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Chinese nuclear submarine went to the South China Sea

Not calm the South China Sea the moment in time once again higher wind and waves. inside the nation has ordinarily been incompetent, weak Philippine President Aquino provocative ancestors Shique complete of tricks, difficult and really eager to more mature warships away from your United States begging getting a challenge to China’s “weapon”, brazenly entered the China Huangyan Island frighten unarmed fishermen. Philippine country wide durability is really weak, Aquino was really clear, to this end, he looking using the backing, as well as the United States, Japan is a good offer more tightly tied to together. April 16, the Philippine-US “shoulder to shoulder” large-scale army training routines will last for twelve days, the training routines consider place in delicate Palawan Sea. The earliest choose belonging toward the Philippines and Vietnam, the United States, Japan, India, Australia, Russia with one another with other extra-territorial country have been completely incorporated inside the circumstance inside the South China Sea has develop to be progressively intricate.

This the Huangyan Island, “Sword” led toward the domestic neighborhood and scholars and specialists belonging toward the bursts of applause “sound could possibly be seen, neighborhood judgment exhibits the chinese language program federal government for more powerful activity to rose gold mens watch provide powerful support. inside the Philippines, see unusually powerful and tough, the Philippines international Minister shouted, “through diplomatic implies to resolve controversial problems inside the South China Sea.

Chinese netizens, “blindly patience will only make the Philippines country wide insatiable, only to provide them some coloring to see, so which you can permit them an insight in to the at the rear of to discover a peaceful remedy toward the South China Sea dispute, China consists of a powerful army energy since the safety of country wide pursuits .”

Starting from April 16, the Philippines as well as the united states “shoulder to shoulder” joint army bodily exercise opened the curtain. “Shoulder to shoulder” sequence of bodily exercise is regularly a program yearly Philippine-US large-scale joint army exercises, the earliest “shoulder to shoulder” army bodily exercise held in 1991 when he was interrupted in 1995, restored in 1999, this yr could possibly be the 28th, a complete of 4500 U.S. soldiers and 2,300 Filipino soldiers to participate. A program offered over the Philippine army show, April 21 and 24, the principal casualty evacuation drills, and live-fire training, simulated combat instruction drills; April 22 and 25, is regularly a boat landing assault training routines and amphibious landing assault training routines “exercises on the complete of April 27.

Although “routine” exercises, however the chinese language program army specialists noted how the bodily exercise scale was considerably a good offer much more than in before years, the bodily exercise website with choose the bucket implies the before training routines quietly inside the waters east belonging toward the Philippines But this year, however the bodily exercise place is regularly a higher profile plans in Palawan waters, really near toward the South China Sea region.

April 10 at noon, the twelve chinese language program angling boats working inside the waters of my Huangyan Island, Philippines warships illegal obstruct inside the Huangyan Island lagoon. The Philippine Navy soldiers with guns boarded the chinese language program angling boat, shouting to arrest these fishermen.

Emergency below the connect Oceanic management right away sent toward the chinese language program maritime surveillance 84,75 dispatch fleet toward the scene, to defend angling boats and fishermen. Ocean surveillance dispatch and Philippine warships have been lengthy confrontation, and last but not lowest forced the deterrence belonging toward the rose gold ladies watch ocean surveillance ship, the Philippine Army soldiers board the chinese language program angling boats hurried escape.

AFP reported how the Philippines consists of a higher obligation to provoke this confrontation inside the South China Sea because April 8, the Philippines have been the warships deployed inside the South China Sea near to the Huangyan Island, attempted to arrest the angling fishermen. Intimidation, “the finest warships to army involvement in fisheries disputes,” The Philippines stupid.

Response to this confrontation, the Thai country “comment,” the united states in July 2010 announced a higher profile to intervene inside the South China Sea disputes develop to be actually a good offer more difficult to look after stance on China inside the Philippines shortly after Manila recently demonstrated self-confident individuals reminding us of scenes back again toward the chilly War. ” “On the present naval energy inside the Philippines and Vietnam, is obviously for the chinese language program navy is not only a grade, to begin small-scale war inside the Philippines, Vietnam, China could possibly get out.” James Hall, an associate professor belonging toward the U.S. Naval War college Strategic Williams mentioned bluntly.

