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Zhuhai Air Show: China’s new ground missiles can hit moving targets

Zhuhai Air Show: CM-802AKG Missile

Zhuhai air show in this, CASIC exhibited new ground missile export-oriented – CM-802AKG, shaped like a common C-802 missiles, but some subtle differences.

Why does this look so much like the missile C-802? replica isabel marant

Name from the missile can tell, this missile is based on the C-802 series missile developed as a subtype. The traditional C-802 missiles with active radar guidance, the main target for marine vessels, as reflected strong ground clutter, land targets complex shape, so it was not suitable for attack ground targets, so in order to meet the national military-to-ground attack capability demand, need to develop a type of ground attack missiles. This development model using a mature missile missiles and power systems, reducing the difficulty of development and maintenance of the armed forces, but also with sophisticated missiles to achieve the greatest degree of general, greatly reducing the development and use of cost. SLAM missiles the United States followed the AMG-84 is also a full range of missile and missile maintenance equipment.

Why a TV seeker?

TV seeker is to present the basic ground attack missile seeker, the use of visible light TV cameras, the shape of the object, you can directly attack the easiest most intuitive, most capable object recognition. On this basis, you can also dress up imaging infrared seeker for the night attack.

What this TV special seeker it? Calf with the previous television-guided missiles like the difference?

Now the TV missile seeker and the like with the calf compared to the traditional missile, the biggest difference is that the installation of a data link. Mavericks like the tradition of missiles, missile launchers have been captured before the camera to the target, the pilot selected targets before firing, the aircraft must be entered before finding the target visual contact distance attack, increased risk of containing the machine itself; in the fight against target types, or only against long-range pre-fixed route planning goals, or is only in the pilot direct control of the visual range attack point targets and moving targets. 2 stars looked down upon the United States to begin the installation on the glide bomb with a TV seeker, data link, and then SLAM SLAM missiles in the supercilious star follows the data link, you can shoot the missile in flight to the image transmission back to the aircraft, the the pilot to attack selected targets, greatly improves the combat aircraft standoff point target against a moving target and the ability to do even before the bomb hole, after playing follow-up. SLAM This attack is a revolutionary value, after the development of countries in this standoff attack weapons they use a data link imaging seeker guidance system.

CM-802AKG addition seeker, is also what specific improvements?

According to China’s air force to use their own judgments KD88 ground missile, CM-802AKG because you do not have great size and weight of the radar seeker and does not need to drag a great way to attack low-level access, so the warhead has a weight and a range of substantial increase in C-802 warhead than doubled, to 340 kg level, greatly improving the destructive power; range of nearly 300 km, the aircraft can be outside the safe range air defense missile attack.

China will announce the first batch of C919 orders in Zhuhai

Chinese-made C919 aircraft

Speculation that China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. (China Commercial Aircraft) may be disclosed at the Zhuhai Air Show its first C919 aircraft orders.

Allegedly, this aircraft is designed for customers with Boeing B737 and Airbus A320 aircraft under a high.

According to aviation industry sources, the scheduled November 16 to 21 during the air show at Zhuhai, China may announce to fly Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines may also include company, has signed a purchase order C919 aircraft.

Reported that China is expected to fly in 2016 the first delivery of 160 C919 aircraft. China Commercial Aircraft company hopes to pass through these orders C919 aircraft was successful.

Allegedly, the aircraft from the engine and other equipment to the electronic devices are used a lot of foreign technology. These orders are also a symbol of China-made commercial aircraft design and production capacity is steadily developing.

However, these orders are orders to meet Western standards for the aviation industry to determine the problem, yet to be verified.

A foreign aviation officials said: “The problem is that in China, what is meant by ‘order’. For Western manufacturers, the standard practice is to determine just announced that orders for aircraft manufacturers need to receive ‘OK’ orders and do not refundable deposit, and in the air show and other related occasions publicly announced orders. ”

The China Commercial Aircraft, the “process of its work is unclear, I doubt they will discuss these details.” Orders that may be expected only “commitment” rather than “firm order.”

Reported that, due to fears will upset China, so the managers interviewed abroad, and other aviation industry have refused to disclose the name.

There are rumors that China Commercial Aircraft announced in Zhuhai Air Show in the form of C919 will follow the orders announced in the form of small ARJ aircraft orders – Air Show in 2008, the company launched a ARJ aircraft, and announced the aircraft’s the first order.

China Commercial Aircraft successfully developed 70-100 ARJ21 aircraft, and the Zhuhai Air Show two years ago announced that it has won from the General Electric Company’s first overseas orders.

General Electric Company is the provider of aircraft engines. In a turnover may be as high as 7.5 billion deal, GE agreed to purchase five such regional aircraft, and may buy another 20 aircraft will be added.

The first regional aircraft is expected to put into use next year, General Electric Company executives said the company plans to lease these aircraft to the Chinese domestic airlines in China to use. In addition, there are a number of Chinese small passenger airlines which have ordered.

However, the Western aviation industry executives said the aircraft has been ordered by Air China ARJ21 will fulfill its promise, procurement or lease of which aircraft is unknown.

Industry insiders say, ARJ21 aircraft buyers face a fine of little or no breach of contract, this contract may also be relaxed also apply to C919 aircraft.