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The PLA Navy will carry on the progress of submarines

The PLA Navy will carry on the progress of submarines and missile units, the primary aim would be to break the initial island chain. chinese language courses strategists think how the initial island Hermes Belts Replica chain (from the Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, the Philippines in to the South China Sea) has become confined to impede China has performed the part of regional power.

Another stated goal on the People’s Liberation Army Navy would be to avoid Taiwan formally declares independence, avoid or delay the deployment on the U.S. Navy while in the area. even though China can also be worried concerning the Indian Ocean, but Beijing naval Hermes Birkin Replica deployment to be capable to solve the difficulty of piracy. when the figures quoted while in the record is true, then the PLA Navy’s current fleet sizing (200 ships) in 2020 will double. China’s initial jet carrier – the past “Varyag” was nevertheless while in the assembly that is anticipated to People’s Liberation Army on August one Army morning service. Beijing strategies to construct jet carrier amount is nevertheless below discussion, some analysts think how the amount of nuclear-powered jet carrier is typically a two, instead of one.

The post pointed out how the navy’s modernization process, the PLA will stay committed towards the progress of Shen Fei F -15 carrier-based fighter, immediate -8 transport helicopters, AWACS. China is presently building an earlier warning and anti-submarine warfare replica birkin bags (ASW) twin-turbo propeller aircraft, comparable using the U.S. Navy E-2 aircraft. army analysts think how the jet carrier will most likely be equipped with maritime reconnaissance jet could possibly be anti-submarine edition on the Y-8.

Understand the technical capacity of the homemade submarines

According to Taiwan’s middle information organization reported that Taiwan’s army stated for the 15th, since the expression on the Taiwan army to help and advertise the warships to Taiwan’s production policy, Taiwan’s army long term secretary Li Ximing 15, will mind Hermes Jypsiere Replica a employees met using the Taiwan transporting corporations to rig the shipfor the submarine Taiwan production services and specialized capabilities.

Taiwan’s army is accountable for individuals Gao Hua-chu for the 14th for the legislative bodies on the company report, the Kuomintang “legislators” Lin Yu-fang query Taiwan-made submarine issues, Gao Hua-chu respond, proposed through the Taiwan boat information but do not Hermes Kelly Depeches Replica know is not ‘member ‘confidence concerning the excessive, but we are also afraid he is insensibility; “we’ll deliver somebody to make contact with with them (referring for the transporting company), get in touch to determine if they assess the situation.”

Taiwan’s army issued a press discharge for the afternoon of that submarine building total building specifications and stringent screening procedures, and all forms of gear devices are needed to pass Hermes Picotin Replica the check of the higher common prior to they are able to attain the secure operation of submarines in specific circumstances.

American female soldiers will service for the first time on the submarines

U.S. Army female soldiers will service on the submarines

In some grumbling in his wife’s male soldiers, four U.S. Navy submarines, the bathroom will be installed next year a new sign – “Women”, to welcome the first batch of 110 years serving on the boat 24 female.

21 U.S. Navy announced that the above arrangements, the decision in December 2011, 24 female soldiers sent to the “Wyoming” sign and “Maine” sign (nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines), and “Georgia” sign and “Ohio” (No. core powered cruise missile submarine) report, which formally opened the prelude of women serving on submarines.

According to Navy Manpower, each submarine will accept six female. Corresponding to four submarines, the “blue group” and the “Golden Section” crew preparation, six female soldiers will also be divided into two groups of 3, were incorporated into the “Blue Group” and “Golden Section”, on the boat service with their respective groups after the turn off to sea and back.

In the U.S. submarine force in the 110-year history, considering the internal submarine is extremely narrow, physical contact between colleagues is almost inevitable, the higher authorities have banned women soldiers into the submarine service, until last February, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates told the Congress the military decided to cancel the ban, after the acquiescence of Congress, the U.S. Navy this year by the end of April to start recruiting female interested in serving on the boat.

Although senior military and members of the female soldiers serving on the boat given the green light, but the news came out, some male soldiers have rankled his wife. Many people complain that the narrow space of the submarine, the opposite sex will meet in the corridor even physical contact, the long run, this too “close contact” M soldier working status of marriage would pose a serious threat.