In addition, as China’s standard information agency, Xinhua information company to comment, mentioned the previous two years, man or girls neighboring nations inside the South China Sea ‘to count on foreigners’ ordinarily make outrageous activity by international forces inside the South China Sea issue. many different historical conditions show that, worldwide territorial disputes , the intro of international forces to stability another countries, ordinarily backfire alone may be used by others. ”

Self-defeating Philippines right away fall in to a passive. Aquino unusual “weakness” and mentioned he hoped how the peaceful settlement belonging toward the present confrontation among the China as well as the Philippines inside the Huangyan Island, one of the cartier santos replica most effective remedy to this impasse by method of negotiations using the chinese language program international Ministry officials. “Voice of America reported how the Philippine international minister mentioned that” the chance belonging toward using force does not exist “. regardless of the simple fact how the Philippines is currently the conventional performance from powerful to weak “stance, but China can not adjust toward the lumination heart. shortly after all, the Philippines, this trick is tentative, and preferred to determine China inside the South China Sea concern for the “bottom line”. Next, the Philippines is probable to key in a “quiet period” seize the time to purchase a good offer more away from your United States’ second-hand frigates to dietary supplement the durability belonging toward the Philippine Navy.

In the earliest point belonging toward the Philippines’ army ability upgrade program, the Philippine Navy to upgrade the command and look after method belonging toward the three “Jacinto” school patrol boats, and patrol boats inside the school fitted using the brand new M242 “serpent” 25 mm cannon.

Allegedly, the Philippine federal government has come about up with specialized funds, want away from your United States, “Hamilton”, purchase two school frigates. “Hamilton” (now renamed as “del pinar”), a sister dispatch “Dallas” retiring which enable it to be the 2nd quarter of the yr handed much more than toward the Philippine government. In dec 2011, the Philippine Defense Secretary Jia Siming a delegation have a look at to Washington, the ask for to purchase a 3rd ship, sister ship. Meanwhile, the Philippine army intends to think about additional actions to purchase used the F-16 fighter planes away from your United States. Be to complement the brand new army equipment, the Philippines is probable to once again for the controversial problems inside the South China Sea to China to begin an attack.

Philippines patrol ship in the South China Sea crash a Chinese fishing boat

In October 18th, China and Philippines within the to the south China Sea and trouble, a gunboat within the to the south China Sea Philippines strike a ship that was towing twenty five boats sailing chinese language courses tremendous angling boats.

In October 19th, Philippines patrol ship within the waters around Nansha and China angling vessel collision information turns into overseas mass media attention, this type of for the zenith port royal watches reliable reason that related press, Agence France-Presse and Philippines mass media in inclusion to other mass media have described this news. Philippines’s army and Ministry of overseas issues said, this could be an” accidental” small ” collision”, brought about no casualties, the Philippines has informed the chinese language courses part circular the situation, as well as the event towards the chinese language courses apologies.

Philippines army head Juancho Sabban said, the” accident” occurred in 18, the Philippines naval patrol ship within the waters around Nansha China evening found a tremendous angling vessel with twenty five small ships. Philippines patrol ships in to look at why chinese language courses vessels” in to the replica Omega Watches Philippines sea area” occurred in the training course of the” operation”, is too tough to patrol and chinese language courses vessel collision, then China Ship greater boats away the traction rope left, Philippines will almost surely be the sleep circular the vessel back once again towards the bay.

The commander of Philippines’s naval causes also confirmed the incident. Palmer said: ” it absolutely was an accident, when our ship to consider the chinese language courses angling actions and invincible as.” Palmer also highlighted would be the Philippines patrol took place ” operation”, there may be no chinese language courses fishermen arrested.

Philippines’s overseas Ministry spokesman said,” this could be unquestionably a small incident”, Philippines is considering about twenty five wood vessel back once again to China, and factors out that this vessel before nobody. Officials in Philippines say have a tendency to not totally grasp why China that was fake watches reasonably tremendous vessels would hold so a huge volume of small angling boat. Juancho Sabban within an interview stated: “we want clear, Philippines no hostility.”

On October 19th, chinese language courses Embassy in Philippines needed to inform the” accident”, as well as the special event towards the chinese language courses apology.

