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Chinese navy enhanced activities in the Pacific, to challenge the U.S. hegemony

According to the “Voice of Russia” reported on February 7, Chinese naval vessels due to military exercises and out of the western Pacific region, in response to Tokyo on the PLA Navy, have become increasingly frequent in the area expressed concerns.

According to the Japanese mass media reported that Chinese naval fleet consisting of four warships (frigate), through the waters between Japan’s Okinawa and Miyako Island. China’s Ministry of Defence has issued a statement on the matter, said the travel of the fleet in order to prepare once a year, China’s conventional military exercises. In cartier santos 100 ladies response to the concern of Japan, Beijing said China has the right freely through the area. The Chinese leadership believes that this is in full compliance with international law and practice behavior.

But observers point out that the exercise may lead to both China and Japan because of the Diaoyu Islands dispute old territorial disputes lead to deterioration in the relationship. A few days before China’s unilateral oil exploration on the East China Sea region’s oil deposits lodged a protest. On the other hand, the Chinese Foreign Ministry condemned the Japanese government plans to several uncertain attribution of the islands near the Diaoyu Islands to unilaterally take the name of action.

Recently, the absence of the grasp of Beijing’s geopolitical aspirations of Tokyo, repeatedly stressed concern about the rapid growth of China’s military strength. In 2011, Japan’s defense ministry’s annual defense report predicted that China will try to routine naval action in the ring near the Japanese island of waters; Japanese waters near the island, including the East China Sea, South China Sea and nearby waters of the Pacific.

Geopolitical issues, director of the Institute of Leonid – Ivan Otmar said in an interview with “Voice of Russia”, the Chinese navy becoming more frequent action does indicate that China plans to expand the scope of activities in the waters of its navy in cartier ballon bleu pink gold Tokyo advocated . Especially because the region contains a wealth of hydrocarbons and fisheries resources, China will rely on military strength to support their claims.

On the other hand, the situation is very uncertain. In the past few years, the United States to gradually strengthen the naval force and action in neighboring China. In Australia, the United States established a military base, and strategic navigation. Also controls the Straits of Malacca very important, and they also try to befriend with India against China as a basis.

In response to the Chinese want to dominate the Asia-Pacific region (namely, the Western Pacific region) show the strength and power demands, Ivan Otmar, Beijing repeatedly stressed Washington’s interference in the South China Sea territorial disputes, and to express their dissatisfaction.

Recently, Washington, accelerate the upgrading of a threat to the national strategic interests of China, including the security ties replica Chanel Jewelry Watches between India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore; Therefore, this exercise is not only related to the Diaoyu Islands territorial dispute; or China frequent activities in the Pacific against the United States.

In the past two years, the Chinese navy has conducted a total of nearly 50 military exercises. Beijing to its growing number of military activities in the Pacific as to strengthen as the superpower of the region, and a way to challenge U.S. hegemony.

Foreign media that Japan’s concerns about the Chinese Navy in the surrounding activities normalized

Voice of Russia site on feb 7, citing the Japanese mass media reported that the squad of 4 warships via the waters in between Japan’s Okinawa and Miyako Island.Chinese Defense Ministry stated that this can be just to put together to the yearly regimen army exercises.Moreover, China has the appropriate to pass via these waters, which replica Rolex Air King watches completely comply using the provisions of global law and appropriate regulations.

Observers have pointed out, the physical exercise coincided using the Sino-Japanese relations deteriorating because of long-standing Diaoyu Islands issue. a quantity of times ago, the Japanese state to oppose essential oil exploration from the East China Sea. about the replica Rolex Date man watches other hand, the chinese language Ministry of overseas Affairs within the Japanese federal government strategies to identify an uninhabited island close to the Diaoyu Islands protests.

Recently, Japan has repeatedly expressed concern concerning the quick escalation of army strength, along with geopolitical strategies opaque. from the 2011 yearly report, Japan’s defense ministry predicted that China will attempt to Navy in Japanese waters close to the island, the actions of routine, these waters consist of the East China Sea, the Pacific and South China Sea.

on this regard, the man in demand of Russia’s geopolitical issues Institute of Leonid – Ivar Otmar (Leonid Ivashov) stated how the boost in naval operations in China, the Beijing federal government replica Rolex Date Ladies watches strategies to expand its maritime existence. This can be a critical territorial disputes, in particular, is wealthy in essential oil and fish sources in these waters. China is strengthening its army forces, in help of its declaration of sovereignty.

