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China will soon send the second batch of fishery ships to the Diaoyu Islands

Chinese fishery ship 201

October 12, 2010 CCTV “Global vision” broadcast, “Watch the Diaoyu Islands in China fishery boat cruise,” and invited guests about the Diaoyu Islands in China cruise ship unknown fishery in some detail, including several experienced unreasonable interception Japan . Record the following for the show:

Moderator Shui Junyi: Welcome back to “Global vision.” Recently, the issue of the Diaoyu Islands, Japan, some people have been through some illegal means to harm the safety of Chinese territory, triggering a series of Sino-Japanese relations friction events. Recently, some members of Congress in Japan is on the Diaoyu Islands were the so-called air detection. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu today made a solemn response to this, let’s listen.

(Play video) Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu: Diaoyu Islands are China’s inherent territory since ancient times, some people in Japan through the illegal so-called attempts to undermine China’s sovereignty and aerial inspections, damage Sino-Japanese relations, their plots are not will succeed. We stand in the Sino-Japanese strategic and mutually beneficial relations framework, based on the four political documents between China and Japan in the spirit, through dialogue and consultation between China and Japan to properly handle relevant sensitive issues there.

Shui Junyi: Diaoyu Islands are China’s inherent territory since ancient times, September 23 to October 6 this period, China’s fishery 201, and 203 went to the Diaoyu Islands had a two-week cruise, from the track point of view Chinese fishery ship go four laps around the Diaoyu Islands, near the Diaoyu Islands is a shuttle run like a total of nearly 19 cruise back and forth, some more than three thousand sea miles, and always follow the cruise there was a reporter from China, he is the “Global Times” and the global network of journalists Cheng Gang, Cheng Gang, his valuable interview experience cruise diary written in the Diaoyu Islands, in the studio today we are particularly honored to Mr. Cheng Gang, asked him to talk with us This section of the interview experience. In particular, there are some unknown number of details, but before that, we have according to Mr. Cheng Gang through the ten days produced a video interview, we look together.

(Play video) Explanation: September 23, 2010, for “Global Times” reporter Cheng Gang, it is extremely important in a career day, because on that day, he embarked on a 201 boat fishery in China, with the the cruise, and destination is the Diaoyu Islands waters. 13-day cruise, just follow the process 201 Chinese fishery boat, again and again and the Japan Coast Guard patrol craft and helicopters patrol encountered at sea. Process just the way the whole diary to record the precious words of this cruise the Diaoyu Islands.

Subtitles Tip: Time: September 25 Location: Diaoyu Islands waters

Commentary: the morning, look outside to see the porthole PL64, the top of the bridge there are a few shadows in the rock, down I saw a staff of three Japanese Coast Guard ship in front of 201 cameras fishery. At noon, the Japanese patrol boats started to adjust the shift, this can be seen when the mouth of the Japan Coast Guard arranged in the power of how strong the Diaoyu Islands, the sea appeared in a total of eight Japanese patrol.

And not just that the Japanese patrol boats guarding the Chinese fishery sneaking 201, more often, they threatened the sound.

Subtitles Tip: Time: September 29 Location: Diaoyu Islands waters

Commentary: dinner hours, a day of calm to be next to the Japan Coast Guard patrol boats PL03 broke, it suddenly toward the 201 is propaganda, but also a whistle, requiring 201 to change course, do not enter the field of so-called Japan.

Sometimes the situation is more complex, there is a Japanese patrol boat turned around to ask the Chinese fishery and threatened Without it, they will take the appropriate measures, China sternly rejected immediately fishery vessel 201, for a time, the struggle on the rough sea the sky .

Subtitles Tip: Time: September 26 Location: Diaoyu Islands waters

Commentary: Japanese patrol more than 300 tons between PLH-09 relied on both the big and fast, according to the direction of fishery sailing ship of 203 violent speed miter, once every 203 and the Diaoyu Islands in between the extremely high-handed, simply only 400 avoid 203 tons of Chinese fishery agile escape the danger. At this point, the other three Japanese patrol boats also came to Japan in 20 straight ahead to form a “product” type of containment battle, wrapped in the middle of the 203.

Although overcame hardships, but the experience of ten days, just for the process, it becomes a career, the most profound experience, the end, he even some reluctant to leave.