But the military said that in the U.S. Navy more than 50,000 active duty female soldiers, many women can be extraordinary, they are also interested in both the ability and work into the submarine, the U.S. submarine force in order to maintain the level of the world’s top women have to make full use of human resources . This year in August, the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier battle group has produced its first female commander, U.S. Navy announced in June the annual winners of the sailors, four female soldiers swept all the award-winning places.

Chinese Navy will add two new “Yuan” class submarines soon

Asian Military Review September No. The article said that a new round of the Asian countries are super submarine procurement, except for China the next decade would total more than 90 submarines purchase a total of over 50 billion U.S. dollars. The article also revealed China’s submarine force, said the two “meta” class submarine sea trials will be completed this year and next deployment of troops. But even if China’s submarine modernization, there is also an old design and the lack of advanced weapons control system and do not rely on AIP and other issues. However, China reportedly is developing AIP system.

Two Chinese “Yuan” class submarines will be deployed in service this year and next

The article said that at present there are eleven countries in Asia submarine, they are Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore and Thailand, all of these countries have plans to expand and upgrade its submarine fleet. In addition, Vietnam is acquiring submarines, while Thailand and Bangladesh are interested in formation of the submarine fleet. Now, the submarine sank an enemy warships and merchant ships of traditional anti-surface missions, has been replaced by anti-submarine warfare missions. However, the submarines are still shouldering the reconnaissance mission, and the ability to transport special forces have been strengthened, and specialized or modified version of the emergence of ship-to-ground missiles, means that submarines can now attack ground targets.

It is estimated that in the next ten years, excluding China, the Asian market will absorb more than 90 submarines, submarines, totaling over 50 billion U.S. dollars. Moreover, the Asian countries not only for the procurement of electricity from the diesel engine driven battery charging conventional submarine diesel-electric submarines, but also to purchase nuclear-powered submarines – nuclear-powered submarine is really unlimited endurance of the submarine, and stealth is very fast.

The article said that China and India, two Asian powers rival each other in Asia’s largest submarine fleet. Beijing has a small-scale nuclear-powered submarine fleet, but since 2007 the second 093-type “business” class submarine appeared, the Beijing have been thinking about the next action. At the same time, China also attaches great importance to conventional submarines, is producing 041-type “element” class submarines – has been reported that, “Yuan” class submarines in the 083-type “Song” class submarines, developed from the basis, and ” Song-class “submarines by the Russian” Kilo “class submarines of. 1995 to 2006, China purchased twelve “Kilo” class submarines.

“Yuan” class submarines, the first ship testing has been going on 4 years is expected that another two “meta” class submarine sea trials will be completed this year and next deployment of troops. But even if China’s submarine modernization, there is also an old design and the lack of advanced weapons control system and do not rely on AIP and other issues. However, Wuhan, China is reportedly developing AIP system.

The article points out, India has developed nuclear submarines are not dependent on the vision of air power plant, which recently launched the first ships made “destroy the enemy by” nuclear submarine. Although most observers think that it is Russian-made “Charlie-I” class nuclear attack submarine imitation, but the submarine was also the influence of European design elements. While India plans to design into the first ballistic missile submarines, but its two sister boats – at least one under construction – will be equipped with cruise missiles. New Delhi also plans to build another three attack submarines, but as a temporary measure, it has plans to lease from Russia “Nerpa” submarine, for a term of ten years.

New Delhi plans to build a composition of 24 submarines submarine fleet, but this process is not smooth. Their plans through two projects, namely 75A and 75I engineering projects to achieve this plan, and the first project has been selected by the French shipyard DCNS and Spain combined to create the Scorpène Navantia class submarines. French company DCNS for submarines India for six submarines shell kit, electronic equipment and propulsion, could increase its share another nine submarines – the nine submarines will be assembled in Mazha Gang Dock Company completed the plan in 2012 delivered between 2018.

For 75I Engineering 6 submarines are equipped with air independent power plant, the availability of land attack capability of the problems yet to be decided, the French company DCNS, Horvath German shipyard, Spain Navan Tia (Navantia) shipyards and Rosoboronexport The submarine design consideration in New Delhi within. Now this problem has been around the corner, because when the 2015 Indian submarine fleet may be remaining five.