Chinese aircraft carrier trials today for the first time

According to official Chinese release of the renovation project progress, August 10 China’s aircraft carrier sailing platform test, the news so many Chinese people are very happy, because many Chinese people are expecting the situation to the sea carrier. According to the situation today, the first sea trials for a long time, it will still be transformed.


From the “Kuznetsov” aircraft carrier March 3, 2002 officially arrived in Dalian, China, docked at the Port of Dalian West quays within the beginning to today the official trials, a total experience of 9 years and 5 months and 7 location, the total of 3447 days. “Kuznetsov” aircraft carrier arrived in China, the beginning of the reconstruction task, until 2008 drew to a close, the beginning of the Chinese Defense Ministry’s disclosure of information about the aircraft carrier, making China’s first aircraft carrier to become the core topic of recent years continue to heat up.

China’s first aircraft carrier of the road reconstruction

March 3, 2002, “Kuznetsov” aircraft carrier arrived in Dalian.

April 26, 2005, “Varyag” tugboat dragged by the large amounts of Dalian, the first factory-made 300,000-ton dock shipyard.

End of May 2009, the beginning of the Soviet navy air force insignia removed, the side of the Russian ship name “Kuznetsov” also shovel.

October 2009, phased array radar base unit showing the ship on the island.

May 30, 2010, gas turbine boilers burning torch.

September 2010, slide jump ship before the end of the tail and flight deck personnel stand against fall network end devices.

October 2010, the port side near the middle and tail of the anti-weapons platforms, devices disturb carrier rocket artillery shells.

December 24, 2010, refrigerator, and start the engine compartment steam turbine operation successful, low-frequency radar signal flags disturb local device end.

February 2011, “Kuznetsov” was the island one after the ship had two 364 radar installations, surface ship island next to the installation of the antenna sets of electronic warfare systems.

May 11, 2011, “Kuznetsov” was behind the ship island end of the phased array radar device.

July 3, 2011, “88″ large ship appeared Dalian assistant, stop the “Kuznetsov” edge, 88 users will be warm for the Chinese aircraft carrier known as “nanny-ship.”

July 19, 2011, “Kuznetsov” two tasks boats in place, “Kuznetsov” converted into the final phase.

July 22, 2011, “Kuznetsov” many still flying start painting the deck.

August 4, 2011, “Varyag” Enhanced control for only the shot nearby, and peep port.

2011, August 10, “Kuznetsov” initial trials.

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The United States says China has successfully developed sensitive bomb late

According to Chinese media reports, China has successfully developed a sensitiveend-made bombs. Such a bomb and bomb the United States, Saddam Hussein at the end the difference is not sensitive, it is playing a long 204 mm, diameter 147 mm,weight 11.6 kg. 155 mm shells that can be built two bullets, 455 kg CBU-105 cluster bomb can be built 40 such bullets, this equipment was outside the armored vehicleknown as the killer.

The detachment at the end I have sensitive missile radar and heat sensors, can find and apply special shaped charge bombs to destroy tanks. I drop, the sensor can find andadvance on 150 × 360 米 confined within the vehicle onslaught.

Min started playing the end of Saddam Hussein in the last 1960 years the concept, butuntil eighty years before the relevant skills to carry out mature. This ammunition can penetrate armored tanks at the top of the local thin (include US-made M-1). If you can not find the goal, the end of Saddam will be sensitive bomb blew.

Modern End sensitive bomb is “the end of the sensitive ammunition” for short, also known as “sensitive device detonated ammunition” is a trajectory in the last paragraph of the purpose of detecting the presence, and to battle the purpose of the Department ofbias towards the modern explosion of ammunition, is use a variety of skills will progressto the senior category of munitions posed picture of a cute ammunition, fired by a variety of platforms, the primary vehicle for self-advance on top of armored tanks in the 21stcentury information technology on the battlefield fighting the interval with far shot theprobability is high, damage to good results, to cost-effective and fire-regardless of otherstrengths.

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Chinese Navy will add two new “Yuan” class submarines soon

Asian Military Review September No. The article said that a new round of the Asian countries are super submarine procurement, except for China the next decade would total more than 90 submarines purchase a total of over 50 billion U.S. dollars. The article also revealed China’s submarine force, said the two “meta” class submarine sea trials will be completed this year and next deployment of troops. But even if China’s submarine modernization, there is also an old design and the lack of advanced weapons control system and do not rely on AIP and other issues. However, China reportedly is developing AIP system.