Subtitles Tip: Time: October 5 Location: Diaoyu Islands waters

Commentary: At this time the sun the sea has been good, but the backlight of the Diaoyu Islands have burned my eyes, because it is the prospect of patrolling the coast of Japan between the Office and the Maritime Self Defense Force patrol aircraft. I silently said to the Diaoyu Islands, we have to leave you, but we will come back, you will be back.

Shui Junyi: Again, welcome Cheng Gang. I looked at you the whole 13 days following the fishery boat cruise, interview or a very rich experience, which does have a lot of stories, but I would like to ask you about the whole the Chinese fishery to the cruise ship to the Diaoyu Islands waters, to visit, you understand, what to accomplish a mission, this time to 13 world, this mission is not completed?

Cheng Gang, “Global Times” Global Network reporter: It should say so, because this area is a traditional fishing ground, a large number, such as Fujian, Zhejiang, including Taiwan, many fishermen have come here to work, so as China’s fishery ship this way, we call fishing protection cruise, in fact, very official, and is as it should be.

Guests view the ship to the flag hanging is declaration of sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands

At the same time as long as the flag hanging from the ship to the Diaoyu Islands, which is in the declaration of our sovereign, in this sense, we have nearly 13 days in the Diaoyu Islands cruise is a very good process should be completed at the time of our mission.

Shui Junyi: We have a map, in fact, to you is from Shanghai, which is roughly the position is from Shanghai, to the Diaoyu Islands around the shuttle run, such a process, and then returned to Shanghai, is such a process. This process, particularly deep impression on you, because we have just introduced the video in, left the deepest impression, or you were in the interview, on your special touch to what happened?

Comments a few days on the Chinese fishery ship is more than 3600 sea miles cruising the Diaoyu Islands

Cheng Gang: As a media person, we would like to take a look at the Diaoyu Islands, so when we arrived and that night when the fast has been the evening came, faintly yellow tail first saw the island and see to the Diaoyu Islands, had my heart is very excited, and this time the aircraft came, the Japanese planes, but also its Maritime Self Defense Force, Maritime Self-Defense Force aircraft, I emphasize, not a general Coast Guard aircraft.

Shui Junyi: a military color.

Review of Chinese fishery ship is hit several times deliberately intercepting Japanese

Cheng Gang: The military nature of the plane over, and while their boat over, this time as a Chinese speaking, in our own place, came here and saw this, was a little not taste. In addition, the process of the past few days, the Japanese Coast Guard patrol craft is endlessly tracking us.

Shui Junyi: We have a big screen, from the camera point of view, this is your shot?

Cheng Gang: Yes.

Shui Junyi: It should be very close, what is this plane?

Cheng Gang: This is the P3C, is an anti-submarine reconnaissance aircraft. This Airworthiness very well, so Japan has a lot to do maritime patrol aircraft.

Shui Junyi: that from the sky, the sea pounded.

Guests are not afraid of things that we view the issue of sovereignty can not compromise

Cheng Gang: interference like this exist all the time, so that the board is concerned, the brothers have a saying that we are not afraid, we are not afraid. But we have to keep our sovereignty, so this will never make concessions, has been doing with them wore.

Shui Junyi: I see your diary and reports, one of them a few days, that number is about 26-27 days, the middle of this cruise, escort, and was very intense fight with each other harassment, to tell us.

Cheng Gang: 27, the day is the most typical, 6 o’clock in the morning, the Japanese ship’s horn, which is inside the radio channel started shouting, and a call went out as soon as we are, a look at more than 3,000 tons of ship We are very close from the sea will know, very close, if the distance in a boat is very dangerous, so stick close to the side.

Shui Junyi: easy to beat upon.

Cheng Gang: It has a boat smoking, a smoke, they would hit. In this case, call on us, called us and said some with threatening language, which occurred in the morning. In the afternoon, when more severe in the afternoon, the first is that they a Japanese patrol vessels over 1300 tons of our more than 400 tons of the 203, we began to cut, cut what does that mean? Basically, as we on the road above, in driving a big truck to do our cars, that feeling.

Shui Junyi: suddenly diverted.