The United States will deploy in the South China Sea littoral combat ship invisible

Military intelligence. Based on foreign media reviews, the U . s . States is delivering a brand new generation of high-speed stealth warships – “Independence” Littoral Combat Ship towards the questionable waters from the South China Ocean, South China Ocean dispute the U.S. position.

Aboard the ships worth $ 440 million is going to be used in Hong Kong and Singapore, on between your funnel. In this region, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Singapore and China on the dispute over maritime limitations.

“Independence” was released this past year particularly to battle in shallow water areas. Outfitted having a British company manufactured diameter of 57 mm MKIlO kind of gun like a defensive tool, as well as the air, land and underwater missile target. They can also carry three helis and special forces outfitted with armored automobiles. By lounging ramp, armored automobiles into combat immediately, motorboats may also be in the stern in the beginning.

The graceful spend of the ship they reflect the use of stealth technology, stable trimaran created for combat within the South China Ocean.

U.S. experts even declare that this ship in anti-submarine, minesweeping, surveillance, reconnaissance and deployment of troops in efficiency “much better than any known Chinese ships.”

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China and India’s naval confrontation in the South China Sea

Military news. September two, according to a foreign media reports, a Chinese warship in late July with an region just left Vietnam confrontation between the Indian warships, that is about the confrontation among the two navies within the South China Sea, the first publicly reported.

According to informed sources, unidentified Chinese warships asked India to “Ira W.” amphibious assault ship Liangmingshenfen and Indian warships to explain the reasons for international waters. In the time, “Ira W.” was just the end of the planned port check out to Vietnam.

This event caused the Vietnamese defense officials in India and anxiety. China claims sovereignty more than the entire South China Sea, does not recognize Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines and Taiwan, this resource-rich places of the proposed claims.

Understand Qi a confrontation in between the Indian official said: “navy of any country inside the world through these waters or high seas have full freedom of any State or question the declaration of ownership rights of way in other countries is unacceptable.”

China put in sea power, particularly naval forces to launch in New Delhi, the Indian Ocean triggered a national security concern. New Delhi, Beijing has created ??representations to the incident.

According to foreign diplomats in Hanoi believe this is Beijing’s deliberate provocation, and consequently unhappy using the incident. These diplomats said that the confrontation in between the navy that China believes that the police had the correct to play a role within the South China Sea.

Considering that Might this year, Hanoi, Vietnam claimed that Chinese patrol boats blocked the ship’s oil exploration activities, China and Vietnam in their efforts to create a actual relationship.

One informed source stated, “really out of trouble,” “This is typical of China,” Chinese law enforcement ships usually try to claim that this is their territorial waters, you do what?

Indian government on Thursday denied the Indian and Chinese warships ships confrontations reported, and stressed that all countries ought to respect freedom of navigation in international waters.

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People’s Liberation Army Navy in the South China Sea recently frequent military training

Latest news, the recent escalation of tensions in the South China Sea attracted public attention, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy recently in the South China Sea region, has conducted two military exercise, in which “military exercise at sea ring Hainan Island,” subjects include land transport, security escort and many other reef subjects, has drawn attention.

According to reports, the PLA Navy has joint maritime police, maritime surveillance and other units, for the first part of Hainan Island sea military exercise, during the three days and three nights of training, the Navy, together with the units, were deployed in hunting submarines, landing craft , 14 patrol boats and other vessels, as well as two combat aircraft, anti-submarine exercises of the patrol, landing transport, escort and other subjects reef protection, under the conditions of actual combat at sea, and strengthen the military capability to respond to emergencies.

In addition, the PLA amphibious forces in the South China Sea for another month, a drill and drill successfully cracked the floating ferry loading and unloading problems. According to the “Liberation Army Daily” has revealed, the Guangzhou Military Region, the South China Sea Fleet, a marine brigade car fleet in the afternoon of June 6, started the exercise in the South China Sea. After thousands of miles offshore transition, the South China Sea Fleet, the formation of a marine brigade combat vehicles to reach an unfamiliar area, in the case of wind and rain to start floating amphibious armored vehicles crossing the loading and unloading drills. Reported that in the past by factors such as walruses, floating ferry loading and unloading troops training often “stuck”, especially in bad weather, unfamiliar waters. And the troops for joint training with the landing ship, through the practice organization, practice docking, training with, and explore the complex conditions in a variety of armored fighting vehicles downloading uninstall training methods.