Two Chinese “Yuan” class submarines will be deployed in service this year and next

The article said that at present there are eleven countries in Asia submarine, they are Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore and Thailand, all of these countries have plans to expand and upgrade its submarine fleet. In addition, Vietnam is acquiring submarines, while Thailand and Bangladesh are interested in formation of the submarine fleet. Now, the submarine sank an enemy warships and merchant ships of traditional anti-surface missions, has been replaced by anti-submarine warfare missions. However, the submarines are still shouldering the reconnaissance mission, and the ability to transport special forces have been strengthened, and specialized or modified version of the emergence of ship-to-ground missiles, means that submarines can now attack ground targets.

It is estimated that in the next ten years, excluding China, the Asian market will absorb more than 90 submarines, submarines, totaling over 50 billion U.S. dollars. Moreover, the Asian countries not only for the procurement of electricity from the diesel engine driven battery charging conventional submarine diesel-electric submarines, but also to purchase nuclear-powered submarines – nuclear-powered submarine is really unlimited endurance of the submarine, and stealth is very fast.

The article said that China and India, two Asian powers rival each other in Asia’s largest submarine fleet. Beijing has a small-scale nuclear-powered submarine fleet, but since 2007 the second 093-type “business” class submarine appeared, the Beijing have been thinking about the next action. At the same time, China also attaches great importance to conventional submarines, is producing 041-type “element” class submarines – has been reported that, “Yuan” class submarines in the 083-type “Song” class submarines, developed from the basis, and ” Song-class “submarines by the Russian” Kilo “class submarines of. 1995 to 2006, China purchased twelve “Kilo” class submarines.

“Yuan” class submarines, the first ship testing has been going on 4 years is expected that another two “meta” class submarine sea trials will be completed this year and next deployment of troops. But even if China’s submarine modernization, there is also an old design and the lack of advanced weapons control system and do not rely on AIP and other issues. However, Wuhan, China is reportedly developing AIP system.

The article points out, India has developed nuclear submarines are not dependent on the vision of air power plant, which recently launched the first ships made “destroy the enemy by” nuclear submarine. Although most observers think that it is Russian-made “Charlie-I” class nuclear attack submarine imitation, but the submarine was also the influence of European design elements. While India plans to design into the first ballistic missile submarines, but its two sister boats – at least one under construction – will be equipped with cruise missiles. New Delhi also plans to build another three attack submarines, but as a temporary measure, it has plans to lease from Russia “Nerpa” submarine, for a term of ten years.

New Delhi plans to build a composition of 24 submarines submarine fleet, but this process is not smooth. Their plans through two projects, namely 75A and 75I engineering projects to achieve this plan, and the first project has been selected by the French shipyard DCNS and Spain combined to create the Scorpène Navantia class submarines. French company DCNS for submarines India for six submarines shell kit, electronic equipment and propulsion, could increase its share another nine submarines – the nine submarines will be assembled in Mazha Gang Dock Company completed the plan in 2012 delivered between 2018.

For 75I Engineering 6 submarines are equipped with air independent power plant, the availability of land attack capability of the problems yet to be decided, the French company DCNS, Horvath German shipyard, Spain Navan Tia (Navantia) shipyards and Rosoboronexport The submarine design consideration in New Delhi within. Now this problem has been around the corner, because when the 2015 Indian submarine fleet may be remaining five.

China, Pakistan or purchase four “dollar” or “Song” class submarine

The other side in Asia, Japan and South Korea through excellent docking facilities to maintain a modern submarine force. Tokyo aims to maintain a fleet of 16 diesel-electric submarine force consisting of each year to replace one, but due to financial constraints, may be every two years to replace one. Shipyard is the production of “black dragon” class submarines, such a combination of Swedish submarines Stirling air independent propulsion, but with modern combat systems and mast detector.

Neighboring South Korea steadily developed its own submarine capabilities, including licensed production from small submarines to the German 209/1200 type KSS-I “Zhang Baogao” class submarines and then to the current KSS-2 project. German shipbuilding company which also involves the design licensed products Hathaway shipyard, the 214-style with air independent propulsion, and the first batch of three, after the second batch will consist of seven. The second batch is scheduled to start this year, the first launched in 2013 and another 3,500 tons of design, KSS-3 plan, although this project was the world financial crisis, but two years have passed, but the first submarine is still scheduled to begin in 2020 joined the fleet. North Korea will undoubtedly need to replace the 23 “Romeo” class submarines (some of which have more than 35 years.)

Currently, the only non-will soon be fitted out in air-independent propulsion submarines country is Pakistan, which in 2008 received three “Agosta” class submarines (also called “Khalid” level) in the last one . Palestinian system “Hamza” was to the French company DCNS Air independent propulsion model as a model, and another one arrived in Pakistan this year, will also be modified, while the third ship will also benefit from this. Pakistan to seek after the three non-air-independent propulsion submarines, and in 2006 the shipyard as a 214-style selection Hathaway preferred supplier, but the talks postponed, apparently because of fear of the turmoil in the Berlin regional sales of such submarines.

