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China has independently developed the first unmanned helicopter-U8 altitude test flight successful

New Chinese military. Recently, China Aviation Industry Institute of autonomous helicopter developed the first high altitude flight U8 test unmanned helicopter, which marks China’s unmanned helicopter overflight of the progress achieved plateau performance, effectively increasing the overall operating altitude unmanned helicopter support capabilities.

The U8 unmanned helicopter test flight altitude for 15 days, effective flying 29 sorties, flight time, total length of 577 minutes, at an altitude of 1060 meters in height Tianshui City, Gansu, 1400 m in Wushan County, Tianshui, 2080 m and 3060 Ping An of Xining meters in Qinghai Province to the airport four separate flight tests. Flight test in accordance with different altitudes, weight and other states to complete the engine start, ground tests, a ground effect hovering, ground effect hover and other test subjects, U8 altitude helicopter flight a success.

To enhance the ability of unmanned helicopter developed in 2011, established helicopter UAV Division, from the human, material and financial resources to increase the protection of all aspects of efforts to develop unmanned helicopter into the fast lane. U8 unmanned helicopter maximum takeoff weight 230 kg, payload 40 kg, measuring distance of 100 km, 4 hours battery life, according to different tasks require different equipment load. Vast and complex terrain for China, more than a mountain valley in central and western highland areas of special circumstances, the U8 unmanned helicopter altitude flight test successfully making it China’s disaster relief plateau effective force survey.

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No. 071 China’s first two dock landing ship officially launched, a displacement of 19,000 tons

Is outfitting the 071 “Jinggangshan” was the dock landing ship

New Chinese military. It is reported that the PLA Navy’s largest warship, “Jinggangshan” warships in Shanghai officially launched.

It is understood that “Jinggangshan” captain of 210 meters, 28 meters wide, a displacement of 19,000 tons, is China’s largest integrated displacement Navy dock landing ship. Meanwhile, “Jinggangshan” named ship, fully embodies the troops of the Red Jinggangshan revolutionary base of love and praise, is to inherit and carry forward the spirit of Jinggangshan. “Jinggangshan” direct military ship can be equipped with machines, armored fighting vehicles, war ships and boats landed nearly a thousand soldiers, and for the organized transport landing forces and weaponry.

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