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Chinese fishery boats 201 sailed around the Diaoyu Islands by 4 laps

4:00, according to the schedule, Chinese fishery north of 201 ship began to return, leaving the Diaoyu Islands waters. I see on the right side of the deck, two Japanese patrol boats or Bujibuli to accompany the side. 7 am, I had seen there a Japanese patrol boats in the far left side of the ship 201 to follow. 9 pm, with a Japanese patrol boats in more than 5 hours later, turn left.

Sunrise launched from September 23, fishery 201, the cruise ship, the total range of about 3600 sea miles, including the Diaoyu Islands waters nearly 3,000 miles cruising the sea, from the track point of view, walked around the Diaoyu Islands and the whole cycle 4 , for the first time to sail to Diaoyu Islands and the eastern-most all the red tail Island cruise around the other, near the Diaoyu Islands on running style in a total of 19 round-trip cruise.

China’s Diaoyu Islands waters fishery boat first arrived, the Japan Coast Guard maintains two patrol boats by the side of the Diaoyu Islands in China echelon follow a fishery ship, while inside there is a patrol boat for a distance of 3 Cohesion to 1 ratio. Later, it is basically a two patrol boats on a state of fishery in China. Basically, a naval reconnaissance aircraft to 2 times a day, morning and afternoon each time. About two or three o’clock in the afternoon, the Coast Guard helicopter carrying the PLH-type patrol boats will be looking for the helicopter took off against the wind direction, can generally be maintained at the Diaoyu Islands waters three to four hours of air cruise. Intercept fishery boat to China, the general is a grab bow speed patrol boats, forcing the ship turned to the Diaoyu Islands in China outside the fishery, and the other after a patrol boat in the fishery, to prevent the ship of China U-turn after the close fishery Diaoyu Islands, while other Japanese patrol boats around quickly surrounded, or Coast Guard or Coast Guard Air helicopter flew support. In this cruise, the reporter saw a total of 201 on board the Japan Coast Guard patrol craft 9, 2 helicopter, two Coast Guard fixed-wing aircraft, four Coast Guard patrol aircraft reconnaissance.

Two Chinese fishery boats and 8 Japanese ships crowded boats around the Diaoyu Islands

More than two days, the fishery a total of 201,203 boats around the Diaoyu Islands were the eight track the Japan Coast Guard patrol ship, crowded block, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force P-3C surveillance aircraft at least 1 day to 3 times, this is the Japanese Self-Defense Force reconnaissance aircraft is aircraft. Zhonggua strength so clear, but in their own area to defend its sovereignty and protect fishermen, Chinese fishery 201,203 without flinching.

26 around 16:40 pm, contact the channel in the sea suddenly came the threat of Japanese patrol boats: “China Fishery 203, I was the Japan Coast Guard patrol PL64, your course immediately to enter Japanese waters, you immediately turned! immediately turned! or we will take appropriate measures. ”

“Fishery 203, we warned you, immediately changed course! Not to enter Japanese territorial waters line!”

Chinese fishery boat stern reply: “Japan Coast Guard PL64, we are Chinese fishery vessels in Chinese waters of official duties, we reiterate that Diaoyu islands are Chinese territory, we do not accept any threats and blackmail, ask you to leave immediately! ask you to leave immediately! quite understand yet? ”

For a time, the struggle on the rough sea the sky. More than 3,000 tons of Japanese patrol boats PLH09 relied on both large and fast, according to fishery 203 in front of the ship suddenly speed oblique course, about every 203 and the Diaoyu Islands in the fishery between the tyranny of the pole, only 400 tons of ” China Fishery 203 “avoid quick, escape the danger. At this point, the other three Japanese patrol boats have to go straight from 203 to form a “product” shape the battle to contain the 203 wrapped in the center. Brisk 203 hurry, directed at 3,000 tons and tons of class PL03 PLH03 head-on, close to neutral when the two ships have aimed at highlighting the pocket of a turn. PLH03 more than an hour before take off from the Japan Coast Guard patrol helicopters JA9540 also immediately rush over, circling at low altitude around 203 and 201. Standing on the bridge, where the helicopter was barely visible against the Chinese fishery boats kept shooting.

But how could China’s sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands office in Japan indulging! How to fight in China, Japan Coast Guard fisheries patrol boat when the two merchant ships passing through the radio in Hong Kong to the Chinese fishery boat show their respect: “The Chinese fishery, good job! Diaoyu Islands are China! All The Chinese people are supporting you! “