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Pakistan is developing domestic combat UAV

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India’s ANI account bureau appear on November 14, a chief Pakistani aegis official said that Pakistan will anon accompany the aristocratic club of countries can aftermath unmanned aeriform cars able of assuming activity and intelligence acquisition tasks.
Pakistan said Pakistan is currently getting developed to accomplish authoritative tasks accidentally piloted aircraft. However, a ample aegis exhibition captivated in Karachi endure week, the Pakistani aggressive admiral told abutting allies in the Pakistani adumbrative said that the Pakistan army is developing calm activity UAV.
Mentioned are broadly acclimated in the U.S. armed drones to bang aggressive objectives, a chief Pakistani aegis official said Pakistan’s achievements so actual aflame to adopted representatives. These assembly were told Pakistan to backpack weapons getting developed by a UAV. Undoubtedly Pakistani UAV capability and achievement far beneath than the Predator UAV, but Pakistan did this project.
The official said Pakistan wants affable countries (Turkey and the Gulf countries), in which absolutely afflicted the war, added countries do not wish foreign-sharing technology, Pakistan was able to accomplish self-sufficiency.
Pakistan can auspiciously “pretty basic” far added than a baby assay UAV developed activity UAV attitude, “Jane’s Aegis Weekly” UAV arrangement able Hugh Williams skeptical. “The abate UAV arrangement will not stronger than the archetypal apparatus much., However, large-scale, long-endurance unmanned aeriform car is beyond the lath advance in technology.”
It is believed that at present alone the United States and Israel has accursed missiles, unmanned aeriform vehicles. China and Turkey is aswell developing a all-embracing activity UAV.
Pakistan’s capital clandestine UAV architect of chip power, Raja Sabri, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, (Integrated Dynamics) Khan carefully referred to the company’s efforts in the breadth of baby UAVs, alleged the articles are mostly hand-launched unmanned machine, mainly for noncombatant use.
Pakistan army colonel who alternate in the aegis exhibition, said, “We accept these baby UAVs, but aswell far abundant in action, we can not consistently able to UAV UAV able of accomplished ecology Taliban and their operations and deployment. “

Russian media: China’s intervention in the conflict between NATO and Pakistan


November 28, NATO forces in Afghanistan oxygen strike Pakistan army checkpoint resulting in really numerous casualties in the incident top to violent clashes in between NATO and Pakistan.

November 28, Pakistan may be unexpectedly powerful support of China, Beijing needs a thorough investigation in the incident NATO reason. Pakistan announced the long-term closure of NATO provide lines, requiring limited evacuation of U.S. army bases.Product recommendation:replica Panerai Watches

Russian advertising stated that China’s unexpected intervention in the NATO and Pakistan conflict. China released inside the November 28, the standard assertion that China is deeply shocked, expressed powerful concern about this incident, expressed deep condolences to Pakistan.

China believes that Pakistan’s independence, sovereignty and territorial honesty ought for getting genuinely respected. NATO ought for getting a thorough investigation.

even although NATO has apologized, but Pakistan stressed that only an apology is not enough. standard representative in the Pakistan Army, common Abbas stated the raid could have really serious consequences. Have experienced comparable incidents hold on to occur, and inside the last three many years resulting in 72 Pakistani soldiers wiped out and 250 injured.Product recommendation:vacheron constantin overseas replica

Pakistani internal Minister Malik stated Pakistani authorities made the decision to near pursuing the NATO Allies in Afghanistan Pakistan border to transport products in the direction of the provide line, and also this determine is not temporary, but permanent.

Pakistan also inquired the U.S. withdrawal within of 15 times in Pakistan’s southwest She Muxi a alternative oxygen Force base, this bottom within america to deploy unmanned aerial vehicles, typically tribal destinations in Pakistan oxygen strikes.Product recommendation:jacob & co watches prices

In addition, Pakistan also may reconsider their obligation to cooperate with U.S. anti-terrorism, may possibly suspend the trade of army intelligence and reconnaissance.

China delivered the third F-22P frigates to the Pakistan army

According to Pakistan, “Daily Mail” reported recently that China has already delivered to Pakistan Navy, the first three F-22P level (also known as the “sword” class) frigates. Reported that the latest ship F-22P frigates from China, a Shanghai shipyard, and the level of the first four ships will be built shipyard in Karachi, Pakistan.

