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China and India’s naval confrontation in the South China Sea

Military news. September two, according to a foreign media reports, a Chinese warship in late July with an region just left Vietnam confrontation between the Indian warships, that is about the confrontation among the two navies within the South China Sea, the first publicly reported.

According to informed sources, unidentified Chinese warships asked India to “Ira W.” amphibious assault ship Liangmingshenfen and Indian warships to explain the reasons for international waters. In the time, “Ira W.” was just the end of the planned port check out to Vietnam.

This event caused the Vietnamese defense officials in India and anxiety. China claims sovereignty more than the entire South China Sea, does not recognize Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan, this resource-rich places of the proposed claims.

Understand Qi a confrontation in between the Indian official said: “navy of any country inside the world through these waters or high seas have full freedom of any State or question the declaration of ownership rights of way in other countries is unacceptable.”

China put in sea power, particularly naval forces to launch in New Delhi, the Indian Ocean triggered a national security concern. New Delhi, Beijing has created ??representations to the incident.

According to foreign diplomats in Hanoi believe this is Beijing’s deliberate provocation, and consequently unhappy using the incident. These diplomats said that the confrontation in between the navy that China believes that the police had the correct to play a role within the South China Sea.

Considering that Might this year, Hanoi, Vietnam claimed that Chinese patrol boats blocked the ship’s oil exploration activities, China and Vietnam in their efforts to create a actual relationship.

One informed source stated, “really out of trouble,” “This is typical of China,” Chinese law enforcement ships usually try to claim that this is their territorial waters, you do what?

Indian government on Thursday denied the Indian and Chinese warships ships confrontations reported, and stressed that all countries ought to respect freedom of navigation in international waters.

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U.S. experts said that China intends to buy Russian “Club” anti-ship missile

Russian 3M54 “Club” anti-ship missile

Military intelligence. August 24, U.S. National Security Fellow, Heritage Foundation, mentioned china are interested in purchasing Russia’s “club” missiles, submarines fitted while using 041 yuan, 093-class nuclear submarines and Russian-made Kilo-class submarines.

August 24, U.S. National Security Fellow within the Heritage Foundation written articles within the mentioned the present Russian military-industrial complex might be the world arms market, selling a product referred to as “Club-K” cruise missile system. It offers anyone to launch the “club” in the four cruise missile launchers, the launcher was hidden in the cargo container seems just like a container, the container’s role is always to cover the “club” missile transport – erection – launchers and control room control room, you will discover two operators responsible for the implementation of satellite communications, and missile concentrating on and launch.

However, the “club” missile sales title “Pandora’s box.” The container seems just like a weapon system the container ships, trains and container trucks launch. Despite the fact that exterior seems as an easy container, nevertheless the actual “club” to obtain the missile with a secret, making formulations for your raid, or may be at the same time from multiple launch tube, and fired several missiles.

This content highlights, Russia’s “Club-K” missiles with gps capacity, the missile is presently in a position to make use of the U.S. Gps navigation navigation and Russian “GLONASS” system In addition, this missile might be capable of make use of the way ahead for China’s “Compass -2 inchand European” Galileo “navigation system. Furthermore, according to marketing, “club-K” missile video display, furthermore to attain from space-based satellite services concentrating on the regulation, the missile can also be acquired from an airborne platform similar services.

“Club-K” cruise missile warheads moved, may not only conventional warheads one. According to Jane’s Defense Weekly, mentioned, “the club” while using Soviet Union’s missile cruise navigation such as the RK-55, that could carry 200-kiloton nuclear warhead. SS-N-27A can also be fitted with land-attack missile energy machines, since the electromagnetic blast or electromagnetic pulse weapons to are likely involved.

Fitted with “club-K” container ship cruise missiles familiar with attack commercial ships, specifically in the Strait of Hormuz as well as the Malacca Strait this bottleneck. These container ships may be as being a war, World War Ii, the German auxiliary cruiser did are likely involved, when the German people from the merchant ships fitted with weapons, the response to attacks on merchant ships. Furthermore, fitted with “club-K” container ship missiles, unmanned aerial automobiles and equipment might be accustomed to provide airborne intelligence, surveillance, ISTAR services.

This content mentioned, it’s believed that China has expressed fascination with buying “club” missile, fitted with China’s 041 yuan-class submarines, 093-class nuclear-powered submarines and Russian-made Kilo-class submarines. China just like a container ship may also fitted with ground attack missiles, electromagnetic tanks fitted with nuclear warheads, electromagnetic tanks to battle U.S. Navy port facilities. Furthermore, just like a Russian “Club-K” cruise missile system to another customer, which India may be the initial round or second round of missile attack just like a weapon to handle Pakistan or China. Together with other Not to lift sanctions, Iran may become a “club-K” another missile clients.

This content highlights, Russia’s “Club-K” can be a cruise missile would shake the ultimate of weapons systems. With the character in the impact of worldwide trade, worldwide countless containers from ships, rail and truck to maneuver, to make sure that it’s not easy to recognize, it could happen anytime suddenly attacks. United states . States which is allies, military and intelligence agencies must you should consider the “Pandora’s box” to make certain that it’ll the knowledge from the united states . States which is allies was open.

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Japanese media said China overtake the United States reconnaissance satellites, aircraft carriers can be used to counter

The latest military. July 12, Japan’s “diplomats” Latest Release “strategic research” magazine published an article that China is developing an advanced reconnaissance satellite; these satellites can be used to support tactical military operations.

Reuters reported that, in a known stationary targets imaging, China may have caught up with the United States; in the next two years worrying launch plan, China’s imaging capability, or more than the United States.

The article said that most people feel uneasy is to support the application of anti-ship missiles, targeting and tracking capabilities; This will enable China to have the ability to hit the U.S. aircraft carrier battle group … to space as the backbone of China will be able to expand its scope of use of force; so, do not build overseas bases can maintain its policy.

Japanese media said, with the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen will be jointly attended the media briefing, the Chen Bingde said: “I ​​know the U.S. has not yet recovered from the financial crisis, there are still some difficulties in the economy … for the United States the interests of taxpayers, the U.S. should reduce military spending and spend more money to improve people’s lives. ”

Of course, China has been growing at double-digit rate increase in defense spending; but ChenBingDe quickly responded that this is because China’s military development in to make up for inadequate investment. It is estimated that China’s military expenditures do not exceed $ 100 billion, while U.S. military spending to $ 550 billion.

Mullen told reporters: “I am chief of staff before and Chen mentioned, a better understanding of each other’s strategic intent and strategic advance; this will certainly discuss this again.”

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