Watch the Diaoyu Islands are close forefront comment

Cheng Gang: Suddenly, the small boat as we turn around, so we are also very agile, very alert, several consecutive shift, the results do a very awkward it. Here, several other ships, could have been with us a few 201 ships larger than 201 boats, with some of our ship a little secret, there are several boats going to support the other side of the Japanese ship, the captain one of our Look, brother, bully us ship began to go to the Diaoyu Islands, which, this time, he begins to ship in Japan, and whistle, shouting, and the speed, this really is an instant speed is very fast, also cut us, just now lenses, the above fact can be seen to this day.

Shui Junyi: What does it mean that they prevent us, is to keep our boat near the Diaoyu Islands fishery?

Cheng Gang: Yes. Face reality, they actually control in the power of this place is relatively strong, so they occupy a geographical advantage, they come from inside the ship to withstand our ship.

Shui Junyi: let us go.

I wish guests a better view of law enforcement boats and more boats frequented the Diaoyu Islands

Cheng Gang: Yes, they ship bigger than us, faster than we are about, this time we have to go in, they do that is very dangerous, do not use force except Basically, the basically put all the dangerous sea They have done a provocative action. So we tell the truth, and hope we can have more advanced and better public service vessels, including fishing boats also we have more to go to this area.

Shui Junyi: I hear you, we are given before the fishery ship more than 600 tons.

Cheng Gang: There are tons. There is little more than 400 tons.

Shui Junyi: Japan and some ship is 3,000 tons.

Cheng Gang: It is the largest to 4,500 tons, it is the general resistance to ship 1300 tons, speed can reach 30 knots or so.

Shui Junyi: What is the speed of our boat?

Cheng Gang: We probably 13 or so.

Shui Junyi: So speaking from the ship’s performance, we also Chi Diankui?

Watch the Diaoyu Islands are close forefront comment

Cheng Gang: Yes, but our boat captain, crew, their experience is very rich, they are using their own wisdom and courage after some struggle.

Shui Junyi: after 13 days of interviews, as a reporter, certainly there will be some feelings, tell us about what you feel most?

Cheng Gang: the greatest feeling, I mean, in this question above, we really should be of one mind, do I know, and now we have basically decided to build more and more advanced public service vessels, but also normalized on the Diaoyu Islands waters fishery cruise ship in the past, I know the situation may be a few days, our next batch of cruise ships but also in the past, so I think each of us can have such a heart qi to hold this place?

Shui Junyi: This is ours … …

Chinese fishery boats 201 sailed around the Diaoyu Islands by 4 laps

4:00, according to the schedule, Chinese fishery north of 201 ship began to return, leaving the Diaoyu Islands waters. I see on the right side of the deck, two Japanese patrol boats or Bujibuli to accompany the side. 7 am, I had seen there a Japanese patrol boats in the far left side of the ship 201 to follow. 9 pm, with a Japanese patrol boats in more than 5 hours later, turn left.

Sunrise launched from September 23, fishery 201, the cruise ship, the total range of about 3600 sea miles, including the Diaoyu Islands waters nearly 3,000 miles cruising the sea, from the track point of view, walked around the Diaoyu Islands and the whole cycle 4 , for the first time to sail to Diaoyu Islands and the eastern-most all the red tail Island cruise around the other, near the Diaoyu Islands on running style in a total of 19 round-trip cruise.

China’s Diaoyu Islands waters fishery boat first arrived, the Japan Coast Guard maintains two patrol boats by the side of the Diaoyu Islands in China echelon follow a fishery ship, while inside there is a patrol boat for a distance of 3 Cohesion to 1 ratio. Later, it is basically a two patrol boats on a state of fishery in China. Basically, a naval reconnaissance aircraft to 2 times a day, morning and afternoon each time. About two or three o’clock in the afternoon, the Coast Guard helicopter carrying the PLH-type patrol boats will be looking for the helicopter took off against the wind direction, can generally be maintained at the Diaoyu Islands waters three to four hours of air cruise. Intercept fishery boat to China, the general is a grab bow speed patrol boats, forcing the ship turned to the Diaoyu Islands in China outside the fishery, and the other after a patrol boat in the fishery, to prevent the ship of China U-turn after the close fishery Diaoyu Islands, while other Japanese patrol boats around quickly surrounded, or Coast Guard or Coast Guard Air helicopter flew support. In this cruise, the reporter saw a total of 201 on board the Japan Coast Guard patrol craft 9, 2 helicopter, two Coast Guard fixed-wing aircraft, four Coast Guard patrol aircraft reconnaissance.