A variety of air defense weapons and equipment

F-22P frigates from China to improve the Navy’s 053H3 frigate comes, is a general-purpose frigate. Pakistani media that, F-22P frigates to reduce radar reflection area of a number of stealth design, a clear reference to China’s 054 frigate design, so that enemy ships, planes and anti-ship missile on the target acquisition radar is difficult to .

F-22P frigates also attaches great importance to air defense capability. 76.2 mm in diameter before the main gun deck although the Russian AK-176M-type Su Shebao modeled, but also with a stealth design to reduce radar reflection area. The gun can be used to attack enemy warships, warplanes and missiles. 8 rear-mounted gun FM-90N-based ship-to-air missile equipped with a rotating frame, can hit incoming targets in all directions. As a result of the guidance model compound, FM-90N sea-skimming missiles can intercept incoming supersonic anti-ship missiles, but also to cope with a similar small-scale aerial target drone.

F-22P is equipped with top of the hangar are almost anti-Su Shebao type 730B. Report further speculated that the future air defense system 730B is expected to be launch homing missiles instead of FL-3000N (by the Chinese research and development, similar to Western naval equipment, “Ram” missile.)

Can be seen, F-22P frigates equipped with advanced weapons to Pakistan Navy fleet to further enhance the overall air defense capability.

With three anti-submarine nets

F-22P frigates for anti-submarine fire configuration also not be underestimated. The first deck in the ship, furnished with 6, Block 2, RDC-32 anti-submarine rocket launchers, as a short-range anti-submarine fire. Between the main mast and the chimney is equipped with eight C-802 anti-ship missile launcher box, Pakistani media speculated that such a launch box also can be equipped with CY series of anti-submarine missiles, or anti-ship missiles and anti-submarine missiles with mixed mode.

Reports revealed that the Pakistani Army also bought from China 4-6 Z-9EC anti-submarine helicopters, to equip the F-22P frigates. Reported, Z-9EC helicopter search of the sea is not only equipped with radar and sonar, but also equipped with a data link system for anti-ship missiles on ships direct target relay as a platform for guidance. Can be seen, F-22P frigates not only have strong anti-ship capability, and is expected to have by the anti-submarine rockets, anti-submarine missiles and anti-submarine helicopters, consisting of three anti-submarine nets.

This year in March, the Pakistani military has dispatched warships and warplanes to implement fire test exercises in the Arabian Sea. Exercise, F-22P frigates for the first time the missile firing exercises on the sinking of the decommissioned frigate as a target ship, showing the advanced features. With four F-22P frigates of the continuous service, the comprehensive combat capability of Pakistan Navy will significantly increase.

Chinese International Rescue Team in Pakistan

Deputy leader of the Chinese International Rescue Team, Armed Police General Hospital, vice president, said Zhang Li Yan 31, 30 at night, the Chinese International Rescue Team in Pakistan 1451 flood victims have been admissions of patients.

ZHANG Li-Yan in an interview with Xinhua said rescue teams admissions cases, the skin and the highest proportion of acute diarrhea, the sick, mainly women and children. Rescue teams now average about 600 patients a day admissions is about twice the amount of expected admissions.

Zhang Li Yan said 30 rescue team was also confirmed in four cases of acute infectious diarrhea cases higher, and this is the first time in the disaster area, rescue teams found such cases, the patient has received appropriate treatment.

ZHANG Li-Yan said, because the rescue team more than female players, a lot of word of mouth victims in Pakistan, leading to female patients, including patients coming in for treatment, including a sharp increase in the work of rescue teams pressures. “But we are an ability to endure hardship, to fight the team will do their best to help victims of Pakistan.”

Thatta district in Sindh province in Pakistan capital of more than 100 kilometers northeast of Karachi, was the most affected areas. China International Rescue Team was the first to reach the hardest hit of the international rescue teams, focusing on providing medical assistance to victims of Pakistan. Taking into account Pakistan’s ethnic and religious habits, rescue team organized 14 women health care workers, rescue teams are previous members of the largest overseas rescue a female.

Coordination of special areas of Pakistan up to 30, said that the Government of Pakistan attaches great importance to the victims of the spread of the disease. Currently, the MTD district victims in gastrointestinal problems, skin cases rising, but not found signs of an outbreak.