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Vietnam says it will build the most powerful submarine in the South China Sea region

Russian-made Kilo-class submarines

Military news. from the context from the South China Sea, Asia-Pacific nations are quietly advertising the expansion of its naval combat energy construction. April, Vietnam announced that 6 many years will probably be built submarine fleet. Philippines available the “time is short, the effect is obvious,” the naval making program.

Vietnamese Defense Minister Feng Guangqing August 4, mentioned Vietnam will probably be 6 many years right into a superior submarine trip. Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung also mentioned Vietnam will construct right into a “South China Sea from the strongest” from the submarine force.

Feng Guangqing refine the plan, said: “Building a powerful submarine force, is Vietnam’s long-term technique of 2020, but from the up coming 5 to 6 years, we should possess a submarine trip. The force will probably be equipped with 6 Russian-built vessels ‘Kilo’ course 636 submarines … We are to not threaten other nations from the region, not engage in arms race, however the response is steady using the financial advancement craze of world development. ”

In earlier July, the Russian defense export-related personnel on behalf from the Commonwealth have revealed that Vietnam and Russia have signed the purchase of 6 diesel-electric submarines from the contract. Russia, the submarine will probably be shipped by 2014 to Vietnam, and will support Vietnam construct a submarine bottom and fix and upkeep facility.

“Kilo” course conventional diesel-electric submarines from Russia, “Ruby” design Bureau design. thinking about that world War II, the Soviet Union developed a complete of 5 generations of 10 assault practically 100 conventional submarines, “Kilo” course submarine is in its fifth generation, could possibly be probably the most energetic era of submarines. “Ruby” design Bureau in 1993, has long been recognised as “Terminator – Kilo” submarines of assignment 636, which could be recognised since the “world’s quietest submarine”, also recognised as “ocean dark hole.” quite fascinating could possibly be the actuality the fact that “Kilo” course submarine capable of launching 636 submarine “Club-S” cruise missile, which surface area ships, specifically huge surface area ships that consist of jet carriers is fatal.

Fengguang Qing army forces in Vietnam, described from the “East Sea” (ie the South China Sea), mentioned the circumstance facing the lasting Vietnam will the Navy, Coast shield and Border unity to battle the sea to defend their sovereignty and country wide security, center strength, and also to strengthen Vietnam navy, oxygen force along using the communications and electronic electronic warfare capabilities, will probably be the concentrate of current powerful army in Vietnam.

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Vietnam will hold live-fire exercises in the South China Sea Is intended to demonstrate China

Vietnamese naval light corvettes

News, and Vietnam on June 13 near the coast in a certain area which was held for 6 hours of live-fire exercises, and warned all ships away from the sea. In this connection, the Associated Press commented that the purpose of Vietnam is clearly a move to “respond” to China, because China had asked the Vietnamese in the area to stop all oil exploration activities.

Vietnamese authorities have recently ignored China’s South China Sea Islands and adjacent waters has indisputable sovereignty over the fact that on this issue several times to make “tough talk. ” June 9, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman also groundless accusations against the Chinese fishing boat “deliberately cut off the”Vietnam’s oil and gas exploration in the South China Sea on the cable ship, claiming that China’s “serious violation “of Vietnam’s so-called “sovereign rights and jurisdiction. ”

The fact is, Chinese fishing the morning of June 9 when the waters of normal operation, the Vietnamese armed ships were illegal evictions, and the net result of which a fishing vessel operating illegally in the field with the Vietnamese oil and gas exploration cable wrapped around the ship Together, regardless of Vietnam ship the lives of Chinese fishermen, Chinese fishing boats drag down the line for over an hour.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said Hong Lei 9, thus: “Vietnam has seriously threatened the ship’s life and safety of Chinese fishermen. “He stressed: “Man On the Nansha Islands in China, Vietnam Beach Sea oil and gas exploration and driving illegal Chinese fishing boats, Seriously violated China’s sovereignty and maritime rights and interests. China urges Vietnam to cease all infringing activity, not to endanger the personal and property safety of Chinese fishermen in action, not to take the complicated and controversial expansion of the action. The Chinese side hopes to Vietnam Maintenance of peace and stability in the South China Sea to make due efforts. ”

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