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Japan fighters intercept the Chinese military in the East China Sea, China said do not trouble

News. July 7, the Chinese Defense Ministry responded to the July 4, two Chinese military aircraft near the Diaoyu Islands is Japan’s F-15 fighters to intercept the issue. The Chinese side said China’s military aircraft flying over the waters under national jurisdiction, consistent with international law, the Japanese vessels and planes normal operation of China’s long, close tracking and monitoring, can easily lead to misunderstanding of both sides, miscarriage of justice.

Japan Self-Defense Forces aircraft photo released by China

It is reported that on July 4, China was close to two military airspace away from the Diaoyu Islands is only 60 kilometers, but were not into the “Japanese airspace.” Naha, Japan Air Self Defense Force base on emergency call from the F-15 fighters to intercept.Japan Self-Defense Forces aircraft photo released by China

In response, Defense News Affairs Bureau yesterday said that Chinese military aircraft flying over the waters under national jurisdiction, full compliance with the relevant norms of international law.

Defense Information Services Agency stressed that the Diaoyu Islands are China’s inherent territory since ancient times, China has indisputable sovereignty. In recent years, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces aircraft to patrol the East China Sea against China intensified surveillance, Japanese military vessels and planes normal air and sea operations to China a long time, close tracking and monitoring, can easily lead to misunderstanding of both sides, miscarriage of justice. China hopes the Japanese side can proceed on friendship and mutual trust, and take effective measures to stop the dangerous activities to avoid and prevent air and sea accidents.

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If China drills in the East China Sea, Japan will take counter measures

According to Japanese media, Japan’s new Foreign Minister Maehara night local time on September 17, said at a press conference that if China started in the East China Sea gas field drilling Chunxiao, the Japanese side will take the appropriate measures. He also comment on the collision and Japan, said it would ask China to “cool response.”

According to Kyodo News on September 18 message, in the 17th Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kan reshuffle cabinet, just appointed Japanese Foreign Minister Maehara night they once again on the Chunxiao gas field position, said Japan “will focus on the (Chinese) what kind of operation will be conducted. ” Maehara also concerned about China’s military growth, saying “I hope China will earnestly try to accountability.” Maehara will visit the United States at 21, and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to discuss bilateral issues of concern.

Reported that Maehara also pointed out that China’s remarkable achievements in economic development of the important neighboring countries, stressed the need to build mutually beneficial strategic relationship between the two countries. The Japan Coast Guard patrol boat and the Chinese fishing vessel in the collision of the relevant waters, Maehara said Japan “in accordance with domestic law all the formalities are taken for granted” and will ask China to “cool response.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu on September 16 said at a regular press conference, the current events in the collision on the Diaoyu Islands by Japan’s actions caused the problem, the Japanese side should take full responsibility for this . Japan fishing boat captain should be immediately returned to China in order to avoid further harming Sino-Japanese relations. She said that the Diaoyu Islands issue, China’s position is consistent and clear, the Chinese government and people to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity of firm resolution and determination.