Two Chinese fishery boats and 8 Japanese ships crowded boats around the Diaoyu Islands

More than two days, the fishery a total of 201,203 boats around the Diaoyu Islands were the eight track the Japan Coast Guard patrol ship, crowded block, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force P-3C surveillance aircraft at least 1 day to 3 times, this is the Japanese Self-Defense Force reconnaissance aircraft is aircraft. Zhonggua strength so clear, but in their own area to defend its sovereignty and protect fishermen, Chinese fishery 201,203 without flinching.

26 around 16:40 pm, contact the channel in the sea suddenly came the threat of Japanese patrol boats: “China Fishery 203, I was the Japan Coast Guard patrol PL64, your course immediately to enter Japanese waters, you immediately turned! immediately turned! or we will take appropriate measures. ”

“Fishery 203, we warned you, immediately changed course! Not to enter Japanese territorial waters line!”

Chinese fishery boat stern reply: “Japan Coast Guard PL64, we are Chinese fishery vessels in Chinese waters of official duties, we reiterate that Diaoyu islands are Chinese territory, we do not accept any threats and blackmail, ask you to leave immediately! ask you to leave immediately! quite understand yet? ”

For a time, the struggle on the rough sea the sky. More than 3,000 tons of Japanese patrol boats PLH09 relied on both large and fast, according to fishery 203 in front of the ship suddenly speed oblique course, about every 203 and the Diaoyu Islands in the fishery between the tyranny of the pole, only 400 tons of ” China Fishery 203 “avoid quick, escape the danger. At this point, the other three Japanese patrol boats have to go straight from 203 to form a “product” shape the battle to contain the 203 wrapped in the center. Brisk 203 hurry, directed at 3,000 tons and tons of class PL03 PLH03 head-on, close to neutral when the two ships have aimed at highlighting the pocket of a turn. PLH03 more than an hour before take off from the Japan Coast Guard patrol helicopters JA9540 also immediately rush over, circling at low altitude around 203 and 201. Standing on the bridge, where the helicopter was barely visible against the Chinese fishery boats kept shooting.

But how could China’s sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands office in Japan indulging! How to fight in China, Japan Coast Guard fisheries patrol boat when the two merchant ships passing through the radio in Hong Kong to the Chinese fishery boat show their respect: “The Chinese fishery, good job! Diaoyu Islands are China! All The Chinese people are supporting you! “

Chinese Captain who was caught illegally by Japan: Diaoyu Islands belong to China

Zhongguang Wang Fuzhou September 25 News Today (25) morning, the Diaoyu Islands waters is illegal in Japan, China snatch skipper Zhanqi Xiong take the Chinese government sent a chartered security return Fuzhou. Assistant Foreign Minister Hu Zhengyue, Fujian Vice Governor Hong Jie sequence at the airport. Please listen to CCTV Liangwei Hao, Ge Zhaoxing has just sent from Fuzhou Airport reports:

Compatriots to go home! I returned with the Fuzhou Government charter safety

Near 4:00 this morning, a luxury Gulfstream jet flew 550 Fuzhou Changle International Airport, Zhan Qixiong finally safe to go home. CCTV reporter Ge Zhaoxing witnessed him home on the tarmac moment.

It is Beijing at 3:58 on September 25, after the Chinese government’s solemn representations to Japan on the Diaoyu Islands waters is illegal in China snatch skipper Zhanqi Xiong take the Chinese government sent a chartered security return to Fuzhou. Now slowly charter flights landed at Fuzhou Changle International Airport tarmac. Plane is still taxiing on the apron, the aircraft is now being slowly bit closer to the apron 1. Fuzhou airport, the temperature is now 22 ℃, a slight wind. I believe Zhanqi Xiong home will feel very warm.

It is Beijing at 3:59 on September 25, the aircraft has been completely stopped, and now the cabin door is open, I saw Zhanqi Xiong was wearing short-sleeved shirt, casual trousers, he looked thin, his face with a smile, but still showing a trace of fatigue, Zhan Qixiong waving as he walked quickly down the aircraft ramp, holding flowers with the relatives at the airport waiting for a big hug.

