the chinese language oxygen Force is extensively applied underground airport or awesome bunker. from your circumstance disclosed through the information mass media and U.S. reconnaissance satellite photographs, the underground airport at the very least 40. Historically, to be capable to guarantee that their jet and essential cartier jewelry replica infrastructure destroyed by enemy oxygen raids, Sweden, Switzerland, Korea, the past Yugoslav nations and Albania oxygen Force has applied the underground airport. The cause they do, normally being a passive defense side, to attempt to guard the combat fleet, oxygen energy is reserved.

Air Police -200: The Chinese Air Force’s AWACS

Air Police -200: The Chinese Air Force's AWACS

October 1, 2009, the fleet under the blue sky the sun bathed in light and peace to flying over the Tiananmen Gate. Air Police 200 as a second echelon, also escorted by F-11 aircraft received the National People’s review. 200 air marshals seemingly light carriage, but saddled with 40 million air people, more than were filled with blood and Shaanxi trapeze pay no regrets. That day, both in the field of Li Guangxing National Day celebrations, or an airport in Beijing, the company coordinating direct support tasks are difficult to suppress the party secretary Jian-Guo Yao excitement and excitement, at the moment, they most want to do that, and Shaanxi Aircraft Every employee – the most beautiful people to share the joy of victory.

However, this type of machine in operation on the basis of 8C more than 80% of 200 changes to the amount of air marshals but after the success of a survivor, and finally, after burning his boats made brilliant achievements in the road.

One summer afternoon in 2002, Shaanxi Aircraft dignified atmosphere of the meeting room, when he was chairman, general manager and senior policy makers Baisong Bo Hu Xiaofeng, Li Guangxing, Jian-Guo Yao, Shao Ouyang Xiu and so are faced with the choice of watershed .

Y-8 aircraft in recent years, modifications to improve more than 20 new machines, this means that it can once again accept the modifications, as a new early warning? Though faced with plant, equipment, new technology, new material was scarce, and many other difficulties, but a leading member of most of the Shaanxi Aircraft take this opportunity to develop a tendency of the new models, within two years successful maiden flight of the grand marshals of 200 goals , even if it be at great political, economic and technical risks.

Y-8 aircraft when he was chief architect of Ouyang Xiu Shao had gone into deep thought. Never let the opportunity pass by! Strong sense of mission and sense of responsibility that drives him to make a positive answer. He believes that the aviation industry itself is in the design of flight safety risk and the cracks in the breakthroughs, and development. Y-8 aircraft over each step of improvement is the result of the risk. “To the people of a nation and the interests and safety of air marshals to pay 200, the value!” Shao Ouyang Xiu was determined.

An extremely arduous battle began.

Shaanxi Aircraft 200 early warning aircraft, air marshals will be identified as “life project”, the company signed their “military order”, and levels of responsibility and progress of the inverted, vowing to 20 months in the first flight objectives; in the project try to concurrent engineering approach, design, technology, tooling, spare parts, components, assembly, technological innovation, equipment updating the same time, a high cross, and parallel operations; the majority of scientists have begun to “dormant” type of life they live in bedding brought from home into the plant, boxes of instant noodles piled in the corner, piles of manuscript piled on the table, studying day and night, it was sleepy, and die on the clothes and sleep. Shaanxi Aircraft Company’s leadership and the staff were also on site with room and board.

Miracle has finally appeared!

Shaanxi Aircraft only took 8 months to complete the regular 2 to 3 years needed to complete design drawings, tooling design and manufacturing tasks; completed dozens of large-scale testing is extremely difficult; only one year to complete the usually takes 18 months to complete the prototype manufacturing tasks.

January 14, 2005, in the test field, countless pairs of eyes fixed in front of empty police 200. Starting, taxiing, vacated, a towering fly! 200 first flight air marshals complete success! Prolonged applause for all the hard work to send the most sincere wishes.

In the Air Police 200 development process, the Air Force department’s leadership, National Defense Science and Engineering Council leadership, and the aircraft industry leadership Lin Zuo Ming, Zhang Biao, Xu Zhanbin, Geng Ruguang other and Shaanxi Aircraft together through a difficult process, and ultimately usher in a sea The success of new models.

Li Guangxing said: “It is not carrying a hoe over the age of the work. We are in the Product Development is to take the user to consider the future use of comprehensive environmental considerations have to be comprehensive, to the user ease of use and possible be perfect again perfect. Our goal is to provide ‘effective, useful, easy to use’ the aircraft. “200 in the air marshal who embodies the Shaanxi Aircraft and the China Electronics Technology Group, EPRI’s wisdom, on the basis of advances in technology, 200 followed by air marshals airworthiness requirements and improve customer awareness and efforts to improve aircraft reliability, ease, life and other requirements.

Air Police made 200 aircraft, also filled a number of gaps:

Negative overload the first time, the engine at low altitude flight in the air and windmills, stall characteristics and other risk subjects test techniques;

Transport for the first time domestic help in manipulating the system uses technology to improve aircraft safety and reduce the burden of driver control and improved ergonomics;

Composite propeller technology was first introduced to reduce noise and improve the performance of the aircraft altitude high temperature;

First time, the integrated avionics technology, the glass cockpit and flight technology with the integrated display system parameters;

CCAR-25 Division Airworthiness in accordance with the requirements of transport, special aircraft to challenge the risk of flight test subjects, breaking flight restricted area, and tap the potential contained quality of such machine platform.