China, Pakistan or purchase four “dollar” or “Song” class submarine

The other side in Asia, Japan and South Korea through excellent docking facilities to maintain a modern submarine force. Tokyo aims to maintain a fleet of 16 diesel-electric submarine force consisting of each year to replace one, but due to financial constraints, may be every two years to replace one. Shipyard is the production of “black dragon” class submarines, such a combination of Swedish submarines Stirling air independent propulsion, but with modern combat systems and mast detector.

Neighboring South Korea steadily developed its own submarine capabilities, including licensed production from small submarines to the German 209/1200 type KSS-I “Zhang Baogao” class submarines and then to the current KSS-2 project. German shipbuilding company which also involves the design licensed products Hathaway shipyard, the 214-style with air independent propulsion, and the first batch of three, after the second batch will consist of seven. The second batch is scheduled to start this year, the first launched in 2013 and another 3,500 tons of design, KSS-3 plan, although this project was the world financial crisis, but two years have passed, but the first submarine is still scheduled to begin in 2020 joined the fleet. North Korea will undoubtedly need to replace the 23 “Romeo” class submarines (some of which have more than 35 years.)

Currently, the only non-will soon be fitted out in air-independent propulsion submarines country is Pakistan, which in 2008 received three “Agosta” class submarines (also called “Khalid” level) in the last one . Palestinian system “Hamza” was to the French company DCNS Air independent propulsion model as a model, and another one arrived in Pakistan this year, will also be modified, while the third ship will also benefit from this. Pakistan to seek after the three non-air-independent propulsion submarines, and in 2006 the shipyard as a 214-style selection Hathaway preferred supplier, but the talks postponed, apparently because of fear of the turmoil in the Berlin regional sales of such submarines.

Spring, Pakistan began to thirty-four submarine problems and DNCS negotiations with China, which provides the new “Marlins” class submarines, and this is the Spanish shipyard Navan Tia “Scorpene” submarine solution to the dispute. But the June 2010 visit of Chinese Vice-traditional ally of Pakistan to strengthen its negotiating position Beijing as an opportunity. Although details were not disclosed, but it seems possible that Beijing will provide the four “dollars” or “Song” class submarines.

Russia will strengthen the Vietnamese naval forces to build a submarine base

Article pointed out that Southeast Asia has a very dynamic submarine market and bought two for Malaysia, “Scorpene” class submarines and has been promoting, and Malaysia may also purchase “Agosta” class (Agosta 70) “Ukraine Aisang (Ouessant) “submarine, which is on loan from France in Malaysia for the training of the submarine vessel, Malaysia may buy it directly.

In the north, Vietnam has become the latest country to buy submarines, which indicates that Vietnam is still doubt that China and China’s close relations with Russia. At present, Vietnam is to modernize and expand its fleet to oppose China’s resource-rich South China Sea islands, the potential declaration of sovereignty, and Russia are happy to use China’s military resources scattered ships, forcing the Chinese navy will mainly focus on the south to response to India, not as they are now on the Fu Yuenan.

Currently, Vietnam has two “high-yu” (Yugo) level miniature submarine, although it might be able to provide training for the backbone of the crew, but no longer running. However, Vietnam has signed a contract worth 1.8 billion U.S. dollars, purchased from Russia 6 “Kilo” class (Type 636) submarines, the submarine will have a carrying capacity of land-attack missiles, and Moscow will also help Vietnam The construction of a submarine base, and its location may Da Nang in Vietnam.

In addition, the Asian current project is another major submarine began early last year, the Australian “future submarine project”, the code-named “Sea 1000″, European design of the submarine to the submarine may be the basis of shell and equipped with U.S. combat systems, sensors and weapons. Australia’s submarine fleet from the current six by the “Collins” class submarine components, the design of the submarine to the submarine based in Sweden, but the issue of staffing and maintenance through a lot of suffering, which means that at any time, Australia is the state patrol rarely more than one submarine.

However, the “future submarine project” for Australia to provide a new type of submarine, and “Collins” class submarines, the new submarines farther (more than 11,500 sea miles or 21,300 km), speed (20 knots), patrol time performance is also more durable and stronger.

Now, Australia hope to find 8-12 submarines, it will be the primary problem is to choose a suitable 3,000-ton submarine design programs to meet more demand for transport and patrol time. However, from the relevant circumstances, the new reduced to six the number of submarines look more realistic, although there will still be the staffing position. The design of the submarine in 2015 through the construction work started from 2016, the first new submarine fleet will be replaced in 2024 a “Collins” class submarines.