Zhan Qixiong: Son, cheer up, my father came back … …

Flash flash constantly, trying to finally come home Zhanqi Xiong, a reunion of every moment, are retained.

Reporter: tired?

Zhan Qixiong: tired, but came back not tired. Back is not tired.

Reporter: Now feel how?

Zhan Qixiong: mood can.

Zhan Qixiong first thank you for the concern.

Zhan Qixiong: Diaoyu Islands are China’s Well, I went fishing there is a legitimate thing. I thank, thank the party, thank people across the country. Thank you for your concern.

Zhan Qixiong: I say Diaoyu Islands are China’s!

Zhan Qixiong said that in Japan, the Japanese continue to make him admit mistakes, admitted into Japan’s territorial waters, and every time he resolutely refused.

Zhan Qixiong: He told me to admit that I die Well say is China’s Diaoyu Islands.

When asked to go home after that first wanted to do something, Zhan Qixiong blurted out that wanted to go fishing. He said he wanted to go fishing over the Diaoyu Islands.

Zhan Qixiong: Diaoyu Islands are China’s Well, not afraid of you, have the opportunity to go fishing there.

Zhan Qixiong talkative slowly up in the VIP room and the fellow talked about half an hour, around 4:45, Zhan Qixiong on the bus leave the airport. It is understood that Zhan Qixiong will first go to a place a few days rest and family to enjoy their grandchildren.

Taiwan Diaoyu Islands ship went to claim sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands

Chinese Diaoyu Islands Association executive director Yinbi Xiong Huang Xilin and 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, take Yehliu membership “Thanksgiving 90 on the 9th,” fishing boats, to the Diaoyu Islands, “fishing”, a smooth sea conditions the past two days, scheduled to arrive this morning Diaoyu Islands waters.

Huang Xilin night said 10 o’clock at night to see the Japan Coast Guard at sea has been monitoring the ship, far behind with the boats, the rear is more distant is Taiwan’s Coast Guard boats.

Arrived at the Diaoyu Islands waters, he wished to Tachia’s Chen Lan Matsu statue invited to send the Diaoyu Islands, and declared sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands in China and protest the seizure of the Japanese mainland fishing boats in the waters of the Diaoyu Islands.

“Coast Guard Maritime Patrol Directorate General Deputy Secretary,” Lin Xingheng that it would be to protect the public safety of maritime activities, and have a complete and thorough contingency disposal plan; Coast Guard Office weekdays in waters northeast of Taiwan, there will be two to three fixed Guard patrol boat, patrol boat commander of the authorization at any time depending on sea conditions strain.

It is understood that the size of at least 11 ships in the escort within a certain distance, if necessary, any rush to the rescue, coastal patrol boats are accompanied by special agents to cope with the situation.

Huang Xilin yesterday, two fishing vessels originally looking for a boat carrying people in Taiwan Diaoyu Islands, Diaoyu Islands are a set of seven Hong Kong and Macau, with Hong Kong from Yehliu sea, but in the end could not find people willing to set the Diaoyutai Hong Kong and Macao, the fishing boats, seven Diaoyu Islands are no places Hong Kong and Macao can take a boat had to return to Hong Kong from Taiwan.

Huang Xilin 1 pm yesterday, more, please visit the Matsu statue, “Gratitude 90 on the 9th,” fishing boat, seven Hong Kong and Macao to take advantage of the opportunity to protest banners and flags, along with Huang Xilin board, port security by the terminal to customs formations, sea patrol boat followed in the next.

Boat dock, the Hong Kong and Macao people do not want to disembark, let them protest against the Taiwan authorities to suppress the sea. “Deputy Director of Immigration,” Rong village in discouraging them, to the pier shows in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao residents shall not engage in activities inconsistent with the purposes of the permission, otherwise, cancellation or revocation of entry and exit permits and affect the future application to Taiwan.

Both sides are to 1:50 p.m., Hong Kong and Macao who decided to give up, in the “Down with Japanese imperialism” and other slogans sound disembark, back to the hotel to pack up to return.

Huang Xilin Yehliu yesterday to Hong Kong, only to find no manual with the crew, fishing boat crew manual to take home after the 15:45 to the sea, the harbor four “Coast Guard” patrol boats to follow departure.