Spring, Pakistan began to thirty-four submarine problems and DNCS negotiations with China, which provides the new “Marlins” class submarines, and this is the Spanish shipyard Navan Tia “Scorpene” submarine solution to the dispute. But the June 2010 visit of Chinese Vice-traditional ally of Pakistan to strengthen its negotiating position Beijing as an opportunity. Although details were not disclosed, but it seems possible that Beijing will provide the four “dollars” or “Song” class submarines.

Russia will strengthen the Vietnamese naval forces to build a submarine base

Article pointed out that Southeast Asia has a very dynamic submarine market and bought two for Malaysia, “Scorpene” class submarines and has been promoting, and Malaysia may also purchase “Agosta” class (Agosta 70) “Ukraine Aisang (Ouessant) “submarine, which is on loan from France in Malaysia for the training of the submarine vessel, Malaysia may buy it directly.

In the north, Vietnam has become the latest country to buy submarines, which indicates that Vietnam is still doubt that China and China’s close relations with Russia. At present, Vietnam is to modernize and expand its fleet to oppose China’s resource-rich South China Sea islands, the potential declaration of sovereignty, and Russia are happy to use China’s military resources scattered ships, forcing the Chinese navy will mainly focus on the south to response to India, not as they are now on the Fu Yuenan.

Currently, Vietnam has two “high-yu” (Yugo) level miniature submarine, although it might be able to provide training for the backbone of the crew, but no longer running. However, Vietnam has signed a contract worth 1.8 billion U.S. dollars, purchased from Russia 6 “Kilo” class (Type 636) submarines, the submarine will have a carrying capacity of land-attack missiles, and Moscow will also help Vietnam The construction of a submarine base, and its location may Da Nang in Vietnam.

In addition, the Asian current project is another major submarine began early last year, the Australian “future submarine project”, the code-named “Sea 1000″, European design of the submarine to the submarine may be the basis of shell and equipped with U.S. combat systems, sensors and weapons. Australia’s submarine fleet from the current six by the “Collins” class submarine components, the design of the submarine to the submarine based in Sweden, but the issue of staffing and maintenance through a lot of suffering, which means that at any time, Australia is the state patrol rarely more than one submarine.

However, the “future submarine project” for Australia to provide a new type of submarine, and “Collins” class submarines, the new submarines farther (more than 11,500 sea miles or 21,300 km), speed (20 knots), patrol time performance is also more durable and stronger.

Now, Australia hope to find 8-12 submarines, it will be the primary problem is to choose a suitable 3,000-ton submarine design programs to meet more demand for transport and patrol time. However, from the relevant circumstances, the new reduced to six the number of submarines look more realistic, although there will still be the staffing position. The design of the submarine in 2015 through the construction work started from 2016, the first new submarine fleet will be replaced in 2024 a “Collins” class submarines.

Chinese Navy’s air-cushion boats implement the escort patrol for the first time

Local time on September 2, the Navy convoy formation of the Organization of the sixth batch of 27 239 vessels were assembled during nursing, “Kunlun Mountains” medium-sized air-cushion ship carrying the boat was in the merchant marine assembled more than two hours of patrol, voyage up to 70 nautical miles. This is the Navy’s new air-cushion craft fitted out the first official mission.

9:40, “Kunlun Mountains” ship stern door slowly opened, air boat captain in the 4 Sergeant Liu Kejia manipulation of space down the dock and then drove at full capacity to high-speed patrol area. Accompanied by the roar of the engine sound of steam blowing off the sea fog.

10:12, air boat to the fleet command center discovered in front of the 6 miles to an unknown target, then the command code that air cushion vessel approaching small targets. The close-observation, target a small wooden boat, did not pose a threat to merchant shipping. Subsequently, the air cushion to continue to build patrol boats, shuttling between a merchant ship. In the two-hour patrol and found no other suspicious target. 11:47, cushion the safe return of the boat carrier.

According to “Kunlun Mountains” ship commander Jin Air, fake cartier watches due to the merchant when assembled more scattered, and low speed, is harassment by the pirates of the high-risk period, and the “Kunlun Mountains” ship carrying a new type of high speed air-cushion craft, life force, suitable for during the implementation of the external security duty.

Merchant team up for use during assembly in the air-cushion craft for patrol, escort the Navy Sixth Fleet to develop means to defend another ground-breaking attempt replica cartier.