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Vietnam will hold live-fire exercises in the South China Sea Is intended to demonstrate China

Vietnamese naval light corvettes

News, and Vietnam on June 13 near the coast in a certain area which was held for 6 hours of live-fire exercises, and warned all ships away from the sea. In this connection, the Associated Press commented that the purpose of Vietnam is clearly a move to “respond” to China, because China had asked the Vietnamese in the area to stop all oil exploration activities.

Vietnamese authorities have recently ignored China’s South China Sea Islands and adjacent waters has indisputable sovereignty over the fact that on this issue several times to make “tough talk. ” June 9, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman also groundless accusations against the Chinese fishing boat “deliberately cut off the”Vietnam’s oil and gas exploration in the South China Sea on the cable ship, claiming that China’s “serious violation “of Vietnam’s so-called “sovereign rights and jurisdiction. ”

The fact is, Chinese fishing the morning of June 9 when the waters of normal operation, the Vietnamese armed ships were illegal evictions, and the net result of which a fishing vessel operating illegally in the field with the Vietnamese oil and gas exploration cable wrapped around the ship Together, regardless of Vietnam ship the lives of Chinese fishermen, Chinese fishing boats drag down the line for over an hour.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Hong Lei 9, thus: “Vietnam has seriously threatened the ship’s life and safety of Chinese fishermen. “He stressed: “Man On the Nansha Islands in China, Vietnam Beach Sea oil and gas exploration and driving illegal Chinese fishing boats, Seriously violated China’s sovereignty and maritime rights and interests. China urges Vietnam to cease all infringing activity, not to endanger the personal and property safety of Chinese fishermen in action, not to take the complicated and controversial expansion of the action. The Chinese side hopes to Vietnam Maintenance of peace and stability in the South China Sea to make due efforts. ”

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China, the fastest ocean surveillance ship began to service in the South China Sea

China ocean surveillance ship - 75

Hull number “75 supervisor China Sea,” a special law enforcement vessels into the column 26, the South China Sea China Sea Corps prison, it is China’s maritime surveillance system designed law enforcement official the fastest boat.

It is reported that “China’s ocean surveillance 75″ boat captain, 77.39 meters wide and 10.4 m, displacement 1290 tons, 2380 horsepower each dual host, dual-and vehicle speed of not less than 20.6, the ship Dingyuan 43, 5000 sea miles endurance, self-sustaining force for 30 days, airworthiness Unrestricted.

As a dedicated marine law enforcement vessels, “the China Sea monitoring 75″ very high tech boat. In addition to having the most advanced satellite communications, navigation and other marine equipment, but also equipped with first-class security systems and ship network systems, network monitoring enables the ship, starting in the drive directly to the host console.

In addition, the vessel has a bow thruster side and non-retractable fin stabilizer, a boat speed fast, high mobility, rapid response capabilities and other characteristics.

Secretary for the South China Sea Branch of State Oceanic Administration, Li Lixin, said the thirties of last century began, especially in the formulation and signing of the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea during the neighboring countries of China, the South China Sea islands and reefs and sea claims have also made claims of sovereignty, some neighboring countries also seized the islands in the South China Sea portion of the island, preservation of the marine rights and interests of the Chinese situation is very grim. “China’s ocean surveillance 75″ boat Rulienanhai Branch, is the state has increased a strong expression of marine law enforcement.

It is understood that in order to further strengthen the enforcement of maritime rights cruise, cruise enhance law enforcement capabilities of marine rights, China launched a series of new ocean surveillance ships, aircraft, construction of the second phase of the project.

Following the first phase of the South China Sea in 2005 “China Marine Surveillance 7112″ helicopters and “supervisor 71,83 China Sea” has the ship into the column, the second new office ocean surveillance ship of the first one, “the China Sea monitoring 75″ ship by the Huangpu Shipbuilding plant construction success. This indicates that China and South China Sea to monitor the level of equipment to a new level.

In addition, the Chinese coastal province marine monitoring organizations have also started the construction of large tonnage ocean surveillance ship rights of law enforcement special project work. Expected in the next few years, China ocean surveillance ships will add another 36, including: 1500 ton 7; 1000 ton 15; 600-ton ocean surveillance ship 14.