Over the past Diaoyu Islands are without a crew qualifications, can take the fun out to sea to sea fishing boats, not offshore 24 years; Huang Xilin said that last year sea Diaoyu Islands were “difficulties”, the association members to participate in training in groups, to obtain fishing crew card easy ride fishing vessels; Diaoyu Islands is a long war, he must now learn to sail, Mingnianzaikao master card.

Diaoyu Islands boat not starting call, on behalf of the Taiwan-Japan protests

Taiwan’s sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands Diaoyu Islands to declare the sea, Taiwan’s “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” yesterday by the “Chief Minister” Shen Lu patrol summoned “the Japanese Representative to Taiwan,” Imai is, and issued a statement, reaffirmed China’s sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, also emphasized that this was civil spontaneous behavior, the Taiwan authorities safeguard safety, the Japanese side from the global focus, “not to intervene.”

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” the Chief Minister Shen Lu patrol called in at 3 pm yesterday, Imai is on the Japanese ship has been in public service activities in the area expressed “deep concern” and hope the Japanese side not to touch the issue of sovereignty.

Shen Lu patrol stressed that the Taiwan people to the Diaoyu Islands waters activities, the Taiwan authorities have the right according to the law and protect their security, the Japanese side not to intervene, should be a peaceful and rational manner; this, Imai is only as the Japanese position.

But Japan’s Kyodo News reported from Taipei that Taiwan’s “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” asked Japan not to harm Diaoyu Islands vessels Taiwan, Japan, Taiwan representative of the fishing boats were released to the Diaoyu Islands to Taiwan regrets.

Kyodo News said, Imai Shen Lu visits are also to protest against Taiwan, the Taiwan authorities in the Diaoyutai fishing voyage, that “Taiwan-Japan relations would be detrimental, very sorry.”

Although the Diaoyutai to secure rights and interests of Taiwan people, but the Diaoyutai engaged in Hong Kong and Macao people, Taiwan’s “Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” said, according to “Hong Kong and Macau Relations Ordinance” requirements, into Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Jumin if engaged with the purpose approved of the activities, according to the law may cancel or revoke entry and exit permits, can not come back Taiwan in the future; please related to comply with in order to avoid offense.

“Foreign Affairs” that Diaoyu Islands as Chinese territory, and administrative jurisdiction in the “Tahsi in Ilan County towns.” Taiwan, Diaoyu Islands Diaoyu Islands waters are going to claim sovereignty, just as “private voluntary act”, the authorities will safeguard security.

“Ma Ying-jeou should be hard up!” Ilan County Magistrate Lin Congxian yesterday criticized the Diaoyu Islands become a slogan, he suggested that Ma Ying-jeou, a clear declaration that the Diaoyu Islands to China, and Taiwan, Japanese fishermen will not easily be seized. replica Isabel marant sneakers

Chinese detained fishing boat captain may be sentenced to 3 years in Japan

7, the Japan Coast Guard patrol boat for the morning of the Diaoyu Islands waters in two Chinese fishing boats and arrested the captain collision event, we continuously respond. Yesterday, Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Hu Zhengyue summoned the Japanese ambassador was ordered to Niwa Uichiro, lodged a strong protest, and urged Japan to immediately release the crew and ship, and to ensure the safety of our human vessels. In addition, the Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua the Japanese side has made solemn representations. Chinese Embassy in Japan has sent personnel rushed to Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture to visit the Chinese fishermen.

7, the morning after the collision occurred, China knocked fishing vessel “Jin Yue Min No. 5179,” the Japanese side was detained. Japan was at 1 o’clock on the 8th so issued an arrest warrant and arrested the captain on the 2 point. It is reported that this Chinese fishing boat captain called Zhanqi Xiong, 41-year-old.

8 morning 7:25, Zhan Qixiong Ishigaki, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan arrived in Hong Kong. Zhan Qixiong brief appearance in the disembarkation when he was masked, wearing handcuffs, after being taken to Ishigaki City Hall investigation. Kyodo news, fishing boat the remaining 14 crew members will not be placed on file, but not immigration, will be on board to wait, do not rule out the Japanese Coast Guard asking them to investigate the possibility.

