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Russian anti-submarine visit to the Philippines point to China to transmit information

Russian anti-submarine dispatch “Admiral Panteleyev” January 31, escorted with a Navy tug plus a big tanker into Manila Bay, Philippines, and leave on feb . 3.

According for the web-site of Hong Kong’s South China Morning article “reported the fact that dispatch anti-submarine dispatch during the finish belonging to the anti-piracy patrols close to the Horn of Replica Datejust Ladies Watches Africa, going to the Philippines way back again for the Russian Pacific Fleet homeport Fu Radi Vostok. This is truly a Russian warship for that 1st time given that 1996 during the Philippines below the anchor. A hint that diplomatic actions close to the disputed South China Sea, the army tends to frequent.

Russian naval officials and diplomats wanting to argue, they will not favor any part in China as properly as the Philippines. Analysts say that Moscow hopes to expand its effect during the location may well be both, but in addition concentrate on new arms revenue – it previously has many people in Southeast Asia.

Taking into account the critical part performed by Moscow during the modernization belonging to the Vietnamese Navy, the travel to provoked a response in Beijing and through the region. Russia to Hanoi to market its 1st batch of “Kilo” type submarines, and agreement to rebuild the strategic significance of Cam Ranh Bay in Hong Kong – throughout the height belonging to the chilly War the Soviet Union, an critical naval and intelligence bases.

According for the Philippines, regional mass media reports, the Russian Ambassador for the Philippines, Nicolae Kudashefu looks to recognize the sensitivity belonging to the visit. Manila Bulletin, he said: “Naturally, we do not want to interfere or to impose our will in any method to China as properly as the Philippines, they are rolex datejust women replica our good friends and partners.”

London, an impartial safety analyst Trevor Hollings compared to ambassador’s remarks comment. He mentioned that Moscow hopes to perform the part of “honest broker”, but Russia in an progressively outward-looking, may well be worried about China a single morning dominate the South China Sea. A big component of buy and sell products to go via the waters, the Russian firm can be prospecting for essential oil here.

Luo said that China may follow Russia’s tit for tat for the U.S.

Beijing, September 21, according to foreign media reports, the Obama administration will be announced before October 1, the latest resolution of arms sales to Taiwan, this week or early release. U.S. media recently reported that U.S. arms sales to the project have been fundamentally determined, Obama the resolution not to sell Taiwan a new generation of F-16C / D fighters, but to assist Taiwan’s promotion of its existing F-16A / B fighters . China Society of Military Science, Major General, Deputy Secretary-General Luo Yuan, Ben Wang reporter in an interview said to bear the performance of U.S. arms sales trick in the fraud and the fun of innovation is the Chinese people, China should follow the example of Russia’s implementation of “clever revenge.” U.S. authorities had previously plan to sell Taiwan F-16C / D fighter, but now they trick innovation, promotion of existing resolutions only help Taiwan F-16 fighter, the U.S. arms sales to Taiwan intends to cool for what to think? Luoyuan Cheng interview revealed by the performance of the United States first and foremost, take into account the fierce opposition to mainland China, currently, the United States are in much demand areas of collaboration with China, if the sale of F-16C / D fighters, serious damage to China will benefit China will make a tremendous impact, making the U.S. legislator. U.S. authorities in January last year sold 6.4 billion Taiwan dollars in weapons, weapons that time the list is not inclusive F-16C / D fighters, a China that is decorated in high-level military exchanges between China and the U.S.. Then continue in the pursuit of the United States to sell Taiwan F-16C / D that can, in tracking China’s growing fierce opposition. 18th, held in Virginia US-Taiwan defense conference, Obama said there had simply agreed to the audio of a 4.2 billion arms sale to Taiwan of the project, but it does not sell F-16C / D, but rather to assist promotion existing F-16A / B fighters. F-16 will be cut to make Taiwan’s current campaign machine promoted to what extent? Luo made from the five parties faced this analysis. Luo guess, first, the F-16 “more intelligent”, adding the information level, embed some elements of information to the U.S. generic LINK-16 data link connection and included in standard U.S. air defense system. Second, to make F-16 “see a little farther”, the radar system can be promoted to the new “phased array” radar. The third makes the F-16 “longer arms”, airborne weapons to be changing, the older generation of more advanced equipment, AIM-9X missiles and AIM-120 medium range air to air missiles, worth a special deposit dependents that will load some of the to advance on weapons, for example, to mount “JDAM” bombs and some of the land-to-ship missile onslaught. Fourth, the F-16 “more cunning”, has the ability to load electronic warfare pods, suppress and disturb each other’s radar system. The fifth is an extension of the F-16 life, peace and progress of their flight factor. To update the skin and some parts. In practice, that is, according to F-16C / D specifications to cut Taiwan’s current F-16 fighters, to lead to more onslaught of campaign machine. The United States does not even sell Taiwan F-16C / D fighters, but also will supply $ 4.2 billion for military weapons, both in the number of sales still quality, far beyond the United States in the “August 17″ Bulletin of the commitment made to China – “to sell Taiwan the weapons in the number of general features and Sino-US relations are not beyond the level of supply in recent years”, and in the United States during the 1979 establishment of diplomatic relations, U.S. arms sales to Taiwan Only the amount of $ 240 million. 1982 United States signed “August 17″ Communique has been 29 years, Luo asked “Is there something the United States the concept? Is there a concept of quality, the number of concept?” He also revealed that the performance 29 years work in the U.S. arms gradually reduce arms sales did not, but gradually added. “The U.S. should tell China to have a This is not to sell what is not selling anything, but rather between countries with minimal political promise the most problems! Obama disagree sell Taiwan F-16C / D fighter is wise, but agreed to sell F-16 fighter cut version is absolutely wrong in arms sales to Taiwan, the United States there is no ‘wrong’ and ‘doing the wrong match’ of the points, as long as one option is to stop selling! Just sell, that is wrong! “Luo said. Luo withstand interview, U.S. arms sales to Taiwan will be snapped to the Chinese people and make fun of fraud, often violated in the United States, “August 17″ Communique on China’s commitment, if not the wording. He said the performance, China should follow the example of Russia, the “opposition” from the noun into a verb, the “decisive” led by the description of the word adverb. Luo said the performance over a period of time to hand Russia a series of combination punches to draw their benefits gap, expressed resolved to defend the sovereignty and the will, the Chinese also use body language to express the benefits of our demands; 2008, as the United States in the Czech Republic, Poland furnishings anti-missile missile response options, the Russian border decoration, “Topol-M” intercontinental ballistic missiles, and furnishings in Kaliningrad, “Iskander” missile, Russia, China may follow the act of damaging the benefits of China eye for an eye , tit for tat; China can also be used in the hands of cards, a “clever revenge”, “literal-minded newspaper reply.” Also, we should let Taiwan know that Taiwan purchased from the United States is not “safe” but “risk”, there can affect the acceptance of new ways to adhere to the mainland to contain fragmented military superiority.

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