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Google Maps reveal secret U.S. military UAV base

According for that British advertising reports, yahoo and google satellite pictures are most likely to leak america of America ‘s best countrywide safety secrets. through an on the net map program, individuals can see the army bottom from the bird’s eyesight view, which also incorporated a solution airstrip.

According for that British” day-to-day Mail” reported on dec 11th, yahoo and google is once more disputed, supplied that in its discharge satellite map, it may research for that army bottom map. At exactly the identical time, the operator can not merely enlarge the photo and observation jet runway, even could see belongs for that American best solution army uav. this really is situated within of america of America Nevada card lake near to the army bottom in copy cartier calibre watch solution jet runway, is employed to check comparable to last 1 week experienced been shot decrease much more than Iran RQ-170 unmanned scout.

The United States oxygen Force retired colonel Cedric Leiden said:” Iran may possibly have inside the bottom of operations of most interest, supplied that this really is informed them, we are within of the monitoring job the right way to fly.” He added:” yahoo and google is generally a army and intelligence community’s only provinces known.”

Aviation industry well-known site” global aviation” claims, global airlines are already found within of america Nevada near to Lake card solution army base, as well as the plane channel” Predator” or” death” unmanned satellite pictures show. Aviation industry well-known web-site said:” these satellite images, was used earlier within of the twelve weeks 2011, accessible in yahoo and google maps to see. The photo may possibly show 5200 ft of cartier watches replica jacob & co. replica watches tarmac runway, as well as standard atomic company” Predator” MQ-1 or MQ-9″ death” UAV is dragged to the parking frame.”

” The airport has 4 sizes from the hangar, in which a hangar that contains double leaf doors arc, it could possibly be america of America UAV working features.” ” global aviation” said,” the airport details, which include the cease airport, safe, could possibly be the building from the situation could possibly be obviously displayed.”

United States is also prepared for military struggle

” China ‘s army should acquire extra transparent” has take place to be america federal government and army a commonplace talk of an more mature scholar. ” The in india times” reported on dec 7th, The Pentagon recently China ‘s army growth subject expresses, China has the correct to develop army power, but China needs” extra transparent”.

” The in india times”, dec 6th, chinese language program President Hu Jintao met in Beijing using the Eleventh celebration Congress in the Navy representatives emphasized on marketing naval transformation construction, deepen the preparation for army struggle, seem advance naval modernization, to defend countrywide security, the upkeep of world peace, make new bigger contribution. however the chinese language program military’s growth using america of America disturbed, American phone call again” China calls for extra transparent”.isabel marantreplica rado mens watches .

In dec 6th, america division of Defense spokesman George Littell mentioned at a press conference:” america can be the Asia-Pacific place getting a priority. Our coverage is directed toward the region, and also to not any just one country.”

Littell also said:” through the use of the chinese language program perspective, they possess the correct to develop army power, just as we do. We phone call once more on China persists to be transparent, which could be why we hold on to develop ties using the chinese language program army part.” Isabel Marant Sneakersreplica bvlgari diagono black rubber mens watch .

While america division of defense, one more spokesman lieutenant John Kirby said, China has the correct to growth since america Navy, navy in preparation for army struggle.

He said, China ‘s peaceful increase inside the Asia-Pacific place as well as the world is recognised getting a terrific thing, america will hold on to locate to raise U.S. – China army relations, which not merely conforms to the two chinese language program and American interests, also accord using the whole world. replica isabel marantReplica Breitling Aeromarine Watches .

Coincidentally, america connect Department’s website shows, america connect division deputy spokesman Donna in the press conference also encountered a comparable problem. Downer said, america and China hopes to determine the growth of extra effective army relations, as well as the higher army transparency, that will help to solution some in america of America about China’s intentions in doubt.