Grandma heard about the death of Captain

It is understood that knocked fishing boat from Fujian Jinjiang, where thousands of fishermen very concerned about the incident and outrage, and that we will go to the Diaoyu Islands sea fishing, and declared China’s sovereignty. In addition to his master Zhanqi Xiong bears the accident, the family grandmother was even hearing the news around forever.

Went to local reporters covering the connection, said: “This is the Shenzhen and Shanghai Jinjiang, Fujian, Hong Kong, where at least two thousand people are living by fishing boats run year round, some of them are in the fishing impact, . ”

Local fishermen worried about the Chinese crew members were taken to Japan by the unfair treatment, Zhanqi Xiong’s wife even cried, but Zhanqi Xiong’s grandmother heard the news You Ji hearts and minds, yesterday afternoon around forever.

China’s continuous response

After the incident the first time, 7 pm, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu stressed that the Diaoyu Islands are Chinese territory since ancient times, China asked Japan to patrol the waters near the Diaoyu Islands were not the so-called “law enforcement” activities, but shall not take any endanger the Chinese fishing boats and personnel security. Jiang Yu said China will closely follow developments to retain the right to make further action.

, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister summoned the Japanese Ambassador Song Tao ordered Niwa Uichiro, made solemn representations on the incident, and urged Japan to stop the illegal interception of action of Chinese vessels.

7 night, the Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua emergency incident to the head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry lodged solemn representations and expressed its strong protest, and urged Japan to immediately release the crew and ship, to avoid further escalation. 8 morning, the Chinese Embassy in Japan on the Japanese side to take judicial measures to China master the Japanese side made solemn representations.

8 am, Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Hu Zhengyue summoned the Japanese ambassador was ordered to Niwa Uichiro, strongly protested the incident, urged the Japanese side to immediately release the crew and ship, and to ensure safety of Chinese boat people.

In another development, the Chinese Embassy in Japan has sent personnel rushed to Ishigaki Island in Okinawa Prefecture to visit the Chinese fishermen.

Japan claims to be “severely dealt with”

Japan on suspicion of violation of the “Fisheries Act” (to avoid boarding) on the grounds of “Yue Jin Min No. 5179,” the captain investigation, trial, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, Paradise Valley, said a speech yesterday by the people: “According to the laws of our country seriously. I do not think this would be greatly affected. I think that Japan should not overheat reactions necessary to deal with the matter calmly. ”

Katsuya Okada, the Japanese foreign minister also insisted that the incident took place in “Japan’s territorial waters”, the Japanese side will be based on the law itself.

It is reported that the Japanese side has to obstruct prosecution of the Crime of Chinese fishing captain. According to the Japanese obstructing the implementation of penalties, on at 2 o’clock on the 8th being arrested by the captain Zhanqi Xiong, Japan’s prosecutors will be made within 72 hours of detention or release decision; is the possibility of punishment would be 500,000 days element within the fine or three years in prison.

Four places to be on the 11th General Assembly in Taipei to Diaoyu Islands

Recently, the former Democratic Party of Japan Ichiro Ozawa, Secretary General stated that the Diaoyu Islands is not a Chinese territory, and Japanese think-tank to advise the Government troops in the Diaoyu Islands. Diaoyu Islands Action Committee on the 7th Hong Kong accused the ambition of the Japanese occupation of the Diaoyu Islands is getting worse, and the Japanese government issued a stern statement.

Statement criticizing, if the Japanese troops stationed in the Diaoyu Islands, it is violating China’s territorial sovereignty, the Diaoyutai organization will send out boats to claim sovereignty.

The statement said that representatives of the Commission Diaoyu Islands on the 11th this month in Taipei, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and the organization of meetings, then people will participate in the overseas Chinese Diaoyu Islands, will not rule out later to claim sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands.

Japan has withheld the Taiwan fishing boat and arrested the owner and master

According to the Japanese Kyodo news agency reported yesterday in Yokohama, Japan Maritime Security Department detained a Taiwan fishing vessel “Yi 186, New Delhi”, and have arrested the owner and captain Lin Guozhen Wang Chi.

Reported on September 6, “New Delhi benefits 186″ unauthorized “Bird Island Izu Islands sea area” of about 180 kilometers south-southeast of the “Japanese exclusive economic zone” in illegal operations by the Japanese Maritime Security Office of the aircraft was found. Reported that the “interests of 186 New Delhi” at that time a total of nine crew members.

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